This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 115 – Advanced Medical Dispensing Kit

While my gear was recharging, I took a bath, ate dinner, brushed my teeth, and came back to my room.

It was hard to walk with one leg hurting. Mom came home early again today, and when I got out of the bath, she put a medicated patch on it and wrapped it with a bandage. Thank you, Mom.

I didn’t understand why, but when we had dinner together, the topic of conversation was Yuuta’s girlfriend. I only caught a glimpse of her before when I saw Yuuta and Yui walking together. Please, Mom, don’t ask me about that.

To escape her pursuit, I went back upstairs and quickly put on my gear.

In this kind of situation, I should just busy myself with the game.

I logged in, but there were still three more days before Vidello-san came back.

I missed him so much.

With a slight sigh, I took out the advanced medical dispensing kit that had been left in my inventory.

I cleaned it out and set it on the desk next to my other kit.

The advanced kit was larger than the ordinary one, with more holes for test tubes and a beaker twice as big as the ordinary one. Of course, the alcohol lamp was also bigger.

I wonder if that meant that more ingredients could be mixed in.

With the previous kits, mixing more than eight types of ingredients usually resulted in a [ Failure ]. I guess upgrading meant that I could mix more ingredients and not get a failure.

“I’ll give it a try.”

From the materials I gathered at Kyle-san’s place before, I had found a recipe that I had definitely failed because there were too many types of ingredients to mix, and I opened the page. It seemed that it was time to tackle that recipe, which was quite difficult.

After checking the recipe, I laid out the ingredients on the table. Twelve types in all. From medicinal herbs to poisons. This recipe was really difficult to make because it used medicines that had to be prepared separately.

I checked the steps and prepared each recipe one by one.

When I lost my concentration, I got up and made a cup of tea from the tea leaves I bought from Monto-san’s place to relax.

Then I went back to the kit and started the rest of the process.

Unlike alchemy, potion-making didn’t use magic power, and it was okay to stop during the process, so I could do pretty much whatever I wanted.

I lit the lamp and put a big beaker on it. This time, I used plain water as per the recipe. I added the beakers one by one, stirring them with a long glass stirring rod, and kept staring at the contents.

The moment the contents of the beaker changed, I lifted the beaker and poured it into the filtration apparatus.

A yellow liquid dribbled through the filter paper onto the apparatus below.

“Hey, it was green when I was stirring it. Why is it yellow…?”

When I made it before, it had already turned black at this point and I knew it was a failure at once, so I could give up. This time, it wasn’t a [ Failure ] in terms of color.

As I waited nervously for the last drop to fall, the color of the whole mixture suddenly turned blue.

What’s with this reaction?!


『 Mixed Plant Magic Power Nutrient Agent 

A magical nutrient that works on all plants. For plants with roots, apply it to their roots; for parasitic plants, apply it to the roots of the host plant.

It is especially effective when used on plants that feed on magic power. Even if it is used on a plant without magic power, the individual plant will still retain some magic power.

Range: 1 individual 』

I read the description and tilted my head.

Well, I guessed this meant that the medicinal herb would also become magical.

I wondered what would happen if I gave it to the Taruar Grass. It was a nutritional supplement, so I guessed it would make it bigger. Hmm. I wasn’t sure, but I decided to reject trying it on the Taruar Grass. I got another potted plant after what happened, but if I gave it something like this, it could grow too big to fit in this room.

But applying it to the roots meant I couldn’t use it on any of the materials I had on hand.

Time to go to the farm. 

I decided to head to Kyle-san’s farm for the first time in a while.

“Kyle-san, it’s been a while! Long time no see!”

I found Kyle-san outside and waved to him, calling out to him. He looked surprised, then grinned and invited me in.

“What’s up, Mac? Weren’t you supposed to marry Vidello? You’re back already?”

“No, I’m not.”

I had expected teasing from Kyle-san, but I hadn’t expected him to start right away. He laughed out loud at my immediate denial.

“More than that, by chance, I found a really good medical dispensing kit. Here.”

I took out the [ Mixed Plant Magic Power Nutrient Agent ] that I had just finished. The name was long and hard to say.

“[ Mixed Magic Agent ]? …You’ve improved your skills, Mac. They say there aren’t many pharmacists who can make this stuff nowadays.”

Kyle-san held his breath and stared at the nutritional supplement, then patted my head vigorously. 

