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Training a Dog

[This chapter is in Anderheim’s PoV]

I cracked my eyes open at the dull thud of the wooden door closing, my sound sleep disturbed.


The first thing that came into my sight were tiny specs of dust dancing in the air, illuminated by the rays of light shining inside.

The sooty roof, the brick fireplace that had a pan on it, with steam rising, and a thin blanket wrapped around my naked body.

Perhaps Jolga had noticed me stirring awake.

The creaking sounds of the wooden floorboards drew closer and as I idyllically turned my gaze around, Jolga’s upside-down face came into view.

“You woke up?”


“…How’s your body?”

“It’s fine…I think…”

He must have been taking care of his horse tied outside. Putting down the bucket he held in one hand to the floor, Jolga chuckled and sat down beside me as I lay on my back, grumbling. It seemed like he had cleaned me up while I was unconscious, as I didn’t feel sticky. But the dull pain in that place was proof that he had entered me last night.

Blocking the face that naturally approached me with my palm, I tried to force him back. He unexpectedly began creeping his tongue along the webbings of my fingers.

“Y-You bastard…!”

Although I resisted, our difference in strength was evident from the very beginning.

I struggled for a bit but was no match. As I resigned and gave up my resistance, Jolga grabbed hold of both my wrists with one hand and pressed them against the floor, above my head.

He easily peeled off the blanket around me with his now-empty hand, his fervent hazel eyes gazing at my pale limbs that were now exposed to the morning sun.

…This man. He seems like the type to check every nook and cranny of his possessions.

I thought he would be satisfied ogling me, but the excited Jolga got on top of me and started tugging at his shirt, intending to take his clothes off.

I immediately hit his head and pressed my open palm against his face as he whined like a dog that had just been robbed of its food.

StayStop it.”


“You mutt…no mating.”

“…But I want to.”


As something hard rubbed against my abdomen through his clothes, my hole, that had just been taught the pleasure of being invaded, throbbed inside.

It wasn’t as if I fell in love with Jolga and slept with him.

Honestly speaking, I felt that it was a stupid plan to use your body and seduce your enemy. If one had no alternatives and had to use dirty tricks that put their lives on the line as a last-ditch effort, such scheming would eventually bring about the schemer’s downfall in any case.

Yet I offered myself to Jolga on purpose, resigning myself to being eaten from the very beginning.

I just made one miscalculation.

Our body compatibilities were too good.

I was an obvious virgin when it came to men…but was your first time with a man supposed to feel this good normally? Or was it that Jolga had excellently prepared me for it?

I didn’t mind if my partner was enamoured by me, but I would be in trouble if I fell too deep.

But I still had to fall just a little bit for him, or it would stretch credibility. Finding a balance was hard.

“…What should we do if I can’t ride a horse?”


“Stand back, Jolga. Now’s not a good time.”

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Hearing my flat refusal, Jolga reluctantly got up.

I almost felt I could see a pair of drooping ears and tail as he stood dejected, but I heard that training your dogs early on was crucial.

I somehow managed to get up while Jolga was outside the cabin, and took the clothes drying by the fireplace. Enduring the pain, I got dressed.

We may be compatible and all, but the damage my body took was a completely different thing.

Jolga gave me a hand once he returned from taking care of his horse. In order to leave the hunter’s cabin, I tried to sit astride on the horse. But just as I put one leg up, a sharp pain shot through my body, making me grab the mane and lie face down as a result.

In the end, I was carried on Jolga’s knee as he sat on top of the saddle, and had to lean against his chest. Such a humiliating manner of riding was made unavoidable.

“…Are you alright?”

“My butt hurts, but most importantly my heart hurts…”

“…I’ll try riding as slowly as possible.”

“Fuck it…Jolga, just you wait. I’ll surely walk all over you someday…”

“…Oh, I’m so scared.”

As I grumbled without a pause, although he ignored it, he seemed oddly happy.

It was sunny, as if the storm yesterday was a lie. Inside the quiet forest, we were enveloped by a refreshing atmosphere as the sun filtered in through the leaves. The wind brushing against my cheeks too, felt gentle.

“I already have an idea of who might be the mastermind behind the attacks on you.”

Just before leaving the forest, Jolga’s voice turned stiff as he muttered.

Meeting my gaze as I looked up, he opened his hazel eyes, hidden beneath his long eyelashes again. Sadness seemed to dwell in them.

“…The Dragon Priestess, Melia Laturi.”

“…You must be joking.”

It was a name I had expected to hear. But I raised my voice, pretending to be surprised.

“If I was joking, I wouldn’t say such a thing.”

“…What’s the proof?”

“The man who kidnapped Julieta had this with him.”

He held out a silver pendant with a slightly dull mellow amber stone in it.

“This is…”

“You should remember this…It belonged to Yurikano.”

“But this pendant, Sigurd—“

“That’s right. Sigurd gave this pendant, that he kept as a memento from his mother, to his lover Melia at the ball.”


“Melia gave it as a reward to the criminal, to assassinate you and feed Julieta to the Dragon.”


I looked away from Jolga, and covered my mouth with my hand, pretending as if I were trying to not speak of my feeling out loud.

“Why did Sigurd, my son, have to face such pain…!”

“I fear that Melia’s spirit is already broken.”

Although they were allies, Jolga’s opinions were indifferent. Perhaps it was because Julieta and I were exposed to danger.

“If we leave it be, it would do nothing but harm to Sigurd and the others. We have to cut relations at once.”

“But…she is Miss Nasha’s younger sister. Can you do it that easily?”

At my question, Jolga gave a small nod.

“I have an idea …But first, let us return to the mansion. I have to report your safety.”

“You’re right.”

“I’ll increase my speed a bit. Hold on tight.”

Pulling the reins, Jolga faced forward as he held me, and increased his speed as we rode the horse.

As I clung to his chest, the figure of the girl driven to insanity in the distant Shrine came to mind.

Well, that’s for the [First One].

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Undead Sage 3.1

Translator: Hasr11

Editor: Sensei

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Chapter 3: The Sage Gains Subordinates (part 1)

The next morning, I stood on the balcony of the castle with a bottle of wine in my hand.
I pulled out the cork with my fingers and gulped down its contents.

The wine that entered my mouth, spilled out.
My jaw, spine and ribs, were mercilessly soaked. Even the robe I wore on top was stained.
I groaned at the peculiar sense of discomfort.

“I can’t eat or drink as expected…”

While I had a sense of sight, hearing and touch, I lacked a sense of smell and taste.
What kind of senses could a body that was all bones feel?
It was a mystery how I could even speak.
I didn’t quite understand an undead’s mode of life.
After a considerable degree of inspection, I shifted my attention downward.

The place was awash with innumerable undead.
They were the citizens of the capital who had now transformed into undead.
Most of them lost their lives to the miasma that invaded them.
I repurposed their corpses.

The decaying individuals must have been the buried ones.
They must have risen due to the effects of my miasma.
Many figures could be called skeletons.

The undead gathered tightly.
They filled the castle and spilled into the town.
The majority of undead that were not present, were loitering in the outskirts of the capital.
It was so that I could immediately detect if something happened.

(I’m done with my warm-up for now.)

I gazed at the streets of the capital from my balcony.
An air of gloom hung everywhere.
The thick miasma spread in all directions, creating an atmosphere that was not the tiniest bit welcoming to living things.
The atmosphere was now reminiscent of the Valley of the Dead.
Thinking about how this was all the work of my hand, I ended up thinking about a lot of things.
But, I didn’t feel the slightest bit of regret.

I had finally gotten my revenge after ten years.
My advance was disappointingly smooth.
Of course, this was just the prologue; the real show would start now.

My next objective: true world peace.
It was an abstract concept, but I knew exactly what to do.
After going through suffering and struggles in the Valley of the Dead, I discovered something.

Whenever there existed evil in the world, humanity was united.
Although momentarily, peace would be created.
Prioritizing humanity’s survival, large conflicts would be avoided.

It was the former Demon Lord, who shouldered the evil of the world.
Whatever his ideology and purpose were, it was a fact that he had prevented conflicts between nations.
Everyone put effort into subjugating the Demon Lord.
There was unity across borders.

