I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 27 (Part 2) 

In the main hall of the 9th dungeon.

 It was still early in the afternoon. There was a party discussing routes in the centre of the first room. Based on their appearances, they all seemed to be knights. They seemed to be unsure on which of the twelve routes to take, so this must’ve been their first attempt at capturing a dungeon for a star fragment. Once you got used to it, you’d know that the route you take did not matter. Were they knights from the 9th city itself?

 There were two types of knights: those who could use magic but were better with a sword, like Luca, and those who possessed a lot of mana but couldn’t learn any magic. Either way, the more mana you had, the more your physical strength was reinforced, and those who were adept with the sword instead of magic were often thought of as more powerful.

 Luca and I both knew magic, and all the heroines except Miranda and Nina could use magic. However, from the perspective of humanity as a whole, it seemed that more than half of the world’s population could not learn magic, though anyone could use life magic and body strengthening magic, or create the likes of magic walls that did not require any spellcasting.

 Incidentally, the condition to be able to call oneself a mage was whether or not one could cast large-scale magic. My father was a genius who could use large-scale magic right from childhood, and I too learnt it at 13.

 What about Luca? If the power of his magic has increased so much, then he should have learnt it by this point. But still, Luca was more of a knight than a mage. The sword suited him more.

“You there, are you alone?”

 Seemed like my loitering self got noticed by the party in front of me, and they called out to me. How troublesome. But I didn’t want to get dragged into a fight simply because I didn’t answer, so I nodded.

“I’m alone. More importantly, won’t you get going quickly?”

 A party of adventurers had arrived behind me. They were waiting a short distance away from me. That was because it was part of the basic etiquette when going dungeon crawling. However, the knights seemed to be unaware of that and recklessly approached me.

“This is not a place you can come to just for fun. S-rank monsters appear here.”

“How about looking for some companions? We’re not adventurers, so it’s impossible for us to act together.”

“No. It’s easier for me to fight alone. If there are people around, they might get dragged in and die.”

 I didn’t want to be badgered anymore than this, so I showed them my guild card. When I did that, they were shocked.

“Uh, an S-rank adventurer… and you’re this young?”

“Age does not matter. And in dungeons, if another party is in front of you, you have to wait behind. Also, in situations where there are multiple routes, part of the etiquette is to take a different route from the group before you. That’s why I am waiting for you to go. The people behind me are as well.”

“I-I see. My apologies.”

“There are no sudden death traps in the dungeons with star fragments, and there are no dead ends in any of the routes. You might stumble upon a puzzle or two, but you can go and look it up in the library in such situations. So hurry up already.”

 After I looked at the knight with a little bloodlust, they panicked and quickly chose an appropriate route before proceeding.

 They must have all been nobles. If they were civilians, they would already know how to behave in a dungeon, even if they were knights. For civilians, the dungeons were also a place to train to become stronger.

 As soon as they left, I chose my path and moved on.

 This time, I wanted to capture the dungeon as quickly as possible. That way, I could face the dark organization before they were fully prepared. Maybe they wouldn’t be prepared in time, and I could make it without fighting them at all.

 I had the hooded cloak Noel had given me, as well as the wand Miranda and the others had made. And with these new items, combined with Luca’s residual mana that was still in my stomach, I quickly defeated the monsters. I took a break halfway through the day to eat the bento Bennet prepared for me.

 The puzzles I encountered on the way were easily solvable for me, and the dungeon capture was progressing smoothly.

 Luca contacted me at night as promised.

“Good evening Zagan. Did you get hurt? Are you alright? ”

“I’m fine. My equipment is stronger now after all. My mana has also increased, so it’s easier to fight than before.”

“I see. That’s good to know. Just knowing that Zagan is safe makes me happy.”

“You seem quite relaxed, Luca. Even though you know that if I challenge you to a fight now, you’ll lose immediately.”

“Ah— …that is true. That’s quite vexing. No, but I just need to get stronger and stronger, and get better equipment than what I have now. Then I’ll show that I can be even stronger than Zagan.”

 Luca had quite lofty ambitions. It was worthy of respect.

“I’m looking forward to that. Also tonight, I’m not going to be sleeping.”

“Huh, why? I’ll get angry if you don’t sleep properly though?”

“Because there’s still some of Luca’s mana in me. Also, you’ll be angry if you find out, so I figured I’ll be forgiven if I just honestly told you beforehand.”

“Nnnnnnngh. Why are you so naturally airheaded and cute, Zagan?”

“I’m not an airhead… Luca, can’t I? ”

“I feel like Zagan is looking up at me with puppy eyes and tilting his head just now.”

 No, I wasn’t doing anything of the sort. I was looking straight ahead, and ready for battle anytime as I could sense the presence of monsters nearby. However, if I said that, he might press the issue, so I kept quiet.

 After waiting a while, Luca sighed.

“Just for today, okay? Will you sleep properly starting tomorrow? Also, definitely don’t overdo it.”

“Ahh, understood. Goodnight, Luca.”

“Goodnight, Zagan.”

 I tapped the switch and ended the call. Then, let’s get down to fighting.

 No matter how well it went, it wasn’t as if I would reach the bottom layer any time soon. That was my prediction based on my experiences so far and, after 20 days, I still hadn’t reached the bottom. My days of continuously walking and killing monsters continued. It was also a fact that if I could not resist the will of the world like this, then there was no possibility that I could really survive.

 I was happy that I could communicate with Luca because listening to his gentle voice calmed me down, even on the nights when I succumbed to my impatience. Also, strangely enough, I felt sleepy when I held the stuffed animal that he’d bought me back then at the zoo. Maybe it was because it fit so snugly in my arms.

 I would curl up with the stuffed animal in my arms and fall asleep while listening to Luca’s voice at night. I would often send an apology message the next morning after realizing I’d dozed off in the middle of our calls.

 I arrived at the bottom floor of the dungeon on midday of the 25th. As expected, I was the first to arrive, and even the time matched that of the story’s scenario. I was impressed by how accurate the game’s outcomes have been so far.

 The boss was a Cockatrice with a level higher than S-rank. It looked like a rooster with the wings of a dragon and a snake’s tail. It was a monster with the same rank as the Chimera. However, there was only one. While its speed was considerably fast thanks to its wind attribute, I was even faster so it wasn’t a problem. I took care to avoid its petrification attack and defeated it in a matter of minutes.

 If this was the opponent, then wasn’t Luca already stronger than it?

 I picked up the star fragment that was on top of the altar. It was a blue sapphire. After putting it in my magic bag, I drank an MP potion and replenished my lost mana. Next, I contacted Luca.

“Luca, I got the star fragment. I’ll be teleporting to the main hall now. I’m going to keep the call connected, so don’t talk for a while. If nothing happens, I’ll continue talking through this again.”

“Roger that. Take care.”

 I put the communication device in my pocket while maintaining the call’s connection, then got on the transfer magic circle. I was returning to the main hall after 2 weeks. In front of the closed doorway, I took a deep breath. Now then, I wonder what will happen.

 I opened the door and stepped out.

 Ahh, I could feel their presence. The presence of those with the dark attribute. It was just as I had expected.

 After a short stroll, around 10 of them had surrounded me, just like last time.

 The man in front of me smiled. It was a cheerful smirk.

“—Glad to see that you’re in good health, Zagan-dono.”

Hasr: Sorry for the late update, had a test to give QAQ

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wandering fujoshi
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