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Chapter 61: A Broken Love

Eterna’s rampage, which had been triggered by the Octopus’s kidnapping, was safely resolved. If one only focused on these results alone, it had ended with practically no casualties.

Practically, which really meant that it wasn’t totally without any casualties, though fortunately it was just a trivial one.

It was just that Mob Girl, who had been scheduled to leave the Academy in a month, ended up leaving immediately that same day.

I thought it was a little harsh to expel her, but that girl was also really creepy, so I didn’t oppose it too much.

Anyway, rather than longing for and imitating me, I hoped she could search for the good things within her that she might have already had.

Of course, there were also several students who had witnessed the battle, but we managed to convince them it was just a mock battle.

Then when night came, I went up to the rooftop.

Many things were damaged after that fight. It would be troublesome if I had to foot the bill for the repairs, so I decided to secretly fix it during the night and pretend I didn’t know about it. 

Besides, the academy rooftop was a sacred space for loners.

I knew about it. For people who had very few or no friends, they could come to eat here without worrying about anyone else. The rooftop was the sole place where they could do so in this academy.

If such a sanctuary were destroyed and they were barred from entry, they would end up falling into despair.

As a fellow no-good person, I didn’t want to let them feel such a hardship.

But as I approached the rooftop, I heard some people talking.

To think there would be people who’d go here this late at night… I wondered who they were.

If it was a couple who enjoyed fooling around at night, they might say things like, “No, it’s embarrassing to do it here,” and “Heh heh heh, don’t be so loud. We might get caught,” or something similar.

If such a thing truly happened, I shouldn’t disturb them.

Rather, I would just stealthily peek at them.

“It’s unbelievable… to think I destroyed all this…”

I recognized one of the voices.

I cracked the rooftop door open, then peeked through the gap. I saw two people standing there, Eterna and Vernell.

I see, so the no-good couple who came at this time of night is these two.

“Kuon no Sanka” was rated as a game suitable for all ages, but because of this rating, there were situations that had to happen off screen or were only implied to have happened.

… Nice one. Please keep going.

Go ahead… Go and climb the staircase to adulthood to your heart’s content…!

We all would… encourage such a scene… from the bottom of our hearts…!

“Back then, you said you wanted to talk to me… about what?”

As I listened to Vernell and Eterna’s conversation, I realized.

When a young man and a young woman got together alone, there was only one thing they would likely talk about.

I got excited, but I made sure to stealth with great care so as not to disturb the two.

It was alright. I would never disturb the two of them, or let anyone else do so.

If anyone approached, I would get rid of them.

“You see… I already know who Vernell is looking at. But I need to start moving forward … That’s why… I need to say this, or else I will just keep carrying this feeling within me…”

Eterna turned to face Vernell with a serious expression.

Her face was red, and the mood between them also seemed to reach a climax.

The night sky shone brightly with stars, as if to bless the two of them… no, it was just how it usually was.

I wished to stage this scene properly, but if I did I would get found out, so I held back.

“I… loved you.”

She said ittttt!

It cameeee, Full Base, Reversal Home Run!

From Elrise (the content of which was scum) Route that no one would be happy about, it changed into a miracle Route!

As expected, the Main Heroine is different!

Now this is a victory. I will eat and take a bath.

Regarding the confession scene in “Kuon no Sanka,” there was a success pattern and a failure pattern, which was based on one’s favorability.

Of course, depending on favorability, the other party might not be exactly against the idea, even if it was a failure. But anyway, there were 2 common patterns.

The common flow of the failure pattern was “Vernell confessed, and then the heroine rejected him.”

On the other hand, in the success pattern where one had high favorability, there were many cases where “the Heroine confessed to Vernell.” 

And once those events were triggered, the Route would be fixed to said heroine, and Vernell would never reject them.

In other words, it was a success pattern… success pattern… totally a success pattern…!

One out of a thousand chances…! Unprecedented…! Transcendence…! A Miracle…! A Divine Intervention… A Success Pattern…!

Congratulations, Vernell… Congratulations…! Congratulations…!

Congratulations! Congratulations! 1

Hm? No, wait a second.

Loved you?

“No, I guess that’s not exactly true. Even now, I still love you. But it’s more like I love you as a family member, and not as a man.”

Huh? Huhuh?

Now this was weird — I recognized this sentence.

This was Eterna’s response when the confession failed due to a lack of Favorability.

