Continuation of a Dream in Another World

Translator: Reo

Editor: PalenMisha

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Chapter 92 – The Eve of (Continued) – Assam (Slightly NSFW)

Was this a dream? 

I finished my bath and found my beloved masturbating.

Both of his legs were stretched out as he buried his face in a pillow; the white skin of his bare feet peeking out of his rolled-up kimono, his anklet jingling every time he twitched. Every now and again a hushed moan leaked out. His skin was tinted red from his hands up to his face.

When I heard him mutter my name, the thread of reason I was just barely hanging on to, broke.

“Did I do something? Toki.”

“Ah!! Eh!! Nn!!!”

His reddened eyes widened in surprise, and I pulled his head closer, devouring those lips that were about to call out my name.

He automatically wrapped his arms around my neck, making me happy.

As my tongue explored the inside of his mouth and I swallowed his saliva, some spilled out of his mouth, dripping onto the accessories on his chest.

I moved from his mouth to the area just below his ear, running my tongue down to his collarbone.

“!! Nn!!”

I slid my hands inside his clothes, stroking his slender shoulders as his kimono slipped down with the quietest of rustles.

“Ng, ah! Em,ba…rrassing… stop! Don’t look.”

Even as he was telling me not to look, his eyes were dyed with pleasure and his nipples stood perked. The lingering, seductive scent that came from him encouraged me once again as I buried my face into his soft skin.


“Stop right there!” Laham interrupted.  

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