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Chapter 30 : Reviving the Dead

The red haired youth was heaving repeatedly with shallow yet violent breaths. It wouldn’t be strange if he were to lose the light of his life anytime now. Blood was continuously flowing from his right chestーー.

(Kajero, come quickly. I need your help in this.)

How strange.

As if sending a mail to the wrong address, a bad feeling came unto me.

(What happened, Kajero?)

There was no reply. Far from that, it seems my words didn’t even reach.

The last telepathic message was sent a few minutes ago. Nothing was unusual then. Did something happen in the short interval of timeーーThinking is for later.
Every second is precious. Let’s move for now.

「Is there anyone here who uses healing magic!?」

While raising my voice, I took off the pendant on my neck. Pouring in all the magic I had left, I called for the Spirits.

(You have the liberty to do as you see fit. Save this person!)

The pendant leapt up strongly from my palm. They nodded their heads, implying to leave it to them.

ーーAt the same time, a brown-haired man rushed over.

「Clay! Hang on, Clay!」

I remember seeing him. He was talking with the redhead before. I wonder where that frivolous atmosphere went?

He seized the redhead’s shoulder, screaming. He didn’t bother fixing his disorderly hair parted to the left.

「Oi, say something! Hey!」

It was an attitude unbecoming of an adventurer.

No, it’s a natural response to seeing a close friend on the verge of death.


「Please calm down. If you foolishly shake him, his wounds will open.」
I wanted him to stop lest his actions bring about the opposite effect.

「Do you want to kill him?」
It must be irritation due to impatience. I ended up glaring at him.

「Ah, ahh, sorry……」
He came to his senses, but the brunette hesitantly lets go of the redhead’s hand.

「U-Um, that.」It was an awfully frightened voice. I wonder if I’m making such a scary face right now. 「I’m a former priest so I can use healing magic, butーー」

「Got it. Please hold on for a while. The medicine will arrive shortly.」I’ve made preparations.

I secretly stocked up as much medicine as possible in my room at the Louivas Residence, in case of emergencies. I already ordered the animals to deliver it.


An army, unlike the uniformed military, reached my side. Kicking up a cloud of dust, the team consists of a cat, duck, and a chicken. The brunette ducked his body with a 「Eek」, but that must be because of the previous incident.

Well then. I have all my cards. Kajero didn’t come after all. I was worried but let’s leave it for now. Let’s concentrate on what’s in front of me.

We had controlled the bleeding for now with the magic of the water spirit and the brunette.
However, we couldn’t do anything about the open wounds.

The first thing I used was “The Sacrament of Graniu”.

In a place called Graniu in the south of Malgaroid, the alchemists living there had discovered how to make it. It was a byproduct of the homunclus research.

It’s a sheet in a mesh shape, covered in blood. In a blink of an eye, it grew big and became a replacement for flesh. Its price per sheet is quite considerable, enough for a commoner to live for a month without any worries.

The next thing I took out was “The Grapewine of Ringal Tribe”. This purplish-red liquid would turn into blood once it entered the body. Needless to say, they were considerably high priced goods, but what to do? It’s much better than having a useless treasure. Other than that, I’m putting in various alchemical miracle drugs one after another.

「Amazing, you’re amazing……」

The brunette let out something akin to awe. However, it’s not as if I’m doing anything remarkable. Ultimately, the medicine is the one healing the wounds.

Moreover, we can’t predict his condition. He’s weak enough that his pulse may disappear the next moment, even his breaths are absolutely unstable. I’ve more or less healed his body to how it was. Still, why?

(I wonder if that guy’s soul has separated from his body, hmm. The great and wise I have come to realize.)

Resounding in my head was a voice brimming with too much self-confidence. It was telepathy. I wonder who it is. It’s different from Kajero and Walf, let alone Cactus-kun.

……Ahh, there’s one more spirit in here, isn’t there? It had only dwelled in the sword of the phantom killer until now.

(Alty, listen carefully.)

Even though we haven’t exchanged greetings or anything yet, that Spirit was acting awfully over-familiar.

