Fake Saint of the Year

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Editor: Prius

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After Story: Fake Saint Goes to Japan (3)

Everyone stopped in their tracks and took a second look.

That person, who was casually walking through the town, was too unrealistic. So much so that people who saw that person needed several seconds to confirm what they saw was indeed real.

The person who had caught their eyes was a blonde girl walking through the town.

Her smooth, bright, golden hair reflected light as it shone, as if it was woven with threads of gold.

However, even gold didn’t possess the rippling softness and lightness that her hair had when the wind blew through it.

She had a pair of green eyes, a well-shaped nose, and light, cherry-colored lips.

There was not a single wrinkle visible on her face; she looked just like a doll.

Her skin was fair and smooth, as if her baby skin had stayed with her as she grew up, with no blemishes to be seen.

She wore a plain one piece, but even that thing turned into the finest dress since she was the one who wore it.

She had a white floral decoration on her head, and the a simple decoration complemented her looks.

No… by extreme logic, with all the features she naturally possessed, whatever she wore or put on would only complement her appearance.

She exuded an outstanding presence, as if she was the only thing shining in this monochrome world of hustle-and-bustle of the city. 

Of course, it had to be nothing but an optical illusion. There was no way she could exude light on her own. However, that just gave an idea of how much she shone.

Her existence was so prominent that it gave off the illusion that she exuded light. That was how fleeting she was to the world.

It was as if she was a resident of another world… or maybe, everyone around her had a supporting role, and she got the spotlight as the leading role.

There was no way she wouldn’t be a hot topic when she walked around the town, and sure enough, the internet was on fire that day.

[Elrise-sama?!] Quiz Runner 172 thread 

768: Anonymous Runner 

The momentum of the thread is amazing. It’s already advanced by 30 from today alone.

769: Anonymous Runner 

This thread is still having it better. Kuon no Sanka thread and Elrise’s Fan thread practically exploded.

770: Anonymous Runner 

I just came here, but I was surprised that the thread count suddenly jumped to 172.

What happened?

771: Anonymous Runner 

Didn’t you see today’s broadcast?

772: Anonymous Runner 

I was careless and only saw it from the middle.

773: Anonymous Runner 

There was a scene of investigating general percentage of correct answers to the question about whether a Shiba Inu or Siberian husky was closer to a wolf, and the girl who appeared in that segment was way too beautiful.

774: Anonymous Runner 

That was a dangerous one. That was the first time I ever fell in love with 3D.

775: Anonymous Runner 

Is it possible for human hair to possess that level of glossiness?

776: Anonymous Runner 


It’s not anime after all, so that level of luster won’t be possible.

777: Anonymous Runner 

Wasn’t that just a CG image made by the show?

778: Anonymous Runner 

It looked too natural for that… no well, that hair luster is unnatural though.

779: Anonymous Runner 

It wasn’t CG. I was actually there and saw it myself.

780: Anonymous Runner 

Seriously? How was it?

781: Anonymous Runner 

She smelled really good.

782: Anonymous Runner 


783: Anonymous Runner 


784:Anonymous Runner


785:Anonymous Runner 


786:Anonymous Runner

As expected, is that cosplay of Elrise?

787:Anonymous Runner

I think it really is, based on the floral decoration on her head.

I verified it on a related thread, but it seems Elrise is the only character with that shape of flower on her head.

But I don’t understand why she didn’t wear a dress if she cosplayed as Elrise?

788:Anonymous Runner

Did she choose to wear one piece since the hurdle was too high to wear a dress in the middle of the city?

789:Anonymous Runner

What do you mean it’s confirmed? There are other bishoujo characters with green eyes and blonde hair. 

790:Anonymous Runner

That’s why I told you that that flower was the deciding factor.

791:Anonymous Runner

Hah? Are you saying there is no other character who wears a floral decoration? Your head must be a flower garden1.

