Continuation of a Dream in Another World

Translator: Reo

Editor: PalenMisha

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Chapter 52 The Other Side – Toki

I had a dream again where I was floating. I drifted aimlessly, like a transparent spirit with no consciousness. That’s right, the last time this happened, I went to the place where I heard people plotting to kill Assam.

Vaguely recalling that scene, I spotted that very same aqua-haired woman who had wanted to kill Assam. I could see her from behind; she was looking at something and crying.

“Why? Why did you send something like this to Lark? Even though he loves you as his older brother. You, Catalina’s son, why? Why to Lark? To your little brother… Why are you trying to kill him?” The woman lamented, looking at the object in her hand.

Assam has a brother? He’s trying to kill his little brother? Assam?! No, that’s impossible!! Assam would never do such a thing. 

I knew that there was some sort of misunderstanding. I have to tell him! The moment I thought that, the world around me grew dark.

As the dream grew darker, the weight returned to my limbs and I opened my eyes feeling somewhat relieved.

“Are you awake?”

Turning to the sound of that voice, I found Yarra there. Automatically, I listened to his spirit sound. What I heard from him was… huh? Respect and fear?

While I was still confused, Yarra knelt down on one knee, lowered his head, and put both his hands on the ground. 

What was that pose supposed to mean? And emotionally, he was sincere? Apologetic? I couldn’t tell.

“I humbly apologize for the rudeness I previously showed you.”

Yarra did not move from that position.

For the time being, it seemed that something had happened and he had a change of heart, so I decided to look into his past.

It did make me feel guilty to use my powers to peek into other people’s memories, but I’d still do it if it was for the sake of protecting myself or those precious to me.

“Did respond?”


In my head, I saw Yarra confessing his feelings. Laham didn’t accept them though. It was because it wasn’t enough unless Yarra was willing to give him his all.

“Laham is mashter, know?”

“You mean master?”

“Un. To give everything. Flower, jewel, don’t need. What want is… mm 『slave』.”1 I didn’t know the word for slave.

Laham liked to inflict emotional pain. He wanted his partner to enjoy it though.2

It seemed he didn’t mind inflicting physical pain either but didn’t like the kind of people who preferred to be treated that way. That was why Yarra with his rebellious spirit, small-mindedness, tall pride, and irresponsible heart was perfect for Laham.

The people that Laham was sexually attracted to were the exact opposite of those that he liked and respected as human beings. But at the same time, those he didn’t like personally were similar to those he was attracted to. I think Laham has a very troublesome preference.

“Assam, Laham, call.”

“By your will.”

Unlike last time, Yarra immediately did as I said, giving me a bitter smile.

I hoped that the two of them would be able to find happiness. 

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