Fake Saint of the Year 30

Fake Saint of the Year 30

Fake Saint of the Year

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Geli

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Chapter 30: Anxiety

The members of the Headmaster’s faction were all arrested and brought away by the soldiers that arrived after the incident.

People who were deceived into it, including Aina, were also taken with them. However, it seemed that they were released after their statements of the incident were recorded.

This should have been the end of the incident, yet the legs of Vernell’s group felt heavy as they walked back to the student dorm.

It was because of the terrible truth that they discovered during this incident.

The identity of the Witch is that of the Saint… and if the Saint were to defeat the Witch, they will inevitably be forced to become the next Witch.

While this information was shocking enough for Vernell’s group, the shock was even greater for adults like Leila and Supple. 

Leila was born 20 years ago, within the period of peace won by Alexia.

And three years after… 17 years before today, the Witch was born… no, Alexia turned into the Witch and the peace was broken but, even so, Leila had experienced 3 years of peace, where she managed to live and nurture a kind heart.

Supple was born 25 years ago, which meant he had suffered the period of the Witch before Alexia’s. This was the period when the Saint before Alexia was slain by demons; a hellish dark age that lasted over 40 years.

It was exactly because Supple had lived through that hell that he truly appreciated the five short years of peace the Saint had managed to recover. It was also why he has admired and was enthralled by such an existence.

While his heart now only served Elrise, the one who started his faith toward the Saint was Alexia.

The fact that such a Saint had turned into the Witch… was definitely a heavy blow to him.

Meanwhile, Elrise was already active as the Saint when she was 10 years old. She managed to make the world peaceful enough; it could even be comparable to the period without the Witch’s presence. That happened 7 years ago.

In the past, regardless of which Saint it was, all they ever managed to earn was 5 years of peace.

Thinking about it now with the information they had obtained, that was the period those Saints managed to suppress the curse and avoid turning into the Witch.

Yet Elrise already has maintained 7 years of peace because of her exceptional power. On top of that, unlike the other Saints, she has still managed to live on.

These facts alone were enough to make her known as the Greatest Saint of all time.

But this greatest Saint of all time may end up becoming the worst calamity of all time.

With all the power Elrise possessed, were she to turn into the Witch… it would all be as Diaz had claimed. No one would be able to win.

Even if the next Saint was born, they won’t be able to end the age of darkness.

It would be a dark age that continued until humanity was brought to extinction.

That’s why it was strange to Vernell.

Even though Diaz stubbornly proclaimed that Elrise must never be allowed to defeat Alexia, why did his attitude suddenly change during the last moment? 

The reason was that Elrise had whispered something to him and then showed him her palm.

After that moment, he laughed and said something like “the cycle of the Witch and Saint may finally come to an end,” then he collapsed and his head landed right on top of Elrise’s lap.

Supple was greatly envious of that, and even Vernell also felt envi… no, that’s wrong. That’s not what he should be thinking right now.

What was it? What did Diaz see? What did he hear?

The Saint will end up becoming the Witch. Were Elrise to become the Witch, she would be an invincible Witch that nobody would be able to stop.

That was the very reason Diaz tried to put a stop to her, but then he suddenly changed his mind?

…He didn’t understand.

Even when he asked Elrise directly, all she said was, “it’s a secret.”

But at the very least, Elrise had shown and told “something” that managed to convince Diaz.

That alone was certain.

With the Headmaster’s faction arrested, the Witch no longer had eyes within the Academy.

She might still be hidden somewhere, but with Supple controlling the Styil communication, he could impersonate the headmaster and stay in contact with the Witch, all while passing the information to Elrise.

All that was left was to find out where the Witch was located.

That alone was enough for Elrise to seize victory.

But… were Elrise to win, it would mean that despair will come after.

Is this really alright?

Is it alright for Elrise to defeat the Witch?

Isn’t it better to keep the status quo like it is now?

These forbidden thoughts filled everyone’s minds.

The Headmaster’s faction was safely arrested, and with this, no one would leak the information to Witch now.

I won, time to go to a meal. Ah, I got it wrong, time to eat my meal1.

While I was feeling slightly high now, I still couldn’t go underground.

There was still no guarantee that we were able to capture all the spies, so it was better to be cautious for a while.

And even without her spies, if the Witch spotted me the moment I go underground, she would immediately teleport away.

In the end, nothing had really changed as long as there was no countermeasure for her teleport.

And so, I continued to think of various methods to prevent it, but I still couldn’t come up with a good idea.

In the first place, was there even any kind of cheat skill that was capable of stopping the disintegration of small particles in this world?

Using my knowledge of fantasy fiction, I might be able to find a thing or two, but maybe because the base of this world was a Galge, none of these specific things seemed to work.

Well, that’s also the very reason that I, despite not necessarily knowing these specific details, managed to become undefeated though.

Since I have nothing to do right now, I was currently making cakes and puddings for each nation’s royalty as a bribe.

This world’s civilization is your typical European middle ages sort, but it’s a convenient civilization where the cities were not filled with filth.

Also, things like snacks were not too developed as well.

They managed to produce only 10 percent of the potential sugar production until the recent year, and they only started using sugar in large amounts in the last decade.

Having an oven is monopolized by high-ranked groups like the Nobles, the Royalty, and the Saint’s Church; eating sweet snacks was like their special right.

That was the reason why snacks were not too developed. The sweet snacks here were basically just on the level of bread dipped in honey or sugar.

It’s literally unbearable for me, who was from the modern age, so I made a pudding that could be created from simple ingredients and sponge cake with cream for my own eating pleasure. However, I also gifted it to others through the Guard Knights as a bribe; it unexpectedly got a good response and it became popular amongst the royalty.

I desperately tried to hold back my laughter the time one of the kings who first tried it said, “It’s so fluffy, it feels like I ate a cloud! It’s the first time I ate a cloud!” Cloud… cloud, you say. If you want to eat cloud then just chew on ice2.

In addition, because of said king, the cake I made is not named cake, but now has an absurd name like “cloud,” and this got spread instead.

It’s such a terrible name. It’s like the name of a certain someone who swung around a big sword and kept saying he was not interested in many things 3.

Meanwhile, the pudding was arbitrarily named “Mount” since it looked like a mountain.

It was a series of idiotic names, but it made the Royalty and Nobles happily say, “Let us eat mountain and cloud!” Were they idiots?

Well, thanks to that, the snacks I made become something that could only be tasted by especially high-ranked people and were popularly known as the “Saint’s snack.”

Obviously, I kept the cooking method a secret. It was my own monopoly, misters.

I’m not a good guy like most protagonists who transferred to other worlds like in the stories, so I will hoard this secret till the day I die.

Well, there was a reason for this bribe.

The royalty in this world basically already knew the fate of the Saint.

Moreover, the Saint’s castle was designed to imprison the Saint who came back after defeating the Witch.

It’s usually a luxurious castle but, with a single switch, it could instantly turn into a prison.

In addition, there were secretly bred demons hidden below the castle.

The reason? To kill the Saint, of course.

It was already proven that demons could kill the Saint.

In other words, while the royalty of the different countries were currently amicable, the moment the Witch was gone, they would instantly turn into an enemy.

Since I knew that, I tried to grasp their stomachs through bribes.

If I were to defeat the Witch and exit the stage by dying, I wouldn’t have to do this, but this was insurance in case I was revealed as a fake Saint and exiled.

If I show my worth besides being the Saint, perhaps some people out there might try to welcome me after my exile for my snacks instead.

While only a little of my lifespan remained, I didn’t want to spend that short time living as a fugitive.

It was an obvious wish for people to live in luxury until the end.

As I made the bribes, someone knocked on the door, so I said, “Come in.” Leila then entered my room.

It was unusual for her to say nothing after she entered.

What is it? Are you lured by smell, you pleasure seeker~

Just wait a bit. You also have a share.

Ah, no good, there isn’t enough. I guess I will give her my portion instead.

