I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Happy ☆ Halloween – Part 1

Author Note:

This is a continuation of the Halloween story from chapter 44 ◥(ฅº₩ºฅ)◤

Today is October 31st – Halloween.

In the morning, I woke up next to Luca, and after going to the bathroom and brushing my teeth, we both changed into the Halloween costumes we respectively bought.

“Let’s not look at each other until we’re finished changing.”

“…Got it.”

It would certainly be more exciting to first get dressed and then unveil our costumes, so I stepped away from Luca and turned my back.

The set I bought was a black cat costume. When I took another look at the contents of the bag, I found black cat ears and tail, cat paw gloves, and a red collar. There was no need for me to wear the collar… right?

As I was thinking that, I went ahead and changed into my freshly laundered cat hoodie and some black trousers. Then I put on the cat ears. As I did, I felt something and tentatively touched the ears… As expected of an item developed through alchemy, my nerves truly did connect to the cat ears.

I secured the cat tail with a belt1 around my waist, and when I consciously thought about it, the tail started swaying.

Last were the fingerless gloves with a paw pad on the palm, and with that my outfit was complete.

“Luca, I’m ready.”

“Just a second… ok. Ready.”

Hearing that, I turned around.

Luca’s costume was the same as it was in the game – a vampire.

When you think about a vampire, you think about a creature who attacks women, bites their necks, and sucks their blood, so it was an obvious choice for the protagonist of an eroge.

But now that I was seeing it in person, he just looked like a prince to me. The vest and shirt he bought at the noble district were elegant and cool and really suited Luca. The black cloak and pointed fangs were the only indications that he was indeed a vampire.

By the way, Luca had been staring at me with a deeply moved expression on his face.

“This is bad. Zagan’s so cute. Extremely cute. You chose this yourself?”

“I thought you’d like this.”

As I talked, the cat ears twitched and the tail swayed from side to side, making Luca writhe even more.

“Nnngh. You chose it for me? How can my Zagan be this cute? Can I gobble you up right away? Trick or treat!”

“Please save that for nighttime.”

We were supposed to have a party in the living room with the girls, and go out on a date in the afternoon, so it’d be inconvenient if I couldn’t move.

I slapped Luca’s arm, who hugged me despite my rejection, urging him to let go. Instead, he just peppered more kisses on my cat ears and bit them lightly. Since my nerves were somewhat connected to the ears, it felt a bit ticklish.

“Luca… don’t bite.”

“But you’re so cute. However, this is your first time celebrating Halloween properly, so I’m not going to spoil it for you.”

“Mn. I’m looking forward to it.”

Before I left the Brady mansion, Orobas would help me dress up and I’d get sweets from Father. But since I couldn’t leave the house, I couldn’t walk around town in costume.

Which was why I was really looking forward to this Halloween and told Luca about it in advance.

Perhaps reluctant to part, Luca rubbed his face on my head and cat ears, hugging me without a word. And after a while, he finally let go.

“Right. Shall we head out to the living room?”

He reached out his hand, and when I took it, he grasped mine with a bright smile on his face.

When we got to the living room, the girls were already there and in costume, getting ready for the party.

When I closed the door behind us, Noel came up to me.

“Nii-sama, good morning! Those cat ears are cute just like you… you look very handsome!”

Didn’t she just say I was cute? No, let’s not dwell on that.

Noel’s costume, as expected, was the same as it was in the game – a ghost. But if I compared it to the still image from the game, the Noel in reality was much cuter.

If I had to point out one flaw, it would probably be that the ghost dress she was wearing was short and quite a lot of leg was showing. Could a single pair of white tights truly be trusted? As her older brother, I was worried. Well, it wasn’t like she was showing any actual skin and if I were to compare it to how much skin the other girls usually showed, I probably shouldn’t worry about the outfit’s apparent lack of defensive capabilities.

Speaking of the other girls, Miranda was dressed as a glamorous mummy. Somehow showing skin even though she was wrapped up head to toe in bandages. She even had makeup on to look like she was injured and bleeding.

