Continuation of a Dream in Another World

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Editor: PalenMisha

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Chapter 83 – Counting Song – Toki

“Now then, let’s start for real. The easiest way to get accustomed to the way words are pronounced is through song. This is the first song a teacher teaches children when they are starting to learn their words. First, please listen.”


After hearing my answer, Laham started to leisurely sing.

One mountain. One to climb. 

Two mountains. Twice the time. 

Three mountains. Three together. 

Four mountains. Call to each other. 

Five mountains. All are linked. 

Six mountains. Each call distinct. 

Seven mountains. Seven beats. 

Eight mountains. It repeats. 

Nine mountains. It is done. 

Ten mountains. Nine plus one. 

Ten deities. Gathered in white. 

Guided by black. Doing what’s right.

Full of pride. All written down.

Prayer and hope. Seen in the crown.

Happiness all. Send out the call.

Send out the call. Happiness all.1

His voice, softly singing out the lyrics, was quite high-pitched for a man. Once he finished singing, Laham became confused by the silence in the room and then froze when he saw me.

“Toki-sama! Did something happen? Does it hurt somewhere?” 

I shook my head at Laham’s questions.

“This song, from long ago?”

“Eh, ummm. I think it already existed when the kingdom was founded.”

“I, see.”

The pronunciation was different but the person who came up with this song was Japanese. I mean Japanese people are the only ones who count that way.

I was overjoyed – not only was it proof that another person from my world had been here, but that person was Japanese. When I told Laham this, he agreed with me, not seeming particularly surprised.

“Laham, not surprised?”

“It’s ‘Aren’t you surprised?’ And not really. The means to summon a person from another world has existed since long ago.”

It seemed that the method existed but no one had enough magical power to actually do so. Apparently, the magic power of a single person was the foundation for the summoning spell. Other people could assist by securing the location and so on, but the summoning itself, the act of bringing a person from another world, could only be done by one person alone.

I thought that the “black” (that they told me about before) must have definitely been a Japanese person with black hair and black eyes.2

“Which is why in this world there are many things left behind by other-worlders. I’ve heard that the names in the royal family as well as the color of my hair are things that came from another world.”

So that’s why I was able to recognize Assam’s name when I first saw him in my dreams. Perhaps the names of the royal family originated from a different country on Earth.

Laham’s aqua hair was something from a world other than mine, but it suited the beautiful Laham and didn’t seem out of place.

“Come then, let’s try singing it now.”


From then on we had some friendly singing practice. Now that it was easier for me to pronounce things, I got over-excited and rushed a bit and ended up mixing up a lot of my words. Still, with the help of Assist, after two hours, it became much easier for me to talk. So much so that I started feeling a bit resentful toward Assam. 

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