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Chapter 29: The Fate of the Saint

— the Witch’s identity was that of the previous generation’s Saint.

Everyone was in denial rather than in doubt of the unbelievable truth that Diaz had just uttered.

No, they wanted to deny it.

They wanted to believe that it was an impossibility… They wished it was a lie.

The Saint is the Hope of humanity. The Symbol of Light.

If that was the truth of the situation… then only the worst future could be imagined.

“…That– That’s nonsense! For Alexia-sama… for the previous generation’s Saint… to become like that…”

 “Yet you just thought, what if it’s true? Didn’t you?”


Leila cried out as if to deny Diaz’s words, but there was no strength in her voice.

It was just as Diaz said.

For a long time, she’d actually already held such doubts.

The Saint who fought the Witch always died. Why was that?

Even after defeating the Witch, another Witch would appear not long after. Why was that?

There were people who have witnessed the birth of a Saint. While they were eventually separated, their parents had existed.

Yet nobody ever witnessed the moment a Witch was born… why was that?

The answer to all of these questions was in the words Diaz had proclaimed then.

“Tha, that’s… it’s only the case for Alexia-sama… isn’t it?”

 “You are not that much of a fool who would need to be spoon-fed to understand, are you? Even so, I will tell you… every one of them was like that. The Witch that I and Alexia-sama defeated was the previous… No, since the Saint who preceded Alexia-sama was killed by demons, it was the one before that… anyway, it is what Saint would end up becoming.”

Leila unconsciously took a step back.

Even if she tried not to think about it, she kept imagining the worst scenario.

If the kind Elrise were to become a Witch and rule the world with fear… it seemed like an inevitable future that should be prevented at all costs, but she imagined it then in her mind.

When that time arrived, what would she do?

Will she become like Diaz, who protected his master even after she became a Witch? Or… would she point her sword toward Elrise?

“You’re shocked, I see. It’s understandable… I came to know this truth after defeating the previous Witch. The moment the previous Witch died, the Dark power within the Witch flew into Alexia-sama. In the early days after that, Alexia-sama was still what she was. I didn’t even understand what had happened then, I could only panic. Even so, I thought it was best to have it treated early. So I hurriedly brought her back to the Saint’s Castle. After I entrusted Alexia-sama to the Healer Squad and reported to the king that we had defeated the Witch… what do you think happened?”

 “…That’s… didn’t they do all they could to treat Alexia-sama…”

Leila said the words with such hope as if praying they would be true.

She wished it would be the case. No, rather, please let it be the case.

Toward such a wish… obviously, it could only be disappointed.

“I was arrested immediately there, not understanding what I did wrong.”


 “Then a few days later, I was told the truth by the nation’s Prime Minister. The identity of the Witch and the Fate of Saint… and the fact they tried to kill Alexia-sama, but she managed to escape… they told me all this. Then they said, “Since you are capable Knight, forget about the previous Saint and lend us your power to protect the next Saint”… I…ended up agreeing to such terms, and became this academy’s teacher…”

As he talked, he struck the wall as if to vent.

His anger must’ve been roused as he talked about his circumstances.

Burdened by the mission of the Saint from the moment she was born, taken away from her parents, and raised for the sole reason of defeating the Witch… And once she fulfilled such a mission and should finally have been able to live normally, what awaited her was betrayal from the very people she had protected.

Diaz was unable to forgive such unfair treatment being forced on his beloved Saint.

“I will protect Alexia-sama! No matter who I have to face!”

With this strong resolve, Diaz readied his sword once more.

But Leila was unable to take her stance.

Faced with the truth in Diaz’s words, she didn’t know what she should do.

If Elrise would lose herself after she defeated Witch… Imagining this grim future, she started to think that it would be better… if things could stay as they are and the Witch remains undefeated. 

Yes. Even now, the Witch still exists but with Elrise there, the period wouldn’t be much different from the peaceful period when the Witch didn’t exist.

And if that was the case, wouldn’t it be better to leave the Witch alone, and let Elrise keep being the Saint like this… these were Leila’s selfish thoughts.

“So you lost your fighting spirit… it is understandable.”

As Diaz apathetically said those words, he swung a finishing blow towards Leila.

