I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 37 (Part 2)

“Good morning, Camilla. There’s something I’d like to discuss with you. Do you have a minute?”

“Good morning. What’s up, so early in the morning?”

I had called out to Camilla the moment she stepped into the living room. I tried approaching her, but Luca pulled on my arm to stop me. When I turned around, he was scowling at me.

“Why are you leaving me? Is it something you don’t want me to hear? First of all, why aren’t you discussing it with me?”

Under normal circumstances Luca would send me off with a smile if I tried to talk with one of the heroines. He trusted them since they were his friends. But right now, he’d lost most of his composure. It was definitely due to lack of sleep.

“No, I don’t mind if you hear it. Camilla, would you come here?”

“Understood. Now then, what’s the matter?”

“It seems that Luca hasn’t been sleeping well. Could you prescribe him some kind of sleeping medication?”

“Zagan… I see, so it was for my sake.”

I thought I heard him murmur, but I was suddenly hugged tightly from behind. Camilla touched Luca’s hand that was wrapped around my stomach.

“Certainly, your magic power is in disarray. And now that I look closely, your complexion doesn’t look that good either. Even though Zagan woke up. Were you like this yesterday as well?”

“Yeah. It’s been two days. You guys are going into the dungeon tomorrow, right? So I’d like Luca to take medicine to make his physical condition better, even if it’s only by a little bit.”

Hearing my request, Luca hugged me even tighter and rubbed his cheek on my head.

“Thank you for worrying about me, Zagan, but it’s okay. I’m planning on staying here with you.”

“Really? No, that’s right. If I were still asleep, you’d have had to stay to look after me, wouldn’t you? But I’m awake now, I’ll be fine by myself.”

“N…NO! What if something happens to Zagan? If all of a sudden you run out of magical energy and collapse!? If some ruffian breaks into the house, you can’t even deal with them in your current state!”

“My mana core has recovered; Camilla has given me her seal of approval, and unless this house has bad security, a trespasser won’t get inside. If you’re worried, how about thoroughly checking that the magic barrier is working?”


“Hey you three over there, breakfast’s ready so come sit down.”

At the sound of Miranda’s voice, Luca swallowed down the rest of his words.

I was suddenly aware of all of their gazes on us. Noel seemed nervous. Nina furrowed her brows and tilted her head. Bennett looked like she was going to cry. Cindy put a hand to her cheek and looked at us in concern.

They all became aware of Luca’s condition. I had no choice then but to leave the rest to their judgement. Someone like me, who didn’t have any friends, wouldn’t know to what extent their leader, Luca, was necessary to them when dungeon diving.


Anyway, we ate breakfast but the mood was kind of heavy. It was because Luca was in low spirits. Usually, after a meal, he’d listen to everyone’s plans, but he didn’t do that today either. Immediately after we had finished eating, he wrapped his arms around my waist, clearly indicating that he had no intention to leave my side.

“Can I have a moment? I’d like to tell you what I found out from the book Zagan-kun gave me before, about the goddess Lune and the Evil God.”

Cindy started a conversation instead of Luca, with a serious look on her face.

I see, so she figured something out?

Cindy took out a notepad, flipped through the pages, and put on her round-frame glasses.

“First of all, our premise. In the kingdom of Soleil, a strong existence that was born out of demonic essence was called the Evil God. But in the kingdom of Terre and around it, it is not called that. In those places, both existences born from purifying essence and those born from demonic essence are called gods or goddesses.”

…Was it that surprising?

“Eh? Ehhh?! Does that mean that there’s no such thing as an evil god in other countries?”

“That’s right, Nina-chan. Luca-kun told us before, that in Terre both spirits and monsters are subjugated just the same, right? When they cause harm to humans.”

“That’s right. On the other hand, if they don’t cause any harm, they’re not subjugated even though they are monsters.” Cindy glanced at me so I agreed.

They didn’t see spirits born from purifying essence as just good, or monsters born from demonic essence as just bad.

“This is also applicable to those strong existences. Those beings have existed for hundreds of millions of years and are overflowing with wisdom. They then affectionately look after the living beings born within their domain. Since there would be no point in destroying beings as weak as us, no matter what kind of god they may be.”

“Wait a second. Wasn’t the evil god sealed in Soleil trying to destroy the humans? If it’s like that, then it doesn’t matter what other countries call them. To the people of Soleil, aren’t they still an evil god? Setting aside the other gods that were born from demonic essence.”

“Yes, but that’s just the humans’ point of view. Umm, let’s see, how can I explain it in a way you’d understand?”

With a troubled look on her face, Cindy looked at me who was sitting directly opposite her. It would be troublesome if she were asking me for help. But, well… Miranda was an adventurer.

“Sometimes monsters kill adventurers, but does that make the monsters evil? It doesn’t, right? It’s a case of survival of the fittest – the adventurers were in the wrong for being weak. It’s basically the same thing from the point of view of the gods.”

“Ah… I get it now.”

“That’s right. Even if there was a god that wanted to destroy humans, that doesn’t actually make that god evil. It is those weak humans that were judged as worthy to be eliminated that were in the wrong.”

For example, if a bug were to fly next to you and you found it annoying, you’d kill it. It doesn’t really matter to you if the bug thinks you’re evil or not. Even if the bug rose against you, you’d still kill it.

If there was a god that wanted to kill humans, they’d treat us the same way we would treat a bug. Or maybe humans did something that had angered the god to the point they wanted to destroy them?

No matter which one, it was ridiculous for weak humans, who were only alive for about a hundred years, to call a god, who had existed for hundreds of millions of years, evil.

Despite that, Soleil Kingdom called the existence sealed inside the country an Evil God.

“Hm. What did the past Soleil Kingdom want, going so far as to change the name to discredit the god?”

“Unfortunately, that wasn’t something I could figure out from Terre’s records.”

“But in the first place, is the Evil God something that I… um, my ancestors, were capable of sealing? If the strength of the god is on par with that of humans and they’ve been sealed numerous times by them, then isn’t there nothing they could do about being called Evil God?”

Luca’s words surprised me.

That’s right. Why have I never thought about it before? I knew how powerful those existences we call gods were. In comparison to humans…. they weren’t such a weak opponent that could be easily defeated by the protagonists of the game.

“Luca. The goddess Terre that I met before was so strong she could end me in an instant. If she really wanted to, it wouldn’t even take her a single day to destroy Soleil Kingdom. An existence that holds that much power is what humans call a god.”

A god is a being that ruled the earth and the sea and could both create and destroy. On the other hand, an existence that is incapable of creation couldn’t be called a god.

“So, the Evil God sealed in Soleil isn’t actually a god but something that is stronger than an SS-rank monster? Or… it’s possible that the god wasn’t trying to destroy humans in the first place. Right, Cindy?”

When asked, she nodded with a serious expression. She closed the notepad with a snap and took off her glasses.

“Then, once again, I shall explain about the goddess Lune. First of all, she is the goddess of two attributes – the darkness attribute and the holy attribute. Which is why she came to be called the goddess of the moon. Furthermore, I have confirmed that she was born from demonic essence.”

“In other words… the moon goddess Lune is the Evil God?”

“Yes. And, she and the god Soleil were lovers.”

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