Continuation of a Dream in Another World

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Chapter 82 – Assist – Toki

“Then let’s work on our words from here on. Please open your mouth.”

“Hm? Aaa~hn. Gh!”

Though confused, I opened my mouth. Laham smiled and then rudely stuck his finger inside it. Startled, I almost bit him and had to force my jaw to relax.

“What a good boy. Aah, it seems there are no cavities on your lower teeth.”


He smiled suspiciously as his finger, which was quite thin for a man, touched each of my teeth in search of cavities.


I’d heard before that the inside of the mouth was an erogenous zone, but it might actually be true. An unsettling sensation ran through my body. The beautiful Laham staring at my open mouth from such a close distance made my heart race.

“There’s a small cavity on one of your upper teeth… and, your tongue…”

As he spoke he traced the back of my tongue with his finger.

“Ah, uah.”

In a flash heat gathered in my stomach. Drool dripped from my open mouth and ran down Laham’s arm. I felt somewhat guilty about it and squeezed my eyes shut.

“Fufu, are you feeling it?”

Hearing those words whispered so close, my eyes flew open and I was met with a teasing gaze.


I tried to show my anger through my eyes, but they had teared up so it was only half effective.

“Apologies. Toki-sama was just so cute I couldn’t help myself. If someone else had done this to you I would have disposed of them immediately. Did I get your heart racing?”

No! Not at all! I tried to take his finger out of my mouth so I could deny it when Laham muttered – “Assist. Minor Healing.”


Eh? Magic? Why?

Laham took his finger out of my mouth and wiped it down with a piece of cloth.

“The treatment is now over, but it seems you still want my finger.”

I put my hand over my mouth in a panic as Laham smiled and stretched his finger out to me.

It seemed that Laham just wanted to treat my small cavity and cast auxiliary magic on the base of my tongue to help with my pronunciation. Somehow… it feels like Laham is kind of a pervert.

“Toki-sama, you have perfect listening comprehension, so with the help of Assist, you should be able to speak fluently within about three leaves1. However, His Highness hasn’t cast Assist on you so far, so I had to fulfill His Majesty’s wish for you to quickly learn the language of this world.”

“T-thank you. But, go easy, next time.”2

You have no remorse!! Ah, but it did become easier to pronounce the words!! Had Laham not used Assist would I have stayed like that forever? Thinking that, I didn’t feel half as guilty anymore.

“So there will be a next time?”

“Hah! N-no! This, no!”

“Fufu, speaking of which, you are 17, aren’t you?”

My eyes stinging with embarrassment, I buried my face in a nearby pillow.

“Mm, I’ll keep it a secret that you got turned on as it wouldn’t be fair to His Highness right now.”

“Is ok, to say. Secrets, I don’t like.”

Assam might be taken aback, but I didn’t think it was such a big deal.

“Toki-sama, I’m sorry to spring this on you like this, but you shouldn’t treat His Highness like an adult.”


“I think that both of you have been subconsciously preparing yourselves for a situation in which your life is in danger. Now that the danger has passed, I’m starting to see the real faces of the young boys that lie underneath. You can see it in the way that His Highness can no longer hold back his greed or the way he can afford to express his jealousy, but those are also signs of how young he really is. Both of you had to grow up too quickly, so I’m sure that, for the both of you, there are many expressions that you’ll be seeing for the first time.”

At Laham’s words, I remembered Assam’s cuteness earlier.

“His Highness especially has had to deal with government affairs from a young age and has mostly lost his smile. That’s why I’m grateful to Toki-sama. In front of you, His Highness can go back to being a simple boy named Assam.”

I couldn’t stay angry at him when he was laughing so happily. But the expression on Assam’s face really was one that I’d never seen in my dreams before. I like Assam like that though.

As expected, I’m still a child as well.

“Tell him.”

I definitely won’t be able to hide it. I didn’t have the confidence to play games with him. Will Assam get angry? Will he be jealous? I’ll apologize like a man and get him to forgive me.

Besides, it would be nice if he was a little jealous.

Laham smiled like it couldn’t be helped when I told him that unapologetically. 

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