Continuation of a Dream in Another World

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Editor: PalenMisha

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Chapter 43 – Birthplace – Toki

When I woke up, Assam was sleeping next to me. It was an unfamiliar sight; even in Japan, when I saw him in my dreams, I don’t think I had ever seen his sleeping face.

Golden hair and long lashes that sparkled in the light, and finely chiseled features – his sleeping figure was as beautiful as a sculpture.

My gaze wandered down to his enticing lips and my face turned red as I remembered what those lips had done to me.

I felt weak when he buried his tongue in my mouth and licked the nape of my neck and the hollow of my collarbone. It felt good when he swirled his tongue around my nipples and then licked them. I also suddenly remembered that those beautiful lips had licked my thing1, and a feverish heat gathered at the pit of my stomach.

『No. You can’t. What are you trying to do?』I murmured quietly to myself.

I didn’t know why I was so aroused. I’d never had such naughty thoughts when I was in Japan. Was it because I’d come to know the taste of pleasure?

My gaze settled on that beautiful face once again.

I wanted to kiss him. Would it be ok to kiss him lightly? So that he doesn’t wake up. So that I don’t wake him up.

Nervously, I brushed my lips across his. They were so, so soft.

When I moved back and opened my eyes, deep blue eyes met mine. I froze.

『You! Y-you were awake? 』

“Don’t just do it when I’m asleep. I want you to kiss me when I’m awake as well.”

“Ah, yes.”

I wanted to scold him and point out that he had been awake, but he was making such a sad and lonely expression that I had no choice but to say yes.

“Then, one more time,” he coaxed me, smiling sweetly.

That face was foul play.

I put my hands on the bed, stretched towards him, and touched his lips with mine. As I was going to pull back, Assam noticed and pulled me into his sturdy chest.

“Assam! Nn, ha, ahn.”

The angle of the kiss changed and he indulged himself with my lips. His tongue, entwined with mine, felt good. I couldn’t help but swallow the saliva that overflowed from our entangled tongues.

The obscene, wet sounds of our kisses echoed in my ears. His lips, overlapping mine, didn’t give me time to breathe and it wasn’t long before I had to raise a white flag. I didn’t know if he’d accept my surrender though.

“Haa, ah! Wai…t. Wai- ahn! No! Nn. Ah pain, ful. Assa, m. Wait…!”

He sucked at the tip of my tongue until it grew numb from the pleasure, before releasing me and I was finally able to take in a painful breath.

“Sorry. I couldn’t stop myself. I was so happy that you kissed me, I just couldn’t.” The somewhat dispirited Assam looked so cute that I couldn’t help but smile and pat his head.

Assam put his right hand over my heart. I could feel something warm gradually seeping inside and my labored breaths soon came easier.


“Yeah. Are you alright?”

I nodded. Both my breath and my pulse had returned to normal.

After confirming that I was ok, Assam stopped pouring magic into me and called Laham on the communication device.

When I stood up, I realized that the clothes I was wearing had changed. These were similar to something from Earth, but I’d never really worn something like this. Initially, these clothes seemed to have been a gift from His Majesty which Assam then got more of.

It seemed that Assam liked beautiful clothes and accessories. Apparently, he was also a fan of the goth-loli style.

“Toki, how about practicing speaking with me?”

“With Assam? No busy?”

“Aah. I’ve been given a break for 1 tree2.”

Vacation? For my sake? I don’t know anything about politics but is that really ok?

“Work no do, is ok?”

“Aah. It’s work that the king should have done in the first place. Before, His Majesty went around the country looking for a queen, so I took over for him, but he doesn’t need to look for a new consort anymore. I’ll leave the current government affairs to His Majesty. I’m going to teach Toki our language and in exchange, how about you teach me the language of your world?”

“Un. Understand.”

Assam kissed my cheek lightly as I nodded.

“How do you say ‘I love you’?”

『I love you. 』

Would he be able to say it right away? The way things were pronounced in Japanese was way different after all.

That was a groundless worry though.

『Toki, I love you. 』


His love, expressed in my own language, struck my heart on a wildly different level.

『H-huh? Why? 』

To the point where I started crying. 

Assam, who was in front of me, wiped away my tears.

“Toki? Did I do something wrong? Does it hurt somewhere?”

He wiped away the tears that poured from my eyes with his long fingers. They were a man’s fingers, rough and calloused in places. He held me and tried to soothe me.

“W-wrong. Is because happy.”

He patted my back lightly as I told him that they were happy tears.

No one had ever said those words to me when I was in Japan. Before coming to this world I’d given up on ever hearing them.

The reason Assam couldn’t learn Japanese was because, in his dreams of me, I didn’t really say much. No one came to visit me so I spent my days passing the time by reading books or watching TV. Of course, me being like that, there was no way he could have picked up on any words over these last three years.

So I was really happy. That he told me he loved me. That he said he wanted to learn Japanese. It was like he was telling me – don’t forget Japan, don’t forget the place where you were born.

I was glad that this was the person that I fell in love with. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, I was glad.

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