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After Story1

It’s a bit sudden, but I would like to present my theory that games which allowed the player to explore the world after the Final boss was defeated should be considered masterpieces.

Normally, after defeating the Final Boss, the game ends and then the credit rolls. After that, we would be sent back to the title screen, then when we would re-play the game, we would be brought back to the state of the world before the final boss was defeated… That kind of thing was quite common, but every time it happened, it made me think, “No, this isn’t right” or something similar.

No, I did understand why they made it that way. I really did, you know? It would be really troublesome to write up all the lines and prepare all the resources to make up the content after the game was cleared.

But what made me curious though, was the world after the game was cleared.

We already went through all the trouble of defeating the Final Boss and saved the world, but after that, the Final Boss would just be revived and time itself would be rewound back to the beginning. It made it seem like, regardless of how the protagonist did their best, the world would never achieve peace. And it leaves the player with an unsatisfied feeling. Or was it just me who thought like this?

As expected, I just wanted to fight the final boss once, and then play in the game’s world after it achieved its peace. Please! That was something that had always been on my mind.

Eh? “Who are you?” you people ask? Let me introduce myself. Well, I’m just a nosy busybody named Elrise! 

I was quite concerned about the plot of “Kuon no Sanka” when I played it in modern Japan, so I ended up reincarnating in(attached) it!

…Well, it would be hard to understand with just that, so to put it simply, I was a reincarnator. It was quite a popular trope these days.

I had originally been a man named Fudou Niito, who lived in modern day Japan. However, when I fell asleep after a gaming session, I found myself reincarnated into the galge “Kuon no Sanka ~Fiore caduto eterna~” as the fake Saint “Elrise.”

This Kuon no Sanka was a galge. But for some reason, Heroines would end up dying in this game, and the original Elrise was a villain who put many heroines through miserable experiences.

So, since I had gotten reincarnated to this world, I decided to completely destroy these depressing events! So I did all sorts of things that somehow managed to work. I was able to defeat the Final Boss and all the heroines managed to survive. It was a Happy END that I never managed to see in the game.

Side note, since the fact that I was a fake Saint got revealed, I decided to quickly flee and build a log house inside the forest. I led a comfortable, NEET life there.

By the way, I did say that it was a Happy END where everyone survived, but that was only the case for the heroines. To be exact, there was one human… or rather one animal, who ended up as a casualty.

It was a turtle by the name of Propheter, and it was the Prophet that had been chosen by this world. However… after the battle against the Final Boss, it gave its remaining lifespan to me and died.

Because of that, my lifespan increased to about a hundred years, and I also inherited the Prophet’s skill of clairvoyance, but… Well, the main plot was already over. The mastermind had already been defeated, and the power I had gained was now nothing more than a fancy gimmick.

Well, that was about it. It was a bit of a messy explanation, but I didn’t really think I needed to explain everything in that much detail.

The important thing was that the world I was currently living in no longer had any more issues that needed my intervention. It was the world after the Happy END. Viva, game cleared world!

Until just recently, I had to continue keeping up my act as a Saint, but now I could live my life lazily.

However, I still had to deal with the surrounding people’s image of me, and I couldn’t suddenly just declare that “I’m actually a man inside” after all this time. As such, I still kept the minimal acting required to maintain my image.

Rather, if I were to reveal my true self, there would be an inevitable flaming war, so I had no choice but to continue my act in front of other people.

In other words, living my retired life without having to appear in public was the best.

Ah, yes, yes. Regarding my appearance… Well, it was considered that of a “peerless” class of super bishoujo. 

I wasn’t saying this because I was some kinda narcissist or anything. It was just that if I were to use any other adjective to describe my appearance, it would look like I was trying to be overly humble and could come off as sarcastic instead.

Also, since this body wasn’t one that I’d grown up with during my past life, but rather something I had taken over, I could evaluate it objectively.

The figure I saw in front of the mirror was that of a bishoujo (self-evaluation) with waist-length blonde hair.

The figure in the mirror had green eyes, and had a face that was so transcendentally well-formed and had no blemishes on it , so much so that it seemed unreal.

Was something like this better known as 2.5D? The figure looked like an illustration from a video game screen that came to life and became an actual person.

If you uploaded a picture of that face in SNS, everyone who saw it would definitely comment things like “That’s totally photoshopped.”

During my time as a Saint, I wore a custom-made white dress, but since I didn’t have that role anymore, I just wore a plain white one piece.. I wouldn’t be a Pirate King.