(It’s the same thing as what ya do when ya let the great I or any other spirit out. Smash this redhead bastard’s soul with his body. If ya don’t do it quickly, it’s gonna be too late. Hurry up)

Quickly, I applied my strength. I breathed in and out whilst closing and opening my eyes. Flipping the switch in my head, my demeanour changed to how I am while using doll magic. I became oblivious to the noise in my surroundings and the heat of midsummer. My five senses dulled and my sixth sense became sharp. The signs of the Spirits drifting about in the atmosphere while dozing were transmitted. Amongst them, only one stood out. If I have to give it a name, I wonder if it would be “A noisy and youthful existence”. It was separating from the redhead’s body while wheezing in pain and fear.

(Please return.)

I commanded. It was different from a Spirit and wasn’t obedient. And still didn’t listen to all this ranting and leave a comment on my site.


With a stronger will, I repeated.

It was at that moment that a transparent hand, unseen by naked eyes, softly reach out. What is it?

(Well done, Alty. It’s a great idea tah’ push the soul of that redhead bastard into his body by “hand”.)

(Thank you, I’ll try it.)

As per the sword’s advice, I grabbed the soul with my “hand”. All that’s left is to return it to its body like thatーー

*  *
I was unconscious for some time. I wonder if it’s because it was my first time doing it.

When I came to my senses, many cheers were raised.

Waking up, the redhead looked at his surroundings in a bewildered manner. The brunette cried tears of joy. The people who were watching over with baited breaths were now all busy clapping or doing something else. Even the animals ran about happily. It was as if it were a festival in the land of fairy tales.

I guess this means to stop.

Walf was gradually melting the ice covering him using his flame sword. Before long, he’ll be able to move freely. That’s right, what should we do about the phantom killer? If the Malgaroid Royal Family has really given tacit approval to my murder, then I must not hand him over. It’d be nice if Kajero were here at such a time, butーー

(Alty, if it’s this bastard’s memories, I’ve read all of them.
As expected of the great I, I’m fast at doing things, hmm)

The sword spoke. I have to give him a name quickly too.

(I am Weisster, lovingly called Weiss.)

There are very few Spirits who can name themselves, but it’s not like they don’t exist. Walf is also the same, and many others too.

(Leave him to me. I won’t do anything against your wishes.)

(Understood, please.)

(……Aren’t you trusting me too easily? Haven’t we just met each other?)

(Didn’t you tell me how to save the redhead? Moreover, that time when you were called out, the atmosphere may be scary yet I did not sense any hostility.)

(Humm. I see. That guy named Kajero, he’s become all soft now.)

(You know Kajero?)

(Of course, was that a thousand or ten thousand years agoーー)

It was just when Weiss had begun talking.

(Would you not casually dig up people’s pasts, Weisster-dono?)

A black shadow got down right in front of my eyes. The figure of a well-mannered suit-wearing gentleman with a felt hat.

(I am truly sorry for being late, ojousama. ……An unexpected situation arose.)

Waves of exhaustion were mixed in his voice. How unusual. His typical composure has crumbled.

(Someone tried to summon me as a Spirit. Even though I shook off the magic ceremony, it still took time. I am ashamed.)

(If that is so, it can’t be helped. Can you trace back your opponent?)

(The opponent is noticeably skilled, so it’ll be troublesome. However, there are signs of a second or third ceremony being held.)

(I understand. ……To pull apart Kajero at the same time I was attacked, it might be a conspiracy.)

(The chances are certainly high. So, how should we treat that lowly human?)

Kajero shifted his gaze to where the phantom killer was being manipulated by Weiss.

(What does Weiss-dono intend to do?)

(All the information he holds has now become the greatI’s. There are only political things left that are advantageous. There’s a possibility he might get banished and punished, but he still descends from the royal family. At most he might be of some use?)

(Looks like we thought the same thing. Well then, let’s do that.)

(Ahh, the usual, I see.
……To think that one day I’d join forces with you again, even the wise and great I could have never imagined it.)

I never realized when the conversation left me behind. Caught in the awfully understanding atmosphere flowing between them, I felt slightly alienated.


What’s with the thousand years and the ten thousand years? I know that they’re Spirits and it’s not unnatural for them to live for a long time……it still slightly bothers me. The author had left the elixirs and the megaelixirs for the last and was someone who did not use it.

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