The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 234: The Sage Seeks a Fundamental Solution

I went to the library in the castle.

As I picked out the books I was looking for, I piled them up on the nearby desk.

Occasionally, I sat in the chair to read a book.

AndI explored the bookshelves when I took a break.

As I repeated such actions in the room alone, Luciana appeared at the entrance.

She flew at low altitude and landed near me as I was reading.

She peeked at the contents from behind.

“Demon Lord-sama, what are you thinking about now?”

“About a method to kill the Will of the World.”

Luciana froze when she heard my reply.

She then pinched her brows with her fingers as she asked questions. 

“…Hm- I think I didn’t hear that quite right. What did you say just now?”

“You heard me correctly. I intend to kill the Will of the World and I am looking for a way to do it.”

I affirmed.

Luciana then scrutinized my face in close proximity.

She then confirmed with serious eyes.

“Are you really going to do that?”

“Of course I am. There wouldn’t be any changes to the future policy, but I will study about it in the meantime.”

Luciana sighed when I said so.

She then muttered with a bitter smile as she sat on the table.

“That’s quite the grand story. It would be great if you managed to succeed though.”

“It would be difficult, but it wouldn’t be impossible.”

“When you are the one who says it, it might actually come true so it’s scary…”

Luciana muttered in exasperation and remained silent for a while.

Her gaze was kept on me as I continued reading.

Eventually, Luciana stood up to leave the library.

Upon leaving, she knocked against my shoulder.

“Well, just tell me if you need my help. I’ll gladly be of service.”

“I’ll do that if I ever need it.”

Luciana smiled at my reply and happily left the library.

Now that I think about it, did she visit me for something?

I wasn’t sure, but it seemed it was all good seeing how she left happily.

As I picked up another book, I indulged in my thoughts as I read the contents.

A method to kill the Will of the World, huh…?

The quickest way to do so was to exterminate humanity.

The Will of the World was a manifestation of humanity’s desire.

If there wasn’t a source for it, it would disappear naturally.

Needless to say, I couldn’t carry out such a method.

I was working for the peace of humanity.

It would be like putting the cart before the horse if I used such a method to destroy the Will of the World.

Therefore, I had no choice but to prepare another means for it.

Bluntly put, my goal was akin to destroying a law of nature.

If I think about it, it wasn’t the first time I’m doing it.

Rather, it could be said I was familiar with it.

Magic was an act of interfering with the world through magical formulas.

Specific phenomena could be generated by using magic power as fuel.

Specifically, it would allow one to shoot out flames from a hand or move to a distant location in an instant.

Magic was nothing but an act of destroying the laws of nature.

It may be used in a different direction this time, but killing the Will of the World might be connected to this idea.

Fortunately, I possessed various abilities.

There was no shortage of supplies.

And I could practically carry out experiments with almost no limitation.

I could try everything, even the smallest of possibilities.

Once the case with the Savior is resolved, a new problem will arise.

It had always been the case.

Even if I defeated the Heralds who emerged, another would take their place eventually.

This would be repeated forever.

If anything could destroy me, the Demon Lord, it would definitely be The Will of the World.

I have dealt with problems every time they occurred. 

I intend to do the same from now on.

However, if the Will of the World was somehow eliminated, then it would be a different story.

If I managed to do that, my activities wouldn’t be threatened anymore.

I guess I should consult the Great Spirit and Gwen regarding this matter.

Both of them were familiar with the Will of the World.

I think I could expect good advice.

I would also request it from the director.

Her inspiration and creativity couldn’t be underestimated.

Since she could split herself, she always had time to spare.

I will search into this while carrying out other tasks.

It would be best to achieve it fast, but it wasn’t so easy.

I was thinking of making this a long-term goal.

At worst, I could even do it after resolving the Saviors’ incident.

It would be best if it could be achieved in a way that would prevent problems from following after.

If I could get results quickly, I wouldn’t have to have a hard time like this to begin with.

After sorting out my thoughts, I brought a book with me and transferred to the audience hall.

I wanted to do a concrete experiment by the time I had to do the next task at hand.

I must work steadily to produce results.

At that moment, I thought I still had time.

I thought that the target of the Will of the World was basically limited to only the Demon Lord.

I was confident that I could prevent any big disasters so it wasn’t something I needed to solve immediately.

However, the situation began to move unexpectedly in the background.

The unreasonable and absurd Will of the World had moved and used a different method.

—Three days later, Saviors all over the world suddenly died.

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