Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Chapter 4-15: Right, Let’s Go to a Hot Spring

“Ah, wait, Haraedo, Sukunabikona-san!”

Uta chased after the two who ran off.

By the way, Housou-no-kami had stood up from the bench and immediately ran off somewhere.

“Dammit. As if I’d let you escape!”

Sukunabikona pointed at the road running through the square.

“It looks like he went that way!”

They could see Housou-no-kami’s back in the direction the small god had pointed.

(What should I do…?!)

Uta was troubled as he chased after the gods.

In the first place, Housou-no-kami had never been good with Sukunabikona-no-kami.

And, although Uta didn’t know how serious Sukunabikona-no-kami could get, the small god had said that he would eradicate Housou-no-kami.

Uta doubted anything good would come out of it if those two clashed. He couldn’t let that happen.

(I have to go and stop them!)

Eventually, Sukunabikona and Haraedo cornered Housou-no-kami in a back alley.

“Guess you’re out of luck. That’s a dead end.”

Housou-no-kami turned around, bitter at Haraedo’s words.

Sukunabikona-no-kami took a step forward.

“How dare you merrily come back here.”

Housou-no-kami couldn’t answer.

“I naturally haven’t forgiven you. I’ll have you pay off your debt today for sure!”

A golden light overflowed out from Sukunabikona’s body.

In response to that, Housou-no-kami produced a black miasma from his body.

(Could this be…? Wait, does this mean Housou-san didn’t lose the power of corruption?!)

Uta had thought that since he had brought back Housou-no-kami’s “soul”, he should have lost the power of corruption given to him by Izanami. But, that didn’t appear to be the case.

The alleyway was blanketed by a black mist in an instant. In terms of power, Housou-no-kami’s trumped Sukunabikona’s.

The god slowly approached them, together with a terrible stench.

“You’re a headache to deal with… But, bring it on, Sukunabikona. I don’t think I’ve taken enough revenge against you…”


Sparks scattered between the two, and Sukunabikona’s right hand was repelled.

“I’ll make it so I don’t have to see that pretty face of yours anymore!”


From the side, Uta grabbed the god’s hand directed toward Sukunabikona.

“…?! What, Uta…?”

Both Haraedo and Sukunabikona gasped.

“Housou-san, you didn’t come here to pick a fight, right?”

Uta felt a tingling sensation like an electric current was running through their connected hands.

But, he knew that he couldn’t let go.

“Housou-san, you came back because you like this city, right?”


The god looked at Uta with wide eyes but couldn’t respond.

His answer was most likely an agreement. Uta realized this and encouraged himself to continue.

“I brought your soul back. Let me return it. So…”

Uta inhaled and exhaled.

“Want to take a bath together at my place?”

“Whoa, Uta…?!”


Haraedo and Sukunabikona screamed.

“A bath…”

Housou-no-kami was confused and speechless. The miasma coming from his body stopped.

“Really, at a time like this? Are you crazy?”

“And whose fault do you think it is that I’m going crazy?! In any case, you shouldn’t stay this dirty!”

Uta insisted.

“I’ll wash you.”

“I don’t want to.”

“I’m going to wash you!”

“I don’t want to!”

Even though the god disagreed, Uta didn’t let go of his hand.

“Let’s go. My house is right there.”

“Hey, let me go!”

“Oh, I bought a bottle of body soap with this really nice smell.”

“Why are you trying to make me smell good?!”

Uta continued to pull Housou-no-kami against his will.

And the pulled Housou-no-kami had tears in his eyes.

He could hear Haraedo crying from behind them.

“Wa… Wait… Housou is taking a bath with Uta?! Isn’t that totally unfair?!”

“Then switch with me!”

Housou-no-kami raised his voice.

“I want to wash Housou-san!”

“Haraedo, looks like you’ve been rejected,” Sukunabikona said.

That was when Haraedo was struck with a question.

“Wait? What will happen if you wash away his power of corruption…?”

