This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 087 – Joyful Reunion


Standing behind Monto-san was Vidello-san. I looked out the window to see the sun had already set and it was dark outside. I wiped my hands on my clothes and hurried to Vidello-san.

“Vidello-san, they didn’t get mad at you after that, did they? You weren’t demoted or something?”

“Nothing happened after that, right? Raymond was pursuing you I think.”

We spoke at the same time and stopped at the same time.

“I’m okay.”

“I’m okay.”

We also replied at the same time. I couldn’t help but smile ear to ear. I looked at Vidello-san’s face and saw that he was also smiling softly. I was so happy to see him smile that I couldn’t help but reach my hand out to him. My fingers brushed against Vidello-san’s clothes. At the light touch, something inside me snapped. I put my arms around Vidello-san’s back and clung to his breastplate, not caring that Monto-san was standing right there. When I hugged him tightly, Vidello-san wrapped his arms around me, and I happily hugged him harder. My Vidello-san gauge shot up.

“I wanted to see you, hear your voice, see your face.”


Vidello-san held me in his arms and turned his gaze to Monto-san.

“Thank you very much for sheltering Mac.”

“No problem. Besides, there’s something I owe you a little apology for.”

“To me?”

“I’m really sorry,” Monto-san apologized in a thick voice. Vidello-san raised his eyebrows a bit, having no idea what Monto-san was talking about. That face was cute.

“I told this boy a bit of the story about your [Good Luck]. It’s just what I remembered though, so I might have been wrong.”

As Monto-san spoke, Vidello-san inhaled sharply. I felt the muscles in his arms tense a bit. That little bit of tension made me wonder if he hadn’t wanted me to know. I’m sorry. I was the one who said I wanted to hear it.

“…No, it’s not something I’d have a problem with you knowing about, so…”

Vidello-san spoke in a troubled tone. Whether or not he was aware of this, Monto-san continued to speak.

“But this boy was the one. He smiled. When I asked him what he thought of your [Good Luck], he said, ‘I honestly don’t care,’ and that as long as you’re happy, it doesn’t matter.”

The moment he heard those words, Vidello-san’s eyes widened. With a look of surprise on his face, Vidello-san’s gaze met mine.

The next moment, I thought Vidello-san’s expression turned grim, and the hand that had been combing my hair grabbed my head, and the arm that was lightly circling my back became strong enough to lift me off my feet a little. Eh, what? While I was busy being surprised, Vidello-san covered my mouth with his lips, right in front of Monto-san as if he didn’t matter.

“Eh, Nn… Vi- ahn.”

I tried to ask him why, but his tongue invaded my mouth as soon as I opened it. It was intense.


Between our tongues intertwining, my name was called. It felt good. I liked his usual gentle kisses, but I also liked this kind of greedy kissing too. I put all my strength into my arms around Vidello-san’s back and tried to express my affection as much as I could by entwining my tongue with his. But why was there such a passionate kiss out of the blue?

After tasting my mouth to his heart’s content, Vidello-san reluctantly released my lips and bumped my forehead with his.

“I love you, Mac.”

His voice and expression, both filled with a variety of emotions, made my heart flutter. The things I was trying so hard to give up on felt like nothing. Vidello-san, I like you ❣️.

“Me too. I really like you. But, why all of a sudden?”

I stared at Vidello-san while he was still holding me close and his eyes narrowed and his mouth relaxed.

“I was a bit too happy that you’re still the same Mac I fell in love with, even after hearing my story. I couldn’t stand it.”

At his words, I gasped. Then, until now Vidello-san’s [Good Luck] had changed people’s attitudes in various ways once they learned of it. Those who try to exploit [Good Luck] will fall, according to Monto-san. I wondered if the people who realized Vidello-san had [Good Luck] and tried to cling to it were abandoned by luck. If that was the case, maybe someone resented Vidello-san for them becoming unlucky. I concluded at this possibility and gulped quietly. I wondered how troubled his life had been until now, this poor man.

“I wish that [Good Luck] skill would only be used for Vidello-san. Only for Vidello-san’s happiness.”

Then I’d be very satisfied. Even if we became separated. My heart ached a little and I buried my face in Videlo’s shoulder. I lied. It wasn’t my face, it was really my forehead.

“Bye bye, it was nice eating with you. I’ve got to look into that goddam bastard’s habits right away, so you guys should find an inn soon.”

As I was settling down, Monto-san called out. Ah, sorry. I forgot. This was Monto-san’s house.

“Mac, show your face again tomorrow. I’ll do some research on him before then.”

“Ah, ok. I’ll show up in the evening or nighttime. Thank you for today.”

I bowed my head while still clinging to Vidello-san, and Monto-san grinned and patted Vidello-san on the shoulder, saying, “You showed me something good, so we’ll call it even.” The good thing he mentioned, was it our kiss scene? I’m really sorry. Right before his eyes.

After leaving Monto-san’s farm, I entered an inn near the entrance of the town under Vidello-san’s guidance. When I asked for a single room, Vidello-san quickly paid for a double. Eh, he’s staying with me?! What kind of reward was that!! It was worth the effort! But I didn’t even do anything. I was just brought along! Holding his hand, I was grinning all the way up the stairs. I was delighted. When we entered the room, we immediately locked the door, and it became a space for the two of us. Vidello-san never let go of my hand, even after we entered the room. I like it.

“Vidello-san, is it ok if you don’t return to your lodgings?”

“Of course. I filed my overnight papers. I have to leave for work early tomorrow though. You can sleep in.”


Pulling me by the hand to be completely in his embrace, Vidello-san rained kisses down on my forehead.

“Ah, but please don’t go near the gate. We avoided trouble today, but you’re on their radar now. What in the world did you do to that man?”

“I was on my way here on a horse-drawn wagon, and the old man’s wagon was stuck, so I helped him out and gave him a potion for his injured leg.”

When I explained succinctly, Vidello-san let out a heavy sigh.

“So that’s why you… Didn’t I tell you before to be careful? But, that’s why Mac is…”

“Umm, there’s a saying, ‘One good deed deserves another.’ I grew up with my parents telling me that if you do good, good will come back to you. If someone’s in trouble, I can’t leave them. Sometimes it’s unwanted though.”

“They sound like nice parents. That must be why you’re so well-behaved. I’m grateful for all the things that brought me to you.”

That was over the top. I thought as much, but I actually felt the same way.

“Vidello-san, can I ask you a favor?”

I looked at Vidello-san with an upward glance. I didn’t specifically intend for it to be flirty. It was just the default for me to look up at him.

“Actually, I came to Sei not just to see you, but also to fulfill a request to investigate the plants at Monto-san’s place. I didn’t know the full details until I arrived. Don’t they say if you’re prepared, you don’t have to worry?”

I was talking in a very roundabout way.

“So, I happen to have many kinds of [Growth Activators] with me…”

In short, I want to make love with Vidello-san. But Vidello-san had put a restriction on these things before. That’s why.

“I want to make love with Vidello-san with my whole body. I can’t help it.”


Vidello-san gulped in front of me. Maybe he was feeling the same way. That made me a bit pleased.

“Can I use it…? This.”

I carefully showed Vidello-san the pale pink bottle I took out of my inventory. If he said no, I’d push Vidello-san down and taste his mouth. And if he said yes… I would be totally fine with insufficient sleep tomorrow.

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