This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 114 – Information Exchange

I called Yuuta to let him know that I was on my way, but it seemed like he would be coming over instead. It sounded like he was concerned about my foot. He himself never said anything like that though. I was really grateful for my friend.

So Yuuta let himself in like he owned the place and entered my room without permission. He had a drink and a snack in hand.

“What happened, Kengo? Were you finally attacked by the gatekeeper? You can’t do anything because you’re still a minor.”

Ah, that’s okay. Because it already happened. We’re already lovey-dovey. But I couldn’t say that. I looked away and just said, “No. I received a strange quest from Sage-san.”

“A strange quest? When you say Sage-san, you’re talking about Sage the Dungeon Searcher, right?”

“Yeah. The kind of quest where, if you fail, the world will be in trouble. It said something about the demon’s resurrection, so if we fail, the demon king might come back.”

“Oh! Amazing! Tell me in detail!”

When I explained the details of the quest to a very excited Yuuta, Yuuta clicked his tongue when he learned that it was a pharmacist’s quest.

“I thought if I took similar actions, I would be able to receive such a quest. Involve me in that quest too.”

I couldn’t help but laugh when he glared at me and said that. Because if he said that, instead of having him involved, I would’ve asked him to help me level up instead. Until I was able to go to the elf village.

It seemed that Yuuta and his friends were about to go to the frontier town.

Yuuta clenched his fists, thinking that he could finally complete the quest he received from Regalo-san before.

“Although the enemies are strong, the members were saying that if we took an easier route than the road to the elf village, we wouldn’t have such a hard time. Tomorrow, when we’re all together, we’ll head to the frontier town.”

“Hmm, Yuuta is finally at the frontier town. Do your best. I’ll do my best to remove the bluetail nest.”

“What’s that?”

When I told him the reason why the water in the valley was blocked, Yuuta narrowed his eyes and hummed, “It seems so peaceful.” 

“However, the cave was not at all peaceful.”

When I whispered that, Yuuta opened his mouth as if surprised. Though it seemed that he already checked it. “Oh, it was posted on the bulletin board that that dungeon was the best outlying dungeon.”

“I haven’t looked at the bulletin board yet.”

“Not yet, don’t you mean ever? Have a look once in a while. You can get some interesting information from it.”

“I’ll do that.”

“Here, I’ll turn on the computer so you can look at it right away.”

After saying that, Yuuta quickly stood up and turned on the computer on the desk. Then, he dragged a chair with casters to the bed where I was sitting.

Uhm, this kind of thing was what they call ‘going the extra mile’? It was a little bit awkward though.

When I said “thank you” in a low voice without making eye contact, Yuuta grinned and made the worst joke, “Don’t fall in love with me.”

“No. Never.”

“Even if Kengo asked me to go out with him with a straight face, I’d be too nervous and wouldn’t be able to do it.”

“Then don’t say that.”

Yuuta replied incomprehensibly to my prodding, “It’s a promise, alright?” and opened the ADO bulletin board with an experienced hand.

He opened [ I found a rare one, no.45 ] that was over there.

People there said that it was okay to share information, and if they found something strange, they’d post it. This was the first time I’d seen this bulletin board, since I was always looking at the bulletin boards that said, “I found this kind of material.”

“There’s something interesting. Someone saw a guy riding a huge horse through the desert.” 


Uhm, Why was I on it? When I saw him grinning, I felt like I’d been found out. Why?

“There’s a screenshot with it. The quick horse was too fast and it was blurry, but I could somehow tell that the robe was Kengo’s.”

“Guh… Please be quiet…”

“I won’t say something as interesting as this. Except for those guys. But Yui was extremely jealous. She basically loves horses.”

Yuuta, you’re too sensitive.

Pouting, I looked at the computer screen and saw someone had uploaded the details of that dungeon. And it was super detailed. Everything from monster drop items to experience points was listed.

It was amazing… so there were people who collected data like this.

There, it was written, [ Even if you go to the very end, it’s a dead end with no treasure chest or anything. The only monsters are wolves. Only the strength increases, but the value of the drops remains the same.『 Draining Moss 』appears from the place where it is supposed to be harvested, but if the gathering level is low, it cannot be harvested at all.『 Draining Moss 』is a medicinal material that evaporates moisture. It can be used at dispensing level 50 and up. Difficult to handle. However, if you sell it, it will be sold at a high price. ] Even a photo of the innermost area was posted, and you could see a glimpse of a wolf making a “Hmm?” face. Ah, it kind of looked like a dog which made it cute. There were comments saying “cute” all the way to the bottom.

“There’s a lot of details in here. The wolf is cute.”

“Do you have anything else to say? Did you think Kengo was an outlier too?”

