I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 77 (Part 2)

Despite being surprised, I turned my attention to the person who defeated it.

The one that stood there was a tall and muscular man. I couldn’t sense his presence until he launched his attack. Moreover, judging from the way he lowered his fist, it appears he punched the S-rank monster out of existence. An S-ranked monster, with just one punch.

The man ignored the knights frozen nearby and walked towards Orobas.

“Yo, Orobas, it’s been a while! There was a really appetising aroma in the air so I just ran out of the house. Look there, that’s my place.” (Mystery man)

“I did think that I hadn’t been seeing you recently. So it was because you were doing farm work here. By the way, before we start talking, could you catch the dark attribute person running away over there? Please be careful to not break them.” (Orobas)

“Hm? Oh, roger that.” (Mystery man) 

The man turned his body around and put strength in his legs, then jumped sideways with a mighty leap. He was obscured because of the snow that swirled up, but the presence of the dark attribute person grew more apparent instead. It would definitely be horrifying for anyone being approached with that kind of speed. For the time being, it looks like it will be resolved so let’s quickly finish up our curry.

When I returned to the table, Luca and the others, who had stood up, sat back down in their chairs. Then everyone started eating again.

“That person’s attack was really amazing. Such incredible strength.” (Noel)

“Yeah. That person is probably not human.” (Luca) 

He’s right. That overwhelming power… could he be a dragon?

We finished eating in a few minutes and the man returned right as we all stood up. The captured dark attribute person was slung over his shoulder. …Is the strain on their stomach okay?

The man met up with Orobas and together they came over to where we were.

“Aah, you guys are done eating. Is there any left for me?” (Mystery man)

“Bennett-san, if there’s any left, please let him have some of the curry too.” (Orobas)

“Yes, there’s some left. I’ll serve some right away.” (Bennett)

“My bad, missy. I owe ya one. Orobas, what are you going to do with this human?” (Mystery man)

“Your Highness Luca, may I seat them in the empty chair?” (Orobas)

“Yes, you may.” (Luca)

“Thank you very much. Then, please put them down here. Since they don’t seem to have the energy to escape, I think there’s no need for restraints.” (Orobas)

The man lowered the Dark Organisation member into the chair, received curry from Bennett, and immediately started eating.

The dark attribute person who was caught and looking exhausted was a young woman. The hair peeking out from under her hood was neither deep nor light coloured, but just a normal purple. She was not a fighter, but…

“If demonic essence was collected beforehand, not much mana would be needed for summoning, so much so that it would be possible to summon over 100 monsters even with her mana pool. In other words, hundreds of Dark Organisation members are summoning monsters all over the royal capital. Am I right?” (Zagan)

When I asked her about it, she nodded, even in her confused state. Apparently, Klage had decided to destroy the royal capital with all his might. No, rather it was to be expected. It was precisely because of the amount of hatred and unwavering resolve they had that made him stay at odds with me to this point.

“The civilians of the royal capital have been evacuated so I think they’ll be fine, but if they’re attacking a place that’s stretched thin like here, the knights would be in danger.” (Luca)

“Yeah. But conversely, most would be killed on the spot if they were captured as she was. Discrimination against dark attribute people has lessened only slightly.” (Zagan)

The woman we met in the 12th city cherished the child she gave birth to despite them being born with the dark attribute. However, that was only because she was the baby’s mother. How many knights were willing to stop at merely arresting a dark attribute person who was a stranger and coincidentally also the enemy who was currently attacking them? Centuries-long feuds are not likely to disappear so easily.

“We want to help everyone, but… we need to hurry onward. There are only a handful of people I can save with these hands. And only the ones within reach.” (Zagan)

The most important thing we needed to do was go to where Klage was and stop the rampaging goddess. If we didn’t, the royal capital would be destroyed and the damage would extend to the evacuated citizens. The kingdom would be destroyed. So even if it pained me, I had no choice but to make practical decisions.

When I looked at the demonic essence in the sky to distract myself from the emotions smouldering in my chest, my hand was grabbed. It was Luca. Without realising it, I was tightly clenching my fists. I spread my palm open when my hand was gently rubbed. Luca smiled before he kissed me on the forehead. Then he turned his gaze towards Orobas.

“Orobas, is it possible to ask that person over there to take the Dark Organisation members into custody while also taking down the monsters in places where the security is low?” (Luca)

“That is indeed feasible… You. The curry was delicious, wasn’t it?” (Orobas)

The man whom Orobas called out to had already finished eating the curry and was drinking tea. Putting down his cup, he raised one eyebrow.

