Continuation of a Dream in Another World

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Chapter 94 – Red Blossoms – Toki

“Assam, Laham.”

When I opened the door, Assam quickly hid something behind his back.

“Toki-sama? Is something wrong?”

“Uh! Toki? Have you finished your bath already?”

It was in moments like this that the age difference between the two couldn’t be clearer. An older person who acted like nothing was going on versus a boy my age who was clearly agitated and hiding something.

I was curious about the thing Assam was hiding, but first, these marks.

“What this? Am sick?” I opened the kimono and showed them the red mark on my chest.

I tried to ask the question carefully, but my voice still shook slightly.

I didn’t want to be sick anymore. I was scared.

I was looking towards the ground but noticed Assam getting closer.

“Toki, this isn’t a disease. I forgot to tell you. Sorry for making you worry. This is a Blossom.”

Blossom? It did look kind of like a flower.

Assam pulled my clothes back over my shoulders and started explaining in detail.

Blossom was a kind of protection spell made with magic. In order to cast it, one needed to pour magic power into the intended target while leaving a hickey. By pouring magic into it, it then becomes a Seed and, if the feelings between the two people are mutual, the Seed would then sprout into a Bud. If there are no mutual feelings between the two, the hickey won’t become a Seed or a Bud.

The Seed would sprout in times of danger, regardless of whether the person who carried it was aware of their feelings or not.

Only in the case of a newborn baby can the spell be cast one-sidedly, and it was usually the first gift a parent gave their child. However, the mark would fade by the age of seven, which was why age seven was known as the “flowerless year.”

“Protection… magic?”

“Aah, it protects the person it was cast on from actions derived from negative emotions. Things like killing intent, acts of violence, and sexual assault.”

“It would be easier just to show you, Toki-sama,” Laham said and I turned to look at him.


Laham who should have been standing over there was suddenly so close my eyes couldn’t focus on him anymore.

Huh?! I’m going to be kissed!!

The second I felt his breath on my skin – BAMMM! A sound like the air was being torn in two and Laham was sent flying.

“Gh!!” Laham used his feet and an arm to stop himself from being pushed across the room due to the momentum of the blast. He stopped the oncoming attack as he slid backward.

“Laham!” I ran over to him but didn’t know if it was ok for me to touch him or not.

Was the spell over already? What if it activated again? I didn’t want to hurt Laham.

“It’s ok. The Blossom won’t activate.”

“Your Highness, just how much magic did you put into it? Really. You don’t know how to hold back when it comes to Toki-sama, do you? Well, that’s fine. I’m ok, Toki-sama. Thank you. Rather than that, please take a look at the Blossom.”

Assam said it was ok to touch him, so I lent Laham a hand up and patted the dirt from his clothes. When I looked down at the Blossom like Laham said to, I saw that a small petal had fallen from the bud.

“Every time the Blossom protects you, a petal falls off.”

Blossom, Laham, Assam, also have?”

“Yes, we do. However, since His Highness is royalty, he hides his Blossom as it would be dangerous if an assassin knew how many petals had fallen off. If you’re ok with mine, I could show it to you.”

“Want see!”

What kind of flower would it be? A rose? That seemed like it would suit Laham. 

What I ended up seeing was a flurry of flower petals that traveled from his left breast to his right shoulder.


Slightly below his collarbone, to the left side, was a small, red flower that seemed to be buried in petals.

“So… many.”

It was a beautiful storm of flowers. However beautiful though, it was a sign of how much pain he’d been through.

“With the way I look, such things are inevitable. Rather, it’s thanks to the Blossom that I am unscathed. This is something Yarra cast on me while I was still young and in training. He didn’t even realize it was a Seed when he did it. He poured eighty percent of his magic power into me.”

It seemed that Yarra kissed Laham in secret while he was asleep, atop the Blossom he had already received when he was born. Yarra knew that the Blossom would not become a seed unless the two had mutual feelings for each other and thought that the flower would never sprout.

Yarra, who wasn’t good at using magic, nor did he have much of it to begin with, repeated that act night after night, resulting in an abnormal magical growth that his body couldn’t keep up with. Eventually, Yarra ended up pouring eighty percent of his power into Laham.

Laham first came to know of the seed Yarra had planted when he entered the palace, became entangled with all kinds of lowlifes, and the Seed sprouted.

“The Bud blooms by connecting with the body of the person who cast it. On the streets, they call spilling the blood of a noble-born ‘scattering flowers.’”

Normally, each person only had one flower, but sometimes supplementary Little Blossoms were added.

“Laham has?”

“I do. Right here, though there aren’t many petals left.” He pointed towards his waist. At a rather risque location too. 

“Would you like to see?” He asked in a suspiciously erotic voice and I quickly shook my head.

“Assam’s, can’t see? I want make too!”

“That’s what he says, Your Highness. Please pull yourself together and stop sulking. You’re making it depressing in here. Ah, but Toki-sama, please do leave the Blossom for some other time; you still don’t have full control over your magic. Or did you want to become a Yarra number two?”

That’s… I wanted to try using lots of magic, but seeing Yarra like that, I had to re-evaluate.


“Toki, go take a bath,” Assam said, sulkingly. I guess he wasn’t happy about the fact he couldn’t show me his own Blossom.

At his urging, I headed towards the bath once again.


Dearest Readers, 

Reo and I picked this series up because we wanted some fluff in our lives. Alas, the fluff has been slowly vanishing from this story and the mixed signals/dub-con has been steadily increasing to the point we seem to be heading into non-con territory and the vibe of the story is starting to make us both uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, this means we will be dropping this series. This chapter did seem to be a good stopping point and we hope you enjoyed the ride, though we are sorry it’s been cut short. 

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Camille Wheeldon
Camille Wheeldon
8 months ago

Thank you for translating as much as you did. To be honest I heavily agree with you guys, I was getting uncomfortable as well lmao.