…HEY, Vernelllllll! As expected, you lacked favorability with her after all!

It’s all because you just did muscle training all the time!

“You see, I was always scared. You always seemed so far away from me, so I thought you’d eventually leave me behind while you ran off somewhere. That’s why I desperately chased after you… always looking at that back of yours… I thought I loved you as a man. But…”

As she said that, Eterna lifted her palm and let it emit a faint light.

Unlike my imitation, that was the real power of the Saint.

It seemed that she had managed to control it properly this time.

“Suddenly, I got this power, and now the back that always seemed so far away seems much closer… When I realized that I won’t ever be left behind anymore… that thing I thought of as romantic love for you was gone before I even noticed it. That’s how I realized it. I was merely scared of being left behind by my family.”

Uhm, this was not good.

It was totally the response for when there was a lack of Favorability.

If there was enough Favorability, it would have been “As I chased after that back of yours, I truly came to love it.” While if Favorability was lacking, it would be like what she had just said.

Well, it was a Galge, after all. There was no heroine who loved the protagonist from the very beginning; the feelings of love only developed once the game had started.

As the main heroine, Eterna’s initial Favorability was already quite high, but even so, it was not enough to get her to like the other party romantically.

So if, from the beginning, her favorability wasn’t raised at all, there was no way that love would bloom… It would be reinterpreted by her as her own misunderstanding in thinking so.

Yes, just like what was happening this time.

“Hahah, what’s with that? It’s as if I just got rejected by you.”

“Yes, that’s right. I’m currently rejecting you.”

Toward Vernell’s joking words, Eterna answered with a grin.

The sense of distance between them was totally more like that of family members rather than one between potential lovers; there was no ill will between them whatsoever.

Aaaah… no good, this is no good.

It was obvious to me that Eterna’s Route was thunderously crashing down..

Neither Vernell nor Eterna would see each other as possible romantic partners anymore.

“That’s all I had to say. Ah~ that’s refreshing.”

“What a cruel person. You called me here just to reject me, huh.”

Eterna, who had just ended her confession (?), had a more carefree and relaxed expression. Vernell also laughed as if he was relieved.

No, no, why are you making that kind of face? You just got rejected by the heroine, you know? Don’t you understand that?

“By the way, I’m asking just in case, but the person you love is…”

“Obviously, it’s Elrise-sama.”


Are you a homo!?

“…Thank you for the instant response. As expected. But it will be hard for you, you know? Elrise-sama is loved by everyone, but she’s not the type to treat anyone as special… I think she’s probably not interested in any kind of romantic relationship.”

“I know that, but it’s okay. Even if my feelings won’t reach her, I’m still free to have these feelings for her on my own, right?”

That was not good.

It still wasn’t too late to seriously search for another heroine at this point.

It might seem like Eterna had no more romantic feelings for him, but there might still be some small hope for them.

“Hah… really, I don’t know if I should just call you straightforward or foolish… Why did I ever misunderstand that I loved this kind of person.”


“It’s okay, you don’t have to apologize… Well then, since it’s like that, I will still support you. I did trouble you after all.”

As she said that with a smile, Eterna overflowed with the aura of a main heroine as she was illuminated by the moonlight.

Eterna-chan was seriously a Saint.

Also, it seemed that the Love Flag was totally destroyed.

Why did it end up like this…

Who was it, the fool called Elrise who destroyed Main Heroine-sama’s Love Flag.

…it was me. Damn it!

“Well then… see you tomorrow.”

“Yea, see you tomorrow.”

Eterna bid him goodbye and then left that place with a refreshed expression.

I hurriedly shrank back to the wall to avoid getting hit as Eterna passed in front of me.

At that moment, I heard a small voice.

“…Goodbye, my first love.”

Ve, Vernell, you could still make it! Go after her and embrace her!

You aren’t supposed to say goodbye to your first love!

Now go and confess to her, saying “After all, it’s only you for me, baby ~”

Hurry up! I don’t know what will happen if you don’t make it—!


But Vernell didn’t move.

He just silently stood there.

You useless mannn!

Now’s not the time to see her off with a refreshed expression!

Ah —… well to be honest, I already knew about it. But the person Vernell loved was me, of all people, huh…

Well, it seemed that according to the game, this world was in the “Elrise Route.” As foolish as I was, even I realized that. However it was another thing entirely to hear him say it so directly though…

Even when I managed to date a woman in my past life, it didn’t go well. I got rid of my virginity by using an app that let me pick a random partner on my smartphone. But really, what kind of punishment game was I in, for such an utter failure like me to attract a man? 