The one who broke this distorted equilibrium was none other than us.
We subjugated the Demon Lord at the end of a life-and-death battle.
Of course, it was to save the world.
The people too wished for the Demon Lord’s death.

However, reality was cruel.
The result was such a situation after going round and round.
The Hero was executed, the Sage became immortal, and the capital became a place where undead ran rampant.
The conclusion of this heroic tale was too gruesome.

It was a mistake to think that exterminating the great evil from Earth would bring about peace.
What awaited us was a chain of conflicts between fellow humans.
It spelt the beginning of an ugly war amongst countries trying to destroy one another.

The fact that the deterrent, the Demon Lord had disappeared was the primary cause.
In the absence of a common enemy, even neighbours began to point swords at one another as if it was nothing .
She and I being executed too, could be said to be a part of that.
I hadn’t quite grasped the present state of the world. But I was certain that the same tragedy was repeating itself.

That isn’t the kind of world I want.
Peace seemed rather distant. If anything, the world now was an antithesis of it.

True world peace is achieved when there is an immortal reign of evil.
Hence, when I become the Demon Lord, I would continue to inspire fear amongst countries.
I have to constantly strike the fear of imminent destruction in their hearts. It was then that humanity wouldn’t think of going to war with each other.

If I do that, humans will naturally gain solidarity.
They would join hands to defeat me.

Of course, my intention wasn’t to destroy the world for real.
But I couldn’t have them suspect that.
I couldn’t let myself be defeated by anyone either.
I have to continue to threaten humanity for all of eternity.

That was my duty for defeating the necessary evil, the Demon Lord.
It was a role that only I could pull off.

( There were preparations to be made for that too…)

To call myself the Demon Lord, I needed to have a considerable foothold.
Firstly, I needed some subordinates.
Our numbers were more than enough, so what I needed were subordinates with high fighting ability.

I now possessed authority over the Valley of the Dead.
I was a high-ranking necromancer.
I thought of creating a single powerful entity by combining the gathered undead.
I had tried it many times during the fall of the capital and now had a grasp of the trick.

Producing powerful subordinates had its advantages.
In addition to consolidating our battle strength, it also served as a provision against unlikely events.
As long as I had undead subordinates, I would not die.
Because I could revive through the remaining individuals.
After all, they were no different than the number of lives I had.

Based on this characteristic, it wasn’t bad to lay the groundwork for a strong entity.
Because it reduced the risk of my destruction.
They would not be able to subjugate me.
It was necessary to enhance my immortality to prevent the tragedy of humanity from repeating itself.

“I will become the new Demon Lord.”

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Arc 2: The First and Last Date


Chapter 7


“Uwa–! What a wonderful view! “

“Wait, if you move that much, it’ll shake…”

“What’s with that, Mr Death. You said it, right? This place is good.”

“I said that, but it isn’t as if it’s a tourist attraction or something.”


 We were at a place 100m above the ground.

 But it wasn’t as if we were doing something dangerous.


“How long has it been since I rode a Ferris wheel?”

“You rode one before? “

“Don’t take me for a fool! This is one of the few rides I can ride in amusement parks.”

“Anything else? “

“…Maybe a Merry-go-Round.”


“Ah, you laughed! …It can’t be helped. Patients with heart disease have a lot of restrictions.”


 Hearing my own sulking tone, I felt embarrassed. That had nothing to do with Mr Death, then why did I tell him? But…


“I know it.”

“Huh…? “

“I know that you have endured a lot of things and did your best.”

“Is that…because you’re my supervisor? “

“…That’s right.”


 Fixing his slipped-off hood, Mr Death placed a hand at the back of his neck and spoke.

 Even if the reason was that he was my supervisor, the fact that someone knew that I had done my best made my chest feel warm.

“Do your best.” “Give it your all”

 I had been told that time and again by the people around. I gave it my all, again and again, like a curse.

 Even if I worked this hard, nobody praised me for it. No matter how much I endured the painful treatments, everyone just asked me to work even harder.

 For Mr Death, who came to take my life, to be the one who recognised all my efforts…

 I felt my tears fall. Even I didn’t know the reason why. But for some reason, my heart hurt and I felt like crying.

 Holding back my tears, I pretended as if I was blinded by the setting sun’s rays as I wiped my tears.


“The sun will set soon.”

“You’re right.”

“We have to get going now.”

“…Yeah, you’re right.”


 The bright crimson, pouring in through the window of the Ferris wheel was beautiful. But my feelings were discomposed. I felt uneasy, I felt sad.

 As if to shut in those feelings, I gave a “Thank you” to Mr Death.


“Today was really fun.”

“Really? You had fun? “

“Yeah. I always wanted to go out with someone like this.”

“I see. if that’s so, I’m glad.”


 Seeing me smile, Mr Death spoke in a relieved voice.

 I wanted to go out with someone. It didn’t matter who it was. That’s why I asked Mr Death to go on a date with me and take me out. But…

 I know now. It won’t do with just anybody. The reason I enjoyed today’s date was that–.


“But if you had so much fun, it would have been fine even if it weren’t me.”

“Huh? “


 Hearing Mr Death’s words, the happy feelings inside quickly withered. Why did he say that? The reason I felt happy was…


“It’s because you’re here, Mr Death.”

“You’re wrong. You just think that. You just want to go out with someone. It’s because I’m the one you went out with that you think so.”

“That’s not true! The one I want to spend time with is Mr Death. I took prints at the photo booth with Mr Death, ate ice cream with Mr Death and rode the Ferris wheel with Mr Death. Those are all my memories with Mr Death, right? Don’t say that it would be fine with someone else that easily! “



 Panicked by my menacing attitude, Mr Death apologised.

 Wiping off my tears that flowed as a reaction, I looked to the other side. I was able to hold them back before, but couldn’t now. No matter how much I wiped them, tears flowed out.





 Silence ran through the Ferris wheel car.

 Ah, that’s no good. I became emotional. Although Mr Death accompanied me as a part of his work, I felt I had ruined the happy atmosphere.

 I’m sorry for saying too much. I knew I had to say that, but I couldn’t no matter what. And drowned in silence, we reached the bottom and the doors of the Ferris wheel opened.

 Urged by the staff’s, “Thank you”, we got down from the Ferris wheel car.

 The sun that was bright red a few moments ago, had begun to set. Looking at the clock, there were less than 30 minutes to dinner. Our time was up.


“Should we go back…?”

“…Yeah, you’re right.”

“Huh…? “


 As I grabbed his hand and began walking, Mr Death pulled me towards himself.


“Huh? W-What…? “

“Keep quiet. I’ll bite your tongue.”

“Kya…! “


 Before I realised, my body was flying in the air, held by Mr Death.


‘W-Wait….I-I’ll fall!” “

“if you hold on tight, it’ll be fine! “

“…!” “


 I closed my eyes tightly shut as I wrapped both my arms around Mr Death’s neck, clinging on for dear life. On hearing Mr Death say, “It hurts”, I nervously loosed my grip around him. On opening my eyes, I saw that I was flying in the evening sky in the embrace of Mr Death.




 This was the first time I had seen such a beautiful sunset.

 My heart beats were loud enough that they hurt. But surely, this was because this was my first time flying, and not some other reason. That’s right, it definitely wasn’t because I was in a princess carry…

 As I muttered to no one in particular, Mr Death opened his mouth.


“your mood seems better now.”

“Huh…? “

“I’m sorry for speaking like that just now.”

“Ah…” Yeah, I also said too much.

“No, it’s my fault. The truth is, I had intentions to do my job, but I had too much fun today and ended up saying something childish like that.”


 What did that mean…?

 I turned to look back at Mr Death.

 His face was hidden by his hood, but his cheeks seemed to be dyed in red in the evening sun.


“That’s why, um…when I thought that you would have fun even if I wasn’t here, I felt bitter, and uh…”

Mr Death? “

“It’s nothing. Hey, if we don’t hurry up, you won’t make it in time for dinner. I’ll be speeding up, so hold on tight.”

Wha-, kya!” “


 Increasing his speed, Mr Death zoomed towards the hospital.

 After I had finally seen Mr Death being honest, to go back like this was a pity.