However, in the next moment, there was another flash and Diaz was left holding the hilt of a broken sword. It had been cut from the very base of the blade.

The one who did it was Elrise.

Using a sword of light made using her magic, she didn’t merely parry Diaz’s sword but cut it off cleanly instead.


That was dangerous~

Leila was almost done in, so I hurriedly got between them and somehow succeeded in cutting off the Headmaster’s sword.

Oi, oi, why are you slacking off, Stocco?

Do things properly.

“Elrise…sama… the things he said…”

 “…It is the truth. The Witch’s true identity is that they are the Saint who defeats the previous Witch… That is the truth of the perpetual battle between the Witch and the Saint. As long as the Saint defeats the Witch, it will continue to be a cycle that never ends”

I made sure to put up my Saintly persona as I answered Stocco’s question.

A cycle that never ends, doesn’t that sound cool?

Well, since I am a fake, the cycle wouldn’t continue in the first place.

If I defeated the Witch, it would end her without continuing the cycle.

“Saint Elrise… the Greatest Saint of all time… I see… to think my sword could be cut off so easily. That title is not just for show, it seems.”

Thanks. I’m happy to be praised by an expert.

Well, I will still beat you up though.

You actually have the guts to try and kill my Stocco-chan? Hah!?

You even have such a smarmy-looking beard, you silver fox. 

“It seems you are aware of the truth. Then why do you keep fighting? Even though you know what awaits you after the fight.”

Oh? What? You want to use a mental attack on me this time?

Hou, he—h. I see. Since you are trying to play it that way, I’ll have to return the favor.

You managed to bring down my Stocco’s fighting spirit with your words, so I will do the same to you to make it even.

“It is because you wish to be stopped.”


Instant kill: change the topic and size them up!

It is all your fault, YO! Just strike him with vague logic!

In addition, let’s ask him about all the things I’ve been curious about since the game started.

“Why are you fostering knights in this academy? While you say you are protecting the Witch, you are fostering capable knights that would harm the Witch. It’s not even like you are purposely dropping the quality of the lessons… and it even produced an excellent knight like Leila.”

It was this. I had always wanted to ask him about this significant dissonance since the beginning of the game.

In the game, the Headmaster said he was protecting the Witch from enemies, but then wouldn’t it be better to not foster the proper knights in the first place?

Modify the curriculum a bit, drop the student quality, he had various opportunities to do so.

Yet he didn’t do so, and many powerful knights were produced from the academy as a result. Is he an idiot?

You see, from this, I could tell that he wanted to lose.

“You said you wished to protect the Witch. Yet on the other side, exactly because you love her… you suffered to see Alexia-sama lose herself as the Witch. You wish for someone to stop Alexia-sama… am I wrong, Headmaster Diaz?”


Huh? Did that shut you up?

Is this a Bullseye? Did I hit a Bullseye1?

Hey, answer back, you old man.

“Perhaps that was really the case… Indeed, rather than letting Alexia-sama lose herself even further… I have wished for someone to stop her.”

Oh, I got it right.

Do I have a talent as a detective?

The body is a Saint, the brain is scum! Her name is… no, it’s already no good to have a scummy brain.

It’s impossible for me to be a Detective.

“Rather than let her evil deeds accumulate as the Witch… perhaps she might be happier if the Saint stopped her… indeed, I do think this somewhere deep in my heart. Yes, I admit it. I really did wish for Alexia-sama to be stopped by the next Saint.”

Oh, he was getting honest.

Then, you won’t disturb us any longer, right?

I want to defeat the Witch, and you also want the Witch to be defeated so she can be saved.

Our goals matched, so there was no need to fight any longer.

“If that’s the case–”


Oh, don’t shout so suddenly. You surprised me.

“But, still, it’s no good! You can’t be allowed to defeat her.! Perhaps Alexia-sama may be saved if any other Saint beats her. But! It can only be worse if you’re the one who defeats Alexia-sama!”

Eh, what’s with that…?

Anyone else would be ok, but I’m not allowed? My feelings got hurt just now.

What is that? Discrimination? I’m the only one who gets discriminated against?

I don’t think that’s a very nice thing to say.

