Are any of y’all good at design or art? If so, we have some good news for you!

Watashi Wa Sugoi Desu is holding our inaugural logo and fanart competition to celebrate the 4th anniversary of this site, and we’re inviting all of you to join!

Get the chance to have your art displayed as our site and discord banner, as well as advanced viewing of 5 chapters of any series that we’re currently working on.

Requirements for each entry are listed below:

1) The logo must include our site’s acronym.
2) The logo should be relevant to our site somehow, whether it be a one of the series we’re doing or an icon that represents the group.
3) No plagiarism, immediate disqualification otherwise.
4) The logo should have a maximum height of 150 pixels.

1) The Fanart must be original.
2) No major spoilers in the art!
3) Entries can be digital or traditional.
4) If the fanart is a comic, the dialogue must be in English.

Each participant will be allowed ONE fanart and logo each.

The winners will be decided by a popular vote and a staff judging panel.

Have fun with it and let your creative juices flow!

So what are you waiting for? Send your entries to @hasr11#9300 on Discord or upload them on this link!

Deadline: 20th April 2021

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3 years ago

Just a question. When you say, fanart, does that mean the fanart of WWSD’s projects or anything like monster or plant etc?

3 years ago
Reply to  hasr11

Kay, thanks.

3 years ago