“Elrise-sama… I have something to ask you.”

Ou, what? My three sizes?

Sorry, I never measured it, so I don’t know.

Eh… it’s not that?

“Elrise-sama, do you intend to defeat the Witch?”


Why are you asking about such an obvious thing?

If the Witch is not defeated, how could you achieve the Happy END?

…no, actually there was a way to achieve a happy end without killing the Witch. 

As I said before, the Witch Alexia was also a romance target in this game, so the Alexia route exists.

That route was all about saving her from the fate of the Witch and leading her to happiness.

Obviously, the last boss in this route was Eterna, and she would end up dying. Such a pitiful girl.

But it’s a high difficulty route, so I didn’t add it to my chart4.

Headmaster Diaz just irresponsibly asked me to also save Alexia, but I honestly didn’t feel like doing it.

“The Saint who defeats the Witch will become the next Witch, according to the Headmaster… and Elrise-sama already knew about it from the beginning. But I don’t think you plan to become the Witch at all. Please… tell me…! Are… are you… are you planning to commit suicide after defeating Alexia-sama!?”

At Leila’s words, my smile deepened.

You almost got it! It’s very close, but it’s slightly wrong.

To be exact, it’s not suicide, since the dark power from the Witch would kill me instead.

Then I will spend my afterlife living a happy NEET-style life.

You might think I have too little attachment to my own life, but I was well aware of how my thoughts differed from normal people.

But as long as my sense of self remained, whether I was actually alive or dead was a trivial thing.

 “Disappearing” and “death” are different things… what I was more scared about was losing myself, so if my sense of self remained, it was not a big deal to me if I died.

I spent my past life (on Earth) decently, all that is left was for me to spend life lazily surfing the net, playing games, and reading light novels until the moment I die.

I am such a person. Perhaps I have a few screws loose somewhere in my head.

“Please, tell me… am I… no, are the Guard Knights… were these people who served the Saint the very ones to force them to the land of death..?”

As I looked at slowly crying Leila, I thought about it.

How much I could tell her?

First of all, it’s too early to tell her everything.

If I tell her I was a fake Saint here, it would be leaked somewhere and the situation could escalate into something like a “You are actually a fake! Banish her!” development; it would be troublesome.

While I was sure Leila would keep her lips sealed, it has been said that people can’t put a lid on someone’s mouth.

I wouldn’t really mind if I was found out as a fake and the title returned to Eterna.

Rather, that’s how it should be; that’s the last thing I have to do after all this.

Leila is from a family who served the Saint and took pride in it.

For her, it would be hard to take if the person she was protecting ended up dying.

She has currently lost her Knight’s raison d’ȇtre.

That’s why I wiped her tears with my finger and reassured her.

“You don’t have to worry about that, Leila. Even amongst knights, only very few are aware of that, even with those people who directly served the royalty as well. I, too, didn’t come to know about it immediately. It’s just a coincidence that I came to know about it.”

Mainly, from meta knowledge outside the game!

But this meta-knowledge was, in a way, foul play beyond any kind of cheat.

Well, I will still exploit it though.

“The Saint’s and the Witch’s fate… is it possible to change it…? Is there no way… for the Saint to be saved?”

 “No, it is possible to change it. That’s why I am here.”

Well actually, I didn’t really understand why I was here in the first place.

Even so, it was better for my emotions and motivation to think of it like this.

Yes, I came to make this game to achieve the Happy END.

“It is okay, Leila. Your Saint will definitely not die. I will definitely put an end to that sad fate within this generation.”

 “Is– is it true..? Is there really a way for them to avoid dying, to avoid becoming a Witch!?”

 “Yes, there is. I can’t tell you in detail right now, but… please believe and follow me.”

Leila’s expression grew brighter and she hurriedly wiped her tears.

Well, I didn’t speak any lies.

The Saint indeed won’t die or become a Witch.

Well, Leila cares quite a lot for me, so if I were to die, she might cry a bit; but she would surely get back on her feet soon after.

Because unlike me, who only looked perfect on the outside, the real Saint was truly a nice girl.

Or rather, I was feeling slightly guilty for deceiving her all this time.

Because Leila was the person who was truly supposed to serve Eterna, and she has worked hard for that reason since her childhood. 

Yet the thing she served is a fake who was really a man inside. It’s totally bullying.

For this capable girl to keep serving a fake like me, it made my sesame seed-sized conscience hurt.

That’s why I wanted to let her serve her rightful master instead.

“It’s okay. I will make the future a HAPPY END, where everyone will be joyful once they reach it.”

There was no error in my plan!

I shall be Depression Breaker Elrise.

Wаnt tо gеt еаrlу ассеѕѕ tо сhарtеrѕ fоr thіѕ ѕtоrу? Wе’ll bе роѕtіng аdvаnсеd сhарtеrѕ thrоugh Ко-fі!

Wаtаѕhі wа Ѕugоі Dеѕu іѕ сеlеbrаtіng іtѕ 4th уеаr аnnіvеrѕаrу wіth а lоgо аnd fаnаrt соntеѕt! Wаnt tо раrtісіраtе? Сhесk оut thе dеtаіlѕ hеrе!

Fake Saint of the Year 30

Fake Saint of the Year 29

Fake Saint of the Year

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Geli

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 29: The Fate of the Saint

— the Witch’s identity was that of the previous generation’s Saint.

Everyone was in denial rather than in doubt of the unbelievable truth that Diaz had just uttered.

No, they wanted to deny it.

They wanted to believe that it was an impossibility… They wished it was a lie.

The Saint is the Hope of humanity. The Symbol of Light.

If that was the truth of the situation… then only the worst future could be imagined.

“…That– That’s nonsense! For Alexia-sama… for the previous generation’s Saint… to become like that…”

 “Yet you just thought, what if it’s true? Didn’t you?”


Leila cried out as if to deny Diaz’s words, but there was no strength in her voice.

It was just as Diaz said.

For a long time, she’d actually already held such doubts.

The Saint who fought the Witch always died. Why was that?

Even after defeating the Witch, another Witch would appear not long after. Why was that?

There were people who have witnessed the birth of a Saint. While they were eventually separated, their parents had existed.

Yet nobody ever witnessed the moment a Witch was born… why was that?

The answer to all of these questions was in the words Diaz had proclaimed then.

“Tha, that’s… it’s only the case for Alexia-sama… isn’t it?”

 “You are not that much of a fool who would need to be spoon-fed to understand, are you? Even so, I will tell you… every one of them was like that. The Witch that I and Alexia-sama defeated was the previous… No, since the Saint who preceded Alexia-sama was killed by demons, it was the one before that… anyway, it is what Saint would end up becoming.”

Leila unconsciously took a step back.

Even if she tried not to think about it, she kept imagining the worst scenario.

If the kind Elrise were to become a Witch and rule the world with fear… it seemed like an inevitable future that should be prevented at all costs, but she imagined it then in her mind.

When that time arrived, what would she do?

Will she become like Diaz, who protected his master even after she became a Witch? Or… would she point her sword toward Elrise?

“You’re shocked, I see. It’s understandable… I came to know this truth after defeating the previous Witch. The moment the previous Witch died, the Dark power within the Witch flew into Alexia-sama. In the early days after that, Alexia-sama was still what she was. I didn’t even understand what had happened then, I could only panic. Even so, I thought it was best to have it treated early. So I hurriedly brought her back to the Saint’s Castle. After I entrusted Alexia-sama to the Healer Squad and reported to the king that we had defeated the Witch… what do you think happened?”

 “…That’s… didn’t they do all they could to treat Alexia-sama…”

Leila said the words with such hope as if praying they would be true.

She wished it would be the case. No, rather, please let it be the case.

Toward such a wish… obviously, it could only be disappointed.

“I was arrested immediately there, not understanding what I did wrong.”