Nina was dressed as a succubus and, as always, her bare legs were exposed. On her head were little horns and she was wearing bat wings.

Camilla was dressed like a pumpkin-themed witch. In other words, other than the colour of her outfit nothing had changed. However, in the game, if she got chosen as the partner for the night, there was an event where she drinks a drug that’s still in development and her body turns back into that of an adult for a few hours.

Bennett was a werewolf, or I guess a wolf-maiden. She had on wolf ears, a tail, and a fluttery dress.

Cindy was dressed in a regular nun habit. But, perhaps because of her large chest, the atmosphere around her didn’t seem that chaste.

“Morning. Everyone looks cute. It really suits you.”

“Morning~ Luca’s looking as cool as ever.”

“T-thank you… Um, that, you too, Luca-san and Zagan-san. It really suits you.”

As I was about to head toward the girls, who’d greeted and complimented us without pausing their work, it suddenly occurred to me – I hadn’t said anything to Luca yet.

So I stopped in my tracks and pulled on his hand that was holding mine. As I did, Luca turned to look at me, questioning.

“What is it, Zagan?”

“Luca… you look cool,” I mumbled.

My voice was low, but I still felt embarrassed, not wanting Noel who was nearby to overhear.

Luca, however, seemed to have heard it, because he broke into a smile and hugged me.

“Thanks, Zagan! That makes me happy.”

If it made him that happy, then it was worth swallowing my shame and telling him.

Though I felt safe and relieved within Luca’s arms, a long time passed without him letting go. The party preparations were almost finished and it wouldn’t be right for us to not help at all, right?

Sure enough Miranda yelled at us.

“Hey! You two over there. Don’t just stand there flirting, at least help out a bit!”

Of course, we immediately let go of each other and I started pouring drinks into cups.

Munching on snacks and sweets, we played games in the living room that we had decorated the day before.

Here and there were snacks shaped like jack-o-lanterns that were not only fun to look at but were also delicious since Bennett made them.

We also played all kinds of games, but, as always, Cindy was exceptionally strong when it came to card games.

We played a lot, and when afternoon came, we all got ready to go out.

In “Lumiere” this would be the moment when you choose one of the heroines and explicitly invite her to go on a date. As we left the mansion, however, Luca was standing next to me, his arm wrapped around my waist, as if it were a matter of course.

“We each have different places we want to go, so let’s split up. Be back by five.”

Yes! The girls chorused before splitting up into pairs and walking away with purpose. 

As for me…

“There’s going to be a Halloween parade, right?”

“Yes, at the central square. Should we go and take a look?”

I nodded, and Luca and I strolled through the decorated streets, making our leisurely way to the central square.

There were glowing pumpkin lanterns, wolf ornaments whose mouths would open as you walked past, and fluttering ghosts.

It was fun walking down the streets where the atmosphere was different than usual, and, since the townspeople were all dressed up in costumes, it felt like stepping into a different world.

As we got closer to the square, we started hearing music, and then our destination was in front of our eyes.

The plaza was bustling with people. At its centre, an orchestra was playing and staff members in costume danced as they all marched forward. There were also extravagant parade floats on top of which there were people performing. I could also see a pumpkin carriage and a large jack-o-lantern balloon.

On the outskirts of the plaza, Halloween-themed stalls were lined up one after the other. It was the kind of sight that made you want to buy something.

For now, we moved to a corner where we wouldn’t be in the way and watched the parade. 

I honestly don’t know much about art, but I enjoyed watching it. Seeing that exhilarating sight got me all excited.

After about fifteen minutes, the music stopped. Since the parade was taking a short break, we decided to go look around the stalls. We weaved through the sea of people, trying not to bump into anyone.

“Zagan, there’s a lottery pull over there. Actually, I’ve never done that before.”

“Really? Me neither. Let’s draw some together.”

With that said, we headed towards the stall and paid. Since this was a celebration, we could only buy one ticket per person. Luca went first and reached into the box. He drew out a piece of paper and looked to see what he got.

