This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 058 – What I’m Longing For

When I entered the store, the handsome butler guided me to the table in the back.

Then, he poured me tea while still standing and asked me, 

“For a favor, what can I do for you?”

“Yes, that’s…”

I selected two items from my inventory and took them out. 

Then, I showed them to the butler and placed them on the table. 

“Because of some circumstances, it was accidentally broken…”

“Well, well, this is…”

“I heard this might get fixed if I bring this back to the store where I originally bought it.”

It still made me sad whenever I saw the state it was in.

The only thing that came to my mind was, ‘Vidello-san, I’m sorry.’ Even though he bought this amulet just for me and put it on me, I…

My fingers couldn’t help but unconsciously touch the chain on my robe. 


“It can be fixed, but… It might take a little while, are you fine with it?”

Eh, for real?!

When I looked up at him in surprise, he nodded, smiling at me. 

“I’m going to fix it starting right now, but is it alright for you to wait?”

“It’s alright! I’ll wait! I have plenty of time on my hands! I’ll wait for sure even if it’ll take until morning to fix it!”

I even prepared myself to take a break from school for this!

Ah, right!

“Can I go and look after the quick horse while I’m still waiting? Ah, but can he even eat normal bread?”

He had been waiting outside for me, so I should have at least given him food and water. 

Just when I was thinking of giving the quick horse some food, the handsome butler said, “Certainly,” and headed towards the counter. 

Uhm, just what did he understand? When I was still confused about his action, he brought back a handful of grass that was shaped like a block. 

“This is fresh grass that recently arrived. I also wanted some fruit, but unfortunately, they’re out of stock.”

“Fruit! What kind of fruit do you want?! I have fruit with me so it’s alright! Thank you very much!”

I took the grass block and immediately went outside the shop. 

The quick horse was quietly waiting for me outside. I really wondered if this child was even a horse. But the fact that I got a bit frightened by his head suddenly popping out of the dark was a secret, okay? 

“Want to eat some food? You might be hungry now. And I also have three kinds of fruit with me, so which one do you prefer?” 

After putting the grass in front of the quick horse, I took out the fruit that I got from Tream-san one by one from the inventory. 

Seeing all the fruits lined up in front of him, he happily chewed the meile fruit. 

All the grass and fruit were gone in a flash, so I took out more fruit for him and they were gone in a flash, too. Did he want more? 

When I took out more, he snorted and turned his head. Did this mean he’s full? 

And then, he pushed me towards the shop again. 

As much as I was surprised by his action, by the time I realized it, the door was closed and I was already inside the shop. Really, just what is he? So cute.  

“It seems like he’s really satisfied.”

“Looks like it. Thank you very much. I’d like to give all the fees both for repair and for the grass.”

“For the fees, can I have five of each fruit instead?” 


A silly voice came out of me after hearing his question. I did have a hunch, but it’s true that this place didn’t charge money. 

“Some of my customers love the fruit, so my heart really aches knowing I wasn’t able to provide them with it. I’ve been buying fruit from Sette’s fruit farm.”

“Ah, I see. They closed the farm.”

“Did you already know? Yes, as you see after they closed the plantation, there were no more supplies… But when I called them yesterday, it seemed like they were able to supply fruit again. I was relieved hearing the news and it looked like you had the fruit, so I thought of getting them from you first.”

“I see… and you can call them?”

“Yes, I have a communication tool.”

Communication tool? Now that I think of it, Sette’s guild master was also using it. Communication tool, huh? I’m sure it was expensive. 

…I want to try calling Vidello-san. Nah, as if I could. 

Having a sip of the tea that the butler had poured, I let out a small sigh. 

I only had a glance at Vidello-san’s face once before I left for the quest. Now, so many things had happened and I felt like we hadn’t seen each other in forever. 

I want to see him. It’s enough for me if I can look at his face, so when I return back, I wonder if he can stand at the gate for me. Then, I can finally see his face. 

And he’ll definitely say, ‘Welcome back.’

I really want to see him now. 

While I was lost in thought thinking of Vidello-san, a new cup of tea was placed in front of me. 