 “Then a few days later, I was told the truth by the nation’s Prime Minister. The identity of the Witch and the Fate of Saint… and the fact they tried to kill Alexia-sama, but she managed to escape… they told me all this. Then they said, “Since you are capable Knight, forget about the previous Saint and lend us your power to protect the next Saint”… I…ended up agreeing to such terms, and became this academy’s teacher…”

As he talked, he struck the wall as if to vent.

His anger must’ve been roused as he talked about his circumstances.

Burdened by the mission of the Saint from the moment she was born, taken away from her parents, and raised for the sole reason of defeating the Witch… And once she fulfilled such a mission and should finally have been able to live normally, what awaited her was betrayal from the very people she had protected.

Diaz was unable to forgive such unfair treatment being forced on his beloved Saint.

“I will protect Alexia-sama! No matter who I have to face!”

With this strong resolve, Diaz readied his sword once more.

But Leila was unable to take her stance.

Faced with the truth in Diaz’s words, she didn’t know what she should do.

If Elrise would lose herself after she defeated Witch… Imagining this grim future, she started to think that it would be better… if things could stay as they are and the Witch remains undefeated. 

Yes. Even now, the Witch still exists but with Elrise there, the period wouldn’t be much different from the peaceful period when the Witch didn’t exist.

And if that was the case, wouldn’t it be better to leave the Witch alone, and let Elrise keep being the Saint like this… these were Leila’s selfish thoughts.

“So you lost your fighting spirit… it is understandable.”

As Diaz apathetically said those words, he swung a finishing blow towards Leila.

However, in the next moment, there was another flash and Diaz was left holding the hilt of a broken sword. It had been cut from the very base of the blade.

The one who did it was Elrise.

Using a sword of light made using her magic, she didn’t merely parry Diaz’s sword but cut it off cleanly instead.


That was dangerous~

Leila was almost done in, so I hurriedly got between them and somehow succeeded in cutting off the Headmaster’s sword.

Oi, oi, why are you slacking off, Stocco?

Do things properly.

“Elrise…sama… the things he said…”

 “…It is the truth. The Witch’s true identity is that they are the Saint who defeats the previous Witch… That is the truth of the perpetual battle between the Witch and the Saint. As long as the Saint defeats the Witch, it will continue to be a cycle that never ends”

I made sure to put up my Saintly persona as I answered Stocco’s question.

A cycle that never ends, doesn’t that sound cool?

Well, since I am a fake, the cycle wouldn’t continue in the first place.

If I defeated the Witch, it would end her without continuing the cycle.

“Saint Elrise… the Greatest Saint of all time… I see… to think my sword could be cut off so easily. That title is not just for show, it seems.”

Thanks. I’m happy to be praised by an expert.

Well, I will still beat you up though.

You actually have the guts to try and kill my Stocco-chan? Hah!?

You even have such a smarmy-looking beard, you silver fox. 

“It seems you are aware of the truth. Then why do you keep fighting? Even though you know what awaits you after the fight.”

Oh? What? You want to use a mental attack on me this time?

Hou, he—h. I see. Since you are trying to play it that way, I’ll have to return the favor.

You managed to bring down my Stocco’s fighting spirit with your words, so I will do the same to you to make it even.

“It is because you wish to be stopped.”


Instant kill: change the topic and size them up!

It is all your fault, YO! Just strike him with vague logic!

In addition, let’s ask him about all the things I’ve been curious about since the game started.

“Why are you fostering knights in this academy? While you say you are protecting the Witch, you are fostering capable knights that would harm the Witch. It’s not even like you are purposely dropping the quality of the lessons… and it even produced an excellent knight like Leila.”

It was this. I had always wanted to ask him about this significant dissonance since the beginning of the game.

In the game, the Headmaster said he was protecting the Witch from enemies, but then wouldn’t it be better to not foster the proper knights in the first place?

Modify the curriculum a bit, drop the student quality, he had various opportunities to do so.

Yet he didn’t do so, and many powerful knights were produced from the academy as a result. Is he an idiot?

You see, from this, I could tell that he wanted to lose.

“You said you wished to protect the Witch. Yet on the other side, exactly because you love her… you suffered to see Alexia-sama lose herself as the Witch. You wish for someone to stop Alexia-sama… am I wrong, Headmaster Diaz?”


Huh? Did that shut you up?

Is this a Bullseye? Did I hit a Bullseye1?

Hey, answer back, you old man.

“Perhaps that was really the case… Indeed, rather than letting Alexia-sama lose herself even further… I have wished for someone to stop her.”

Oh, I got it right.

Do I have a talent as a detective?

The body is a Saint, the brain is scum! Her name is… no, it’s already no good to have a scummy brain.

It’s impossible for me to be a Detective.

“Rather than let her evil deeds accumulate as the Witch… perhaps she might be happier if the Saint stopped her… indeed, I do think this somewhere deep in my heart. Yes, I admit it. I really did wish for Alexia-sama to be stopped by the next Saint.”

Oh, he was getting honest.

Then, you won’t disturb us any longer, right?

I want to defeat the Witch, and you also want the Witch to be defeated so she can be saved.

Our goals matched, so there was no need to fight any longer.

“If that’s the case–”


Oh, don’t shout so suddenly. You surprised me.

“But, still, it’s no good! You can’t be allowed to defeat her.! Perhaps Alexia-sama may be saved if any other Saint beats her. But! It can only be worse if you’re the one who defeats Alexia-sama!”

Eh, what’s with that…?

Anyone else would be ok, but I’m not allowed? My feelings got hurt just now.

What is that? Discrimination? I’m the only one who gets discriminated against?

I don’t think that’s a very nice thing to say.

“I may have betrayed you, but even so… I was once a knight who protected the world. That’s why… I can’t let the world move toward a path of certain destruction. Saint Elrise… you are indeed the Greatest Saint of all time. While the best Saint to me could only be Alexia-sama, objectively speaking, I could see why you are called as such.”

As he said that, he assumed a stance with what was left of his sword.

He then used thunder magic to recreate the blade, turning it into a pure thunder magic sword.

Oh, that looks cool.

Whether or not it could realistically cut anything was one thing, but it still looked cool.

“You are the only one who should not be allowed to defeat Alexia-sama! If you defeat Alexia-sama and become the next Witch… there would be no one who could stop you! Nobody would be able to defeat the Witch anymore! The next Saint… or even the one after that! An invincible Witch will be born, and humanity will be destroyed… even if you don’t think that’s possible now, it will definitely end up like that! That is what it means to become a Witch! You are the one person who should never become a Witch!”

I see. I understood his point.

Well, considering his point of view, this was true.

Because he didn’t know that I was a fake.

I stopped the Headmaster’s incoming blade by grabbing it with one of my bare hands, then touched his chest with the other.

Then magic — BOOM2!

The Headmaster was blown back and pushed into a wall.

“Gah…Hah….gh. Too… strong…! No, no good… if this goes on… the world will truly end…!”

The Headmaster forced himself from the wall and sank to the ground in defeat. What awaited him was only prison life.

As I thought about it, I pitied him a bit.

Since he would be captured anyway, wasn’t it good to give him something to cheer him up?

Well, since I don’t like hugging old men though, I won’t do it the way I did with Aina.

“The world won’t be destroyed. I won’t become a Witch.”

 “Fool… if only it were so easy to solve… regardless of how much you think that… even if you keep wishing for peace… as long you are the Saint, you will become the Witch once you defeat one… regardless of how long you endure, in the end… Alexia-sama was also like that…”

Even as he gasped for breath, he was still somewhat conscious.

He was still a knight to the core, I guess, despite what he’s done.

Even with such a clear gap in ability, since there was the possibility of the world’s destruction, he tried his hardest to endure.

Toward such an old man, I drew closer and whispered the truth in his ear.

“The real Saint is Eterna, who is standing over there. I am only mistakenly thought of as one, a fake Saint. Please keep this a secret.”