“Ah. That’s too bad. It’s a blank ticket.”

He handed it to the shopkeeper and got a small, pumpkin cookie in return.

I went next.

“Ah, second prize…”

“Amazing, Zagan! Congratulations!”

Truly my luck must have been good to win something with only one draw. When I handed the paper to the shopkeeper, they congratulated me and gave me my prize. It was a pumpkin lantern. By the way, this lantern wasn’t actually made with pumpkin, but with a kind of slime sheet made by stretching and hardening slime jelly. It was lit with the help of a magical tool. When I touched the bottom of the lantern to test it out, the light attribute stone sitting at its centre started glowing, and when I touched it again the light went out.

I’d have been happy with any prize, but there really wasn’t much point in carrying a lantern while the sun was still out. Rather, it might actually get in the way with so many people around. So I should probably put it away in my magic bag.

Thinking that, I was about to open my bag when I overheard a conversation.

“Nii-chan, I want a lantern too!!”

“You didn’t win the lottery so there’s nothing we can do, hm?”

“I’ll go again!”

“You promised only three tries, right? I want to look at other stuff and I don’t have much pocket money left, so no, you can’t try again.”

“Uueeee! Nii-chan is an idiot!”

These were the kids who’d gone after us. The older one seemed to be around 12 and the younger 6. The little brother wanted the lantern so bad he was clinging to his brother’s waist and crying.

Were children always like this…? 

Perhaps because they didn’t understand that there was nothing that could be done about it, small children spoke selfishly and quickly burst into tears.

No matter how much he was scolded or how much he was told that he couldn’t use magic because of his attribute, the original Zagan couldn’t restrain himself. Rather, it was impressive that he could hold it in until he turned nine.

Anyway, the shopkeeper looked troubled and Luca also seemed like he was wondering what to do.

I tapped the older boy on the shoulder as his brother still clung to him.

“We’re in the way here, so let’s move over there.” I pointed towards a place that was out of the way of the stalls and any people passing by. Frightened, the child nodded.

I didn’t know what kind of attitude I should show kids I didn’t know, so sorry boy, you’re just going to have to go along with it.

“Don’t worry. Zagan is an adventurer. Though he seems a bit scary and unapproachable, he’s actually really kind.” Luca added, resolving the problem.

But if you think about it, the fact that he was this country’s second prince, made him an even more unapproachable person than I was.

I went ahead to the place I had pointed to and the rest followed after me. The crying boy was being led by Luca’s hand.

I kneeled before the two kids and took out the lantern again.

“This is what you wanted, right?”


“Then let’s make a trade. If you give me that cookie, I’ll give it to you.” I pointed to the compensation prize cookies the older brother was holding.

The kids were confused, but couldn’t hide the excited flush on their faces.

“Um. Is it really ok?”

“Yeah. Truthfully this lantern doesn’t really suit an adult like me. And if I had that cookie I’d be happy because I’d get to eat the same thing as that guy.”

“Then… please.”

The older brother held out the three cookies they’d gotten. I took one and handed the little brother the lantern.

“Yay! Thank you, Neko-san!”

“Thank you very much, Neko-san!”

“Careful not to drop it.”

Having concluded our business, I stood back up and the two brothers left, holding hands and saying goodbye.

I also said goodbye and watched their retreating figures. Before long they got lost in the sea of people and I couldn’t see them anymore.

“Those two seemed happy.”

“That’s right. What’s with the ‘Neko-san’ though?”

“Fufu. You ended up getting a cute nickname. But really, my cat is so kind and incredibly cute.”

“Calling me cute was unnecessary…” I pouted and Luca gave me a kiss on the cheek as if to pacify me.

Afterwards, we both ate our cookies. They had a mellow pumpkin flavour and were delicious.

As promised, by 5 o’clock, everyone was back at the mansion.

First, we put up a sign at the front door for the trick-or-treaters. “Sweets available. Visitors are welcome!” it said.

Then, we all got ready as we chatted about what we saw and what we bought, and then had a Halloween dinner.

