I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

Translator: Reo

Editor: PalenMisha

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As we fell asleep, bare skin on bare skin, the morning of May 3rd leisurely crept up on us.

A little past noon, Soleil and Lune came to pick us up. It only took two hours for them to take us to our destination in the Great Forest. As expected of gods, they were even faster than a dragon.

The area they took us to was protected by a barrier, so there wasn’t even a speck of damage there. Nothing could disturb it – not wind nor dust.

The scenery spread out before us was breathtaking, just as Lune had promised. The spring water sparkled and the wildflowers were bathed in a soft light. Numerous trees, more than I could count, surrounded the spring as if to keep it secret from the rest of the world.

The Great Forest had changed considerably since Lune’s return. Before, it had been dark and gloomy even in the middle of the day, and at night, it sank into a bottomless darkness. But now during the day, light penetrated through the trees, and when night fell, the moonlight bathed them. And, in response to the moon, the trees released their mana, emitting a pale, blue light.

The Great Forest of Lune that the goddess had created many years ago when she first decided to make it her territory was made with a small amount of holy power. The trees that numbered in the trillions had grown large, nourished by her mana. But when Lune sealed Soleil, she cast a barrier that hid the moon from sight and could no longer give the forest her mana.

With their supply from the goddess depleted, the trees that had grown from her power sought more sunlight. The branches and leaves grew and grew until the sunlight could no longer find its way to the ground. 

Or so Lune told me.

By the way, the reason the trees emitted a bluish glow was apparently because the trees that grew in the Great Forest were a species with a light rune.

Information about these types of trees was burned, along with many other documents, a thousand years ago. Which just goes to show how ruined the country was after the war. In reality, however, the information wasn’t actually destroyed since the book-loving demons hid it. So it would probably be re-compiled and re-published in specialty volumes or textbooks.

『Descendants, we shall take our leave soon.』Lune called out while Luca and I were still deep in thought, marvelling at the view in front of us.

“Thank you for bringing us here.” (Zagan)

“Thank you, Lune, Soleil. I hope you enjoy your vacation as well.” (Luca)

『Very well. I shall come for you the evening after next. Tidy up and wait for me then.』(Soleil)

We nodded and the two gods took to the sky together.

They had planned to visit a certain town, one that had been hidden from the humans these past thousand years. In that town, magical creatures that had originally lived alongside the humans, but could not take human form, leisurely spent their days.

Apparently, tomorrow and the day after, they were also going to go meet with the other gods who lived around Soleil Kingdom.

About two months after the gods’ return, Soleil undid the boundary that had surrounded the country. The other gods soon took notice and immediately came to visit Lune and Soleil. It was truly an astounding sight to see.

The goddess Terre from the neighbouring kingdom, as well as three other gods from the countries beyond Terre, came.

Then there was the mountain god, who dwelled in the mountain range. He came roaring, body aflame in the shape of a great monitor lizard.

The ocean god who lived in the ocean that surrounded the continent – a water dragon over 100 metres long – swam through the sky.

And the goddess of the heavenly islands that floated above the ocean – a peahen – her divine feathers spread out as she took flight.

With nine gods, including Lune and Soleil, gathered in one place, it was only natural to be overwhelmed.

It was such a sight to behold; I wasn’t exactly frightened, but my heart beat wildly. It was because I could actually feel the reality of it – Soleil had lifted the boundary surrounding the kingdom and now the whole world was spread before us. 

The sight of the nine gods made me yearn to travel around this world one day.

So, as a first step, we came to see the spring at the nearby Great Forest, which Lune had claimed was the most beautiful place in the world. I never would have imagined that such a place existed inside the Great Forest. In the fifteen years I’d spent there, I did find some rivers and other sources of water, but the towering trees blocked the sky from sight. It didn’t even occur to me that there could be a place like this – an open space not covered by trees.

Luca, who was standing next to me, brought his cheek to my head. Was it because I was thinking about the past even as I gazed at the spring?

My head drooped a bit.

“Zagan, let’s get ready to go in the water. We finally got permission, so let’s swim a lot, hm?”

“…Ok. Which one should I take out? The log house or the tent? …Personally, I think the tent would be good…”

Since I started living with Luca, we always slept in a bedroom with a roof over our heads and I kind of missed looking up at the top of a tent. That was why, even though I’d asked Luca, I also quietly tried to voice my own desire and laughter spilled from Luca’s lips.

“If that’s what you wish for, then I’m also fine with the tent. The space inside is cosy and calming, right?”

He went along with my choice, which probably meant that Luca didn’t mind either way.