“He’ll lose it, of course. But, I would have never thought about washing Housou-no-kami… Well, I guess this means that Uta is the strongest in Chofu.”

Sukunabikona shrugged his shoulders.

One hour later—.

After the job was done, Uta walked inside the store from the inner room.

This was the first thing he said.

“Listen, Sukunabikona-san, Haraedo-san. No more fighting, okay? If you fight, I’ll have to ban you from my store.”

The store was closed for the day, so the two gods waiting on the side nodded with confused looks.

“Okay, then I’ll brew some coffee. Housou-san, you can come out, you know.”

Uta put on an apron and headed behind the counter.

Housou-no-kami obeyed. He sat down on the empty seat beside Sukunabikona and Haraedo.

“Dammit, Housou! Why do you look so refreshed by all of this?!”

Haraedo-no-kami ruffled the side of the god’s head after Uta had brushed his hair.

But, Housou-no-kami didn’t respond.

“Huh, are you okay? Did it feel that good that your soul drifted away?”

Sukunabikona-no-kami waved his hand in front of the god’s face.

“Oh, yeah. I forgot to return Housou-san’s soul.”

Uta took out the plastic bag holding the god’s soul from the store’s refrigerator and unzipped it.

“Hey, Uta, where the hell did you take that out from?!”

Haraedo was shocked.

“The refrigerator… I couldn’t think of anywhere else that could properly preserve it.”

“You should have just frozen the thing.”

Sukunabikona said with a mischievous smile on his face.

“But, whatever. It looks like it’s fine and beating.”

Uta opened the bag and handed it to Housou-no-kami.

The heart-shaped thing jumped up by itself and was absorbed into the owner’s chest.

Housou-no-kami exhaled.

Life returned to the god’s eyes.


Anxious, Uta asked.

“Uta, give me some coffee. You know, the one with rum in it.”

Uta was relieved when he heard the response.

“Shouldn’t you lay off the alcohol?”

Haraedo teased him, recalling what had happened back at Izanami’s shrine.

“It’s fine. He’s just putting it in my coffee.”

Housou-no-kami looked away, ashamed.

Uta poured everyone a cup of coffee and said.

“Haraedo, don’t bully Housou-san. Okay, here is the Toraja coffee you helped carry.”

“…Oh, thanks.”

“Sukunabikona-san, you want milk and sugar with yours?”

“Yes, please. Thanks, mister.”

“Here you go, Housou-san. I put a bit of rum in yours.”

“This smell… Ah, I feel alive again…”

Several sighs of bliss echoed inside of the store, which was still cold despite the heat having been turned on.

(I’m glad Housou-san came back.)

Uta thought about this in earnest.

“I wish Min-kun was here too.”

When he muttered this, Sukunabikona rested his chin on his hand and nudged Uta with this question.

“Hey, hey, so in the end, who’s your favorite?”

“Eh? You’re asking this now?”

Haraedo looked up from his drink.

“Ah, Haraedo, your face is saying that you think it’s you.”

“Am I wrong?”

Haraedo and Sukunabikona poked each other with their elbows.

Beside them, Housou-no-kami absentmindedly said.

“But I’m the only one who took a bath together with him.”

“You punk! Dammit! You’ve been giving off a nice scent this whole time!”

“Oh, right. Why don’t we all go to the hot spring at Jindai Temple? And let’s invite Min-kun too.”

“That sounds good♪”

Sukunabikona was on board with Uta’s invitation.

“I’ll give you a nice massage, mister♪”

“That totally sounds like you’ve got ulterior motives! …But, that’s not a shrine. Won’t we be intruding in Buddha’s territory?”

“It’s fine. We can do whatever.”

Sukunabikona brushed off Haraedo’s concern.

(A hot spring trip with everyone. Sounds so fun…!)

The store was filled with these little blessings: the smell of coffee and the appearance of these gods he saw every day.

He didn’t know what would happen to this city down the line…

But, the hope of a bright future encouraged Uta as he sipped on his coffee.

<Thus concludes the main story!>

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