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[Extra] afterwards 4: Reporting Session 

After dinner at the hotel’s Italian restaurant, Heath walked me to the station. We have also made an agreement to meet again next weekend. 

Heath said he’d be staying overnight next time tooーー Next time, it was decided that he would stay over at my house.

The next day, Nachi and I went out to see Heath and Mao off. We watched from the platform as they boarded the monorail.

After the monorail had made its departure, Nachi and I looked at each other. We promised to talk afterwards, just the two of us… It was a reporting and impressions session for us both. We headed to the cafe run by Nachi’s parents like always.

“Well? Neji, What happened?”

I blushed when Nachi asked me as soon as my drink arrived at the cafe. I closed my eyes and thought back to yesterday. We kissed again and again… We had only pecked each other’s lips, but my heart palpitated wildly just remembering them.

“Did you have sex?” 

“Eh!? N-no? U-uhm I mean, we confirmed that we’re lovers… Eh? Nachi, What happened with Mao? 


“Are you two dating now?” 


“Congratulations… ah, the ring.” 

“Mao gave it to me. He’s serious, isn’t he? But I’m aware that I was the one who was more serious when I said I wanted to get married.” 


I hadn’t really thought that far ahead. Nachi is amazing.

“By the way, Nachi. What happened to your neck?”

Nachi had three band-aids on his neck today. When I curiously asked him about itーー He instantly turned bright red.

“Eh, ah… n-nothing?” 

“And there’s something different about Nachi today.”

Somehow, He looked kind of seductive. Then, I remembered what Nachi had said to me in the past. 

――I heard that some people become sexy after they have sex.

“Na-Nachi? You had sex…?”

Upon guessing, my eyes widened and I saw a slight nod from Nachi, his cheeks still flushed. My mouth dropped open, and I didn’t know what to say. Even I couldn’t help but blush.

“Ahー I wish it could be the weekend soon. I want to see Mao.”

It seemed that Nachi and Mao have also made plans for the weekend. I nodded as I sipped my cocoa because I wanted to see Heath too. However… next time, Heath will be staying at my house. We’re going to be together for the whole night. I wonder if we’re… going to have sex too… Thinking about it, my heart started to fret.

It troubled me because every time I blinked, Heath’s face flashed in my mind. It seems I like Heath a lot. 

I wondered if Heath felt the same. I’m afraid because unlike in-game, the real us, no– it’s been like that even in the game, we seem to… be very mismatched.

Still, I liked Heath, so I’ve decided to make an effort within my ability. 

Ahhーー I really can’t wait for the weekend.

 ◆ ◇ ◆

ーーInside the monorail’s cabin. 

Heath and Mao were sitting side by side in their reserved seats. 

Crossing his legs and arms, Heath looked at Mao, whose face was beaming and was slightly dumbfounded.

“You look happy.” 

“Because I’m happy.”

Mao’s heart was filled with joy now that he and Nachi finally became lovers and have even promised to get married. Heath watched him, and then blinked after a long time. 

It reminded him of Neji.

Despite being a man, I think the word “beauty” suited him. Reunited at last… No, my lover, whom I was able to meet in reality recently, was too lovely. 

As soon as Heath had seen Neji, he had felt the urge to hug him, yet he restrained himself from doing so because of the public eye, and he wanted to praise himself for holding out until they reached the hotel.

Unlike in the game, Neji turned bright red and trembled from nervousness. The sight of his reddened cheeks made me want to push him down right awayーー but I didn’t want him to know that I felt uneasy. I want to treasure Neji.1

It wasn’t that I was just attracted to his face. He helped me back when I was a novice, and afterwards, I’ve been watching Neji. And before I even knew it, I was in love with him. 

Heath had never imagined that the day would come when he would love another person so much.

ーーA flashback to the day prior. 

Before their departure, Heath and Mao were sitting on the sofa in Heath’s apartment in New Tokyo. There were two horizontal white sofas and a rectangular dark brown coffee table in the middle. On top of that, Heath laid out a bucket with anchovies and an avocado salad, while Mao poured a glass of the liquor he had brought.

After that, they looked at each other. They were seated face to face, both looking somewhat nervous. 

Mao said as Heath placed his folded hands on top of his crossed knees. “Ah, I’m nervous. Nachi’s answer… Ahhh! I really think I have a chance, but then again, it’s been like that even before we logged out. Still, who knows. Do you think Nachi would go out with me?” 

“Well.” Heath remembered Neji’s face as he answered. 

We’re already lovers, but I wonder if I should confess in real life as well. However, I’m certain that I would not be able to recover if he were to reject me. That’s why I’ve decided that when we have the chance to be alone, I would tell him how I felt first.

“You guys are dating, so you can relax.” 

“It’s not like I can relax, either.”

Mao would often come over to Heath’s room after work to play. Heath’s house has all the equipment for VR connectivity, so it’s easier for him to enjoy the game than at home. The two of them started the “Night of the Grand Guignol” because they were chatting, and casually decided to play a game.

And then Heath met Neji. 

ーーAhh, I want to meet you soon.

After such a night, the reality is that I actually met my beloved lover whom I’ve expressed my love to, and saw him turning red whilst wrapped in my arms, his slim body trembling, and his eyes moistening. 

Heath was so in love with Neji that his face was almost smiling again, but he tried his best to keep himself composed.

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