As expected, he was quite shocked., Diaz looked at me seriously.

“The, there’s no way… for that to be… I can’t believe it…! You, who are said to be the greatest Saint of all time… to be..!”

Since he still doubted me, I showed him my palm which had held his thunder sword earlier.

Even though I used magic to guard against it, it still packed quite a punch.

While it was also due to the fact that I didn’t go all out, I got a small burn on my palm.

The Saint could only hurt by their own power or the Witch’s power… he would definitely understand the implications of this small burn.

“I already found a method to defeat the Witch without relying on the Saint’s power. Of course, even if I defeat Alexia-sama, I won’t become a Witch. Because I am a fake, after all.”

As I told him that, I gave him a Saint’s smile.

Then Diaz looked at me and relaxed, then laughed loudly.

“Fu, Fuhahaha…Fuhahahahahaha!! Now, this is a surprise… that’s truly a surprise, Elrise! To think, to think that was the case! You are amazing! Truly an amazing person! Since that is the case, things might really change… the cycle of the Witch and the Saint, that is!”

He laughed happily and sincerely, then collapsed as if he had used up all his power.

Oi, don’t collapse now.

I sat in front of you so I could whisper to you earlier. But if you fall now, it will end up looking like I gave you a lap pillow.

Oi, stop it. I have no interest in giving an old man a lap pillow. Move away, old man.

“…Can I ask you for one thing?”

 “What is it?”

Okay, I will do what you ask if I can do it, so move away.

“…Could you please save Alexia-sama, if it’s possible? I know it was impossible then but… if it was you, I have a feeling it might be possible…”

As he said that, he passed out… meanwhile his head was still on top of my lap…

Oi, move away. It’s heavy.

On top of that, he overestimated me and gave an unreasonable request right before collapsing.

“Please help the Witch”, why would I do that?

In the first place, do you even think there was such a convenient method…?

…Well, there was such a thing though…

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Fake Saint of the Year 30

Fake Saint of the Year 28

Fake Saint of the Year

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Geli

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Chapter 28: Knight VS Knight

It had been two weeks since the conversation between Aina and the Headmaster. Vernell and his group were now fighting against the Headmaster’s faction.

These people were Knights who had protected the previous Saint, had their achievements recognized, and were teachers; they had unexpectedly betrayed humanity. They didn’t hesitate to participate in the operation to clean up all these traitors.

He did wonder about their reasons for doing this despite being such decorated individuals.

However, protecting Elrise and becoming her strength was more important to Vernell than such things. 

“Saint-sama, don’t be fooled. That man, Supple, is a follower of the Witch! You must not be deceived! Please believe me! All my actions and words, everything is for Saint-sama!”

 “Yes, I believe you. Everything you did is for your Saint’s sake. That’s exactly why I’m sure you are a follower of Witch.”

Elrise calmly responded to the Headmaster’s words.

But Vernell’s group was unable to understand what they were talking about.

She believed every action of the Headmaster was for Saint’s sake, yet that’s why he was the Witch’s follower? That was an odd thing to say.

But it seemed the headmaster understood what she meant, and his expression changed.

“The secret of the Saint and the Witch’s identity, I know all about it.”

 “I see… so you know… since that is the case, there’s no need to keep the charade…”

As the Headmaster heard Elrise’s words, he drew his sword.

Vernell still didn’t understand what they were talking about.

Yet, he instinctively knew it was a topic that touched at the very core of something.

“The secret of the Saint…? The identity of the Witch…? Elrise-sama, what are you talking about…”

 “Leila, we will talk about it later. For now, concentrate on what is in front of you.”

It seemed that it was something that even Leila, who was a Prime Knight, knew nothing about.

Without giving them any time to think about what that meant, the headmaster slashed at Elrise.

It was fast — he honestly thought so.

Even though he was already old, he still possessed a speed that could cut through the wind.

The fact he was once a Prime Knight who protected the previous Saint was not an empty title.

But beside Elrise right now was Leila, the current Prime Knight. 

She quickly drew her sword and parried the Headmaster’s strike.

“Diaz-dono! I won’t forgive you for pointing your blade at Elrise-sama!”

 “Leila Scott, huh…”

Leila and the Headmaster, past and present Prime Knights respectively, began their battle with each other.

They swung their swords so fast they became silvery-white afterimages. The echoing sound of clashing metal surrounded them.

Their swords clashed against each other in a crisscross pattern, with each clash producing sparks. Just as their swords seemed to separate, they clashed several times once more., 

The clashes were too fast, it gave the impression that they struck against each other several times in the same moment.

Because it was a battle between experts, their swords clashed as if they were in a mock battle for a class.

When Vernell was learning about swordplay during lessons, they had pointed their swords slowly using wooden swords, and they were supposed to move equally slowly to receive it, all while searching for the best possible movement. Afterward, the roles of attacking and defending were switched.

The goal of this kind of training was to confirm one’s technique and movement, as well as to learn how to reduce any wasteful movements.

The slow movements of the attacker were blocked by the defender just as slowly.

If any wasted movements occurred during this moment, you could quickly see the moment that “you wouldn’t be to defend” since the movements were so slow. As such, you became sensitive towards such movements.

Repeating all this would slowly reduce wasted movements until it reached a paradoxical point called a “moving deadlock.” In that situation, regardless of how much both sides moved, both would be unable to hit each other. This would then be the end of the lesson.

Leila and Headmaster’s fight was exactly that. Because both had no wasted movement, it became a battle between equals.

However — it was frighteningly fast.

Did those two see a world where time stopped moving?

If you attack at that speed, those who defend would only have an instant to react.

Yet terrifyingly, both of them were capable of effectively reacting to the enemy’s movement despite the minuscule amount of time between attacks.

They switched between the role of attacker and defender over and over.

It was as if they were experiencing accelerated time, their battle level was that extraordinary.

While everyone else was gaping at the battle between Leila and the Headmaster, Elrise was the only one who noticed another scene.

Vernell only noticed it after he heard Aina’s voice.

Vernell didn’t even think to check on her.

This wasn’t because Vernell was cruel or anything. 

It’s just that in this ever-moving battlefield, no one had the leisure to care about a lone girl.

Everyone was desperately trying to keep themselves alive.

It’s not like Vernell was a cold person.

It’s just that this was not the right time for that. So with that kind of thinking, he didn’t think to look towards Aina.

However, it was always during those moments where no one was watching because “it was not the right time for that” that tragedy occurs.

Even so, Elrise alone… Regardless of when it was, she was able to notice the tiniest cry for help every time.

Even if it was not the right time for it, she still chose to answer these cries.

“Saint-sama… please let go of me… I… after doing all that… I can no longer face my otou-sama and everyone…”

Aina raised her tear-streaked face towards Elrise, and Elrise embraced her and lightly patted her back to calm her down.

Even if she was the greatest Saint of all time, it was impossible to save everyone.

Regardless of how capable she was, she was no god but only a mere human.

Even so, she would at least save those who she could reach.

If those who needed help are within her reach, she would never abandon them.

Seeing this unchanging and precious soul in action, Vernell was reminded of his own first encounter with Elrise.

“It’s okay… I do understand. You’re just trying to protect me. You just failed a little bit at it.”

 “But… I… did an unforgivable thing… to side along with the Witch…”

 “I forgive you.”

She will surely forgive every sin that was directed towards her.

Elrise’s voice towards Aina didn’t even carry the slightest bit of blame in it. Instead, it was filled with a kindness that embraced her.

As if a dam had burst within her, Aina started weeping profusely. Yet Elrise didn’t even care that her dress was soiled with Aina’s tears and simply continued to embrace her.

“It’s alright. Everyone will understand. Everyone will forgive you. Isn’t it? Vernell-kun?”

Elrise called to Vernell for his assent. 

Then Vernell hurriedly nodded, and his actions were closely followed by his group.

