I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Editor: PalenMisha

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Chapter 78 (Part 1)

The rural landscape quickly became more urban as houses lined up one after the other.

As the earth shook and the sounds of destruction grew gradually louder, several Emperor Golems came into sight. 

Was this because Emperor Golems were the monsters most suited to destroying buildings?

Still, I could see several knights and mages fighting against them on the rooftops, and they could probably take them.

As we drew nearer, however, I could feel the presence of several other dark attribute beings. And then I saw them – wraiths, dangerous monsters that needed to be defeated before they started casting illusions and curses.

If the wraiths used the opportunity while the knights were preoccupied with the golems to hide in the shadows of the buildings, the humans’ attacks would not reach them. And, as the sky was dark, covered by demonic essence, it would be hard for the knights to notice the dark attribute wraiths. Then, if the wraiths suddenly appeared from behind them, not only would they be unable to counterattack with magic, but they’d also be hit with illusions and irreversible curses.

We arrived at a battlefield in dire straits. 

Many knights and mages had fallen, collapsing amongst the ruins of buildings. I didn’t really want to dwell on it, but some of them had probably lost their lives.

Without me needing to say a word, Luca stopped the horse and I lowered Miranda and Camilla to the ground.

“Zagan, Camilla, support the knights. I’ll deal with the wraiths on this side, so Miranda, protect those nearby who seem to be under illusions. Noel, Cindy, help the injured and Nina, I’m counting on you to support them. Orobas too, if possible, please don’t stray too far while fighting.”

We all nodded at Luca’s instructions and started moving.

As soon as I got off the horse, I stretched a tentacle out toward a rain gutter, grabbed on, and used it to propel myself towards one of the roofs. 

Camilla’s magic flew out from behind me, striking an Emperor Golem and causing a chain of explosions, steadily chipping away at it. But, even after taking all that damage, the golem was still alive, so I jumped towards it.


I swung my dagger, and… a large, black line appeared across the golem’s neck, its essence scattering as if it were vanishing into thin air. With that, there was one golem down.

I landed on the other side of the building and noticed five wraiths a little further away, so I ran toward them while utilising a sword technique.

“Secret Skill – Twilight.”

With the help of mana, my blade grew longer and I attacked the wraiths collectively, slashing at them in rapid succession. They didn’t have time to counterattack with magic and since the knights had already dealt them some damage, they were easily defeated.

I ignored the knights who were surprised by my sudden help and looked at the surrounding area. The other golems were…

Looking up at the rooftops, I saw that every golem in sight had been pierced through the head with a sharp, triangular object. Their movements had been blocked and it seemed like their essence was being absorbed. Little by little the golems were crumbling.

Was this Orobas’s magic? 

It was a cruel kind of magic that killed slowly, but it did seem to suit a demon.

Back then, during the Orobas vs Luca match, I was glad the use of magic had been forbidden… Had Orobas been able to use magic there was no way Luca would have won. Honestly, I didn’t think I would have won either.

Anyway, it seemed that the golems had been taken care of and I couldn’t sense any wraiths nearby either, so I sheathed my sword. Then I went to check on the knights on this side who had taken a hit.

Though weak, I could sense a faint presence from each and every one of them. Relieved, I used my tentacles to pick them up.

Of course, they weren’t ok. Blood dripped down their bodies, while their arms and faces were covered in black, bruise-like spots. It was probably the result of a curse that affected the whole body.

“I’m going to take these people to Luca… the second prince, ok?”

“Uh, yes. Please do.”

Having received the consent of the unharmed knights, I went back to Luca. In order not to aggravate the injured people’s wounds, I took a detour, walking down a narrow path between the houses. Those who were uninjured followed along behind me.

Luca had already defeated the wraiths on this side and was talking to the knights. However, the moment he noticed me he ran to my side.

“Zagan! I’m glad you’re ok.”

He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead. He then cast his gaze towards the knights who had followed behind me.

“You guys as well, I’m glad you’re ok.”

“Your Highness Luca… Thank… you.”