792:Anonymous Runner

This guy sure likes to talk without understanding anything. There are other characters who wear flowers on their head, but considering the shape of flower and the number of petals, the conclusion was made that it was Angelo flower that appeared from Kuon no Sanka. Well, it would be an artificial flower though.

So, I told you that if she went to all the trouble to reproduce such a flower, it could only be Elrise’s cosplay.

Investigate a little before speaking, fool.

793:Anonymous Runner

Do it elsewhere if you want to fight. It’s annoying.

794:Anonymous Runner

By the setting, isn’t Elrise a Saint who gave off an illusion that she always shines? 

795:Anonymous Runner

She’s a fake Saint though.

796:Anonymous Runner

She’s the heroine-sama in the Grand Route, you know.

797:Anonymous Runner

I think the production company was crazy regarding that.

Why did they put so much effort into a route that nobody could find?

798:Anonymous Runner

Rather, why did nobody find it earlier?

No matter how many requirements it took, you can always use cheating tools to figure it out.

799:Anonymous Runner

That’s right. I actually extracted the data and found it way earlier. I just never told anyone about it.

800:Anonymous Runner

It, it appeared – LOLOLOL the person who claimed that they actually already knew after the fact – LOLOLOL.

801:Anonymous Runner

Definitely lies.

802:Anonymous Runner

No, I’m serious. But for some reason, I forgot the fact I actually did that before.

803:Anonymous Runner

I’m also the same LOL.

804:Anonymous Runner

I was actually also aware of that.

However, I was way too busy during the time, and I forgot the existence of Kuon no Sanka.

805:Anonymous Runner

Well then, for the people who actually saw her, how was it? Did she actually shine?

806:Anonymous Runner

She did.

807:Anonymous Runner


808:Anonymous Runner


809:Anonymous Runner

Well, to be precise, it gave off an illusion that she shone.

810:Anonymous Runner

The question for today was way too blatant on trying to influence the participant that it was no good.

It was clear they chose photos that made the Shiba Inu look pitiful, which told people the answer instead.

I don’t need such a thing.

811:Anonymous Runner

For the time being, can we conclude that Elrise-sama actually descended to Japan?

812:Anonymous Runner

Well, I did think it was a very high level of cosplay.

813:Anonymous Runner

If it’s Elrise-sama, she’s sleeping beside me right now.

814:Anonymous Runner

That one is definitely Elizabet.

815:Supple Ment

Elrise-sama! Ooh, My beautiful Saint!

Elrise-sama! Elrise-samaaaaaaa!

816:Anonymous Runner


Go back to your own world LOL

817:Anonymous Runner


Don’t appear out of nowhere, you Perverted Glasses Bastard LOL

818:Anonymous Runner

[Good News] I am a convenience store employee, and I got my finger touched by Elrise-sama as I gave her the change.

819:Anonymous Runner


820:Anonymous Runner

You must have used up your lifetime fortune for that.

821:Anonymous Runner

Which convenience store was it? What did she buy?

822:Anonymous Runner

I can’t say the place. It would be troublesome if you guys suddenly flooded the place.

I was so nervous that I can’t exactly remember it, but she definitely bought plain bread.

823:Anonymous Runner

Why did she buy plain bread…?

824:Anonymous Runner

She was just shopping normally LOL.

825:Anonymous Runner

He, hey, there’s no plain bread on Fiori after all…

“It’s delishious! It’s so fluffy and melts in my mouth!”

“The Cloud I ate before feels soft like a cloud, but this is also quite…”

After returning to Fiori, I immediately made the French toast and served it at the meeting. 

The topic of the meeting was, of course, regarding the world that was beyond the dimensional rift.

The participants were Leila and I, as well as Alfrea and King Aiz, which made a total of four people.

We still didn’t know what that rift was, so to prevent the information from spreading, we only discussed it with a few people.

The French toast I made was received favorably by Alfrea, and the others were crazy about it, but… as expected, something felt different.

