Continuation of a Dream in Another World

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Editor: PalenMisha

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Chapter 48 Mushrooms – Toki

After finishing the sandwich, I ended my meal with some trowberries for dessert. The trowberries tasted exactly like strawberries and had the same color, but their shape was a neat sphere. They were sweet and sour and delicious. 

After I ate my fill of the trowberries, Tsugura handed something over to Laham.

“Your Highness, it’s this tree’s1 noko. They seem to have grown well. Would you like to try some right away?”

I was surprised when I saw what was on the plate. They were matsutake mushrooms! They were exactly the same in both color and shape as the mushrooms I knew!


“Matsootakey? Do you want to try some?”

I nodded enthusiastically. Seeing that, Laham told Tsugura to grill some for me too.

“Toki-sama, there are noko in your world as well?”

“Un! Luxury.”

“So it’s a luxury item in the other world as well? Have you had any before, Toki?”

“Fake? Did eat. Real thing. Expensive.”

Though the hospital served Kurigohan2, they didn’t serve matsutake mushrooms. I’d only had the chance to have some in prepackaged food.

In this world, only a few noko mushrooms could be harvested each year. Though they seem to classify them as berries, I guess I could call them mushrooms since they grew at the base of large trees. They weren’t pine trees though, so I couldn’t call them matsutake.3

Tsugura brought back the grilled mushrooms. They gave off a delicious aroma, but I couldn’t say if they smelled the same as the ones in Japan because I’ve never actually smelled the real thing before.

Before starting to eat them, I put my hands together, but it didn’t seem to be a habit that they had in this world.

“Please try a small piece first. If it seems fine, then you can eat the rest of it afterward.”

As Laham instructed, I put a small piece in my mouth.


The noko tasted like bamboo shoots. It didn’t taste like a mushroom but was as delicious as a bamboo shoot with no astringent taste. Also, the texture was crisp.

“I’m glad. Hm? Toki?”

As soon as I swallowed the bite, something happened. My body got hot and my breath became labored. A hot sensation I’d felt before started growing in the pit of my stomach.4

Eh? Eh? W-why? Nothing happened. Why am I having this reaction?

“Toki-sama? Please excuse me.”

On reflex, I avoided Laham’s hand as he approached me. As I moved, my clothes rubbed against my nipples, and the electric pleasure of it was delivered straight to my genitals.


“Does it hurt somewhere, Toki?”

Assam grabbed onto my shoulders, preventing me from escaping, and Laham took the opportunity to perform a magic examination.

“No. Is, nothing… let, go.”

My eyes blurred and my face flushed. Next to me, Assam gulped and Laham innocently concentrated on the examination. I didn’t have the leisure of paying attention to the two of them though.

No. Not yet. Hold it in… I don’t want to, I don’t want to cum in front of people like this.

I felt like I was going to cum with the slightest move. I was desperately trying to resist that explosive sensation.

“It seems the noko has some aphrodisiac effect. He only consumed a small quantity and the effects should subside once he has his release. Your Highness, you can only ejaculate once. No penetration. He has to get used to it, so please use the lubricant. We can’t have him fainting, after all.”5

Hurry. Hurry. Do something… Assam, help me… I looked at Assam as if pleading for help.

Assam, who recognized the meaning behind my gaze, quickly dismissed the worried Laham and carried me over to the bed.

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