I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 65 (Part 1) 

I calmed down considerably after I had been embraced by Luca, so we decided to have lunch. I took out the bento from within my magic bag and we ate it together.

We spent our time leisurely, connecting our bodies, playing around by intertwining our tentacles together, making small talk or just quietly touching each other while we waited for Noel and the others to come back.

Once it was evening, we dressed up properly and went to welcome our returning friends at the front door. I also helped with dinner preparation and then we all ate together in the dining room. After that, we spent two hours playing a heated game of cards while drinking sake.

After breaking up the party, I took a bath with Luca. Considering that we bathed separately last night, and before that, we had been travelling from city to city without bathing, it had been about a week since we went in together. The bathtub wasn’t that large, so I soaked while being hugged by Luca from behind.

It was already 10 p.m. when we got out of the bath. We laid in bed and took our time having sex till it was time to sleep.

The next day was the 7th of December. After we finished breakfast, we checked our schedule for the day.

First and foremost, we focused on Luca’s coat, which was damaged yesterday. As to whether we should ask the armour shop to repair it or not, Miranda said that with dragonhide, it could take a long time to repair.

“Then, shall I strengthen the needle? I may need to use a bit of dragon blood, but in exchange, the needle would be able to penetrate even dragonhide for a few hours.” (Camilla) 

“If that’s so, then even I can sew the hole shut. …Ah! Then, Luca, do you mind if I embroider a matching cat silhouette like nii-sama’s on yours?” (Noel)

“That would be great. Of course it’s fine. Thank you, Noel.” (Luca)

“Alright, then that will be my task for the morning.” (Noel)

“I need to strengthen the needle on top of making more potions, so that would be my work for this morning.” (Camilla)

“Got it. Then….” (Luca)

Luca looked at me to confirm what I would be doing, so I raised my hand.

“I would like to observe Noel’s work.” (Zagan)

Orobas said this yesterday ─ preparation for the resurrection of the Evil God was being done in the Royal Capital, stronger magic barriers were formed around important buildings and evacuation sites have already been secured for each district.

The King was making full use of his authority to move a lot of power around to protect his people. Therefore, there was no need to produce any more magic barriers. It’s enough just to force the Dark Organisation to have one.

Since I was free before the dungeon capture, I thought it would be nice to take my time restoring my energy. Just watching my sister do her work while I do nothing seemed like quite the luxury.

Luca smiled and nodded.

“I agree. Zagan can stay in the house and take it easy.” (Luca)

“Then I’ll make a cup of tea before I start!” (Noel)

Despite the day’s schedule not being finalised yet, Noel stood up full of cheer and headed towards the kitchen. Everyone looked at her retreating figure with tender gazes. We were spoiling her, but since she was still within earshot and could hear our conversation, I guess it was fine.

“Luca, I would like to train, so please accompany me. As an adventurer, I would like to catch up to Zagan’s level as much as possible. Do you mind?” (Miranda)

“Oh, me, me! I want to train too! Orobas-san told me that if I’m not strong enough to protect my master, I can’t be a butler!” (Nina)

Miranda and Nina wished to train.

“I would like to spend the morning working on compiling a record of our trip and since Orobas-san said he would drop by after lunch, I would like to hear about the gods and history from him. But I also need training, so could I ask for your help after dinner?” (Cindy)

“I would like to have my session after dinner as usual.” (Camilla)

“I-I would also prefer to have mine after dinner. Until then, I will be making bentos for the dungeon capture. Zagan-san, I’ll prepare a lot of meat dishes for you.” (Bennett)

“I see. Bennett’s cooking is very delicious so I’ll be looking forward to it.” (Zagan)

“Y-Yes! I’ll do my best to live up to your expectations!” (Bennett)

I’m happy that you’re enthusiastic but please don’t make more than can be consumed. Anyway, so Bennett, Camilla, and Cindy want to train after dinner, huh?

And as Cindy said, Orobas will drop by after lunch so they will definitely want to chat with him. I had some questions to ask him too, but I wasn’t in any kind of rush. If it’s Orobas, he would definitely come by after lunch as he promised. Even if he’ll be going out to the city, I should be able to spend time with him for about half an hour.

As such, I raised my hand again.

“If your afternoon is free, then I would like to go on a date.” (Zagan)

I wanted to wear plain clothes instead of protective gear and to walk around the city together while holding hands. We could drink something warm while walking and then stop by sightseeing spots. We could also go to the Adventurer’s Guild and find animal-related requests. A dog-walking request would be great.

How is it? Would Luca accept it? …I wish he would give me an answer soon, rather than agonise over it so much.