“Thank you!!”

The knights teared up, moved by Luca’s concern.

Though Luca always ran to me first, he was the kind of man who was properly aware of his surroundings. In addition, he had the ability to instantly recognise the people he could rely on. It was the same when he asked that dragon to keep the dark attribute users safe. He’d asked the dragon for a favour without knowing anything about his race or whether he felt favourably towards humans. In the end though, it was the best decision he could have made.

Also, Luca was quick to grasp the situation and to hand out appropriate orders. In light of the current situation, his instructions earlier had also been perfect.

Luca, who—as the leader—should stay in one place, was working with the knights after having defeated the wraiths around him and Miranda was holding down those who had been impacted by the illusions and were still acting violent. Then Camilla, who had supported me earlier, forced those people’s mouths open and poured medicine into them.

Orobas was flying above us, releasing his magic on the monsters that were lurking here and there. I wondered just how far his magic could reach?

With the help of her wind magic, Nina was easily moving around heavy debris, while Noel and Cindy rescued and healed the injured.

I walked up to Noel and showed her the knights I was carrying.

“Noel, these people were struck by an irreversible curse. Do you think you can heal them?”

“A curse… Yes, I think I can.”

She took an MP potion out of her magic bag, drank it, then grabbed her sword with both hands and closed her eyes as if in prayer. Mana gradually started to accumulate from her hands to her sword.

“World, our mother, protect those you have created within your precious embrace and purify them of evil – Sacred Heart.”

What she chanted was an ultimate magic.

A faint light spilled out of her raised sword, gently spreading out. It became a sphere, enveloping both me and the injured in its glow. I didn’t know just how big the sphere was, but Luca and the others outside of it looked at it in awe.

I know I’m the one who asked her to do this, but wasn’t she using up too much mana?

Though she’d just drunk one of Camilla’s MP potions and she should be fine, I was still worried.

Still, I kept my mouth shut and turned my gaze back to the injured. 

Little by little the black spots were disappearing. 

I see, she really could heal them, huh?

The irreversible curse cast by the wraiths was the same one the original Zagan had used on his mother. It was an eternal curse that couldn’t be cured even with abnormal state restorative medicine.

As a dark attribute user, one of my skills was “curse,” though it only temporarily slowed down the enemy’s movements and made their body heavier. With time, the effect of “curse” disappears.

The fact that the original Zagan, a human, cast an eternal curse on his mother, was proof of how deep his resentment towards her was.

The only way to lift that curse was with an elixir, a so-called panacea. However, the elixir was a hidden medicine, a fantasy. It was the same thing Camilla was so desperately searching for.

Anyway, Noel was currently using the holy attribute ultimate skill that she most definitely didn’t use inside the game. Unlike the game though, Noel’s mother wasn’t currently suffering from a curse. But, to think that my little sister had grown this much, she didn’t know just how proud I was.

When all the spots had completely disappeared, the light vanished. With that sort of high healing spell, their injuries had healed as well. Having recovered completely, they slept peacefully.

Huff, I did it.”

“Noel, do you have enough mana? Are you feeling dizzy?”

“I’m fine. I drank the potion Camilla gave me beforehand.”

“I see. You did well, Noel. It was a wonderful display of magic.”

“Thank you, nii… Zagan-dono.”

Perhaps because I was feeling more relaxed, but I couldn’t help but laugh at Noel’s startled expression as she almost called me nii-sama. Noel smiled shyly at my laughter. Luca and Nina also smiled as they called out to us.

“Thanks, Noel. Let me express my gratitude as these men’s superior.” (Luca)

“That was amazing Noel. You were so cool!” (Nina)

“Thank you for your kind words, Your Highness Luca. You too, Nina.”

I glanced sideways at Noel, who had given such a knight-like reply, lifted the formerly injured knights with my tentacles, and handed them to the rest of the knights who were staring at us.

Since some of the formerly injured had already woken up, there was some confusion, but everyone was happy that everyone was ok.

As I listened to their cheerful voices, I looked around and soon discovered something strange.


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