I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 4 (Part 1)

Even though doing naughty things with Luca took up a lot of time, in the end, I was the one who obtained the fragment in the fourth city dungeon – just as per the scenario. If so, in the fifth city, Luca and the others would be the ones to obtain the star fragment – also, exactly as per the scenario.

This was reality. However, the game’s influence was much stronger than my imagination.

I had not yet realized it during my time at the dungeon in the first city because I had reached before Luca and the others when they should have been the first ones there. However, in the end, I left the dungeon after I obtained the star fragment, just as per the scenario.

 Even in the second and third and fourth dungeons, even though there were other challenges, I was the first one to arrive in the deepest parts. 

Even if I’m not the same Zagan as in the game, I felt like the scene has been adjusted to proceed as in the game.

 That’s why I ended up wondering, What would happen if I didn’t go in the first place to the dungeons in the chapters where I was supposed to obtain the star fragments?

I wouldn’t mind if Luca obtained the star fragments. I don’t mind if it’s anyone, as long as they aren’t members of the dark association that appear later on.

But maybe, the others might have been forced to endlessly roam around the dungeon before I reach the bottommost layer. The influence of the scenario was strong enough to make me believe that.

 I was glad that the will of the world did not go to the point of influencing my emotions. My father was kind to me, and Noel, perhaps knowing that she had a brother with a dark attribute, was kinder to those with the dark attribute than others. Luca had such free will that he attempted to woo me, who wasn’t even a capture target originally.

The reason why I fell in with Luca in the dungeon in the fourth city was maybe that I was the one who held the highest favourability towards him compared to the other capture targets. As I did quests and had fun with him, I held enough favourability to recognize him as a friend. It’s, Uhm, a bit embarrassing that I, as a man, like Luca more than the heroine though. I wonder if he’s ever gone out or had sex with the heroines.

Anyhow, in that scene, Luca would nurse the one who fell with him. In my case, there was no other way to make him nurse me other than to make me faint after I used up all my mana. That’s why I fell to that level where there was a vast fake sky – as expected as it was because this world willed so.

As long as the will of the world only worked within the dungeon, there was no cause for concern. However, as the chapters progressed, events would occur in the town too hereafter. Just like how Luca had made friends with all the heroines just as per the scenario if the will of the world worked outside the dungeon too…

 …I will certainly die.

 After I attacked the dungeon in the ninth chapter, I would be betrayed by the dark organization and would die fighting the five dark dragons they summoned and the six-star fragments I collected would be taken from me. The dragons who would destroy the city would eventually be defeated by Luca and his party, but there would still be countless victims. Perhaps that tragic incident would happen in reality too.

 Of course, I don’t want to die, so I would fight against it, and I want to stop people from dying. But at present, I have no contact with the dark organization. I don’t even know what they’re up to now. I don’t want to provoke them with my unskilful probing, so all I can do for now is wait and watch.

 The dark organization. Just as the name said, it was a secret organization of those with the dark attribute. They were ones who had been persecuted since birth, this existence rejected.

The people of the Soleil Kingdom deem that it was only natural that if the other party had the dark attribute, they would be oppressed.

 Whenever a person with a dark attribute walked down the street in town, people would scramble to throw stones at them. They would ridicule those with the dark attribute when injured, and when we retaliated, we would be their targets of hate for getting them hurt. Even though we were not permitted to hurt others, there was no sin in killing those with the dark attribute – the people around would extol praises of you for that.

 This was a mindset that had taken root in a country that has been destroyed by the evil god many times.

 That’s why those with the dark attribute wished to destroy this kingdom.

 The month of May came, and I arrived in the fifth city. First, I went to the Adventurers’ Guild to sell off the raw materials I had gathered from killing monsters along the way. The Adventurers’ Guild is always big and near the outer gate, no matter what the city, so it was easy to locate.

When I entered the building, I immediately saw Luca there. When he saw me, he happily ran up to me and hugged me – “Zagan, you came to meet me. I’m happy.”

“I am an Adventurer, it’s natural for me to come to the guild. It’s not as if I came to meet you. Also, don’t hug me in front of people.”

“Then, shall we go somewhere where there are no people, right now?”

“There’s no way I’ll go to such a place.”

 Even while I dragged Luca along, I sold my material at the counter. The moment I showed my guild card, the receptionist was shocked. In the vast kingdom of Soleil, there were only 50 or so S-rank cards and it had become a custom for their faces to grow stiff upon reading my name.

 Incidentally, almost all adventurers in the kingdom were civilians, and the knights and mages were considered to be the more powerful ones. Although most were from royalty or nobility, many commoners looked up to them and aspired to become knights and mages themselves. And since the stronger they are, the more likely that they become knights or mages, hence the sparse number of S-Rank adventurers.

 After I finished my sale, I moved in front of the bulletin board. The only S-rank quests were for star fragments. And the A-rank ones too didn’t seem like anything urgent. I looked at the G-rank quests. The one that caught my eye was a request for cleaning the zoo.

