This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 116 – Two People Are Better Than One

In the end, I continued to make failed products until I logged out. I stretched my stiff body and rolled across my bed. I fell asleep instantly.

The dream I had that day was that I made a black failure every time I did a science experiment. It was painful.

I got up, had breakfast, and went back to my room.

I didn’t want to log in and look at my dispensing kit because of that bad dream.

I let out a sigh and opened my textbook.

I had a test coming up soon, so I decided to study a little before logging in. Who knows, maybe studying would help me be more successful in-game, too.

As I opened the math textbook, all I could think about was ADO.

On a blank page of the notebook, I scribbled the ancient magical language that I had become adept at drawing in ADO. 

“Let’s see, [ Activation Color, Transformation Process, Memory Retention, Material Composition ]. Wouldn’t it be funny if a magic circle worked here too, or something? My handwriting is pretty messy.”

I managed to write something that looked about right, but was it supposed to be like this? I couldn’t help but giggle at the incomprehensible letters that left me wondering. What was I doing? 

I hastily erased the characters I had drawn with an eraser and finally shifted my gaze to the textbook.

I felt like my head was already spinning.

Time to log in for a change of pace.

I put on my gear and laid my mentally and physically exhausted body on the bed.

Ah, I missed Vidello-san at times like this. I hoped Vidello-san was getting his day off. It’s not good to work too hard. I hoped he wasn’t too tired. To be honest, I wanted to have sex with Vidello-san. I wanted us to cuddle and do something pleasurable together. I wanted to be fulfilled both mentally and physically with Vidello-san’s Vidello-san1.

I wanted to bury my face in Vidello-san’s firm chest muscles, savor the feeling of his muscular back, and feel good together.

I felt like we’d been relegated to star-crossed lovers lately. We could pass messages and hear news about each other, but we couldn’t meet up and spend time together at all. 

It couldn’t be helped, though.

“Ugh,” I groaned and I took off my headgear without logging in.

Just a little me time before I log in. And really? In broad daylight? 

I looked at my son, who had gotten so energetic thinking about Vidello-san, and I reached out my hand to calm him down.

I ended up logging in after 2:00 pm.

Conclusion. Two people are better than one. Come home soon, Vidello-san. It felt good, but it wasn’t enough. I still can’t do anything about my behind by myself, either. My experience in-game doesn’t carry over into reality. 

I put on a robe and let out a sigh. My bad dream was still weighing heavily on me.

Not even bothering to do any pharmacy work, I set off for the plantation to see how yesterday’s medicine was working.

“Kyle-san, how was it yesterday?” 

“Oh, Mac. I’ve been waiting for you.”

Kyle-san, who was working outside, beckoned me over when he saw me.

The two of us went to the tree that I had given the [ Mixed Plant Magic Power Nutrient Agent ] to yesterday. The tree had grown one size larger since then.

“Oh! It’s getting better!”

The fruit had grown from about the size of a pinky finger to about twice as large. Their red color had gotten darker, giving the impression that they were ripe.

“Try eating the fruit. The flavor has become incredibly rich.”


I picked one up and popped it into my mouth.

The taste was so nuanced that I couldn’t help but mutter, “Wow, it sure is rich…” whereas before I was just thinking how sweet it was. It was like eating an exotic melon, but even that was an insufficient comparison. I had never tasted such a melon before.

I couldn’t help but reach for another one.

“Delicious… this is great.”

As I was munching on the fruit, Kyle-san also reached for one.

For a little while, the two of us enjoyed the sweetness of the fruit together.

Ah, my stomach felt so warm. I ate quite a bit.

When I was satisfied, Kyle-san also smiled and patted his stomach. 

“Oh, I kind of just reached out and ate a bunch without thinking. How much do these cost, by the way?”

“Hmm, did you eat enough to cover the [ Mixed Magic Agent ]? Do you want more? If you want more, I’ll pay you extra.”

I couldn’t eat anymore because my stomach was already satisfied.

That was the cost of the medicine. The price of these fruits. 

But still, I felt a warming sensation in my stomach.

“Can I appraise it?”

“Sure. He’s not undernourished anymore.”

“Then, [ Appraisal ].”

『 Jeso Tree: A tree that grows in the Forest of Tre, bearing red and sweet fruits. The fruits can be used for cooking and potion-making. Due to being nourished with the [ Mixed Plant Magic Power Nutrient Agent ], the fruits are imbued with magical properties. Eating the fruit increases magical power (small). 』

Reading the appraisal, I rushed to open my status column.