“I may have betrayed you, but even so… I was once a knight who protected the world. That’s why… I can’t let the world move toward a path of certain destruction. Saint Elrise… you are indeed the Greatest Saint of all time. While the best Saint to me could only be Alexia-sama, objectively speaking, I could see why you are called as such.”

As he said that, he assumed a stance with what was left of his sword.

He then used thunder magic to recreate the blade, turning it into a pure thunder magic sword.

Oh, that looks cool.

Whether or not it could realistically cut anything was one thing, but it still looked cool.

“You are the only one who should not be allowed to defeat Alexia-sama! If you defeat Alexia-sama and become the next Witch… there would be no one who could stop you! Nobody would be able to defeat the Witch anymore! The next Saint… or even the one after that! An invincible Witch will be born, and humanity will be destroyed… even if you don’t think that’s possible now, it will definitely end up like that! That is what it means to become a Witch! You are the one person who should never become a Witch!”

I see. I understood his point.

Well, considering his point of view, this was true.

Because he didn’t know that I was a fake.

I stopped the Headmaster’s incoming blade by grabbing it with one of my bare hands, then touched his chest with the other.

Then magic — BOOM2!

The Headmaster was blown back and pushed into a wall.

“Gah…Hah….gh. Too… strong…! No, no good… if this goes on… the world will truly end…!”

The Headmaster forced himself from the wall and sank to the ground in defeat. What awaited him was only prison life.

As I thought about it, I pitied him a bit.

Since he would be captured anyway, wasn’t it good to give him something to cheer him up?

Well, since I don’t like hugging old men though, I won’t do it the way I did with Aina.

“The world won’t be destroyed. I won’t become a Witch.”

 “Fool… if only it were so easy to solve… regardless of how much you think that… even if you keep wishing for peace… as long you are the Saint, you will become the Witch once you defeat one… regardless of how long you endure, in the end… Alexia-sama was also like that…”

Even as he gasped for breath, he was still somewhat conscious.

He was still a knight to the core, I guess, despite what he’s done.

Even with such a clear gap in ability, since there was the possibility of the world’s destruction, he tried his hardest to endure.

Toward such an old man, I drew closer and whispered the truth in his ear.

“The real Saint is Eterna, who is standing over there. I am only mistakenly thought of as one, a fake Saint. Please keep this a secret.”


As expected, he was quite shocked., Diaz looked at me seriously.

“The, there’s no way… for that to be… I can’t believe it…! You, who are said to be the greatest Saint of all time… to be..!”

Since he still doubted me, I showed him my palm which had held his thunder sword earlier.

Even though I used magic to guard against it, it still packed quite a punch.

While it was also due to the fact that I didn’t go all out, I got a small burn on my palm.

The Saint could only hurt by their own power or the Witch’s power… he would definitely understand the implications of this small burn.

“I already found a method to defeat the Witch without relying on the Saint’s power. Of course, even if I defeat Alexia-sama, I won’t become a Witch. Because I am a fake, after all.”

As I told him that, I gave him a Saint’s smile.

Then Diaz looked at me and relaxed, then laughed loudly.

“Fu, Fuhahaha…Fuhahahahahaha!! Now, this is a surprise… that’s truly a surprise, Elrise! To think, to think that was the case! You are amazing! Truly an amazing person! Since that is the case, things might really change… the cycle of the Witch and the Saint, that is!”

He laughed happily and sincerely, then collapsed as if he had used up all his power.

Oi, don’t collapse now.

I sat in front of you so I could whisper to you earlier. But if you fall now, it will end up looking like I gave you a lap pillow.

Oi, stop it. I have no interest in giving an old man a lap pillow. Move away, old man.

“…Can I ask you for one thing?”

 “What is it?”

Okay, I will do what you ask if I can do it, so move away.

“…Could you please save Alexia-sama, if it’s possible? I know it was impossible then but… if it was you, I have a feeling it might be possible…”

As he said that, he passed out… meanwhile his head was still on top of my lap…

Oi, move away. It’s heavy.

On top of that, he overestimated me and gave an unreasonable request right before collapsing.

“Please help the Witch”, why would I do that?

In the first place, do you even think there was such a convenient method…?

…Well, there was such a thing though…

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