Right then, Supple-sensei who had been fighting against the Headmaster’s faction just a moment ago was crawling on the floor and looking toward Elrise while spouting “How precious…” Go back to fighting already, you Perverted Glasses Bastard.

“Of course it is.”

 “Yes. You didn’t do anything bad in the first place.”

 “It’s alright, Aina-san. You can still make up for your mistake.”

Vernell, John, and Eterna said these words with smiles.

“Yes… from now on, let’s work hard together…?”

 “Yes. It is reassuring to have you as a comrade.”

Mary and Fiora also agreed wholeheartedly.

This was an especially meaningful statement from Mary, whose hand had been slapped away by Aina, and who she had thought of as a cheater. There was no anger at all in Mary’s voice.

Vernell and Mary reached out to Aina with their hands.

Then Aina, who had once slapped away that hand… even though she was still a bit discomposed by the situation, this time she firmly grasped their hands.

With the addition of Aina to Vernell’s group, the others who were also fooled into it like her roused their anger towards the Headmaster’s faction and joined the fight.

The Allied side has better momentum and, on top of that, even though the other side was comprised of former Knights, they were already old.

Their capabilities were already less than half of what they once had during their heyday.

But what truly decided their victory was the fact that the Headmaster’s faction was somehow… fighting reluctantly.

Perhaps they had come to the realization of their own mistakes already.

They were people who had once fought to protect the world. Perhaps somewhere in their heart, they wished to be stopped.

Therefore, Vernell’s group, which was mostly made up of students, could win against them.

But the last man standing was different.

The Headmaster… Diaz alone still battled with Leila without any signs that his power had declined.

“Why did you do all this?! Why you, who fought alongside Alexia-sama against the Witch! Why did you sell your soul to the Witch?!”

 “I sold nothing, I am still me. The person I protect is still the same from back then. I’ve always protected my Saint.”

 “Stop your traitorous nonsense!”

With Vernell’s current capabilities, he could only barely follow their blades’ afterimages.

The silver of their swords flashed and the clang of metal echoed with each hit. The two fighters kept switching positions and circling each other. 

Within a second, there were 3… no, 4 colliding sounds heard, each clang reverberating as the rhythm changed.

Without any rest, without faltering, each blow continued to echo.

How many times had they slashed at each other already? How many times had their swords struck against each other?

At the very least, it was already beyond a hundred.

Even so, their speed didn’t decline but actually increased instead.

“Leila-dono! We shall give support!”

Besides Vernell’s group, the people who got fooled also tried to help Leila and ran towards her.

But was there leeway to interrupt such a fight?

If there would be anyone who could do so, it could only be Elrise.

“Hum, small fries… back off! Nothing would change, regardless of how many of you will come over!”

As Diaz swung his sword, thunder boomed and spread around the training room.

By the time they noticed it, each one of them got blown away and lost consciousness. Vernell’s group was quite a distance away from this blow but were also brought to their feet by the shockwave.

Only Elrise was left standing within the radius of the blow, as she continued to watch the battle of her knight.

Leila avoided Diaz’s swing by leaping over it and then swung down with a powerful two-handed strike.

The fierce strike pierced the training room’s floor, and Diaz, who was able to avoid it, once again swung his sword.

But Leila swung her sword through and along the floor, up towards Diaz. This allowed her to block his oncoming strike.

A loud metal clash shook the eardrums of the fighters and caused Leila and Diaz to stagger slightly.

But they were able to keep their footing steady, and once again they switched stances and resumed their fight head-on.

“Traitor, you say? Don’t make me laugh. We didn’t betray the world. It was the world that betrayed us. You will one day understand. And you will despair against such a world.”

 “What kind of incomprehensible things are you trying to say?!”

 “It is fine if you do not understand. All I have done is protect Alexia-sama.”

They contemplated each other as they continued to cross swords.

Diaz looked at Leila’s eyes that were filled with fiery anger.

Leila looked back at Diaz’s eyes that were somehow tranquil as an ancient tree.

They broke the deadlock between their swords and then aimed their hands towards their respective weapons at the same time.

Diaz’s sword contained thunder, while Leila’s sword contained a scorching flame.

The thunder sword and flame sword struck against each other, dispersing their lightning and heat towards the other side.

Leila aimed a sweeping blow with her sword which Diaz avoided by crouching. As such, the Training room wall had a scorched hole carved on it.

Diaz slashed his sword upward, which Leila avoided by dodging sideways.

The thunder struck the ceiling, and the once-white ceiling now bore a black spot.

As they kept sending thunder and flame towards each other, the temperature within the training room gradually rose.

Yet both of them didn’t retreat. They learned each other’s movements to improve their own and continued to make their own attacks sharper and more accurate.

“What foolish thing are you saying? After defeating the Witch, Alexia-sama was already…”

Leila found it puzzling to continue fighting for a person who had already died.

There was nothing to protect anymore. The previous Saint, Alexia, was already gone.

There might be some honor left to protect, but Diaz’s actions were the opposite of honorable.

She couldn’t understand why he did such things.

“You want to say she died? Nay, that’s not the case. Alexia-sama is still alive. She was only proclaimed as dead!”

 “Wha–! What did you say!?”

 “Then those same foolish people who were once protected by Alexia-sama, they forgot the grace she gave them and tried to kill her instead! That’s why–! As her Guard Knight, I need to protect her! Even if I must go against the whole world!”

The inconceivable truth that came out from Diaz’s mouth caused Leila to freeze for just an instant.

It was so short that it could hardly even be called an instant.

It’s a gap of about 0.1 seconds, something that normally wouldn’t be noticeable.

But in this level of fight, such an instant was plenty.

Even as she reacted to Diaz’s swing, she got flung back towards a wall.

Then Diaz approached and forcefully swung his sword once more.

Even as her sword managed to receive his blows, Leila slowly got pinned back by Diaz.

“Wha, what are you talking about…”

 “Hum… your Saint already seems to be aware of it though? Elrise, why don’t you tell them? Why don’t you tell your knight the truth!?”

He continued to push forward and his sword got closer to Leila’s face.

Even as her shivering hand managed to block it, Leila was in a disadvantageous position.

But Leila then kicked Diaz in the stomach and forcefully opened the distance between. Because of this, she barely succeeded in escaping from being pinned against the wall.

Diaz didn’t make a follow-up attack against her, instead, he just raised his eyebrow and smirked.

He smirked at her, who was unaware of the truth, but… it also looked like there was a bit of pity mixed in his expression.

“If it is impossible, I will tell them in your stead! Listen, the identity of the Witch — is the Saint of the previous generation! The identity of the Witch you are trying to defeat this time is Saint Alexia!”

Leila really froze at Diaz’s words this time.

No, not just her.

Vernell, Eterna, even Supple.

Everyone but Elrise was held frozen by the unbelievable words they just heard.


“0.1-second opening”

??? “0.1 seconds… there is an opening of 0.1 seconds! Revolcane!!” 1

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Fake Saint of the Year 27

Fake Saint of the Year

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Geli

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Chapter 27: Operation “One Fell Swoop”

“I have kept you waiting, oh Saint. Here’s a list with the names I was able to uncover through my investigation over the last two weeks.”

As Perverted Glasses Bastard said that, he handed me a piece of parchment containing a list of the spies within the academy, which he had investigated at my request.

Since I didn’t want to touch that parchment, I made Leila take it in my stead, and had her read the name on the list.

It mostly contained names I didn’t recognize (in the first place, mob characters were not named in the game, so there’s no way I could remember them), and it numbered 24 names in total.

Obviously, the Headmaster and Aina’s names were included in there.

Most of them were fools who got swindled into it like Aina, but some of them were true followers of the Witch.

If the list was genuine, then I couldn’t help but admit that he was capable at this work.

Even though he was just a Perverted Glasses Bastard, he sure was quite handy.

But Leila, who read through it, seemed unconvinced. Her face became grimmer as she perused the list.