Was there a zoo in this world too? Come to think of it, I believe there was a date at the zoo in someone’s event. Although I had visited the 12th city – 4th city that was adjacent to the great forest many times, this was my first time in the 5th city. …Oh right, the zoo.

 I returned to the counter once again and bought a guidebook for the 5th city. I moved close to the wall to not be in the way and checked the location of the zoo on the map. It was in a place that would take more than 30 minutes even by carriage from here. Moreover, the site was huge. I checked the opening hours of the zoo on the guide page. Nine in the morning, I see.

“You want to go to the zoo? “

“Ahh. …Ah, no. I was just slightly curious.”

 Luca, who wrapped his arms tightly around my waist from behind, peered into my face,  and slipped off my hood slightly. Did he wish to meet my eyes that badly? It was embarrassing so I wished he’d stop that.

“Then, shall we go tomorrow? Let’s meet up in the morning and have a date at the zoo.”

“Huh? You’ll go with me? “

“Hm? Is that no good?”

 I couldn’t help but repeat his words, and he was surprised. But shouldn’t I be the one surprised? What about the heroines?

 It is true that during that time in the dungeon in the fourth city, I might have had the highest favorability towards him.

 However, this game is a romance simulation in which you have to raise the favourability above a certain level within a certain period to trigger individual events while you advance the main story, so who has the highest favourability is only relevant occasionally. In the end, you had to choose a partner from among the heroines for whom you have completed all the required individual events for the capture to reach the ending. Of course, you can also choose to have a harem ending if you can capture all of them at the same time, without their events clashing by occurring at the same time.

 From the time he challenged the dungeon to last night, Luca would have spent time with the girls and deepened his relationship with them. Since he could choose anyone from the six girls each night, he would have certainly had sex with them. If he hadn’t, what eroge protagonist was he? Don’t waste your time on me, focus on creating more events with the heroines.

“…Don’t you have other friends? Why don’t you go with them?”

“I made friends on my journey, but they are not people I would invite on a date. Even though Zagan didn’t do anything, they hold hostility and go on the offensive just because you have the dark attribute. Of course Noel… doesn’t hold any animosity towards Zagan. She’s my childhood friend, so she’d go if I invited her but Zagan is the only one I’ll invite on a date.”

 Why it seemed like he hadn’t captured any of the heroines. Had he perhaps not even had sex with them? Even though he is the protagonist of an eroge? Since he’s a prince, shouldn’t he have multiple friends with benefits?

 Of course, being sincere is a good thing. However, I feel that his favourability with heroines other than Noel was quite low. Is it really fine?

 If the heroines other than Noel have a favourability level of less than 20 at the end of chapter 9, they will be removed from the group before the dungeon attack in chapter 10. Moreover, they would be raped by mobs and monsters. It’s just a game setting and may not be true in real life, but I don’t want these girls to go down that cruel path.

“Zagan, what happened? What are you troubled over? Or is it that you hate going to the zoo with me?

“…I don’t hate it. It’s just that it would be better to build a considerably good relationship with your friends too. I have never had friends, so I don’t know it well… but if you don’t trust each other, you can’t fight together, can you? If you don’t have good cooperation, you might fall into danger and won’t even be able to beat me.”

 I tried to indirectly provoke him even if that meant that it would increase his relationship with the girls just a bit. It doesn’t matter if he can’t beat me, but as a man, it must be frustrating to keep losing. And besides, if they meet the conditions of having a favourability of 20 or greater before the 9th chapter, even conversation or training would do.

“Certainly, trust is important. I have every intention to build a good relationship with my friends, but after that incident of picking a fight with Zagan, pacifying Noel who snapped was a tough task. But I’ll try to pay a little more attention to it.”

 No, what do you mean Noel snapped? Just what happened? I was a little curious, but it wouldn’t be good to reveal our relationship as siblings so I didn’t ask.

“To worry so much about me, Zagan truly is kind. For now, let’s go to the zoo tomorrow morning, alright?”

“……Got it.”

 If Luca wanted to go with me no matter what, I have no choice but to let him tag along.

 And like that, after we discussed the time and place to meet up, I took up a simple quest as always.


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3 years ago

It’s kinda sad to see Zagan worry about those details cuz he knows he’s in eroge setting. It’s obvious that he’s catching feelings too but is unconsciously suppressing it cuz Luca is the ‘mc’ in his head. (。•́︿•̀。)

Carina Bruckschwaiger
Carina Bruckschwaiger
3 years ago

Thanks for the update ❤

3 years ago

Has Noel figured out who Zagan is?

Excited for the zoo date!

Thanks for your hard work translating!

3 years ago
Reply to  hasr11

When it says, “If Zagan wanted to go with me matter what, I have no choice but to let him tag along.” I think it’s supposed to be Luca instead of Zagan (´ ∀ ` ) but then again, I may be reading it wrong ( ̄  ̄|||)