Continuation of a Dream in Another World

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Chapter 54 – The Prince of Happiness – Toki

I had a problem. For some reason, Yarra still hadn’t moved from his kneeling position. Hopefully, that didn’t mean anything bad.

I was still unfamiliar with the common sense of this world and was wondering how to deal with this.

The door opened with a clang and Assam and Laham entered the room.

All of a sudden there was a sound that felt like a warning; a harsh, loud metal sound that reverberated throughout the room.


“Toki! Yarra withdraw. Take Laham with you.”


Ah, the warning sound was fading little by little. This different sound… was it remorse? However, the sound of heartbreak was stronger than before. 

The whole thing finally clicked when I saw Laham in Yarra’s arms disappear through the door.1

“Toki, first of all, calm down. Those two are ok,” Assam said, hugging me and suddenly I wondered just how much Assam knew.

“The question’s showing on your face. I knew from the start. Laham is like an older brother to me. But a big brother can’t let his little brother see him cry, right? So thank you Toki for helping Laham.”

Ah, come to think of it, Assam was always looking after others without them knowing.

“Protect upfront, no do?”

“The most I can do for him is dismiss people. If I try to help outright, I’ll end up hurting Laham.”

“No one knows?”

“You know and that’s enough.”

He wasn’t doing this just to be praised. Assam was a prince but he did these things by himself. Now that I think about it, the only people attending to him in this large palace were Laham, Tsugura, and Yarra.

Maybe part of the reason why there were no others was to protect those three. Of course, there could also be an entirely different reason.

To protect others without them knowing he was protecting them – in order to do that it didn’t matter to Assam if he was slightly inconvenienced, covered in mud, or thought to be a fool.

“Hug me lots, do for me?”

“I just want to hug you.”

Assam’s spirit sound was clear and dignified, however, there was a hint of gentle worry hidden underneath it. His words were the truth peppered with a small lie.

After Assam showered me in love, I no longer felt homesick for Japan. I didn’t feel that same crushing feeling of being in a different world that I had at the start.

Assam gave me a place; a purpose as his “partner.”

“Marry fast, to protect me?”

“I married you because I love you.”

Again, a small lie hid underneath the truth.

Assam proposed to me as soon as we met. To Laham and the others Assam’s actions towards his “partner” seemed “reckless.” Their country’s prince did something reckless, embracing a “sick person” from another world until he fainted.

Whose side would the servants take then? Would they feel pity? Sympathy? Apologetic? Surely, they’d blame the irresponsible prince. They were bound to take the side of the pitiful, sick boy who they had just met as if to make up for the mistakes that their prince had made.

That was why everyone had been on my side since the beginning. Assam had been protecting me in the form of the “incorrigible prince.”

 It was like he was straight out of a fairy tale, a prince of happiness.

Just how many people have they helped? Those blue eyes. And among them, how many knew what he did?

“Even if you don’t notice it, a flower is a flower, right?”2

Assam, if that’s what you want, I’ll pretend I don’t know.

He’d already noticed I’d figured it out though. His lips twisted into a troubled smile and I laughed and gave him a kiss.

TL: You guys are sickeningly sweet and all, but what about Lark?! Wasn’t he in a life-threatening situation???

ED: Right? Wasn’t that what Toki woke himself up over?

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