It might have been different if I was a someone who could say things like  “My mind was influenced by my body” or “since I’ve been in the body of a woman for such a long time, my awareness has become that of a woman’s,” and then accept that I’d become a homo. But… unfortunately, my mentality was still currently and consistently that of a man’s.

In the first place, the person that was ‘I’ already had a completely formed personality since my past life. Since I reincarnated with the knowledge and personality of this past life, there was nothing that could change it.

The foundation was already quite solid.

This forming of the foundations of personality began at 3 years old, and by the time one reached 10, then their personality (Lifestyle) was already quite set, or so I’ve heard.

During that time, if one’s parents were being too strict, or if one had been shunned by friends, it would lead to one developing into an adult with a  somewhat meek and unconfident personality.

On top of that, I already had around 30 years of experience in my past life, which ensured that the personality called “I” was already completely established.

Just because my consciousness had been transferred into a woman’s body, didn’t mean that I had internally changed into a woman as well.

That was why I was still “Fudou Niito” inside, and not “Elrise.”

Even if I lived decades or centuries longer… While my lifetime as Elrise would be longer than my lifetime as Fudou Niito, I would still stay as Fudou Niito.

It would be embedded in my consciousness that I was not “Elrise who happened to have memories of Fudou Niito,” but “Fudou Niito who ended up becoming Elrise.”

In other words… I was sorry for Vernell, but that feeling of his toward me would never be rewarded, and no one would be happy in the end.

Because, even at this point, there was not even a millimeter of interest within me to “fall in love with a man.”

But based on my own experience, TS 2was something that, for those who experienced it, could make one’s body into a sort of prison.

If they loved a dude, they would be mentally be a Homo… if they loved a woman, they would physically be doing Yuri.

It would be that same as same sex love, regardless of which one they chose.

I did have some interest in TS fiction, but since I was in that situation myself this time, it was more like a punishment game… well.

I said it before, but I loved being complimented.

It made me feel good to be told by a man that I was beautiful and pretty, or that I was admired.

Basically, I was a person who was greedy for approval. 

But it only felt good when people thought that of me from afar.

It was like how some people played as Nekama on the Internet. There were people who felt happy when they were treated as a princess, right? It was something like that. 3

Basically, you felt important because your existence was approved of by the people around you.

But, there were not many amongst those kinds of people who seriously wanted to romance a dude on the other side of the screen… At least, that was what I thought.

Anyway, I was satisfied with just being complimented, but it was a whole different issue for me to romance a dude in real life.

It was like using a female avatar in a game.

Using a female avatar, roleplaying as a princess, and then getting married inside a game… It was a particular way of enjoying something. While I’d never do it myself, I think something like that could be fun.

It was not like I was doing the actual romancing myself, after all… I was merely moving a game character around.

But I would definitely hate it if I was the one who actually had to do it, and not my character.

Toward such a person as myself, even if the other person said they loved me and wanted to romance me, I wouldn’t be able to sincerely answer them.

Or rather… what should I do about this? Seriously, what should I do?

I originally wanted to prevent Eterna’s death in the Ending by any means necessary, and I took actions based on that feeling.

And the result really was getting closer to what I wanted.

I wouldn’t allow Eterna to defeat the Witch. With me defeating the Witch instead, the cycle would end.

I thoroughly believed that was the road leading to the Happy END, and I still didn’t doubt that.

Then ensuring she survived and got together with Vernell was the greatest Happy END. Or so I thought… Yet at this very moment, it was destroyed, and this was done by my own hand and not anyone else’s.

Ueeee… this was bad.

Eterna also seemed convinced about her decision. It wasn’t like she had to be tied with Vernell to find happiness, so it was not like my goal was totally ruined, but…

Rather, my attempt to tie Vernell and Eterna together was, simply put, just me selfishly indulging myself. There was no real obligation or need for them to be together.

And so, there was only one thing I could do here… there was just one thing.

I will pretend that I didn’t hear any of it (Run away from reality). Let what happens, happen.


– I initially planned for Eterna to have a serious heartbreak out of this, but when I thought about it, it’s not like she had a high amount of favorability, so the end result became like this.

To save Eterna from unhappiness, the right course was not by raising her Favorability. It was by lowering it instead!

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