 I desperately searched for topics of conversation. But…


“Hey, hey, Mr Death.”

“What is it? “

“T-That… The sky! I’m flying! “

“Huh? “

“I didn’t know you could do something like this! Amazing! “


 Mr Death replied in an exasperated tone, “How did you think I came to the hospital till now?”

 Certainly, he was right. My window was on the fourth floor of the hospital. There was no other way to enter than flying.

 I felt embarrassed not having noticed such an obvious thing…

 I turned silent. “But”, Mr Death added.


“Flying in the sky is scary.”

“…Huh? “


 Hearing Mr Death speak in such a serious tone, I burst out laughing.

He pouted as he said, “Don’t laugh”. He seemed so human that I once again burst out laughing. 


“But didn’t you ride the Ferris wheel just now?”


 I asked him as he dropped me off on the rooftop of the hospital. “Ah”, he replied, scratching his head.


“I can do it if I have to ride in something like that, but flying in the sky by myself is something I can’t get used to no matter what…”

“Is that so? “


 I didn’t quite get it, but my cheeks slackened as I thought of how he had done something he was not comfortable with, just for my sake.

 Telling me to hurry up and return to the hospital, Mr Death disappeared into the evening sky.

 Seeing Mr Death off, I quietly sneaked down the elevator. Luckily, there was no one in my room, and it didn’t seem like I had caused an uproar either. I had somehow managed to sneak out without being found.




 Changing back to usual pyjamas, I slid into my bed. At that very moment< I heard a knock on my door.



“It’s time for dinner!”


 Saying so, the head nurse brought out the portable table and placed the food on it.

As I thanked her and began eating, I felt the head nurse stare at me.


“Um…? “

“Is your body alright? “

“Huh…? “

“It’s fine to have fun, but if something happens, Mahiro-chan will be the one in trouble.

“…I’m sorry.”


 It seemed like the head nurse found me out.

 After sincerely giving me a lecture, the head nurse asked me, “Did you have fun? “


“I did! I didn’t know that the outside world was this fun! “

“I see…”


 The head nurse gave me a gentle, yet melancholy smile. Saying she would return once I was done eating, she left my room. 

 Left by myself I gazed out the window. It had become dark, now that the sun had set.

 It felt like the fact that I had been out there a few hours back were a lie. Within the room, I felt nothing– Neither the smell of fresh breeze nor the chill.

 But I didn’t feel empty as usual. That was surely because I now knew of the wonderful world beyond that darkness.

 The reason I could think like that was all thanks to Mr Death. Muttering a small ‘Thank You’ under my breath, I stretched my hands towards my dinner that had begun to go cold.


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The Show Must Go On 27

Translator: Hasr11

Editor: Hasr11

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The Course of a Bad Plan

 The man jumped as he brandished his knife about. Sigurd struck with the heel of his palm, knocking him out. He then slipped past the other man who thrust at him as he curled his lips, slashing at him. His eyes were glued onto the altar.


He called her name, yet no reply came back from the empty altar.

In despair, Sigurd rushed to the edge of the altar. Throwing his sword away, he leaned towards the lake as if he would jump in at any moment.

As if to hold back Sigurd,


Something came up from under the altar.

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It was the head of a gigantic dragon.

Silver scales and scarlet eyes. Rich Mana filled the air.

Although stakes held down his four limbs, and he was deprived of half of his soul, and he could only move freely from the neck, the ancient dragon Kharis, had lived for a thousand years, sealed in the underground lake. Every ten years, in return for the offering of the blood and flesh of a Sacrificial Priestess, the whole of Palcemith would prosper from his blessings.

The ancient dragon stretched his long neck and pushed the dumbfounded Sigurd’s body to the centre of the altar with the tip of his nose. And what was on top of that huge nose?



Julieta, the Sacrificial Priestess, had her limbs tied up, deprived of her freedom.

Sigurd picked up Julieta from the tip of Kharis’ nose, undid the ropes that tied her thin limbs, and confirmed her safety. Although there were some scratches from when she rolled off the altar, the men did not seem to have initiated violence or assault against Julieta, brought to be fed to the dragon.

Even so, the terror was still fresh in memory. Tears of relief streamed down Sigurd’s cheek as he hugged Julieta, as her small shoulders trembled.

“Thank goodness, really, thank goodness…!”


“Julietta. My dear Julieta… Don’t go anywhere. Don’t leave me, don’t go. If I lose you, I’ll go crazy…”

“Brother… Thank you, brother… I too, feel the same.”

How could he let go of the warmth of his sister, his beloved, as she rubbed her head against his chest, so easily?

Raising his head above the pair of siblings hugging tightly, the ancient dragon let out a small cry.


“Well, Your Grace Kharis.”

Returning to his senses, Sigurd straightened up and kneeled on a knee in front of the ancient dragon. Kharis turned to Julieta, who was prostrating next to him, and let out another cry as if to say something.

“I am grateful for your concern… I am fine.”

“Julieta, you can understand the words of His Grace?”

Sigurd looked down at Julieta in surprise as she replied with a smile to the ancient dragon. But on the contrary, his sister looked back at him wide-eyed.

“Yes…he asked me… if I was hurt… Brother, can you not…hear it…?”

“For me, the words that have meaning…are very…”

“It is a technique given to the Sacrificial Priestess, to enable you to talk with His Grace Karis.”

Hearing a voice from behind, Sigurd and Giulietta looked back. Head Priest Malachia seemed to have regained his consciousness. Supported by Lutora, he managed to walk under the altar while holding the wound on his head.

“Malachia… don’t force yourself.”

“It’s …okay…fufu, I’m glad… I heard that His Grace Karis will cherish the Sacrificial Priestess who offers herself on the Dragon God festival. I believed that he would save you.”

“I understand… hey, lean on me more.”

Malachia has made a bet on the long-standing tradition of the ancient dragon, Kharis not hurting the Sacrificial Priestess. While the men were violent, he took them in circles to the last minute and bought time. Supported by Lutora, Malachia paid his respects in front of the ancient dragon, just like the siblings. Lutora followed suit.

On top of the altar, Sigurd continued staring into the bottomless depth of the eyes of the ancient dragon, Kharis. He finally opened his mouth quietly as if he had decided something.

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“Your Grace Kharis. I am Sigurd Isys Asbal, Knight of the Kingdom of Palcemith. I am the brother of the Holy Maiden, Sacrificial Priestess Julieta. While I am not the blood of Sage Asbal, I am proud of my family name. I would like to ask Your Grace one thing, I beg for your compassionate will.”

In response to Sigurd’s plea, ancient dragon Kharis let out a small grunt from the back of his throat. Sigurd, who took it as acceptance on seeing Julieta’s expression, lowered his head low enough that it rubbed against the cobblestone floor.

“Please… Please teach me how to free the Sacrificial Priestess. If Your Grace knows any way to cure your hunger without offering the Sacrificial Priestess, please enlighten this insignificant I. The Sacrificial Priestess is my sister. She is more important to me, even more than my own self. If there is a way to save Julieta, no matter how much pain I have to endure, I will do it, even if that means I am the one eaten instead.”

On hearing his heartfelt entreaty, Julieta’s eyes opened wide in surprise. Lutora and Malachia too showed startled expressions beneath the altar.




Not minding the three, Sigurd looked straight up at the ancient dragon Kharis. Facing him, Kharis let out a cry that reverberated across the ceiling of the underground lake.


Julieta, who was the only one who could understand its meaning, turned stiff.

Sigurd gently hugged her.


“That, His Grace…”

“Julieta? What did His Grace say?”

Julieta’s jade eyes wavered in hesitation, yet prompted by her brother’s palm, which gently stroked her hair. She announced the oracle given by the ancient dragon.

“The pearl… His Grace said, Give me the pearl.”

Saying that alone to Sigurd and the others, the ancient dragon once again swung his neck, turning his head out of the reach of the altar.

Left behind, Sigurd held Julieta as he went down from the altar, and joined Lutora, who stood up as he supported Malachia.

“Lord Malachia…!”

“Lady Julieta, please forgive me, I put you in danger…!”