I was also the one who wanted to take our vacation in the Great Forest and Luca just agreed to it. He did, however, look really happy right now, so I was glad that I invited him.

After taking out the tent and setting up our rest area, we changed into swim trunks.

I tentatively dipped my hand into the spring and found that the water was warm, just like Lune said it would be. When I submerged my whole body, my feet touched the rocks at the bottom of the spring. Mn, this should be fine.

Signalling Luca to come, he joined me and we started swimming around right away. It had been a long time since I played in the water. We enjoyed the beautiful spring while having little competitions, diving in and watching the mysterious patterns that the sunlight made in the water, or examining the small fish that lived in the spring.

When we got tired of swimming, we held hands and took a leisurely stroll around the spring.

Apparently, when the gods brought us here, they removed all the monsters within a ten-metre radius and set up a barrier, so we only encountered gentle creatures on our walk.

In the evening, we had a barbecue. It had been a while since just the two of us had a meal together and it was fun to prepare the food and grill the meat ourselves. It was delicious.

After our meal, we sprawled side by side on a garden sofa, looking up at the night sky as we drank some alcohol.

The beautiful moon and the bluish tint of the trees reflected off the surface of the spring. A sigh escaped my lips at the magical sight.

“It’s incredibly beautiful.”

“That’s right… I have no words. It truly is beautiful.”

I was happy to know that Luca felt just as moved as me, and a smile naturally spread across my lips.

We spent a quiet moment within that beautiful, dreamlike nature. The rustling of leaves and the buzzing of insects were the only sounds that could be heard. Experiencing this moment with my beloved Luca filled me with a tremendous amount of happiness. From now on, I wanted to go to even more places with him and share this feeling again and again.

“This time we came to the place I wanted to go to, but… is there anywhere you want to go, Luca?”

The world had grown bigger. Soleil’s boundary had disappeared and the gods had started interacting with each other again.

Up until now, the internal state of Soleil wasn’t in order, so the kingdom refrained from taking part in any outside diplomacy, but now it was possible to reach out across the continent and maybe even farther than that. You could now go anywhere.

But when I tried asking him, Luca gave me a troubled smile.

“The place I want to be is next to you. If you want to spend your days peacefully at home, then that’s what I want. If you want to travel, I’ll come with you to any place. Every minute, every second… I want to spend it all with you. The two of us will face the future together. For me, that’s what happiness is.”

I see, so my being with him was enough to make him happy?

Luca probably wasn’t that interested in beautiful sceneries and special experiences. He was moved by the sight of the spring, but his first priority was me and only me.

Luca glanced at me anxiously, probably because he couldn’t give me a concrete answer.

I didn’t really think he was indecisive, nor could I blame him.

“Then I’ll pick our destinations. When you have time off and are feeling up for it, I’ll take you to all kinds of places. Places where we can have fun and experience new things. The world is wide… so we should spend this one life of ours seeing it. It’s a promise, Luca,” I said, and Luca smiled in relief.

“Yeah, it’s a promise. From now on, we’ll always always be together.”

His smiling blue eyes shone in the moonlight, captivating me, and I stared into them until Luca leaned in. He wrapped his arms around me, his face slowly getting closer. And, when I closed my eyes, I felt that familiar, gentle kiss.


Author’s note:

Thank you so much for reading until the end.

It made me so happy to receive your likes, reviews and impressions.


Guys, we’ve reached the end of Eroge! (the main story, at least).

What a journey it has been – filled with romance, action, plot, and at times highly disturbing smut. Don’t you worry though, we’ve still got some juicy extras on the way! Including Luca POV and the much-awaited wedding!!


This story is the reason I joined WWSD so I’m glad I’ve been able to see it through to the end (and what a lovely end it was – I am officially jealous of their vacation).

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Something to comment
Something to comment
3 months ago

It was really an enjoyable experience! I can’t believe I enjoy this much from a smutty BL about being in an eroge setting XD But, hey! It was truly a blast.

Seeing the main story end gives me some kind of bittersweet feelings of farewell :’) Thank you translators for this wonderful translation.

Something to comment
Something to comment
3 months ago

Also, can’t wait for Luca POV and for the wedding!!! I’m specifically curious about Luca’s POV since it’s curious how the guy thinks at some scene/moment lol. Especially how he sees Zagan at early, I’m curious how it looks from his eyes!

4 months ago

Thank you so much for the hard work you’ve all put into this!! It was a blast reading this story, feels a little odd that the main story’s complete now.

4 months ago

Thank you for the translation!! Really happy to read the chapters till the end..so excited for the extrass and Luca POV!