“Hnnggghhh, my Zagan is so cute and precious today too.” (Luca)

“Nii-sama is always a precious existence!” (Noel)

That’s an overreaction over an invitation for a date, and Noel, you shouldn’t simply agree to something you don’t understand. Even the others are looking at you with astounded expressions.

Putting aside Bennett who looked happy, I heard a loud sigh coming from Miranda while Nina and Camilla gave a wry smile. Though Cindy was grinning, she was probably exasperated on the inside.

Not paying the slightest attention to them, Luca stopped his agonising and stared at me with his sparkling, princely smile. He took my hand and laid a kiss on my fingertips.

“I’m really looking forward to going on a  date with Zagan. In fact I feel like going out right this instant. …So, how about it?” (Luca)

He whispered sweetly into my ears so as not to be heard by the others and tried to tempt me. I’m happy that he wanted to go on a date with me that badly.

However, I still want to watch Noel’s embroidery work. Also, doesn’t he have to assist with Miranda and Nina’s training? Yet despite knowing all that, I couldn’t seem to answer due to the ticklish sensation of his lips kissing my ear and cheek.

Let’s just wait until I find the right timing then — right when I thought of that, I heard a noise of exclamation and then Luca was separated from me. As I looked to see what happened, Miranda was standing beside Luca and had grabbed his collar.

“The plan’s already set in place, so let’s just go already!” (Miranda)

“No, wait, Miranda─ At least make it after I’ve given a kiss to Zagan’s lips as well… N-Neck─ My neckー I’m choking─” (Luca)

“Now then, let’s work hard today too!” (Nina)

Nina followed after Miranda and also turned to leave. Even Luca, who was dragged along, seemed to be smiling and having fun despite everything.

“Ufufu, how peaceful.” (Cindy)

“‘Tis a good thing.” (Camilla)

I nodded in agreement with my friend’s words.

While I drank the tea that Noel made for me, I stayed beside her and watched her repair the coat. 

Even if it were soft tanned leather, it was still dragon hide. And Noel was carefully embroidering said coat that boasted the ultimate defence power. It was fun to just watch the process of the cat silhouette slowly forming.

Camilla who had strengthened the needle was also working nearby. After putting ingredients in a pot, she had been constantly stirring it. It seems that creating a special MP potion requires a considerable amount of time.

“Alright! The coat’s repair is now complete!” (Noel)

After a while, Noel raised her voice and showed me the coat. The silver cat that was embroidered on the mended area was indeed the exact same as the one embroidered on my cloak hood.

“Good job, Noel. It’s really well done.” (Zagan)

“Thank you, nii-sama. I am happy for the compliment.” (Noel)

“Indeed, to be able to work with dragonhide without a problem – as expected of Noel.” (Camilla)

“Thank you to Camilla, too. I’m really glad I managed to fix it properly. It is the best type of material, so putting a needle through it was quite nerve-wracking.” (Noel) 

“I heard that if you do not bring your own materials, a coat like that could cost more than 50 platinum coins.” (Camilla)

“Wh-When you say it that way, now I’m starting to worry if putting embroidery like this on it was a good idea…” (Noel)

“You don’t have to worry about it since it belongs to Luca.” (Zagan)

Her worried expression was cute so I couldn’t help letting out a chuckle. Seeing that, Noel puffed out her cheeks a bit and glared at me.

“Nii-sama is mean.” (Noel)

“I’m sorry, Noel. Please forgive me?” (Zagan)

As soon as I gently stroked her head, Noel immediately smiled. How adorable.

After the coat was repaired, she also fixed the inner shirt I wore. The shirt wasn’t made of high-quality material like dragonhide, so she made swift progress patching it up.

By the time we had finished everything, Camilla had also completed her potions so the three of us munched on some sweets.

“By the way, I have a question for you Noel. The 1st of January is Luca’s birthday, isn’t it? Do you have any idea what would be a good gift to make him happy?” (Zagan)

“…Luca’s birthday? I think he would be happy with whatever nii-sama would give him though.” (Noel)

Hm? Did her mood sour a bit? That’s what I thought, but when I looked at her, she was just thinking hard about the present. I guess it’s better not to dwell on it.

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Something to comment
Something to comment
3 months ago

Haha, Noel upset because she thought her Nii-sama didn’t know/remember her birthday …… even though he actually already planned to gift her something lol

Carina Wandering Fujoshi
Carina Wandering Fujoshi
1 year ago

Lovley how peaceful it is~
Thanks for the update!!

1 year ago

Zagan just should wrapping himself. That would be enough for the pervert prince.

And thank you for the chappy

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