The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 153: The Sage Denies the Ideal

The demigod crouched on the ground in agony. 

He desperately tried to reattach the limbs that were cut by me.

He tried to staunch the bleeding, but it wasn’t working very well.

Blood was still seeping out from his open wounds.

His spell is unstable. I guess he is at his limit.

I judged based on the amount of magic power left within the demigod.

He had been overexerting himself in the battle, and it has now hindered his space manipulation ability.

Regardless of how strong his affinity with space magic was, it wasn’t like he could use it endlessly.

As long as he was a human, there would always be a limit.

The demigod had already gone beyond that limit.

It wouldn’t be weird if he fainted at any moment.

Even so, the reason why he still earnestly tried to treat his wounds was probably due to his obsession with my defeat.

He still hadn’t given up on victory just yet.

As I landed near the demigod, I approached him with the sword in hand.

My opponent may already be battered all over, but I still mustn’t let my guard down.

The more a Herald was cornered, the more their hidden power would be brought out.

The demigod was no exception to this rule.

The demigod opened his torn eye, the white of his eye stained red with blood, then looked up and stared at me.

“I was… half-hearted, you say?”

“Indeed. You are not resolved enough.”

I coldly replied to his words.

The method the demigod chose to use was way too reckless.

He chose to slay the one he determined as evil and chose to die afterward.

Meaning, he would abandon everything else and shirk the responsibility to those who survived the ordeal.

He might feel at peace with his own feelings on the matter.

But he wasn’t thinking about what would happen in the future; he was just fighting for the belief in his heart.

With this, he could confront any great evil without any worries, however, that was merely self-satisfying.

It was far from an optimal solution.

“Once evil is defeated, peace surely comes. How nice it would be if the world was just that simple. Unfortunately, reality is not that kind.”


The demigod gritted his teeth and shot me a sharp glare.

He was trying to distort space in my torso.

As I sensed that, I lunged and canceled out the distortion.

The tear in space failed to manifest its destructive capability, and the magic scattered into the air.

I lowered my sword as I told him.

“I already learned your spell construct. The same attacks wouldn’t be effective anymore.”

I was a Sage.

If I kept being exposed to the same magic over and over, I would learn how to deal with it eventually.

I had already established an efficient deconstruction method.

Regarding the space magic of the demigod, I could cut it down without even looking at it.

“I will advise you as a person who has done the same as you, you better not expect humans to be able to clean up the aftermath of the situation on their own. The only things that will happen after your death will be ugly conflicts vying for their own personal gains. There will be no peace here.”

“Shut up!”

The demigod waved one of his hands.

I cut off his hand before the spell even activated.

The fallen arm was then sliced into a hundred pieces and lost its original shape.

That would be impossible to reattach.


The demigod groaned in pain. 

Fresh blood was spilling from his new wound.

With this, he had lost both of his arms.

Since his attacks mostly relied on his hands, he shouldn’t be able to use his spells properly.

I pointed my blade at the demigod’s neck.

“You should rest here. The person who brings despair to the world should be I alone.”


The demigod persistently tried to construct another spell.

However, he failed to manipulate the space and collapsed after having a seizure.

The blood that spilled out from his mouth had turned black.

Even as the demigod tried to stand, he couldn’t muster any strength in his legs and fell once again.

His body gradually began to rot.

Spots appeared on his skin, and his body only began to shut down from there on.

The demigod widened his eyes as he noticed it.

“What- are you…?!”

“It’s the poison of miasma. It’s eroding your body.”

However, it wasn’t me who injected the miasma into his body.

It was the handiwork of Grom who fought against him first.

Grom had administered some miasma inside the demigod’s arms when he cut it off.

It was only a miniscule amount so that the effect was delayed in surfacing, therefore allowing it to erode the demigod’s internal organs undetected.

Even as Grom was well aware he wasn’t much of a match against the demigod, he did all he could to deal some damage to him.

Our conversation up till this point was more to buy time.

As I had noticed a mixture of miasma was introduced to the demigod’s body, I waited patiently for the effects to appear.

And the plan was successfully executed.

Although I was truly interested in the demigod’s principles, the main purpose was still to buy time.

If he had noticed the miasma along the way, he would have halted the conversation and attacked immediately.

The demigod underestimated Grom.

He was too fixated on a decisive battle against me and created a fatal opening.

If only he didn’t underestimate Grom from the beginning, the miasma wouldn’t have been able to intrude into his body.

“I see… it seems-I’m going… to… die…”

The demigod exhaled slowly.

As he laid down, he spat out black blood while looking into the void.

He lost the strength in his body and closed his eyes until only thin slits were left.

When I thought he would die just like that, he instead shouted with all his might.

“—However, I’ll drag you along with me!”

The next moment, the demigod’s torso burst open.

A black hole was created there and the space became greatly distorted.

The whole area began to creak.

And the vacuum began to suck up the sub-space itself.

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