The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 159: The Sage Asks the Director

I headed towards the basement of the laboratory and slipped through the security measures by directly transferring in.

I ought to enter openly through the entrance, but I was rather short on time.

I put up a barrier in the white room.

The infiltrator spies could now enter inside without any security problems cropping up.

They were still conscious, and still seemed to be groaning despite the fact that I couldn’t hear their voices.

As I checked the barrier, the door to the room opened and the director appeared.

She shuffled in by phasing through the floor.

“Oh, Demon Lord-sama! What business do you have here with us today? Please leave whatever you might need to us!”

The director happily clutched her hands together.

I hadn’t informed her of my sudden visit, and I also didn’t sense any detection tools activating.

Despite that, she sensed my entrance and proceeded to welcome me.

I could only say that it was as expected of her.

Even among those in the Demon Lord’s Army, I doubted that there was anyone who could accomplish the same.

While I was quietly impressed, I pointed to the barrier.

“I would like you to analyze the people sealed in there.”

As the barrier’s opacity decreased, the spies could be seen.

The director quickly stuck to the barrier at a speed comparable to a transfer spell.

Her face seemed to be plastered on the barrier as she observed the spies.

“Fumu… I can only see them as common prisoners, is there something wrong with them?”

“If you meet eyes with them, you will see that they are on the receiving end of some mental interference. The strength of it was enough to drive ordinary people to insanity.”

After she received my explanation, the director finally moved away.

She shook on her lab coat properly and observed the spies again.

Her eyes were shining with curiosity.

Eventually, the director tilted her head while smiling.

“Oh, I can’t feel any magical power on them… So my job is to investigate the cause and its structure?”

“Yes. Can I ask you to do that?”

“Of course! We’ll do all we can to solve it!”

The director nodded vigorously.

She was extremely happy to be tasked with solving the mystery.

Her eyes were bright with excitement.

Although she was devoted to her research—her knowledge, thinking ability, and insight were extraordinary.

In some fields, she might even surpass me.

The speed and accuracy of her analysis were also perfect.

It could be said that she had the brightest mind in the Demon Lord’s Territory.

She possessed enough talent to carve her name in history.

However, the person in question didn’t seem interested in that kind of glory at all.

It seemed she was satisfied with her current environment.

As the director walked up to the barrier, she touched the surface.

After confirming something, she called out to me.

“Well then, can you transfer these prisoners to the next room? I’ll be most grateful since much of the equipment is there.”


As I transferred the barrier and its contents to the next room, the director quickly headed to the entrance.

It seemed she wanted to begin the analysis immediately.

“It’s okay for me to remove their restraints, right?”

“Yes! I will protect this laboratory at all costs. For me, this facility is more important than my own life!”

“Be careful when you look into their eyes. Don’t stare at it too much.”

“…I’ll do my best!”

The director replied after a short pause and left the room as if trying to escape.

Looking at her reaction, she would likely ignore my warning.

Although it was a ridiculously dangerous action to take, I didn’t worry all that much.

I thought the director would be fine, one way or another.

What I felt when I met the spies’ eyes was a strong mental interference.

It was a power that could pollute one’s heart, so much so that even I was almost affected by it.

However, in the director’s case, she possessed abnormally strong mental fortitude thanks to her obsession with her research.

So much so that her obsession could be seen as insanity.

That obsession of hers was much stronger than my own mental fortitude.

Enough that she could dispel Luciana’s charm on her own without using any magical defenses.

We had tried many forms of mental magic against her, but none of them managed to affect the director.

Even this kind of abnormal phenomenon was unlikely to affect her.

That was why I could confidently leave the analysis to her.

As I was thinking about that, I felt a presence come closer from behind me.

When I turned around, I saw the figure of the director there.

She asked me.

“Do you have any other requests? If you have some time, I could show you some of the results from our research!”

“Oh, let’s see…”

As I conversed with her, I used sensory magic.

I could feel the director’s presence in the next room.

As I tracked her movements, I concluded that she seemed to be in the process of analyzing the spies as well.

However, there was also another director standing in front of me.

This wasn’t a hallucination, there were clearly two of them.

However, it didn’t mean one of them was a fake.

Both of them were real.

I’m still not used to this…

I looked at the director awkwardly.

Previously, I had turned the director into an immortal.

Specifically, she was transformed into a spiritual race known as phantoms: a greater species of ghosts.

And recently, she expanded her repertoire of phantom abilities.

As a result, it became possible for her to act as multiple beings at the same time.

It was something similar to a clone, but the difference was that both of them were the real director.

They shared their personality, memories and could even perceive each other’s actions.

Originally, this characteristic likely caused a collapse in ego, but the director managed to brilliantly master this ability. 

The strength of her mental fortitude could be seen from this point as well.

As I searched around using sensory magic, I could feel the director’s presence all over the laboratory.

There were about fifty of them active simultaneously, and she operated the laboratory while cooperating with the other staff.

Because of her ability, the technological strength of the Demon Lord’s Territory improved dramatically.

Various researches and developments were carried out every day.

The director was earthbound to this laboratory.

In exchange for being unable to leave, it allowed her to have tremendous control over the facility.

This was also the reason how she managed to detect my sudden visit.

If the area was limited to the laboratory, nothing could slip through her.

…Isn’t she making use of her immortality more effectively than I am?

I turned her into an immortal out of my concern that she might die from overwork, but it seemed I unexpectedly gave birth to a monster.

I had mixed feelings as I watched the director putter around in a good mood.

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9 months ago

yup, definitely a monster, and an immortal one on top of that.

And they already developed this much after few years, i dont want to imagine what happen in thousand years later