Even during dinner, the doorbell would ring from time to time. The kids would come and we’d greet them at the door. Noel asked me to pair up with her.

“Trick or treat!”

The sight of the children in costumes gleefully shouting out trick or treat moved me deeply for some reason.

“Happy Halloween!” Noel replied with a smile and handed out some pumpkin cake.

The children thanked her cheerfully and left.

Even after they’d left, I stood there on the doorstep, staring at my sister who was standing next to me.

Questioningly, she looked up at me.

“Nii-sama, is something the matter?”

“I was just thinking… if I’d been able to go out when I was a kid, would the two of us have been like that? All dressed up, wandering around with a lantern in one hand.”

“That’s… right. I’m sure nii-sama would have held my hand the whole time. It truly is a shame we didn’t get to do that,” she said and then sneakily grabbed my hand.

I was startled a little and she gave me a mischievous smile.

“Nii-sama, trick or treat?”

“…What other trick are you going to pull now?”

“Ehehe. I just wanted to say it.”

She looked happy even as I let out a sigh, and the two of us headed back inside holding hands.

After dinner, I went back to our room and sat down on the sofa after activating the magic tool in the bath. Luca sat down next to me.

“That was a great dinner, huh? I think I ate too much. I’m so full.”

“I also ate a lot.”

Though I’ve always been a big eater, all the dishes today seemed to be Halloween-themed, and thinking this was the only chance I’d get to taste them, I ended up reaching out for more than usual.

Though my stomach was full, in the game, the protagonist and the heroine basically had sex while still in costume, and Luca probably wanted that too, right?

Still, I’d hoped to take a bit of a break first, and frankly, I wanted to take a bath.

Despite my thoughts, it seemed that Luca was already in the mood and he’d started stroking my tail. He was also nibbling on my cat ears which made me feel ticklish.

When an ‘Nn’ slipped out of my mouth, he let out a hum of pleasure. Well, since we were both very full, we’d probably stop at just touching, right? But when he didn’t stop, I knew he planned to make love as is.

“Luca, I want to wash up first.”

“Eh…? You’ll put the ears back on for me after taking a bath?”

I nodded and he groaned but let go of my tail. Instead, he put his cheek on my head and let out a troubled sigh.

I felt apologetic, but I wanted to have sex with Luca while I was in perfect condition, so he just had to hold on a little longer.

“By the way, earlier, I held hands with Noel for a bit. Apparently, it was supposed to be a prank.”

“Earlier? Ah, you mean when the trick-or-treaters came? I wasn’t sure if it was ok to ask about that.”

“It’s fine. It’s just, I realised we’ve never walked around holding hands before.”

While I was in the Brady mansion, we’d celebrate Halloween every year. There was Halloween-themed food, Orobas would make me a costume, and all the sweets Father gave me were delicious. However, if discrimination hadn’t existed… Noel and I would have definitely dressed up together and been like those two brothers we met at the square – holding hands and enjoying ourselves.

When night fell and the air got spookier, we’d go trick or treating, and people in costumes would open their doors for us. I could have seen the cute figure of my sister trying her best to say trick or treat to a slightly scary-looking adult.

I was now sad that I wasn’t able to.

“When I was alone, I never thought about stuff like that. Reuniting with my sister who I was never supposed to see again and spending time with her brought these old feelings back to the surface. What a luxurious kind of regret.”

“Yeah…” Luca simply agreed with me.

I wondered if it was because he didn’t know what to say.

But when he squeezed me tight, I could feel the heartache in his entire body.

I apologised for bringing up this sad topic and put my cheek to his. It made Luca laugh and he rubbed his cheek on mine.

Touching Luca felt sweet and good. I like you, Luca. I love you. I want to hurry up and feel you.

“Luca… I’m going to go wash up now,” I blurted out with gusto.

“Fufu. Got it. I’ll be waiting.” He loosened his arms from around me right away.

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I can’t believe I already caught up with the translation! T^T Haha, can’t wait for next chapter, and for the other extras! Thank you for translating ^^