“The chain has been fixed, but can you give me a little more time? It’s going to take a little while just to add luck and dexterity to it.”

“Is it fixed already…?”

“Yes. It’ll be fixed in about an hour or so.”

“…I’m so glad. Thank you very much.”

When relief washed over me, warmth started blooming inside my heart, and a smile formed on my face. I’m happy. 

I can wait forever. 

I tightly squeezed my hands on the table and exhaled deeply from relief. 

After a while, the butler appeared from the back, holding something in his hand.

“I’m not busy right now, so why don’t you play a game with me?”

“A game?”

“Yes. Here it is.”

Then, he put that something on the table. Ah, isn’t this chess? 

I can play Shogi1, but I don’t know anything about chess. 

“I, I’ve never played chess before.”

“So you call this [ Chess ]? In our place, we call this game [ Skaki ].”


“Yes, indeed.”

The butler, who was now sitting in front of me, took out one of the chess pieces and put it on the board. 

“This is [ Re ]”

“ [ Re ]? So uhm, the king is [ Re ].”

“Next to it is [ Donna ].”

“This, I think queen?  [ Donna ], [ Donna ].”

The chess pieces were now placed on the board. The names were different from the ones I know, but I at least know the names of the pieces. 

“This is [ Torre ].” 

“[ Torre ]. Is this… a rook?”

Eh, rook? I’ve heard of that name somewhere before… 

The “Rook” I’ve been searching for, it can’t be this, right? But…

“This rook, sorry, I mean [ Torre ]. How does this [ Torre ] piece move?”

“It can be moved endlessly to a vertical and horizontal position on the board. But it can’t jump over allies or foes. It’s more of an offensive piece.”

“So it’s like [ Rook ]… It can’t be, the person ‘Rook’ from the book might be referring to someone who moves like this piece. Nah, it’s just my imagination, so I might be wrong. But the name [ Torre ] sounds similar to the city name ‘Tre’…”

Even though he’s been giving his time to teach me, all these useless thoughts were coming in and out of my mind.

It’s like a dilemma, I know that it might be wrong, but my mind keeps wandering back to it.

“Let’s see. I know someone who moves like this piece [ Torre ]. Sometimes he joins forces with [ Cavallo ] and borrows the strength of [ Donna ] and yes, he’s making every effort to defeat the opponent [ Re ]. Perhaps, [ Rook ] you’re thinking of might be the answer you’ve been searching for.”

While quietly laying out the pieces, his tale-like words were guiding me, who was forever lost in the maze, towards the exit. 

“That person who’s moving like [ Torre ]… I have to find him myself, right?” 

I felt like it would be a foul if I asked him directly, so when I changed my words and vaguely asked him, a subtle smile formed on his face. 

“You already know that person.”


It was as if he could see through everything. 

Then, I felt suffocated under the heavy responsibility and deep meaning in every single word he uttered. 

Ah, that’s right. This was a [ Magic Shop ]. So it’s not surprising that the owner here could be someone who could do fortune-telling or have foresight. 

“Do you wish to continue? Or do you want to stop?”

He asked me with a light tone as if the previous heavy atmosphere didn’t exist in the first place, so I was able to let go of the heavy tension around me. 

“Ah, excuse me. I’d also like to hear the explanation of the other pieces.” 

“Certainly. It’s also the right time too, then.”

“The right time?”

“After I’m done with the explanation, what you’re wishing for will be in your hands.”

The feather amulet will be fixed. Thank god! 

After that, I listened to the butler’s explanation with my heart pounding in excitement. 

“And, this is [ Pedone ]. They’re in front of [ Re ] protecting the back line.”

“So [ Pedone ] is a pawn.”

“The game begins with this lineup.”

At the end of his words, I heard a knock at the shop door. 

“Please wait a moment.”

After saying that, the handsome butler stood up and moved towards the door. 

Along with the words ‘Welcome’, the door opened and the figure I saw was…

“Vidello-san… why are you here?”

“I’ve come to pick you up, my sweet Mac.”

I wanted to see him so, so bad.

Vidello-san – the one I’ve been longing for all this time.2

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