“What you need to get to the deepest part of that place is the [ Ancient Magic Language ] and [ Detection ] skills. Your detection needs to be a high-level skill, and [ Ancient Magic Language ] may be impossible to learn unless you learn it from someone. Even if you tried to read it, it wouldn’t appear as words.”

“I guess something happened.”

With a rather serious face, Yuuta was looking at the images on the bulletin board, and he put out his finger and pointed at the dead end.

“If you use the [ Detection ] skill here, the ancient magic language will appear. If you follow the instructions, you will be sent to a different room in the back. There, there was a failed attempt at a [ Resuscitation Drug ]. It looked like someone’s laboratory. According to Emily-san, it was used around the time when the first Demon King was born.”


“I don’t know anyone else who has the [ Ancient Magic Language ] skill, so this is an outlier dungeon for everyone else. However, it feels like a jackpot dungeon for me. Since I went there, it feels like a Dungeon Searcher quest has started. Ah, I went with Emily-san, Crash, and Sage-san, the four of us went together.”

“What is that dream-like collaboration? …A dungeon searcher and a hero, plus a hero’s son. It’s so unbelievable that it’s funny. Though I say that, I have also ended up working with an NPC.”

It seemed like when he was talking about going to the frontier town at the Adventurer’s Guild in Nove Town, there was an NPC who asked him to take them there.

After listening to his story, the NPC seemed decent, so they decided to take him along.

“Yuuta is a good person in that sense.”

“No, Yui… felt sorry for him after hearing his story… so we couldn’t refuse. I mean, protecting one person and moving on is quite a jump in difficulty. Well, since it was a party quest it couldn’t be helped, is what me and Brave thought.”

“Oh, you have those types of discussions with Brave…”

“That’s because Masuda reacts the same as Yui…”


Masuda must have been a girl on the inside. And you could feel from every angle that Brave was more manly than one could imagine. Wasn’t she a girl? Brave was a girl, right?

“It seems like that guy had just come of age. 15 years ago, he was attacked by a demon, but a demon king subjugation team passed by and saved him. It seems that he grew up with his father telling him to become a person who would be useful to heroes in the future, and he himself was full of that desire. He was proud to say that when he became an adult, he would definitely join the knights in a frontier town led by a hero. His skills were, well, pretty strong. He was just as strong as me.”

“T-that’s strong. Wait, I also need to become strong enough to go to the elf village by myself.”

“I’ll accompany you when you go to the elf village, so call for me.”

Yuuta gave me a thumbs-up while closing the screen.

Of course, I’d be calling out to him when that happened, but I wasn’t sure when that would be. I thought I was going to learn to use a sword in earnest. Or maybe make it possible to use offensive magic circles. They say if you can build it, you can make it look any way you want. A magic circle was much wider than normal magic.

“That’s why I decided to aim for the knights of the frontier town with that person in mind, I also want to quickly give something to the knight commander.”

“Ah, Regalo-san’s quest?”

“Yeah. It’s quite worrisome that we’ve been carrying that quest for so long.”

That was understandable. Because that was exactly how I felt right then. When would I be able to complete all my quests? I felt like I probably wouldn’t be able to complete Sage-san’s quest unless I worked on it for about 2 years. Well, I’d always been very motivated.

“Are you going to log in again today?”

“I will after doing some other things. Maybe before I go to sleep.”

When I answered Yuuta’s question, he said, “Then let’s chat inside next time,” and sat up.

“There was a time when the quest changed in the town of Sette, right? The one where Kengo helped the general store guy.”

On his way home. Yuuta suddenly said something like that.

Come to think of it, he said that the quest changed because the contents of the request were different. That had become even more important, which was why Vidello-san was traveling on business as Sei’s gatekeeper.

I was a little anxious.

“Well, the quest was to [ Secure the cargo and bring those who went missing after being attacked by bandits to the Adventurer’s Guild ]. That changed to [ Secure those whose lives were targeted by bandits ] and it was cleared. The quest after that was the one that said, [ Tell the hero in frontier town the details ]. That’s why, I think that quest can also be completed. Ahhh, this makes me feel refreshed.”

So it turned into a quest like that.

“Hero, huh? …Now that I think about it, I guess there is only one knight order in frontier town. Yuuta, do you know which person is the hero?”

“Isn’t it him, the one who fought the Demon King in the opening? The red-haired guy. I couldn’t see his face clearly, but I guess I’ll recognize him soon. He’s pretty cool. It feels like it’s in the aura. Actually, I’m kind of looking forward to it. To be able to see that hero live.”

“How nice. I also want to meet him.”

“Kengo is super close to the hero’s son, so it’s good.”

Well then, Yuuta waved his hands and left the room.

The hero, huh?

I wanted to see him at least once. I figured anyone who played ADO would definitely think so.

If Yuuta met the hero, I would definitely ask him what kind of person he is.

With that in mind, I sat in a chair and rattled my way to the bed where my gear was.

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