“It’s fine, Malachia. More importantly, what about the children taken hostage? What about your injury?”

“It’s okay. I just feel faint.”

Lutora and Sigurd, sandwiched between two smiles, lightly bumped fists together.

“Are you okay, Lutora?”

“I’m fine. I’m glad that Lady Julieta does not have any severe injuries.”

“What about the Commander?”


Lutora looked at Julieta for a moment and slightly faltered. Perhaps he thought it was not something he could hide, and sighed again.

“The man Sigurd knocked out with the heel of his palm quite thoughtfully had a letter of communication from his accomplice. It said, ‘As planned, I have called the former Prime Minister’.”



Lutora laughed as if to rebuke the agitated siblings.

“It’s okay. He might be alone, but my father has already left for the location…He is the strongest knight in the kingdom. There is no way he could lose. Lord Anderheim too, has experienced many such predicaments in the past. He will not die that easily.”

“Yeah… Lord Anderheim is a person who has insight I can’t match. He might not be good at physical fights, but even if he gets caught up in the enemy’s plans, he cannot be killed easily.”

“So, let us do what we can do. First, let us rescue the ones in the temple above and interrogate the ones fallen over there…and a background check on the men Sigurd defeated.”

“Got it.”

As the four nodded and began to act.

Jolga had leapt out of the temple and rode his favourite horse again, reached the site of the riverbank construction along the river Luft.

Judging from the words Anderheim had said to Morino before going out, it was an old land, straddling two territories, where the riverbank construction was currently taking place. With that much information, it was easy to narrow it down.

In the meantime, dark black clouds shrouded the sky and the large drops of rain that fell hit the back of Jolga riding a horse hard.

Covering his hazy vision with one hand, he looked around with squinting eyes. He found a part of the road where large tracts formed at the foot of the bridge and disappeared into the slope.

“Lord Anderheim!”

Gazing down, there was a carriage under the slope. It seemed to have rolled down from the road and hit a tree. Around the broken carriage, several men with hooded cloaks over their heads gathered on horseback. Discovered by Jolga, they pulled out their weapons all at once and ran up the slope.

“Are you a fool!?”

Maybe it was because the rain got in the way that they couldn’t recognize the figure on the horse as Jolga. At least, if some of them had known it was the Knight Commander Jolga, they might have escaped. The men attacked carelessly, seeing the vastly outnumbered Jolga. They had no chance to escape as they were cut down by [The one Who Controls the Dragon, Quistacis]. Corpses rolled on the ground.

Jolga held his sword and hurriedly pulled the horse to the side of the carriage. He descended from the saddle to ascertain it. The door had the coat of arms of the Asbal family. The carriage had a partly broken roof and rain shield, which meant water trickled inside. The high-quality room was stained with water and mud. It looked unattended.

Where did the owner of the carriage go? He wondered if he fell into a river.



The voice that Jolga was looking for, called from an unexpected place.

From the top of a branch of the big tree that the horse-drawn carriage crashed into, whose trunk was damaged.

“Lord Anderheim!?”

As Jolga’s hazel eyes gazed up, he met the jade eyes returning his gaze. A wet coat darkened by the rain and pale skin with scratches. Silver strands of hair stuck to his forehead. Glasses dirtied by the mud, and barely on his nose.

“You’re safe!?”

“Ah… somehow.”

Above the relieved Jolga, Anderheim let out a long sigh, clinging to a tree branch.

When Anderheim’s carriage passed by the deserted bridge, the coachman was the first one attacked by a man jumping from his horse. As the coachman resisted, the wagon lost control and the whole carriage, along with the horse, slid down the slope. Anderheim managed to get out of the carriage, enduring the impact of the roll. He then crawled up to the tree and hid in the shadow of the thick branch.

He managed to hold out as the men searched for the disappeared Anderheim, but it was a matter of time before he was found.

“What have I done… to fall victim to such a trap?”

“I shall inform you of that. But first, let’s leave this place. The men around the carriage have been defeated, but it seems that it is not just any rain, but thunderclouds approaching.”

“I see.”

“Standing under the big tree would shield us from rain, but on the other hand, that would make us prone to lightning. Let us hurry.”

“I see”

“The Luft River is rapidly flooding too. If this situation continues, our escape might be cut off.”

“I see.”

“Lord Anderheim?”

Jolga looked up at Anderheim, who replied, but didn’t move.


He realized what had happened and called out, fearfully.

“N-No way.”


“You can’t get off?”

“ll kill you.”

Of all the times Jolga had faced Anderheim.

The words that came from above held the most intent to kill.


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The Show Must Go On 26

Translator: Hasr11

Editor: Vnovember, Hasr11


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Triumphant Malice

“With the exemption of tariffs on wheat brought about by its excessive demand, we have raised the tariffs on cotton products. The frequent adjustment of government fund acquisitions during the period of this special event is generally understood by the counties affected.”

“Cotton is predominantly grown in Count Hanning’s territory. I heard that this year’s harvest was particularly abundant… he has gained our favour quite well.”

“You’re right. After that, I received an offer from Count Hanning, and he said he would love to cooperate to make His Highness’s accession ceremony a success.”

“Hah… he’s already made his plans to earn a connection. Not bad.”

“Thank you.”

A stark contrast to Morino who happily bowed his head, Anderheim wearily took off his thin silver-rimmed glasses. He threw the documents he was going through on the table, giving out a long sigh.

“And for how long do you intend to keep coming here?”

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He glanced at Jolga and Morino as he asked, only to see them tilt their heads in confusion. Seeing them acting such, the former Prime Minister Anderheim massaged his temples and gave another long sigh.

A month had passed since the former Prime Minister Anderheim and his daughter  Julieta had moved out of the Asbal family mansion, known to have housed generations of Prime Ministers. Their new residence was a small mansion built on a hill to the west of the capital. The old butler Thomas, the cook and few maids accompanied him to the new mansion saying that they would follow him no matter what. Taking Julieta’s hand, Sigurd guided her along the beautiful verdant gardens. Learning the art of gardening from the gardener who frequented the place, he built an elegant garden that seemed to melt into the forest. Seeing the finished product, even Anderheim felt a little admiration for him.

From the day Sigurd came to know the truth of his birth, he began opening his heart up to Anderheim little by little. He also began doting on Julieta in a literal sense.

Anderheim’s abuses at Morino’s lack of preparedness seemed to have been quite effective. He had put in place an effective management system for all the gold hidden underneath the Asbal Mansion that now belonged to him. He groped for answers for a way to tip the scales that made the nation move and put them into practice, and then came to Anderheim to chronicle his successes in detail.

Lutora was sleeping over at the Shrine as usual, but the twins— Cain and Abel, were called by Anderheim. They were to study the management of the territory along with Sigurd. The twins’ intelligence had caught Anderheim’s eye from the very beginning and he had often expressed his wish of making them his ‘successor’s’ aides to Malacia.

“No matter how soon Julieta was blessed with His Highness’s child, I would still not live to see them reach adulthood. I thus needed to groom an outstanding aide beforehand.”

“Lord Anderheim…”

“But it’s a different story if Sigurd temporarily succeeds the title. While the two are a bit young, as they gain experience together, making them the aides to the one who succeeds the territory ‘after’ you would maintain stability. It would reduce confusion amongst the citizens of the fief.”


Morino was in admiration of Anderheim’s far thought-out education. Sigurd, deeply impressed by his father’s well-thought plans, further resolved himself to put his heart into studying the management of the territory to splendidly protect its denizens, albeit temporarily.

Somehow, even Jolga seemed to find time to frequently visit the mansion on the hill, just to deliver to Julieta a book with a knight motif and jacket. The book was rare to find outside the knight’s personal salons, even within the royal capital. He narrowed his eyes at receiving his reward— a smile.

“…Well, it’s fine. I’ll be going now.”

Tempted by Anderheim who got up as he combed up his hair, Jolga too arose from the sofa facing Anderheim.

“Lord Anderheim, where are you going? What about your guards?”

“I don’t need them. I have only been called to the site of construction on the banks of Luft river. I heard that they dug up a part of an ancient relic of some kind. They requested me to come and look it over to see if it was possible to continue the construction. Although I have retired from the post of Prime minister… in these kinds of matters, experience speaks volumes.