Since I fashioned it based on my knowledge of clothing from my past life, it wouldn’t look weird even if I wore something like this in modern-day Earth.

…Ahn? You wanted to know why I wasn’t embarrassed about wearing women’s clothing so naturally despite being a man inside?

No, uhm… well, I did have such feelings when I first started… but it has already been well over ten years since I first began my act as a Saint.

I didn’t feel such embarrassment anymore by now. It was amazing how humans are able to adapt and get used to things.

Even for the skirt, well, males in this world typically wore fluttering tunics after all, so it wasn’t that much different.

Besides the long kind of tunic, some old farts even wore a shorter kind of tunic that actually looked sort of like a mini skirt, where you could clearly see the length of their legs.

Since the thing I was wearing was similar to a long tunic, I felt it was less embarrassing to wear the one piece compared to something like that.

Oh well, that should be a good spot to end my self-introduction.

Basically, I was a former fake Saint who lived in the forest, and put on the façade of bishoujo while actually being a NEET inside.

By the way, I had already revealed myself as the fake Saint, but for some reason, I was being called the Great Saint by the general public instead. 

Well, there might be some adult circumstances like political reasons or something which prevented them from publicly branding me as a fake Saint.

There was a real Saint right now, though. There were three of them, in fact.

Originally, there could only be one Saint per era, but an anomaly occurred in this era, so this weird thing happened.

These Saint were: the First Saint, Alfrea; the previous Saint, Alexia; and the current Saint, Eterna. Since I was a fake, I wasn’t included in the count.

And right now, due to a request from one of these Saints, specifically the First Saint Alfrea, I was accompanying her and a contingent of knights to visit an archaeological site.

She had told me that she wanted to investigate something, and asked me to come along… Well, it was something like that.

The place seemed to be a ruin made of stacked stones, and the scenery was similar to an old burial mound that I had seen on TV in my previous life.

Alfrea and I walked into the site, while surrounded by knights. It felt very narrow.

I know you people came as an escort, but we don’t need all of you to come together. It makes it harder for us to move instead.

“Alfrea-sama… What is this place?” 

“Hm~ Actually, I don’t really know either. You see, when I was a child Okaa-sama had brought me here once… According to her, this was ‘The place where it all began,’ though…”

“This is the first time I’ve ever heard of such a thing.”

“I, I can’t help it! I only remembered about it last month! It, it was something that had happened a thousand years ago, after all! Rather, you should praise me for actually remembering it!”

‘The place where it all began,’ huh… somehow, I could feel that it was a flag, which meant this place was probably very important. 

During the last battle, Alfrea had never mentioned anything about this place’s existence, but it seemed she had just completely forgotten about it.

Well, the very curse that plagued the First Witch, Eve, the “Witch” has already been defeated anyway, so I doubted it was as significant anymore at this point.

“You see, I somehow remembered about this place, so I sent a letter to Fuguten, requesting them to investigate it. Then they said there was something weird inside of it. So I have no choice but to go myself to investigate it, but… just in case something did happen, I thought Elrise was here, there wouldn’t be anything to worry about — so I asked you.” 

“Something weird, is it?”

Well then, what could it be? 

Since it was the place that Eve had referred as “The place where it all began,” perhaps there were documents with historical worth inside.

As we advanced with such thoughts in mind, what I saw there was … a rift in space and time.

It wasn’t a metaphor; there really was a space-time rift.

On top of that, there was also a crystal-like substance covering the crack.

I had seen this kind of crystal before… It was what Eve had used to seal Alfrea, suspended animation.

In that case, it was clear that it was Eve who had sealed this rift, but… what was this rift for?

“This is… indeed, a strange thing. Alfrea-sama, is this really the sealing magic?” 

“That’s right. There’s no doubt that this is the same thing as that damn seal that imprisoned me a thousand years ago. But why was it put in this place…? Also… it looks like it’s about to break.”

Sealing magic was something that froze space itself; basically, it was something that shouldn’t break. 

Unless some other user of space magic tampered with it… Dark attribute magic, used only by the Saint and Witch, paired with an overwhelming amount of mana might be able to break this supposedly unbreakable seal.

However, this seal was clearly about to be broken. That itself was a clear sign of how dangerous this rift could be.

“Ho, how about it, Elrise… Does this feel dangerous? Or actually, I don’t want to stay here anymore… Honestly, I want to quickly go back home. I don’t want to stay here.” 

