The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 233: The Sage Picks Up an Abandoned Possibility

During the uprising of Saviors around the world, I was in a huge facility in the Previous Demon Lord’s Territory.

This was a place built for the Demon Lord’s Army.

It boasted a scale that allowed it to contain the bloating forces of the Demon Lord’s Army .

There was a training ground on the premises mimicking various environments.

It also stored saturated undead and weapons.

The forces stationed here alone were enough to bring down a single continent.

I was walking in the corridor of such a facility.

Henry was walking with me.

After we finished the meeting, we were roaming around the facility.

We were chatting while taking a break.

Both of us are busy people, but having time like this was important too.

Henry leaned back on his hand and complained with a troubled expression.

“The frequency of actual battle is higher than training recently. While I’m very satisfied with that, some people have begun demanding for vacation.”

“I’ll allow it. Just take turns and give them vacation. If our forces end up insufficient during that period, I will do something about it.”

“Commander is quick on the uptake, it’s very helpful.”

Henry said happily.

It was obvious that I would give permission.

Soldiers were humans after all.

A series of battles would naturally exhaust their body and mind.

Even I, as an immortal, was taking a break like this.

I had no intention to overwork them.

“By the way, how are the simple guns on the battlefield?”

“They’re almost perfect. They’re especially useful in defense lines. They have less firepower compared to magic, but that’s good enough. They can pierce armor without a problem and it didn’t require much training to wield one. I’ve made ghouls and skeletons wield them recently as well.”

Henry stated so with satisfaction.

The simple gun we were talking about was a new weapon developed in the laboratory.

They were cheaper versions of a conventional gun.

Their overall performance was inferior, but it made them easier to mass produce.

Even if I said it was inferior, it was still within the acceptable range.

They still had an overwhelming advantage when dealing with magic, bows and arrows, and old fashioned guns.

Furthermore, Henry seemed to have devised an operation method for it.

It seemed that they were making good use of the guns’ advantage.

Then we kept walking silently for a while.

While I was wondering if there was anything I needed to confirm, Henry asked me.

“Hey, commander. Will the war continue all over the world just like this?”

“I intend to keep it going for a while, then calm it down once the right moment comes, but… are you dissatisfied with the current war?”

“It’s not like I’m dissatisfied, it’s just that I’m not too convinced about it. I want a clear enemy to fight against.”

Henry rubbed at his stubble.

I felt something off with Henry’s remark.

“If it’s an enemy, aren’t there nations to fight against?”

“I don’t care about those fellows. What I wish to fight against is the fellow who is the root cause.”

Henry said meaningfully.

I didn’t need to probe any further.

I knew what he meant by that.

“—So it’s the Will of the World.”

“Exactly! It’s an opponent we’ve fought against many times. Don’t you think it’s about time to get rid of it for good?”

“That is a type of law. It doesn’t have a form.”

If it was a specific creature or object, I could have handled them immediately.

I was confident I could destroy it regardless of how powerful it might be.

However, the Will of the World lacked such a thing.

It was a manifestation of people’s wishes.

As existence that could manifest itself as various phenomena, it wasn’t possible to interfere with it before it acted.

Henry, after hearing my opinion, wore a difficult expression.

He grumbled with regret.

“Uh-n, I thought the commander might be able to do that somehow…”

“I’m not omnipotent. I just have more capabilities compared to most people.”

Although I could solve most problems using magic, there were still many things that magic couldn’t solve.

If I really could achieve everything, I wouldn’t be a Demon Lord to begin with.

“If you somehow come up with an idea, let me know immediately. Let’s destroy the Will of the World together.”

“Okay. I will think about how to actually make it happen.”

As I nodded to an enthusiastic Henry, a soldier came from the other side.

He saluted us and addressed Henry.

“Blakin-sama! It’s about time for the meeting.”

“Ooh, now that I think about it, we have a meeting.”

Henry scratched his head and said that as he recalled.

He brought the soldier along to the end of the corridor.

On the way, he turned around and said a final few words.

“Don’t forget what I told you earlier, okay?”

“Of course.”

“Okay then, I’ll take your word for it!”

Henry pumped his fist and triumphantly left.

I was left there and paused.

While staring at the floor, I recalled the contents of our earlier conversation.

Killing the Will of the World, huh…

I never thought about it like that ever since I learned of its nature.

I just concluded it was impossible.

It was an obvious decision.

However, that wasn’t the case for Henry.

Should I have a more flexible way of thinking like he does?

It seemed that I was unknowingly trapped by common sense.


Eventually I started walking again.

While responding to various subordinates who saluted me as I passed by, I kept going through the corridor.

As I walked, I began exploring various events and their possibilities in my mind.

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9 months ago

lol Skeleton and Ghoul using guns is very close image to Terminators

1 year ago

If we go by the “every world with human has a “will of the of the world”” logic then the world John Doe comes from (“our world”) which doesn’t seem to have a “will of the world” makes it seem as if it has been killed off or the world needs magic as well as humans for a “will of the world”