“I see…would you mind if I accompany you in that case?”

Morino prepared to get up, but Anderheim lightly pushed him down with one hand.

“I don’t mind, but it is on the border of the fiefs. It also includes territories disputed between the two lords. If you, the new Prime Minister, were present, it would make it difficult for both of them to say what’s on their minds. I’ll call you once the situation calms down.

“I see. I understand.”

“Once Sigurd and Julieta return from their excursion, tell them that it might rain today and that I told them not to spend too long out in the garden.”

A while passed since Anderheim said he would leave, and rode the carriage, his coattails fluttering in the wind.

As Morino taught a new mathematical operation to Cain and Abel, who had finished their studies, and Jolga slept for a while on the sofa, Sigurd and Lutora came rushing to them.


“Morino? Father?”

Hearing their questioning voices, Jolga opened his eyes. Morino blinked his eyes in surprise.

“Commander, why are you here…? I heard that the maids wanted to meet Julieta, and I took her to the royal salon. I didn’t think it was appropriate to listen in on a conversation between women, and they told me that you would come as a guard. I was relaxed and left her behind at the salon to pick her up later…”

“Morino, you’re here too? I heard that you had called Malacia to discuss the Shrine’s budget and came here after escorting him to the castle…”

A chill run up his spine, as if something vile were caressing him.

Jolga sprang up to his feet and ran to his favourite horse he had tied up in the barn. Lutora and Sigurd followed in quick succession, each jumping onto their own horses. From the other side of the gates of the mansion, the neigh of horses sounded.

“S-Sir, Lu…to…ra…!”


The broken voice atop the horse, calling Lutora, belonged to the Templar knight Amy. As she passed through the gate, she slipped down from the saddle and caught a hold of Lutora who came rushing. He wondered why she came here, when he saw a large slash across her back, stained with blood and grime. Her hands and feet too, had countless wounds on them.

“Why, what happened!?”

Gasping for breath, Amy desperately swallowed back the blood in her mouth, grabbing onto Lutora’s clothes in a bid to catch his attention.

“T-There’s a problem! Sir…Lutora. Strange men broke into…the Shrine. They said…Lady Julieta is going to be… eaten by the Dragon…!”


“They…took the children as hostages. I brought back…Lady Julieta and Lord Malacia…from the castle…! We all tried to…tried to stop him…but…!”

Amy bit her lips and raised her chin. It couldn’t be helped that she felt frustrated at her powerlessness.

“This…is…bad…! The two…agreed to do as they said…in order to not let us…get hurt!”


“They were taken to the passage leading to the underground lake…! P-Please. Save…them…!”

“…Big Sis Amy!?


As Cain and Abel came to check what the commotion was about, they let out a scream seeing the bloodied appearance of Amy, who was raised in the same orphanage as them.

Entrusting Amy to Morino, who came rushing soon after, Lutora jumped onto his horse, and ran out, hooking his feet onto the stirrups. Sigurd and Jolga followed quickly after, riding side by side. Crossing the muddy fields, they leapt across fences, taking the shortest path to the Shrine.

“…Malacia is a quick thinker…!”

Lutora gnashed his teeth as he spoke as if to console himself.

“They are buying time! The path to the underground lake is a confusing maze…!”

Sigurd’s face was pallid as he gripped the reins tightly to the point his fingers turned white.


Although it was within the castle, why did he have to leave his precious little sister behind?

Barely any time had passed since the last incident when Nasha screamed at her at the Shrine.

He didn’t know what had plotted this, but it wasn’t as if there wasn’t anyone who would side with the enemy.

“Sigurd, don’t rush!”


“Believe in Sir Malacia.”

Turning his horse around, Jolga skilfully manipulated his horse along the clifftop path from where he could see the roof of the Shrine. With swift handling of the reigns, his horse slid smoothly down the slope. Sigurd and Lutora somehow managed to remain on his heels. The three rode there horses till the staircase at the entrance of the Shrine. Led by Lutora, the three ran to the doors of the passageway leading to the underground lake.

Even on their way to the back of the Shrine, they saw countless injured Templar Knights and fallen priests.

“Ah, Sir Lutora…!”

“Please, save Lord Malacia…!”

“Please, Lady Julieta is…!”

The fact that they all entreated in unison was something for later. Throwing open the doors of the underground passage, Lutora held a torch as he led Sigurd and Jolga unhesitatingly through the maze-like path. He could retrace any route he had gone through just once without any mistakes. It was Lutora’s ability. It was a part of his skills as a spy. Malacia taking him through the path once to show him the storage site of Suimo turned out to be of quite help.

“Going straight ahead will lead you to the underground lake!”

Reaching the end of the passage where the ceiling was quite high, the three rushed past. Someone was waiting for them.

As they threw open the gigantic steel gates, there was a man collapsed in front of the gate, cradling the children, his head bleeding. Malacia.


Lutora rushed to him, helping the limp Malacia to his feet.

Only the current Head Priest of the Shrine, Malacia could open the doors leading to the underground lake. Although the children were hostages, he took the men round in circles in the maze-like path, buying as much time as he could. He even put up a clear fight right in front of the doors to the lake. The two men— one who tied up Julieta’s hands and feet and carried her like a sack, and another with a scar on his face, were irritated. They hit him and made him faint. Grabbing his unconscious hand and placing it on the doors, they opened them.


Reflected in Sigurd’s eyes was Julieta’s figure along with the men carrying her on their shoulder along the path illuminated by the gathering spirits. Hearing Sigurd, the men noticed the three’s presence. They roughly tossed Julieta’s thin frame onto the Sacrificial Altar.

Her bound limbs robbed her of freedom as the momentum pushed Julieta off the altar and towards the lake.

She fell into the lake where the Ancient Dragon Kharis rested half his body, a lake filled with water that was deadly poison to humans.


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Translator: Hasr11

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Arc 2: The First and Last Date


Chapter 6


Leaving Mr Death, who asked, “Where are we going next?”, on a bench, I went to the restroom by myself.

 My face, reflected on the mirror, had a smile on it, with my cheeks slightly redder than usual. It felt like a lie that I was in a hospital bed a few hours ago. Seeing me now, nobody would believe that I was terminally ill.


“What should we do after this?”


 Eating the ice cream had made me hungry. Maybe we should look for a crepe stall? Or perhaps I should ask if Mr Death wants to go somewhere, and go to that place. Ah, but if I ask that, I bet he’ll say, “Then let’s go back to the hospital.”


“Hehe…! “


 Strangely enough, laughter escaped me just by thinking of it. But…as if to remind me that I was sick, my heart thumped loudly in my chest.




 Not…now. I’m still fine. Just a little, just a little more. I won’t go out like this a second time. That’s why I beg of you. Give me just a little more time…

 With deep breaths, I consciously took oxygen within my body. Gradually calming my breath, I contained my excitement. I should take my medicine at this moment, but unfortunately, I didn’t carry emergency tablets in my bag. However, it isn’t that bad that I need to have my medicine. If possible, I want to avoid a situation where I am forced to take medicine. Please calm down, so that I can hide this till evening… I beg of you…


“I’m fine…I’m fine…”


 Little by little, I felt the pain reduce.

 Letting out all the air I had desperately gulped, I looked at my face in the mirror again. There I saw my pale face, just as usual.

 In the end, perhaps this is the face that suits me the best.


“I have to go back…”


 A while had passed since I had left Mr Death behind, saying I was going to the restroom. He must be worried.

 I looked at myself in the mirror one final time, and left the restroom, plastering a forced smile upon my face.


“Huh…? “


 As I turned to look for Mr Death, who should have been waiting for me on the bench, the scene that unfolded in front of me, gave me a sense of discomfort.

 The bench Mr Death sat on, was a little ways away. But someone was standing in front of him.

 It was a man who faced him as if he could see Mr Death. But ordinary humans could not see Mr Death. What was the meaning of this…?

 I hurried to Mr Death’s side as I wondered. A little more and I would reach the bench. Just as I thought that, Mr Death looked towards my direction as if he had noticed me.

 The man who stood in front of Mr Death as if drawn into him turned to face me too.