“Indeed. I can feel a lot of strong, negative emotions coming out from this place.”

Black emotion flowed out from the other side of the rift; it gave me an ominous feeling. 

Since my own soul was already rotten… I honestly had no real problem being here because it consisted mostly of the dark attribute. I even felt a little comfortable. However, this wasn’t a place that the people of this would want to stay in for too long.

Since I kept absorbing the negative emotions along with mana around us, they weren’t too affected. But if I wasn’t here, Alfrea might have been knocked unconscious already.

The souls of this world’s people… particularly the Saints’ souls, were way too pure. Even something like this could easily cause them to be tainted by darkness.

The Witches were the previous generations of Saints who were corrupted by negative emotions; none of them managed to endure for more than five years.

By the way, I was totally fine with it. Rather, I was the type who would be damaged if I received positive emotions instead, so these kinds of negative emotions actually made me feel better.

Anyway, this place was akin to a poisonous swamp for Alfrea. So it would feel painful for her to even stay here.

The knights also struggled and they had terrible expressions on their faces due to them feeling some unexplain-able sense of discomfort and irritation.

“Alfrea-sama, please take the knights and evacuate outside. I will continue to investigate alone.” 

“I, I will do that… Elrise, be careful.”

Alfrea obediently followed my words and quickly chose to evacuate without any hesitation. 

She was aware of how strong I was, and I didn’t need any escort to begin with.

To put it in extreme terms, even if thousands of escorts were assigned to me, they’d just end up being thousands of burdens on me instead.

The knights had reluctant expressions, but Alfrea pushed them all outside, leaving me alone inside the ruin.

“Well then…” 

Just in case, I used the maximum amount of power to deploy my barrier and encased my whole body with it. 

If I seriously concentrated all my power on protection, then I doubted that there was anyone in this world who could deal damage to me.

Even if I dove into an erupting volcano or into the deep sea or got a direct hit by lightning, I would still be unharmed.

However, what was this rift? A rift that spewed out negative emotions was obviously a nuisance, but for some reason, I wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Actually, it felt pleasant and even somewhat nostalgic.

If I were to put it into words, it felt like I was home. I wonder why?

Well, there’s no point in just thinking about it. Let me just check it out for the time being.

With that thought, I lightly touched it with my hand, but…

“— Eh?” 

At that moment, my vision turned completely white. 

Uoh, it’s too bright.

What, was I attacked just now? But muda mudaa. I won’t take any damage from that.

…Huh? No, wait a moment. Isn’t this imbued with spatial interference? Is my barrier getting shredded bit by bit?

Ah, this was quite dangerous. I reinforced my barrier from the inside while I waited for the light to settle down.

Then about a couple seconds later, the light subsided — when I opened my eyes, I was standing in an apartment room somewhere for some reason.

The inside of the room was neatly organized, and I didn’t feel any signs of people living in it.

However, I was familiar with the layout of this room.

Just in case, I checked the location of the toilet and bath to confirm it, but there was no mistake in my memory.

I went outside the apartment and stared back at the building; I was convinced.

There was no doubt about it… this place was the apartment I had lived in during my past life. In other words…

— This place was Japan?! 

Cars were rushing on the road. There was also the sound of a train running along a railroad track.

The people who walked down the streets were undoubtedly cleaner and well-groomed when compared to the people from Fiori.

And then there was the unique, polluted air of the city.

There could be no doubt, no mistake. I was really in the city of Tokyo right now.

(Former) fake Saint IN JAPAN! The fake Saint was standing in Japan!

…No, sorry about that. I didn’t really understand what happened. Why was I currently in Tokyo?

I was definitely in Fiori until a while ago, right?

I really didn’t understand why this happened!

In the meanwhile, it wasn’t like I’d never experienced being suddenly transported back to modern Japan. 

Before I defeated the “Witch,” my consciousness travelled back by itself to Japan several times.

However, that was only because I wasn’t completely dead on this side yet, which caused my soul to split into two parts: the me after reincarnation (Elrise), and the me before reincarnation (Fudou Niito). This caused some sort of a proliferation bug where both versions of me existed at the same time.

In order to retrieve the fragment of my soul that remained in modern Earth, my consciousness had travelled by itself to this side.

Both of them had fused into me already, so my consciousness wasn’t supposed to have any reason to return to this side anymore.

However, I somehow managed to return to Japan at this time which was a place that I thought I’d never be able to return to anymore.