“This is… what kind of joke is this, Instructor Supple? I can only think that you yourself are an actual follower of the Witch as I read this. Using a fake report to pick a fight with some very credible people. Are you trying to reduce humanity’s fighting force?”

 “That’s unthinkable. The sole person I have given my heart to is Elrise-sama, and no one else.”

 “Then what is this? The people listed as traitors here… are people who had fought alongside the previous Saint, or are devoted to her… weren’t they all Great Knights!”

At Leila’s angry outburst, Perverted Glasses Bastard just provokingly shrugged his shoulder.

But to me, the words of Leila actually increased the credibility of this “list.” 

Ah— I see. So they were Knights who fought alongside the previous Saint and their merry friends, huh. 

Well, I did suspect those people. But the fact that he could include them in the list without hesitation meant Perverted Glasses Bastard’s investigation was true, for better or worse.

“You even included knights who are still trying to foster the next generation as academy instructors, despite being retired. They are all distinguished and respectable people! Are you trying to ridicule us Knights?!”

 “I have no intention of ridiculing them. But if they are choosing to betray humanity, then they are worthless, regardless of their devotion to the previous Saint. It seems like the dignity of those knights you talked about is not as noble as you think it is, Leila-kun”


Leila’s hand reached for her sword, while Perverted Glasses Bastard started preparing his magic.

Oi, you guys. Don’t fight in this place.

“Calm down, Leila. As sad as it is, with the headmaster as a confirmed case, there is an undeniable possibility that other former knights are also on the enemy’s side. The people who admire the headmaster should be quite a number too.”

 “That… that’s true, but —”

As I rebuked Leila, she reluctantly dropped her hand from her sword.

Then I turned towards Perverted Glasses Bastard.

Ue, his face looks so happy just being in front of me, so I don’t want to see it often…

“Supple-sensei, how did you investigate this?”

 “Good question. They were using a certain bird as their primary method of communication. It was a species that was discovered 80 years ago by a certain adventurer, Styil, who became the namesake of the species from that moment onward. This bird employs a peculiar camouflage ability. They escaped from predators by coordinating their feathers’ color to match their environment, and mimicking other life forms’ voices to repel their predators. They had been domesticated due to these traits 50 years ago. They could become practically invisible, and so if they ride on the shoulder or head of a person, they won’t be noticed as long no one looks for it carefully. Its capability to mimic voices makes it a phenomenal messenger ”

Perverted Glasses Bastard started to happily talk about unimportant things in answer to my simple question.

Yep, who cares about when it was found.

Anyway, it’s just a bird that was a good messenger.

“I caught every Styil they had flying around, and switched it with Styil I trained. Using this method, all their secret conversations were revealed to me first before it was relayed to the supposed target. Obviously, I didn’t change each bird at once. Just little by little… that is. I got both the information and the relay target’s position. I hid near the places they gathered and eavesdropped, or used the moment they were away to investigate their rooms… and after 2 weeks, slowly but surely, I perfectly grasped their connections.”

…he was more capable than I expected.

I see, so you switched their messenger birds.

If we say it in a modern way, it’s wiretapping.

Because there was neither internet nor telephones in this world, there existed only primitive messaging methods.

It’s only at this moment we can appreciate the might of Telephone.

“There are no mistakes in this list right?”

 “While I am unsure whether they do it out of their free will or are being fooled into it… the result is the same. They have become a spy of the Witch, so there’s no problem. I propose to catch every last one of them.”

 “Is there a possibility that there are other hidden spies?”

 “I can’t say that it is zero. Regardless of what it is, there is never a zero percent possibility of it. There is still a chance that there might be some spies who didn’t move at all during these 2 weeks and stayed hidden, as minute a possibility it might be”

It’s not zero, huh.

That smelled like a failure flag, but I didn’t think more would be revealed out of this without proper action.

It’s that “Devil’s Proof1” thingy. It was near impossible to prove there was “none.”

Let’s give an extreme example. Let’s say… yeah. A person with bread stuck to their butt while he had the fingers of his right hand in his nose and was boxing with his left hand. All while shouting “treat your life with care.” There could be no such person if one thought about it normally.

But if you were told “can you prove that there is no such person doing such things in a place no one could see right now?” it would be impossible.

What I could do was believe that there were no more spies besides those on this list and move forward.

…okay then. Let’s do it.

It might be better if we could put more time to investigate, but it would only increase the number of people who get fooled into it like Aina, and that would be troublesome.

But if we blatantly got rid of all the spies in one fell swoop, even the Witch would feel that something was wrong and may end up escaping.

And so… as reluctant as I felt about it, the cooperation of this Perverted Glasses Bastard was necessary. 

“If that is the case, it’s better to clear this problem quickly. But if every follower of the Witch gets caught, the Witch may get suspicious that communication has stopped and may possibly end up running away from the Academy. And so, Supple-sensei, you have to…”

“I understand what I must do. I need to switch the Styil the headmaster uses to contact the Witch, right? Then after the headmaster is caught, I will pretend to be Headmaster and use the Styil to communicate with the Witch… this might be the best way.”

“It’s good to talk to smart people.”

I see, so he expected it.

Huh… was he really that Perverted Glasses Bastard? 

Unlike his role in the game where he was just a useless small fry, he was so capable now.

Ok then, commence operation “One Fell Swoop” for all Witch followers. 

Let’s do our best~!

The operation was simple.

Using their messenger stealth bird (which were already switched), all the spies were called to one place in the name of the Headmaster.

On the flip side, the Headmaster was called by impersonating one of the spies, with the message, “I have something to talk about.”

Then in this secret meeting (LOL), all those fools gathered in the training room.

The training room was a wide facility beside the school building, similar to a gymnasium.

By the way, in the game version, it’s basically a gymnasium, though the creator never deliberately called it one.

Even though the setting of the game was in a school, I wondered why there was such a building within an academy that fostered knights…

The creator definitely got lazy and just used a random photo of a gymnasium as a background.

As I thought that, we were on standby behind the curtain.

“What is it? Why are you all gathered here?”

 “What are you talking about? Wasn’t it principal who gathered us here?”

 “Me? Don’t say such a foolish thing. There’s no way I would ask for such a flashy gathering…

Oh-oh-, the fools got confused.

For now, Barrier activated! Everyone is now locked up.

“No good! It’s a trap!”

The Headmaster started making a fuss, but it’s too late! You can’t escape anymore! 2

You guys were already in a “checkmate”, like in shogi or chess!

As I secured the barrier around them, the curtain raised and I walked forward.

Hum, there they are. The faces of the fools were lined up.

“Sa, Saint-sama…!? What is the meaning of this…”

Aina looked confused, but it’s natural for people who get fooled to not understand the situation they were in.

In front of them, the Perverted Glasses Bastard wore a smug face and snapped his fingers.

Then the Stealth Birds who rode on top of their shoulders and heads repeated their secret conversations.

Mixed in the recorded conversations were lines like, “don’t let Elrise notice”, “it’s easy to fool stupid girl”, “for sake of Witch-sama”, and “how about we lure Elrise alone and beat her down together?”

Then some of the people there started protesting and gazed hostilely towards the headmaster.

“Headmaster, what is the meaning of this!?”

 “Those words earlier…I heard words that meant to endanger Elrise-sama…!”

 “Didn’t you say we were working for the sake of Saint-sama!?”

Aah, these people were those who got fooled to cooperate.

It instantly split them into 2 factions: the real Witch followers and the people who were fooled by them. These two groups then glared at each other.

“Calm down! Styil messages can be manipulated! It’s all slander! …Saint-sama, don’t be fooled. That man, Supple, is a follower of the Witch! You must not be deceived!”

Some of them were calmed down by the Headmaster’s words and then directed their hate towards Supple.

Well, he DID look suspicious after all.

I would also be suspicious of him if I didn’t know about it beforehand.

Also, it was true that Stealth Bird’s statements could be manipulated.