 As I wondered what to do, the man walked towards me.


“Huh…? “


 Thinking he wanted to say something, I put myself on guard. But that person passed by me, completely ignoring my presence.

 Just for a moment, I felt as if he glanced at me. Perhaps that was my imagination.


“Just now…”

“Huh “

“What was with that man just now? “


 After the man left, I asked Mr Death. I wonder what he will answer… Was he a supervisor just like him? Or maybe he was Mr Death’s…


“So? “

“So, you ask…”

“He was looking for a place to sit, he suddenly came here.”

“He wasn’t an acquaintance?” “

“An acquaintance? Mine? Why would he be?”


 “Placing his hand on the back of his neck, Mr Death laughed nervously. His actions seemed quite natural and I didn’t press him further.


“But I was a little nervous.”

“Why? “

“What would happen if he sat on me!?”


Mr Death laughed, saying “Just kidding!”. He seemed much more cheerful and happy than usual, yet strangely tense.


“What happened? “

“Huh…Um, Mr Death sure seems excited today.”

“Is that so…? “

“Yeah, that’s what it is.”


 Rather than the whole day, it would be more appropriate to say he’s been like that since a few moments ago. I gulped down the words in my throat.

 But hearing me say that, Mr Death pretended to think for a bit and then spoke.


“Maybe I too am a little happy today.”

“Huh…? “

“You say this is your first date, but I am no different.”

“That is…”

“This is my first date too.”


 Hearing his words, my odd discomfort from before disappeared. I felt my cheeks turn hot. Thump, Thump, my heart beat violently in my chest.

 This was Mr Death’s first date… Why was it, that such a mundane thing made me feel so happy?


 Why did the fact that this was Mr Death’s first date make me happy?

 I couldn’t understand my own emotions.


“What happened? “


 Seeing me suddenly become quiet, Mr Death gazed at me in doubt.

 Telling him to wait a bit, I began thinking.

 I felt happiness on hearing that Mr Death had no experience of going on dates. That was an undisputed fact. Then why was I happy?

 I’d read it often in shoujo manga, a pattern that went like: I like that person, so I’m to be their first.

 But this was different. I didn’t particularly love Mr Death romantically.

 Then, why?

 …I don’t know the answer.

 I don’t know, but why? In any case, I don’t hate it.


“Well, nevermind.”

“What? “

“It’s nothing! “


 Mr Death looked at me, tilting his head. Seeing him like that, I laughed despite myself.


“Hey, let’s go to a crepe stand next.”

“Huh? You still wanna eat? “

“No? Then…”


 I hadn’t even had the opportunity to laugh and seek advice from someone like this in the past. It’s good that I can enjoy trivial things like this and be happy.


“Then, take me to a place Mr Death wants to go to.”

“Huh, me? “

“That’s right! It’s a date. It’s fine for Mr Death to decide at least one spot, no? “



 I knew I was being unreasonable. But I was glad he was thinking of it.

 I’m sure he’ll say something like, “I’m not allowed to decide.” If he says that, what should I suggest?

 But contrary to my expectations, Mr Death seemed like he had come to a decision.


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Undead Sage 2.2

Translator: Hasr11

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Chapter 2: The Sage Becomes the Demon Lord of the Land of the Undeads (part 2)

The drawbridge leading into the castle was raised.
Before that stood soldiers in my way.
Using defensive magic, they prepared to hinder our approach.
They seemed intent on holding us back here.

Don’t make futile efforts…

Before the other side could make any moves, I released a fireball, blowing away their defensive magic.
The bone wolves set out as soon as the formation collapsed.
I annihilated the soldiers without any troubles.
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Our existences were not in the same league.
Even if I didn’t have a plan, I could easily decide the battle with brute force.

As a substitute for the raised drawbridge, the skeletons swarmed, forming a path to the other side.
It was the same as when they had formed a staircase at the Valley of the Dead.
I crossed the bone bridge and arrived in front of the castle.
I broke the closed gate with magic and impressively stepped inside the grounds.

From there on, the merciless trampling by the undead continued.
Easily beating the various units of mages deployed everywhere, I turned all into ghouls, not even sparing the elite Imperial Knights.
Thousands of undead went around the castle, increasing casualties.
Mayhem spread quickly, giving rise to a pandemonium akin too hell.

Meanwhile, I proceeded deep within the castle without hesitation.
It was a place I had visited many times in the past.
I knew its internal structure.

Soon, I arrived at the top floor of the castle.
There was a metal door in front of me, locked securely.
The whole floor comprised one room.

This was the king’s private room.
As I explored using perception magic, I found the master of the room holed inside.
He didn’t seem to have moved since my attack began.
He must have thought the soldiers would have resolved it while he hid in the castle.
That being the case, his chances were dim.

Even if he tried to escape, I was confident that I would not let him do so.
I had come all the way here, just to meet him again.
I would use any means to capture them.


I analyzed the mechanism of the door using the magic flowing out of it.
Many layers of barriers stretched across it by the means of magic tools.
There was also a trap that inflicted a curse on anyone who touched it without permission.
It was a little crafty, but a suitable arrangement for holing up in the castle.

I grabbed the barrier with both hands and tore it all in one stroke.
Along with a sound similar to glass cracking, the delicately refined technique collapsed.
My body absorbed the curse of the trap that activated immediately after.
The curse was absorbed by the miasma and rendered harmless.
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With the device that hindered me now removed, I easily knocked over the door.
Inside was a wide and luxurious room.
Furnishings with elaborate designs were placed inside, along with paintings and jewellery.

At the back of the room, was the king, who froze upon seeing me.
His red mantle and crown were unchanged.
However, he seemed older than in my memories.
There were now more wrinkles on the face, and his hair had considerably greyed.
But there was no doubt that he was the one I was looking for.

The king, who stood by the window, stared at me in resentment.

“You diabolic undead…what is it that you want?”

“Dwight Havelt. Do you remember this name? ”

At my question, the king’s face turned pale.
He howled with an uneasy expression.

“N-No way…You, no, not possible. He did ten years…”

Judging from the words of the King, it seemed that ten years had passed since my execution.
I now had a grasp of the flow of time.
Not revealing my thoughts on my face, I continued to speak disinterestedly.

“I understand that you find it hard to believe. I am surprised too.”

Several ghouls entered the room from behind.
Seeing how they wore armour, they must have originally been soldiers.
The ghouls held down the struggling king.

“W-What are you doing! Don’t you know who I am!? You bastards, let me go! ”

Crawling on the carpet, the king cried.
The ghouls didn’t compete amongst themselves, they simply continued to pin him down.

Looking down at the helpless king, I told him the truth.

“I resurrected from the Valley of the Dead to bring about peace in this twisted world.”

“Lies! That’s impossible! There are countless executed people in there, but not a single one became immortal! ”

The king frantically refuted.
However, such information was irrelevant.
Ignoring his words, I held out the bundle of cloth I held in one hand.

“Why did you frame us as criminals? She did not deserve to be killed. She always prayed for world peace and loved stability. She was born to become a hero.”

“That was why she was an eyesore.”

The king hung his head as he spoke in a low voice.
His shoulders trembled slightly.

“What did you say? ”

“After the Demon Lord’s death, the world would change. At that time, the hero, who held too much power, would be in my way. Not only was such individual war potential unnecessary, I feared it would threaten the country.

“…So you executed her for personal gains and your own safety? ”

“Ahh, that’s right! I am the king! Isn’t it your fault that you let yourselves be used thoroughly!? ”
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Raising his head, the king burst out in laughter.
He had turned defiant.
His eyes showed hints of madness.
Faced with a hopeless situation, he had lost his senses.
He seemed to have given up on life the moment he came to know my true identity.

I turned away from the king as an unpleasant laugh filled the room.
As prepared to let out a sigh, I remembered my body could not do so now.

“—That’s enough. I understood that very well. Shut that mouth.”

I spoke in a businesslike fashion.
Immediately afterwards, the ghouls began devouring the king.
They bit the king to shreds.
Putting in strength, they tore the king’s arms in different directions.