Next to my MP number, there was a (+22). I had eaten 22 of those precious fruits. I ate too many, even if they were small. But that wasn’t the point.

Would this be a permanent increase? Or was there a time limit? Could it be that this warmth in my stomach was due to the increase in magical power?

I didn’t understand any of it. When the warmth in my stomach goes away, I’ll take another look at the status. I hoped it was permanent. But since it was bracketed, it would probably go back to normal after a while.

“Kyle-san. This fruit, can I buy it? Lots of it.”

“Oh? Ooh. I’ll have some more tomorrow. How much do you need?”

“I need a lot. I want so much that Kyle-san won’t have anymore.”

In response to my question, Kyle-san pondered for a moment and replied, “Today, I have around a hundred. If you want more, you’ll have to come back tomorrow.” Wow, he was willing to sell me that many!

“Kyle-san probably has a lot of magic right now, so if you want to cultivate a magic-based field, this is your chance!”

“So, it’s a magic power enhancement. Alright, I’ll get to work. Mac, feel free to pick some more.”

“Got it.”

I paid the suggested fee and started collecting. I picked the visible fruits, and when I checked the count after harvesting the last one, it was exactly 100. If someone said 30, did that mean there were only 30 where you could see them? Or would all the available fruit always be visible? I was curious about that part. Kyle was busy tilling the soil with earth magic. I thought I should try something while this bonus was still in effect. Thanking Kyle loudly, I returned to the workshop.

I put down the lace-knitted doily that Regalo-san had given me and put the alchemy pot on it.

And in my hand was my collection of alchemy recipes.

I went through the list to see if there was anything that I hadn’t made yet but had all the ingredients for.

There was only one that had all the required materials. Since it’s one you could unlock pretty early on, the difficulty might not be that high. The materials could be found almost anywhere.

I wondered what I could make. Excitedly, I took the materials out of my storeroom.

Then, I distributed some MP into the cauldron.

Oh, the cauldron was filled with a mysterious liquid with just a tiny amount of MP. This doily was amazing.

Carefully, one by one, I placed the materials into the cauldron.

The change in color as they melted was visually delightful. 

As I melted all five ingredients and stirred them together in a swirling motion, my MP decreased, but not as rapidly as before.

Before too much time passed, the inside of the cauldron began to glow, signaling completion.

I hurriedly lifted the cauldron and overturned it into a jar, and a stream of orange stuff tumbled into the jar. Strangely, once all the liquid was poured into the jar, it seemed to stick to itself and become a lump. 

“Oooh, it became solid.”

Having been successfully made, a picture and the name of the object appeared in the recipe section.

“What’s a [ Fragrance Stone ]? Rubbing this stone on anything imparts a fragrance… What does that mean?”

The bottle certainly gave off a pleasant, wafting aroma. But I made something that made no sense.

My MP had barely reduced. I still had some ingredients, so I decided to try making it without the doily.

I repeated the same process without changing anything.

Yeah, there was a big difference right from when I first filled the cauldron with the mysterious liquid. When stirring, the visible decrease in MP was quite substantial. It was so different. It used exactly twice the MP, but the finished product was exactly the same. Truly, Regalo-san’s Magic-Saving Doily was amazing. I would put it to good use!

“Still, it smells good. I wonder what it is. Is it rose? Mixed with a hint of mint? It’s mild but has a nice lingering aroma. I like it.”

Probably because the materials I put in it were flowers and medicinal herbs, that’s what it smelled like.

Since I liked it, I decided to rub a little on the pillow I used the most.

I wondered if just the pillow would be enough, so I picked up the solid again and rubbed it all over the sheets, too. Then I put it back in the jar and put the lid back on.

It smelled so good that I rolled over into my bed without realizing.

Oh, this is something that could help with a good night’s sleep. I’ll give one to Vidello-san… Let’s envelop Vidello-san in my scent. 

With that thought in mind, I closed my eyes to enjoy the smell.

Needless to say, I fell asleep.

When I opened my eyes, the outside was already dyed in the colors of the evening sun. Huh, what did I do today? I pondered with a hazy mind. Oh right, I slept. I slept.

I groggily got up and put on my robe.

I decided to go to Crash’s place to buy one of the materials that I had run out of while attempting the failed alchemy project.

If I didn’t, I’d fall asleep again.

I drank a glass of water as a pick-me-up and left the workshop.

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