After all, it was just a bird. As long you kept them fed and told them the right words, they would betray their master without realizing it.

In the first place, those birds didn’t even understand the meaning of sounds they mimicked. They were only repeating “sounds” they learned, so they were not aware of what they were talking about.

“Please believe me! All my actions and words, everything is for Saint-sama!”

Hou hou hou. I see, I see.

Everything you do is for the Saint.

Yes, I could believe that. Since that is true.

Everything is for your Saint, isn’t it?

Hey, old fart. You think I know nothing about the Witch’s identity and the Secret of Saint?

As I said that, the Headmaster turned defiant and laughed scornfully.

“…gh! I see… so you know… since that is the case, there’s no need to keep the charade…”

 “The secret of Saint…? The identity of the Witch…? Elrise-sama, what are you talking about…?”

Ah, Stocco-chan, let’s leave that for later. Concentrate now.

The Headmaster tried attacking me with his blade, which Stocco instantly reacted to by repelling it with her sword.

“Diaz-dono! I won’t forgive you for pointing your blade at Elrise-sama!”

 “Leila Scott, huh…”

With his attempt to strike me, the Headmaster was no longer able to hide his true allegiance.

Along with the Headmaster, those who followed the Witch by choice also drew their weapons, while those who were fooled also drew theirs to protect me.

In addition, Vernell’s party also joined them, and the battle began.

I could have ended it with a single strike from my magic but… in that case, Aina would be too pitiful as it is.

As she understood what she had done, she had a resolved expression and remained seated. She then drew her sword towards her throat…wawawa, stop Stop!

I hurriedly grabbed the sword… that was close.

“Saint-sama… please let me go… I… after doing all that… I can no longer face my Otou-sama and everyone…”

As I looked at the teary-eyed Aina, I was filled with an indescribable thrill. 

Crying bishoujo is good!

…No, wait, not that. I need to comfort her for now.

All I need to do is say some sweet words, then I could have brought her all the way to a hotel.

But if she ended up committing suicide it would make me feel bad. I hate depressing developments.

And so here, a hug. What a nice feeling~

Then I patted her back lightly, and randomly said something to encourage her.

I know, I know. I get it, I get it, really I do.

You just did that because you wished to protect me with your own power.

But you just happened to do it like a hamster in its wheel, just spinning around in place.

Ok, ok. It’s ok. A mistake from a bishojo is a cute one.

If it’s a dude though, it’s straight to execution. But because you’re cute, I forgive you. My heart is big (only towards bishoujo).

I will forgive you regardless of what others say. I’m the one who decides, so there’s no problem.

Also, not just me, those people will also forgive you.

As I said that to calm her down, somehow Vernell also chimed in and agreed.

Finally, Mary reached out her hand and this time, Aina didn’t slap it away but grasped it instead.

Ok, they made up. That’s how it should be.

As for the battle… oh, our side was slightly at an advantage.

Well, as horrible as it sounded, the other side was comprised of retired people3.

They were knights during the previous Saint’s time after all. They were already in their old age.

Then, with Vernell’s group and Aina included in the fray, they got pushed back even further.

Finally, only the Headmaster alone remained and was in a one-on-one battle against Leila.

“Why did you do all this?! Why you, who fought alongside Alexia-sama against the Witch! Why did you sell your soul to the Witch?!”

 “I sold nothing, I am still me. The person I protect is still the same from back then. I’ve always protected my Saint.”

 “Stop your traitorous nonsense!”

Somehow Leila and the Headmasterwere having a heated exchange.

Oh— sounds cool~

What would happen if I ignore the atmosphere and KO the headmaster while he is busy?

Leila and Headmaster kept going on with their cool swordfight dance with clashing sounds, but that’s all I could describe it as. It made me feel disappointed in my lack of eloquence.

“Leila-dono! We shall give support!”

 “Hum, small fries… back off! Nothing would change, regardless of how many of you will come over!”

As they defeated the Headmaster’s faction, “the swindled people faction” tried to approach Headmaster, but with just one sweep of his thunder magic-enchanted blade, the Headmaster made them scream “Uwah” and “Gyah” as they were blown back and knocked over.

Yes. Such was the destiny of small fry…

As if nothing happened, the two Prime Knights then resumed their battle.

“Traitor, you say? Don’t make me laugh. We didn’t betray the world. It was the world that betrayed us. You will one day understand. And you will despair against such a world”

 “What kind of incomprehensible things are you trying to say?!”

 “It is fine if you do not understand. All I have done is protect Alexia-sama.”

Chan chan bara bara, chan bara bara

Kin kin kin kin, gakin gakin

Bari bari, mera mera4

Ok, it’s impossible. I can’t express these sounds with words.

“What foolish thing are you saying? After defeating the Witch, Alexia-sama was already…”

 “You want to say she died? Nay, that’s not the case. Alexia-sama is still alive. She was only proclaimed as dead!”

 “Wha— What did you say!?”

 “Then those same foolish people who were once protected by Alexia-sama, they forgot the grace she gave them and tried to kill her instead! That’s why— As her Guard Knight, I need to protect her! Even if I must go against the whole world!”

Eh, wa, wait, wait.

It’s too early. You want to say it now!?

That is a spoiler that is supposed to be revealed during the latter part of the plot to Vernell’s party!?

“Wha, what are you talking about…”

 “Hum… your Saint already seems to be aware of it though? Elrise, why don’t you tell them? Why don’t you tell your knight the truth!? If it is impossible, I will tell them in your stead! Listen, the identity of the Witch — is the Saint of the previous generation! The identity of the Witch you are trying to defeat this time is Saint Alexia!”

A-ah, he seriously said it.

Now look, what am I supposed to say here? The atmosphere right now is the worst, isn’t it? 

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Chapter 26: Investigation

Since I had nothing to do, I decided to keep training for the time being.

It was common sense for a gamer to spend their free time for self-training when there was no event, but to think I even ended up doing it in reality.

I used automated mana training magic to cycle my mana and made a ball of magic which I flung around the room like a beanbag.

Fire, water, earth, wind, thunder, ice, light… ok. Those were all the elements I could use.

I then formed their shape into something like a fairy or a spirit, and let it play around.

Using this method, one could polish their magic concentration, control, and simultaneous casting at the same time.

The magic I could use at the same time right now was limited to 10. However, according to the historical books I’d read on the past Witches and Saints, there were only a few of them who could use more than 2 types of magic at the same time. So I guess I was quite capable, in a way.

But really, I didn’t know what I should do.

If I investigated the underground, the Witch would escape.

I also didn’t know who would be watching over my actions, so it was highly possible I could still get caught even if I sneaked in there alone.

For example, there might be a familiar of the Witch standing by the underground entrance, and if they warned, “the Saint is coming!” then the Witch might immediately escape.

In other words, I needed to do something about the Witch’s ability to teleport.

What if I made a barrier to cover the whole academy?

The Witch’s teleport basically disintegrated her body into particles, which then move at high speeds in that state. This was something that would only be possible with dark power since it would instantly kill anyone else who tried it. So maybe if I made a barrier to prevent those particles from escaping, the Witch would be trapped.

But if I blocked it that thoroughly, even air would be blocked… considering the number of people within the academy, that wouldn’t be good.

Even if I aimed for a short battle, she wouldn’t go down with just a single hit. Plus, if she responded with fire magic then the situation could become even worse.

Even if the Witch was trapped, if all the oxygen burned out, what should be a sure win would turn into a loss.

How about evacuating everyone prior to deploying a barrier?

I could enclose the empty academy with a barrier, and then gradually shrink the barrier to crush everything inside. It could be called operation “Die along with the academy.”

But then everyone would know about the evacuation time, including the headmaster and other spies. They could just inform the Witch about this and she could escape.

How about beating down the headmaster first?

Although, I had no justification to do so.