“Guoooooooooooooo! ”

The king screamed in pain.
As the ghouls were pressing down on him, he could not move one inch.
He was now simply a pile of flesh, waiting to be eaten.
Just like animal feed.
The carpet laid on the floor absorbed fresh blood and turned darker.

“Y-You became the Demon Lord! I wasn’t wrong in executing you! I…for the sake of the world and my country!”

Facing me, the king said his last words.
His voice gradually turned faint, eventually erased by chewing sounds of the ghouls.

At that moment, the crown rolled under my feet.
It was stained with blood on the surface.
I picked it up and placed it on my head.
It was just a simple joke.
Such things were of no value to me.

When I looked around the room for some reason, I saw a sword hanging on the wall.
It was her sword.
It had no special abilities, but it was a famous sword that subjugated the Demon King.
Most importantly, it was now a precious memento.
I never thought I’d find it gathering dust here.

“Let me return it where it belongs. This is her sword after all.”

The moment I took the sword in my hands, a familiar sensation engulfed me.
Without ever having wielded it, I knew how to use it.
It was as if I had been using it for thousands of years.

It seemed like I had taken in her experiences too when I absorbed the miasma.
This meant that I had acquired the sword skills of a real hero.
While I thought of it to be wonderful, I was a little apprehensive of learning it at the same time.

…Let me think of this as a farewell gift from her.

I didn’t have to worry needlessly.
There was no doubt that I needed the power, so I could do nothing but make the most of it.
It would be sacrilegious to squander this away.

Having completed my mission in the capital, I moved through the blood-soaked castle.
My destination was the audience room.
I descended along the crumbling spiral staircase.

In the desolate audience room, ghouls flocked a corpse.
Judging from his clothes, he seemed to be a nobleman.
Staining his excellent clothes with flesh and blood, they devoured him single-mindedly.

Leaving them alone, I sat on the throne.
I placed her remains wrapped in cloth on my lap.
Placed inside a scabbard, the memento sword pierced through the floor.
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Screams of death and agony rang inside the castle.
The surviving soldiers seemed to be struggling.
They too would fall silent by the time the sun sets.

With this, the capital fell.
With the strings of fate from ten years prior severed, I could now move on to the next stage.
That is, true world peace.
Let me push forward, with this place as my base.

…Still, how ironic.

Gazing at the loitering skeletons and ghouls, I abruptly came to realise.

The fact that the sage who participated in the subjugation of the demon lord would become an undead and invade a human country.
I never imagined this in the past.
Life is unpredictable.

—Thus I became the new Demon Lord, establishing a kingdom of undead.



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Undead Sage 2.1

Translator: Hasr11

First Posted at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu

Chapter 2: The Sage Becomes the Demon Lord of the Land of the Undeads (part 1)

I walked down the highway and soon reached the capital.
The main gate was blockaded.
Soldiers lay in wait on top of the wall surrounding the city.

They must have sensed our approach and decided to sustain the siege.
They must plan to exterminate me using magic and bows.
It wasn’t a bad plan.
I was an Undead.
It could be said that a one-sided attack from a distance was the ideal solution.

As I thought of such things, the soldiers began their offence.
It was a barrage of arrows.
A rain of arrows poured on me, taking a parabolic trajectory.


I remembered the scene when I was executed.
The people’s sneers.
The arrows that ran through my heart and eye.
The overwhelming despair.
She, who fell to the bottom of the valley.

When I came back to my senses, the skeletons and ghouls following me were skewered.
Their hands and feet were nailed to the ground by arrows, restricting their movements.
At this moment, countless undead had received damage.
It seems like the other side has some capable archers.
If I left them alone, the second wave of arrows would fall.

But I was not in a hurry.
Their miscalculation was, assuming that this attack was simply a raid of the undead.
They didn’t seem to have received a communication from the fort besides the Valley of the Dead.
Although they weren’t negligent, the fact that they underestimated me was indisputable.
The fact that they were conserving magic was clear evidence.
Let me make them face the truth here.


I held my hand to the front.
A small fireball grew in the palm of my hand.
As I poured in magic, it rapidly swelled, quickly growing large enough to engulf a house.

When willed to push it, the fireball vigorously shot out.
Flying in a straight line, the fireball smashed the main gate to smithereens.
Accompanying that was an explosion and a wave of hot air that trampled upon the soldiers atop the wall.


“Eeeeek!? ”

“W-Water! Bring water! ”

The ones near the gate bore severe burns.
There were also ones who screamed as they fell from the wall.
The soldiers with minor injuries ran about, hoping to receive treatment.
This one blow caused enormous damage.


I looked hard at my bony hand.
It would have nice if it had burst open a hole through the gate. But the results were far better than my expectations.
The strength of this magic could not be compared to anything from when I was alive.
There was a wide difference in output.
It must be because I absorbed the magic in the Valley of the Dead.

While the soldiers were in disorder, I advanced, taking along the undead.
Passing through the remains of the main gate, I infiltrated the capital.

The residents of the town ran about trying to escape.
They seemed to have delayed taking shelter.
They didn’t think that I would break through the main gate at such an early stage.

They used to gleefully show us contempt in the past, but they now showed a pitiful appearance.
They pushed each other, trying to get away from me just a little more.
Some fell and continue to be trampled by others.
The scene evoked pity.

For them, I was now nothing but a demon that threatened their everyday lives.
Amongst the abuses that accompanied the pelting of stones, there were a few voices that had called us such.
I had clearly become the very thing they wished for.

“Now! Attack with all you’ve got! ”

“The Ghoul is a fire mage! Call in more mages! ”

“Don’t stop between incantations! It’s fine even if you use up your magic here! ”

I heard a shout from behind.
Along with the arrows, there were now sporadic bursts of spells.
The undead following me received the attacks.
They were the actions of the soldiers on top of the wall.
They tried to desperately hinder our invasion.

“It’s useless…”

As I gloomily thought, I glanced at the top of the wall.
As I did that, hundreds of undead began climbing the wall.
Supporting each other’s bodies, they reached the top at a surprising speed.

The undead on top of the wall slaughtered the soldiers by sheer number.
The skeletons snatched away the soldiers’ weapons and brandished them.
The ghouls pushed down the soldiers and ate them.
Hands full dealing with them, the soldiers had no leeway to attack me.
They were annihilated in no time.

Glancing at the soldiers who rose up as ghouls from the side, I strode along the main street.
I ignored the townsfolk as I walked forth.
I had something much more important to aim for.
I’ll leave the small fry for later.

After walking for a while, I saw a row of soldiers blocking my path in the front.
They had made a formation on top of the roofs.
Under the orders of their commander, they set up their bows.

They weren’t ordinary arrows.
The arrowheads shone white.
They seemed to have been bestowed with Holy magic.
It was the easiest and best way to eliminate undead.

Were the soldiers at the main gate buying time for them…?

It was difficult to avoid arrows on the street, seeing it was sandwiched between buildings left and right.
Judging so, I stood upright, waiting for my chance.
I had thought of something I wanted to try.
I only protected the bundle of cloth that carried that person’s bones, using magic.
I couldn’t let her be hurt.

Immediately, a holy arrow was fired.
Dozens of white lights drew a splendid path as they approached.
I, who was the vanguard, was completely crushed.
I felt the pain of my bones being pulverised in rapid succession as I was purified.

The moment I realised I had lost my form, my vision turned black.
And then, it changed completely.

A myriad of collapsed skeletons were scattered in front of me.
The arrows pierced without a gap.

I looked behind me.
There, the skeletons and ghouls that were out of the range of the volley of arrows lay in wait.

Then, I looked down at my body.
The white bones became jet black in an instant.
The miasma permeated through my body and leapt out like a flame.

“…As expected, there’s no problem.”

I revived with a skeleton as a medium.
A part of me dwelled inside each undead I controlled.
Even if my body was destroyed, I could be revived from any individual.

This was one of the powers I gained in the Valley of the Dead.
As long as I have undead subordinates, I will not be destroyed.

In the first place, the holy arrows did not have much effect.
My soul wasn’t one bit damaged.
I only had to endure the pain of purification.
Even if I received thousands of them, I’d revive just fine.