“I mean, if they can’t make it, maybe it’s because their equipment isn’t good enough. With my previous equipment, if I tried to mix more than 8 ingredients, it would always fail. But with the advanced kit I got this time, I can mix them normally. If that kit were available, I’m sure anyone would be able to make this.”

“There aren’t a lot of pharmacists who can use a kit like that. Making an advanced kit probably isn’t that difficult, but handling wouldn’t be as easy. If you don’t have the skill, you won’t be able to use the kit, regardless of how good it is.”

“Oh. I see. So there’s a recommended level set…” I supposed the kit was too advanced for the pharmacists of this world. Let’s all improve our skills. “Hey, Kyle-san. I’ll give you that one, so why don’t you try it out? I made it as a kind of a trial run.”

“Come on, Mac, at least let me buy it. I’ll try using it for something.”

“It’s good without magic. Do you mind if I use it? It will turn the plant into a plant with magical power, if that’s ok.”

He nodded, and I followed Kyle-san out into the field. Kyle-san pointed to a tree growing in the corner of the field.

“I found this one dying when I went to the forest in Tre, and I couldn’t leave it alone, so I dug it up by the roots and transplanted it here. But it still hasn’t gotten better.”

The tree, which was native to the Tre forest, produced small, red, sweet berries, which I often picked and ate right then and there. They were delicious, like mulberries.

But this tree had very thin branches and you could tell the berries were smaller than berries from the normal trees.

“It’s not at the end of its lifespan or something?”

“No, this is a species that grows bigger and then gradually withers away, so it’s not right that it’s withering away at this size. Unlike the others, the soil doesn’t seem to suit it well.”

“Is that so? You can tell just by looking at that, that’s amazing.”

“When it comes to plants, yeah. I don’t know about anything else.”

Remembering the previous pests and trunk diseases, I gently appraised it and found that it was only [ Undernourished and Stunted ], as Kyle-san had said. I was relieved.

“I hope it grows well and produces tasty fruit. I love those berries. And the gatekeepers are always happy to receive them, too.”

“I see how it is. Mac must have dropped a gift attack on Vidello. It sure would be nice to get a present from someone you like, wouldn’t it? Vidello must have been so smitten.”

Kyle-san said so with a sigh, and I shifted my gaze away from him.

…After talking to Vidello-san, it was hard for me to deny it.

“Well, I’ll take care of Mac until Vidello comes back, so don’t look so sad.”

Laughing, Kyle-san patted me on the back. It was kind of painful. He had muscular arms.

Kyle-san gently poured the “Mixed Plant Magic Power Nutrient Agent” at the base of the tree. The blue substance quickly soaked into the soil and disappeared.

“Let’s see how it goes. The effects probably won’t be obvious right away.”

“Yeah, I suppose so… Get well soon.”

I gently touched the trunk of the tree and left.

Kyle-san asked me if I would like to eat since he had just made some food, and I was happy to oblige.

After filling my stomach with a delicious meal, I returned to my workshop feeling satisfied.

By the way, the advanced medical dispensing kit was amazing. I wondered if my success rate would increase as well.

I didn’t know if the difficult-to-handle part applied to the pharmacist level or the dispensing skill level. Did I need both or what? I had a lot of things to check.

At any rate, this would mean that the quest to make medicine without a recipe had broadened. However, even if the current pharmacists had access to the recipe, there might not be anyone capable of making it. That wouldn’t clear the quest… No, maybe that’s what the Prime Minister wanted. The motivation from getting frustrated when someone can make a recipe that they can’t would thus drive them to improve their skills. It could be a boost to the pharmacists’ abilities. Or would it be better to make something that the current pharmacists can create using the dispensing kits they’ve been using?

It was a challenging road ahead. 

After that, I just kept churning out failures to get used to the advanced kit.

No, I didn’t want to make failures. It’s just that when you try to plug in things that don’t have a recipe, they all turn out to be failures. I wasn’t really trying to increase my success rate.

The problem was how to use the [ Failures ] that had piled up. If I ate them, I’d take a lot of damage and turn into light.

Eating them, turning into light, and then coming back to life in the same spot would be laughable, wouldn’t it? I should try feeding them to a monster next time. Maybe it would weaken them with food poisoning.

I let out a sigh as I stowed away the failed work in my storage room.

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