If I suddenly beat down the apparently innocent headmaster without reason, my public image would be damaged even though I had the Saint’s significant authority…

I could ignore those opinions and force my way. But if I did, they might think I had become crazy and could use that as a reason to forcefully send me back home. So that plan should be a last resort.

 How about an ambush?

Like, I could dig a hole somewhere outside the academy and hide within it. Then I could cast a super thick beam that would destroy everything in its path, along with the school underground.

This would definitely damage the Witch but… since I couldn’t guarantee it would kill her in one hit, she could still end up escaping.

The Witch only took damage from the Saint’s and the Witch’s power, so obviously I would have to imbue my magic with dark power. However, I only had a minimal amount of dark power from Vernell. So even if my beam had high destructive power, it would still be hard to defeat her in one shot.

Also, if I did this, the ground below the academy would collapse which would be disastrous.



No good, I can’t think of a good idea.

I might have an idea that could “possibly” defeat Witch, but I didn’t have one that could “definitely” defeat Witch.

As expected, I needed to take care of the headmaster and other spies first.

I needed to find definite proof somehow and to catch all of them together.

But how to collect that proof was the problem.

Interrogate everyone?

Seeing as the Game’s Elrise did whatever she wanted, I think it was possible for me to do so but… it could make my image into an evil one.

“Elrise-sama, may I have a moment please?”

I heard a knock on the door as Leila called out.

What is it?

Well, I’m free right now anyway, and I have no reason to refuse.

And so, go ahead and enter.

As I said that, the door opened and Leila entered… along with Vernell and his merry group.

It was the six people who had fought the loser dog. Ah… they were seriously using those members for the story party in this route?

Is it okay to think of it as a joke party?

By the way, entering the 5th floor was usually a crime that led to instant arrest. But ever since that summer event1, I told Leila I would at least talk with Vernell if he were to come.


I thought she had something to talk about, but for some reason, Leila and the others looked surprised as they looked around the room.

What is it? Didn’t you guys come here because you had something to talk about?

…ah, it’s about these guys who are wandering about? Are you so concerned about them that you can’t talk?

I guess I will remove them. Ok… it’s done.

All right, now talk.

“Leila. I can’t understand if you stay silent”

 “Ah… ye, yes. These people have come and reported something strange. I think you should listen to what they have to say”

Hohn. Something weird?

With these members, it would be weirder if they had something decent to talk about.

Ok then. I’ll listen for a bit.

Go ahead, explain it in 50 words or less

“Please tell me”

 “All right… actually, earlier…”

Then Vernell began to explain that earlier on within Training Grounds, Aina and the Headmaster seemed to have a suspicious conversation. 

The Headmaster approached Aina and told her sweet lies like “Mary is cheating somehow” and “you ought to be recognized.” Then he suddenly changed the topic and said “there are spies in this academy!” and “I could only believe you and me,” and instructed her to watch Elrise’s movements.

Uwah, that was totally proof of his guilt.

So that was the case? That was how the Witch managed to detect me as I approached in Eterna’s route, it was all Aina’s fault.

Thinking about it, in the original game, she had tried to assassinate me out of a grudge. But in this world, she got deceived into being a spy for the enemy instead.

Somehow, that girl was always fated to be my enemy.

And perhaps sometime later the headmaster might tell her “that Saint is a fake so kill her” and she wouldn’t doubt it and could actually try to kill me.

Well, I WAS a fake though.

“How foolish … for the daughter of Knight Fox to be easily deceived by such a simple lie. No matter how you look at it, Miss Mary fought fair and square. Aina simply lost because she was not good enough. Denying her own inexperience, claiming the other as a cheater… Knight Fox would be sad to hear it.”

While Leila said she was disappointed in her, that was actually not the case.

Swindlers unexpectedly fool those who think there’d be no way they could be deceived.

It’s a fact that even in modern Japan, where information could be easily accessed, there was still a high number of swindled victims.

Compared to that, this world was not as developed, and if you add in a sheltered noble girl who had only ever lived in her mansion?

Plus, this time her heart was currently vulnerable and she was filled with impatience.

So obviously she would get deceived.

Actually, I had a feeling the headmaster approached Aina exactly because he thought “I could deceive her.”

And so, it’s time to give her some follow-up.

I’m kind to cute girls. I don’t give a damn about dudes though.

“Leila. That is not the case here. Those who get deceived usually don’t notice it when they’re in the moment. Also, I heard Aina-san grew up in her Noble mansion without ever having experienced any problems with society… In addition, her heart is vulnerable right now and she is filled with impatience. She can’t help but believe… especially since the one who said so is the headmaster.”

And it was true that there was a spy in this academy. The headmaster himself, for example.

I remembered that someone said that the best lies were always mixed with the truth.

Well considering what her physiological state was at the moment, it was my opinion that there was no way she could escape from the sweet words of the principal.

Anyway, this confirmed the headmaster as a follower of the Witch.

“Considering Aina-san’s psychological state during that moment, she likely had no way to resist his sweet words. In addition, the follower of the Witch is most likely the headmaster himself. Because the one who would be happiest to know my movements would be the Witch.”

 “I, I see… as expected of Elrise-sama. Such insight… this Leila is impressed”

Oou Stocco, you may praise me more.

Also Vernell and Eterna, Fiora and Mary, and also the other two, you did well.

With this, I had gained the justification to catch the principal.

Once the headmaster was caught, it would be time to harvest. I would root out all the spies.

“Even so, to think that the principal… the Prime Knight of the previous Saint Alexia, who worked together to beat the previous Witch, became a follower of the Witch.”

More like, that was exactly the reason.

Because the current Witch, was that previous Saint, Alexia herself.

Yes, the Witch’s name was Alexia. This will be on the test, so remember it well.

In other words, the headmaster technically didn’t betray anyone.

From the beginning to the end, he stayed as a knight for that person ONLY, Alexia.

Because the Saint had a job change into the Witch, he also got a job change from the Saint’s Knight to the Witch’s Knight, that’s all there was to it.

Even so, he was still an enemy.

He was still just a target for me to beat down along with the Witch.

Alright then, I guess I should go out and catch the headmaster now.

The Headmaster was a former Prime Knight, his ability was around a similar level with Leila, who was also an expert, but he was no real enemy to me.

Ok, with Barrier and Magic Reinforcement, all his attacks would only make impact sounds without any real damage.

And after I caught him, it would be easier to root out other spies.

“Please wait a moment, oh Saint.”

But someone stopped me. It was the Perverted Glasses Bastard.

As usual, he has the aura of a traitor around him.

“Even if you did capture him, I don’t think he will reveal every one of these spies. There will definitely be some that he will conceal for sure.”

Hmu… I see, that might be the case.

Even though he was just a Perverted Glasses Bastard, he said something decent.

“Regarding that, could you entrust this to me? I will explore the Headmaster’s surroundings, and use him to root out everyone hidden.”

Honestly, I was doubtful. Could he really do it?

He was a small fry in the game after all. He had never been portrayed as a capable person.

Perhaps he might be quickly found, and then he would become their source of info instead?

But I guess it was worth a try. In case he actually succeeded, or even if he failed and was done in by the enemy, it could still be considered as a gain.

His gaze was disgusting after all.

You may think I didn’t notice, but I saw that you stole the spoon I used to eat with from the academy’s old cafeteria lady.

Actually, it was so disgusting that I didn’t want to call you out. My evaluation for you already went beyond a zero into negative numbers, you bastard.

“Very well. I shall leave this case to you. I shall expect your success, Supple Ment-sensei.”

Oh well, I didn’t really care how he ended up.

Go ahead. As for your bones… I wouldn’t even bother picking them up and would just throw them into the ocean.

“Oooh… to think that from Saint’s lovely mouth, the words ‘expect your success’ would be directed to me…! Oo, ooooo…! With these words alone, I could fight for another 10 years, nay, 100 years! Leave this to me, oh my Saint! This Supple Ment will definitely answer your expectation!”

Uwah, disgusting…

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