“He revived…!? ”

“The undead are supposed to be weak to Holy magic! Why did this happen!? ”

“Don’t just stand there! Shoot the arrows! ”

Uneasiness ran through the soldiers.
They seemed to have mistakenly thought they defeated me.
In a panic, they prepared for the second wave of arrows, launching it simultaneously.

I felt sorry for them, but I was already done inspecting my abilities.
I didn’t have the receive them on purpose this time.

I obstructed them with a sudden gust of magic.
The rain of arrows veered from their trajectories, piercing through the building one after another.
Of course, my camp wasn’t damaged one bit.

I held my hand over the wreckage of skeletons scattered in front.
The miasma that flowed out, polluted the wreckage.
The bone fragments squirmed and combined to form a shape.

The results were dozens of bone wolves.
As they were originally humanoid, their shape was distorted and of large build.
The soldiers made a stir.
While listening to them, I issued a command.

“—Devour them.”

The bone wolves made a rickety sound as they dashed.
Their nimble movements made them seem unlike any undead.
The wolved jumped at the soldiers who were not yet ready to attack, quickly making them break formation.
They even attacked the soldiers on top of the roofs with astounding jump strength.
Catching the neck of all things living in their sturdy jaws, they chewed them off with rough movements.

The dead soldiers became ghouls and fell under my control.
They then began to move to increase their allies.

Gazing at the ghastly spectacle, I walked.
On the way, I picked up my precious bundle of cloth.
I patted off the dust with my hands.
It didn’t seem to be damaged.
It seemed like my defence magic to was stronger than when I was alive.

I passed through the soldiers I had annihilated.
Merging the bone wolves and the ghouls, I once again began inching forward.
I took care not to step upon the blood-drenched stone pavement.

I continued to raid the capital.
The soldiers counterattacked countless times, but they were crushed just like their predecessors.
With each battle, my subordinates increased exponentially.
That was because I could turn the corpses into an undead.
Even those who were damaged to the point they were immobile, I could collect a mishmash of their remains and recompose them into a new undead.
The battles along the way, served as good practice to check my strength.

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Translator: Hasr11

First Posted at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu

Arc 2: The First and Last Date

Chapter 5

The temperature inside the hospital was regulated. That meant I felt neither hot nor cold inside.

That is except the times the breeze blows in when Mr Death opens the windows to enter. The cherry blossoms on the other side of the window did tell me of the arrival of spring, but experiencing it in person was totally different. The temperature, the fragrance. It was on this day that I truly learnt what spring is.

“It sure is spring.”

“You’re right.”

But, even though it is spring, it wasn’t that warm yet. People called the warm days that marked the beginning of autumn, ‘Indian Summer’1. But it is just the beginning of spring. I wonder what to call this season, with its occasional warmth amidst the biting cold.

“Is it cold? Are you alright?”

Mr Death paused and asked in a worried voice.

“I think better if you don’t force yourself…”

“I said I’m fine.”


I couldn’t let him take me back. I repeated that I was fine and pulled along the unmoving Mr Death as I walked.

I still had lots to do. I couldn’t simply say, “Let’s go home after all.”

“Hey, let’s go quickly.”

“Ah, wait…”

“Has Mr Death ever been to a game centre?”

“Me? If you ask me, I have, but then…”

“As a Death God? Or…”

It was a simple question. Had he always been a Death God? Or was he a human before he became a Death God…?

Unfortunately, Mr Death shook his head.

“It’s a secret.”

“Ehh? Tell me, please.”

“I cannot answer personal questions.”

“What’s with you, saying it this late—“

As I grumbled, Mr Death scratched his head through his hood as if he were troubled, saying, “Well, it can’t be helped.”

“As you thought, it’s before I became a Death God, back when I was a human.”

“I was right! I thought so! Hey, Mr Death what kind of person were you?”

Hearing my question, Mr Death placed his hand at the back of his neck, thinking deeply for a moment. He then opened his mouth to answer.

“I was an ordinary one. I lived and died, without having anything fun ing happen in my life.”

“Sounds boring.”

“That’s right. That’s why I think it’s great that you’ve lived a much more proper life than me.”

“I don’t think so…”

Hearing him suddenly say that in a serious tone, left me at a loss.

Seeing my subconsciously turn to look the other way, Mr Death asked, “What’s wrong?”. I couldn’t give him a reply.

I haven’t done anything that deserved such praise. I didn’t try to desperately survive; I didn’t even give life my all. In the end, all I did was run away in fear. It was nothing but fear that spurred me to come to terms with the fact that I will die.

To realise that from the words of Mr Death…




Look! isn’t that a game centre?”

“Ah, yeah.”

“Let’s go in quick!”

Not waiting for Mr Death’s reply, I dragged him towards the game centre.

“Ehh, so this is what it’s like.”

The inside was packed with people, music playing loud. If it’s this noisy, even if I’m alone (Mr Death can’t exactly be seen by the people around), I don’t think anyone will mind even if they notice me talking to myself.

But still…

“So this is what a game centre is like.”


“There are more men in pairs and parents with children than couples here.”

“You’re right, maybe that’s because it’s an afternoon on a day off. You might find more couples on a date if it were a weekday evening.”

“Hmm. What, that’s boring.”

Realising what I had unconsciously said, I turned to Mr Death in panic.

“T-That’s not what I meant!”


“I-I didn’t mean to say that coming here with Mr Death is boring, that…”

“I know it.”


His tone was gentle. I looked up to see Mr Death’s face, hidden by his hood.

“I know it. You always looked forward to living out the scene in manga, where the girl goes on a date with the boy she likes.”


“I know it. Because, because― I am your supervisor.”

“Do supervisors know that much?”

“Ah, No…I don’t know about the others. But I want everyone to die without any regrets.”

Mr Death spoke in a panic. His forced excuses made it seem as if he had something to hide…But, why? That…”

“That’s quite like Mr Death.”

“Like me?”

Mr Death repeated my words in doubt.

I hadn’t spent enough with him to say if something was like or unlike him, but meeting him every single day, from the day we met to today, I knew he was an awkward but honest guy.

“I’m glad you’re my supervisor.”


“Ah! It’s a photo booth! Let’s go.”


I inched towards the photo booth corner I saw inside, a little embarrassed. Mr Death followed closely behind.

Come to think of it, will Mr Death be visible on the picture? It’d be nice if I could see him.

Unfortunately for me, all such hopes of mine were crushed.

“Ah, I can’t see you after all.”

There was a huge empty spot where Mr Death should have been. Taking the stickers, I sighed.

Seems like I can’t take a picture of him.

“…I told you. It will be boring if you take me along.”

His voice sounded lonely. I stuffed the photo booth stickers I was grabbing deep into my bag and took Mr Death’s hand.

“Next! Let’s go!”


“If we don’t go quickly, it’ll be evening before we can go anywhere!”

“I’ve got no choice, do I…”

Mr Death returned my grip, saying “Don’t run.” “Yes!”, I chimed in reply, as I waved our interlocked hands.

The people around eyed me with suspicion, but I didn’t mind. Because I am happy, being able to go out with Mr Death like this. I want Mr Death to know that too.

“Ah, they’re selling ice cream!”

“You’re right. That’s unusual in this season.”

“Let’s split it!”

“That’s fine, but…”

Before he could finish his reply, I walked towards the ice cream shop. Buying a vanilla flavoured ice cream, I sat on a bench with Mr Death.

The ice cream I ate outside was colder than the ones at the hospital, and sweeter.

“Here, Mr Death.”


“Why, you don’t wanna eat?”


“You sure? Seeing Mr Death, I thought you wanted to eat.”

I really wanted us to eat it together, but it was fine even if he sat beside me.

It was enough, but…




As I doubted my ears, Mr Death grabbed my hand and took a bite of the ice cream.

“Eh, um…”

“It’s cold.”


As I sat frozen at the abrupt occurrence, Mr Death let go of my hand, saying, “Thanks.”

“Ah, Um…”


“No, it’s nothing!”

Although his touch should not have any temperature, why did it feel this hot?

I feigned nonchalance as I frantically stuffed my cheeks with the ice cream.

I don’t know why, but the ice cream tasted sweeter than before, and just the tiniest bit bitter.

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