Continuation of a Dream in Another World

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Chapter 53 – Food for the Poor – Assam

“Your Highness, I’ve found waito raisu1.”

I left the room, ordering Yarra to look after Toki. It was more dangerous to bring in someone new now that Toki’s body was unstable. Yarra was surprised by my order, but I knew him – he would never lift a hand against Toki again.

The thing Laham brought was a sack of animal feed for neneya, a large, feathered creature that could be used for air travel. Though, only the royal family could fly on a white neneya.

Stuffed inside the yellow sack was the neneya’s feed, maihan.

The maihan was a small, light-red grain that the neneya ate raw. Poor people, however, would steam it and eat it since, despite its faint bitter taste, it kept for a long time and had high nutritional value – just a small amount could fill one’s stomach.

I didn’t know that maihan had such a side to it.

“Yarra thought of it immediately when he heard about the characteristics of waito raisu. I’ve never had it before so I didn’t realize it until he told me.”

Ah, that’s right, Yarra did grow up poor. Currently, he’d moved up in the world but it wasn’t unlikely that he’d eaten stuff like this in the past.

Well, it couldn’t be helped that Laham didn’t know about it – that guy was much higher in status than Yarra.

“But for the neneya’s feed to be his staple food… I don’t like the sound of it.”

“I understand, but there’s nothing else that fits the criteria. Instead, why don’t we turn maihan into a luxury food item? It will help counteract poverty, and, since neneya are omnivores, they don’t specifically need to eat maihan to grow.”

I see. And to think it could also help the impoverished population.

There had been a number of talks in meetings about the hard-to-work-with maihan not selling well and the level of poverty rising.

“The kingdom shall buy maihan. From now on, it will be considered a luxury food.”

“Understood. Also, this is just a proposal but what do you think about releasing a revue2 before Toki-sama’s debut?”

A revue was a story that introduced a person and was broadcast through a video-device.

Though Laham was refraining from saying it, I knew what he was trying to tell me. This was about lowering the value of information.

The prince’s partner was a male from a different world, whose staple food was something eaten by the poor. Furthermore, there was the issue of my not being able to conceive. There were too many things that needed to be kept a secret. However, what makes a secret valuable is that it is not known. Knowledge that is widely known has no value.

It would be preferable to release that information in a humorous way as opposed to having it be found out after Toki’s debut. Well, we don’t have to make a revue but Toki would probably like it.

The two of us should ride on a neneya together once his heart is healed.

As I was thinking this, Laham got a call from Yarra.

TL: Fingers crossed a neneya is just a giant pigeon 

ED: HAHA Don’t forget royalty ride white ones ; )

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