Continuation of a Dream in Another World

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Chapter 42 – Seconds – Assam


I caught the lurching body in my arms and stepped out of the bath. The hot water must have been too much for him. I rinsed his body in lukewarm water and was about to wipe his face with a wet cloth when my hand stopped.

His lips were stained with semen. His wet hair clung to his pale forehead. Remembering his coquettishness from earlier, I had to reprimand my own member that was starting to harden again. Before I could do anything else to Toki, I cast cleansing magic on him.

I could control the timing of my ejaculation, but not the frequency with which it happened. Members of the royal family had a higher libido than most people.

I wrapped Toki up in a large towel and tied a towel around my waist as well. Then I called Laham on the communication device and set Toki down on the bed to sleep.

“Your Highness…” Laham looked at me in exasperation upon seeing Toki unconscious the moment he walked into the room. “I told you, didn’t I?”

He said it with a smile, but his eyes weren’t smiling. My body, which should have been warm from the bath, turned cold in an instant. Those eyes. They were seriously bad news.

“Don’t say it. I’m already reflecting on what I’ve done.”

He let out a sigh when I apologized before he could say anything, took out the diagnostic tool, and began to perform a magical examination on Toki’s body.

“The hot water simply got to him. Hm? Toki-sama drank your semen?”


“The magic circulation in his body has improved. However, Your Highness, please stop constantly attacking Toki-sama to the point that he faints. It will become a burden on the foreign object lodged in his heart.”

I frowned at Laham’s words but understood nonetheless. No matter how cute Toki may be, it’d be bad if our acts hindered his body. I needed better self-control…

“Well, some good came out of this. I forgot about the potency of royal semen. The number of times Toki-sama can finish seems to have increased as well.1 If it continues like this, he’ll be able to recover faster than I had originally thought. You’ve been practicing your [Regeneration Magic], right?”

“Aah. Toki sleeps a lot. I practice then.”

At this stage, it would take me 5 bi2 to use the technique and restore his blood vessels. I have to pare it down to 1 bi.

“Please let me know right away when you manage to reduce the time to 1 bi. Also, Toki-sama said he wanted me to teach him the language, so I’ll—”

“No. No need. I’ll do it.”

Toki would finally be awake. Also, I’ll be on vacation. Of course I wouldn’t want to leave his side.

“Well, that’s fine. I understand. Ah, lastly, about Toki-sama’s meals – we will reduce the quantity of the food during mealtimes and offer some light snacks for him to eat in between meals,” Laham reported while dressing Toki. He was extremely adept at changing his clothes by using magic to help lift Toki’s body up.

Whether it be a priest or doctor, Laham was first class.

He brought me my change of clothes from the bathroom but despite having dressed Toki he showed no indication that he was going to dress me. Well, not like I wanted him to either.

“Please call me when Toki-sama awakens,” Laham called out to me after confirming that I’d gotten dressed.

“You’re not going to use recovery magic on him?”

Toki’s face and body weren’t as flushed as before, but it didn’t seem like he was going to wake up soon.

“There’s a possibility he will form an addiction from the overuse of recovery magic, so I’d prefer not to use it as much as possible. If it’s just circulating magic in his body though, it should be ok… That’s right, just to test this theory out, please try channeling a small amount of magic into Toki-sama’s heart the next time you engage in a sexual act. After all, it is the recovery technique that has addictive properties and not the magic itself. And, currently, His Highness’s magic is Toki-sama’s life source.”

The overuse of recovery magic was called Recovery Addiction and lowered the efficacy of the technique. I’d like to prevent Toki from getting that addiction, especially since he’ll be having a big operation soon.

“I understand. Is there anything new from His Majesty?”

I remembered the smooth sensation of Toki’s skin. Then I admonished myself because, clearly, my self-restraint was lacking. I tried to focus on government affairs instead. Since my aide, Yarra was there, it was probably fine.

“Yes. His Majesty wanted to check up on Toki-sama, but he also wanted to ask for more details about what Toki-sama said before – about His Highness dying if you participate in the hunt.”

“Understood. I’ll ask him.”

“Then I will take my leave. Pardon my intrusion.”

Laham bent his left hand towards his stomach, bowed lightly, and gave the simple greetings of a valet before leaving the room. He was doing well for someone who’d just changed jobs from priest to attendant. He’d even prepared some cold, purified water and placed it next to Toki’s bed.

“What an exemplary attendant.”

The clothes Toki was wearing were a gift from His Majesty. It was something called gosuloli [aka: Goth Loli] that I was told was a type of women’s dress.

The top was decorated in black and white and the bottoms were shorts embellished with ample lace on both top and bottom.

Seeing those clothes successfully bring out Toki’s cuteness, I could only writhe in agony.

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