“Whoa whoa, Orobas. This is a turf war between humans so we should be staying on the sidelines, right? Well, it looks like you want me to save both sides rather than have me choose one or the other, so I guess I don’t mind doing it. The curry was delicious, too.” (Mystery man)

“Thanks, that really helps.” (Luca)

“But just like that brother over there said, the number of people that even I can save is limited. So? How many more humans doing the summoning are there in the royal capital?” (Mystery man)

The man turned his attention to the dark attribute woman. She flinched and her shoulders stiffened in fear of being stared at so harshly, but she was also afraid of constantly being watched so she started talking after a few seconds.

“About 400 people…”

“Yeah, I guess you would need at least that many people to storm the royal capital. Now then – the royal capital is a big place, which is why I have a condition. I’ll get help from the others as well, so I want you to feed them delicious food too.” (Mystery man)

“……Ah, you meant me?” (Bennett)

Bennett, who was cleaning up, looked up when she realised that she was the one being referred to. “Yup, yup,” the man nodded. 

“We dragons like eating delicious food. That’s the secret to living a happy, long life. Missy’s curry was delicious, on top of being full of affection. If I don’t let the others try it now, I’ll be the one getting beat up later. There are 30 of us in the royal capital alone, so it could make things really awkward for me. Hey missy, won’t you help me out?” (Mystery man)

He was a dragon after all. Not only that, there were 30 of them in the royal capital alone. Including demons and other races, I wonder how many monsters are in the royal capital… in the kingdom, rather.

Wait, more importantly— Bennett. Previously, Bennett was terribly frightened when I told her that dragons might also be lurking in the city. Moreover, this dragon was mimicking a muscular old man. In appearance alone, it was a type that Bennett was bad with. Would she be fine?

However, that worry seemed unfounded as she nodded with a dignified look on her face.

“If you are fine with me, then please bring me along. Additionally, I have a demand, myself. Please hide her and the other Dark Organisation members that you will be capturing in a place that is absolutely safe.” (Bennett)

“Sure thing. Five of the orphanages in the royal capital are gathering places for monsters. If we bring them there, they won’t be harmed and conversely, also won’t be able to escape. So, it’s settled.” (Mystery man)

The man lifted the woman who was seated and lightly supported her with one arm. While she screamed, Bennett faced us.

“Luca-san. Zagan-san. As someone who will serve as your maid from now on, I will also take on the trouble that both of you face. I will live up to the trust you placed in me when you wished to have me by your side. So please rest assured and move forward.” (Bennett)

Pinching the sides of her skirt with both hands, Bennett bowed her head. For a while after we first met, she was timid and unreliable but before I knew it, she had become so strong and dependable.

“Thank you, Bennett. We’ll be counting on you.” (Luca)

“Bennett, we leave it to you.” (Zagan)

“Yes, please leave it to me.” (Bennett)

When she raised her head, she smiled sweetly. Then right as she turned around, she was immediately held in the man’s other arm and lifted up.

“Bennett-chan, be careful, okay?” (Cindy)

“If it’s Bennett’s cooking, then anyone can be won over!” (Noel)

“Indeed. Go out there with confidence and do your best.” (Camilla)

“But protecting yourself is top priority, so don’t overdo it!” (Miranda) 

“That’s right, run away with all your might if it gets dangerous!” (Nina)

“Yes. I’ll be off, everyone!” (Bennett)

Bennett, whose line of sight had gotten considerably higher, looked back towards her friends who were waving their hands at her while saying ‘Take care’ and waved back.

Just when I wondered if the man would run off at super speed like before, he spread his wings, kicked off the ground, and flew off into the sky. His wings were red. So he’s a fire dragon.

“It should be fine to leave it to them. Dragons can use ‘thought transmission’, and it seems that it works among fellow dragons no matter how far apart they are, so the others will start moving soon enough. To them, humans are objects to cherish, so I can assure you that they won’t treat them roughly.” (Orobas)

Thought transmission. When it comes to being SSS-rank, of course they would have that kind of convenient skill. Come to think of it, Goddess Terre also used thought transmission. Anyway, wise dragons are clearly more capable than humans, and there should really be nothing to worry about if even Orobas gave his affirmation. 

We also decided to leave, so we cleaned up the table set that was left out in the open before mounting our horses. Uncaring whether the knights were nearby, I lifted Miranda and Camilla with my tentacles while Orobas also spread his wings and flew with Cindy in his arms.

Thus with the bewildered knights seeing us off, we once again rode our horses towards the royal castle.

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