Moreover… I felt this sense of reality. The feeling of the air touching my skin… 

…Oi, oi, I totally came here in my own body now.

As a test, I tried to touch the window. I could clearly register the sense of touch. When I opened the window, I could also feel the wind.

I totally came to this world along with my physical body this time, not just my consciousness.

Well then, what should I do now?

First of all, it seemed that I didn’t have to worry about how I could return.

When I looked inside the room, I could feel that the space time rift was still there somehow.

Perhaps if I were to channel my mana there, I should be able to go back the same way I got here.

So for now, I should just confirm whether I could return, I guess.

— After testing it, it was clear that I would be able to return without problem. 

After confirming that I could easily go back and forth just by touching the time-space rift, I briefly explained the situation to Alfrea before returning to Japan once more.

I ran a bunch of tests first, but I found out that I could basically bring anything with me, whether it was living or not, through the rift between these two worlds.

However, there was an extreme strain being exerted around me when I was being transferred to the other side, so unless they could deploy a barrier as sturdy as mine, the pressure of moving between worlds would disintegrate them.

So in reality, I was the only person who could move between worlds while staying alive.

Well, perhaps if it was someone who had no physical body and was just a soul, then they might be able to pass through the rift as well.

Well then, I have secured my way back. 

In any case, I managed to return to Japan for now. It would be a waste to just do nothing and leave.

If it was possible, I would like to meet Yamoto Tamaki-san, the scenario writer of “Kuon no Sanka,” and talk about things. Also, more than anything… I would like to eat some food from this side.

Regarding the food situation on the other side, it was already better compared to how it was before thanks to my efforts of implementing many things, but the variation in cuisine was still greatly lacking compared to Japan, and it was not as polished as well.

…Basically, it was all potatoes.

When I got really sick of it, I had no choice but to cook for myself. However, I was a lazy person at heart, so I didn’t really want to work hard for it.

I wanted to eat food that other people put their time and effort into cooking without putting any effort of my own.

That was why I wanted to go to a convenience store and buy snacks and bread, to go to a family restaurant and play by mixing and matching drinks there, but… unfortunately, I had no money on this side of the world.

On top of that, I had no family register, ID card, or bank account.

I was in trouble. To think I would suddenly get stuck in such a situation.

If it was Fiori, then worst case scenario, I could just use magic to make armor or swords or farming tools and sell it at random places to earn money, but if I did that in Japan, that would be considered a crime. 

It would be an unauthorized business transaction, which should never be done.

What should I do? What if I made precious metals and sold them… There was the roadblock of ID verification though. 

As for making gold and jewels and cashing them in… that was also OUT. As expected, they would ask for my ID.

I was in an era where they’d ask for identification even if you were just selling books to a secondhand book store. You needed identification to do practically anything here. 

There might be some privately-owned secondhand book store which wouldn’t ask for it, but I had no books to begin with, and even if I did, it wouldn’t get me much money.

Uhn, this was hard. There was no simple way for me to earn money.

I did have some amount of savings from my past life, but I already gave it all to my family before I died… and in the first place, if I were to use Fudou Niito’s bank account, that would totally be a crime.

Even if I told them I was the reincarnated self of that person, nobody would believe it.

The only thing I could do… was to search for some sort of part time job that didn’t require any identification and paid in cash, but… that wasn’t a joke.

Why must I work on this side?!

If I had to work no matter what, I would rather give up on eating the food from this side and just return home!

I didn’t want to work! I definitely didn’t want to work!

Therefore, a part time job was out of the question!

In the end, after thinking about it some more, I ended up creating some precious metals and selling it. 

What about identification, you ask? Aah, I used my ability as a prophet to search for a location that didn’t have such protocols and sold it there.

The store owner was clearly suspicious… I could clearly feel the shady atmosphere, but… whatever. I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. 

In my current situation, I should just be thankful that there was a place that accepted precious metals without asking for any identification and paid in cash for it.

And so, I got about 200,000 Yen on hand. I couldn’t buy anything too pricey, but it was enough for me to enjoy B-Rank gourmet food.

As for a wallet, I just bought a random one for 300 yen at a 100 yen store somewhere in this area.

100 yen stores (though it didn’t say all the goods were 100 yen) were pretty common these days.

Since I had no card 2, I just needed a place to stuff all my money in.

Well then, I have money now, so let’s go!

Title: Fake Saint Goes to Japan (1)

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