I watched “A Pro shall teach you! How to make authentic French toast at home!” before and faithfully followed the steps explained there to make it, but in the end, that only meant that it got close to the taste of a pro, but still not the taste made by a pro.

I did think it was well-made, but the taste was still lacking compared to that store.

As expected, it was the difference in the ingredients’ quality… The things used in the shop were probably those high quality, including the eggs, milk, and bread…

Also, there were probably differences in the level of skill used. Professionals sure were amazing.

As expected, I wished I could get takeout from there.

Ah, by the way, what Leila referred to as ‘Cloud’ was what people call cake in this world.

The first aristocratic old man who ate cake said, ‘It feels like I’m eating clouds!’ and the strange name stuck. It was definitely not the person who repeatedly said ‘Not interested,’ then squatted while crossdressing as a woman, then said, ‘Let’s go!’ as he walked to the brothel.

“So… there was another world beyond the rift, huh.” 


“What kind of world is that?”

“…It was a very dangerous world. I think nobody except me should go.”

To King Aiz’s question, I chose to answer that it was a dangerous place. 

If I told them it was a peaceful and bountiful world there, there would be fools who sought the abundant supplies and food on the other side.

And in the unlikely event that people managed to cross over, it would suck if it ended up resulting in conflict.

That was why, my apologies, King Aiz, I had no intention of giving any real information about what was on the other side.

To be honest, I wasn’t willing to even participate in this meeting.

Also, since Alfrea seemed to have loose lips, she was also NG. I think Leila was the only one I could tell about the things on the other side.

…Ah, no… Leila sometimes became Stocco, so she was also no good…

Uhn, as expected, it was better not to tell them. I would tell them that Japan was a dangerous place.

“There were demons made out of steel that moved faster than horses, with many of them running amok on the ground. On top of that, they exuded venom that polluted the air. The air was already so polluted that it was no longer possible to see the stars. The sea was tainted black and muddy, and the people seemed to have given up on life as they went to the labor facility… that was the scenery I saw on the other world.” 

I didn’t exactly tell a lie. 

Cars were running about every day, the air of the town was polluted, and so was the sea.

Then people went to work every day, fighting off the suffering known as overtime. You sure have it hard, corporate slaves!

And even if they worked hard to earn money, most of it would be reduced to nothing by taxes.

As expected, the NEET, who didn’t work, was the real winner!

“To, to think Elrise-sama went alone to such a world…! As expected, I ought to accompany you next time…” 

“You don’t have to worry about me. I do have resistance against poison. And in the chance of danger, I could always escape. Rather, it’s easier for me to move alone, so I think it was better to proceed with the investigation alone.”

Leila requested to accompany me as an escort, but I felt better doing it alone. 

Rather, if I did bring Leila along to the other side, she might become a Stocco as she got hit by a passing truck.

Actually, she’d more likely cut the incoming truck instead, making the traffic behind it turn into a catastrophe.

Alfrea was likely to prioritize her curiosity and end up as a lost child.

I could easily imagine her crying loudly in the middle of the city…

If it was Eterna or Vernell, they would likely follow my instructions precisely… but Leila and Alfrea were no good.

Anyway, the next time I go there, should I buy some software and hardware then go to the net cafe to play ‘Kuon no Sanka’? I think I could play it on a handheld console. 

I was already quite familiar with the plot, but maybe I could find something new by replaying it.

Author Note:The 815 on thread is not Supple himself. It was just a random person using Supple name as their id, looking for retort by doing so. 2

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Eternal perspective
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Supple Ment
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Elrise-sama! Ooh, My beautiful Saint!

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815:Supple Ment

Elrise-sama! Ooh, My beautiful Saint!

Elrise-sama! Elrise-samaaaaaaa!

No matter which world, you can’t stop Supple.
Cut off one Supple, two more shall take it’s place.
Hail Great Saint Elrise-Sama

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Who Knows?
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