This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 093 – I Knew It Was Sage-san

As I stood there in the middle of the farm, I was dumbfounded by the scene I had just witnessed. 

Ah, I almost forgot! This wasn’t the time for that. How’s Crash?!

The tense atmosphere from before was now completely gone.

The Taruar grass, which had absorbed a lot of magic, as if satisfied, spread its leaves and released Crash from its restraints the moment we teleported. 

Wow, Vidello-san looked really surprised. His eyes were wide open as if he was confused about the whole situation. I love his confused face, too. 

“Mac… just now. What was that?”

“I’m glad the summoning circle was successful. Crash has been teaching me about them. I did it in a rush but it was a success.”

Hearing my words, Vidello-san muttered in disappointment. 

“I see…”

Eh, was that a ‘no’?

“It’s okay, it’s not a bad thing, but… If that’s the case, couldn’t you have used it to escape, even before you were put in the carriage…?”


I see! Why did I run away at that time?! But it really wasn’t a situation where I could calmly draw a magic circle!

Ah, but, I also could have drawn it in the carriage. But then again, what would have happened to Crash, who was chasing after me because he thought I was kidnapped?

But, but, Crash nearly lost it because I let myself get caught obediently, so I might be the one who cornered Crash and pushed him into that state.

“I’m such a hopeless idiot…”

There’s always a better option, but in the end, I almost drove Crash into a rage and that old man had just stood there, agitating him further. Then, we just escaped with the summoning magic.

Really, I’m…

This hit me hard. 

“Vidello-san, you’re in a bad position because of me. I’m sorry…”

“No, that’s not it. I’ll properly file a full report about this matter and make sure that guy Raymond is punished. Kidnapping is a crime that violates the law. So, you can rest assured of that.”

“I’m glad…”

In a moment of relief, Crash, who had been frozen in place, finally raised his head and glared at me with a fierce look.

Except for that scary expression, the air around him wasn’t that bad, and he was likely out of MP. Looking at the Taruar grass, I could see it had grown a considerable amount. It was spread out like a carpet near our feet, and proudly showing off its giant, beautiful petals. Such a bright pink color, I was sure it would produce quite a lot of panacea. Sadly, I had no empty bottles left in my inventory. 

Crash clenched his fists in frustration. 

“Mac, why… Why did you stop me…?”

I ruffled his long blond hair and lightly tapped his head in response to his glare.

“I think it’s okay to get revenge and all, but that wasn’t the right way to do it. If you tried to exact your revenge in that kind of situation and you didn’t come out of it safely, that would be a terrible thing. Think about what would happen to Emily-san if she were to lose not only her husband but also her son. Besides…”


Crash’s expression changed as if he realized something. 

It looked like my words had finally reached him. I’m glad.

“You see, just before the summoning circle was activated, Sage-san and Emily-san arrived. I think they came through Sage-san’s summoning magic. That’s why you need to calm down. And you have no magic left, right? I’ll give you a high grade MP Potion if you don’t go berserk.”

“Berserk…? Yeah, I’m out of magic. But actually, what was that thing?”

“It’s a plant called Taruar grass that Monto-san gave me.”

It had jumped out of the pot when I threw it, and after absorbing MP from Crash until it was full, it was all grown up. And now it’s settled here. What should I do? Should I take it home with me?

Anyway, our location was not on the farm but next to the gate. Would Monto-san get angry at me?

“What a sec, Mac. Did Sage-san and Mom come?”

“Yeah, my magic had already activated at that time so we just passed each other.”

“Why? How?”

“That’s something you’ll have to go ask them. And I forbid you from going back there. I’m afraid this time they’ll go after you.”

“I already knew that, but…”

Crash’s fierce expression had worn down, and this time, he looked like he was about to cry. 

And then, he hugged me. 

“Please don’t get kidnapped in front of me again…”

“Um, sorry…”

I patted his back. Hearing his muffled cries, I also felt a tingle in my nose. 

Vidello-san had a complicated look on his face, but he seemed to have decided to just watch over Crash’s condition. 

“What happened with you guys? I didn’t hear the bell ring, but how did you get in here?”

Suddenly hearing a loud voice, Crash blew his nose and moved away from me. 

When I turned to look at the owner of the voice, I saw Monto-san walking towards us from the back of his farm. 

“Monto-san, I’m sorry for troubling you. I think I just flew directly here.”

“What? You flew here? And that thing near your feet, why is that Taruar grass blooming there?”

“The potted plant that you gave to me, somehow, grew in a strange way.”

Looking at the plant taking root near me, he let out a big sigh. 

“The soil at the farm has magic, but here, there’s none. I’ll try to replant it there without causing damage to the roots. If you squeeze out the panacea while it’s here, it’ll run out of magic and wither. Or maybe, since it’s already settled here, I’ll try to mix the soil here.”

With a groan, Monto-san started thinking about what to do with the plant. His priority was his plants first. Such a wonderful person.

“Anyway, I see a new face there, and you look exhausted. Should I make a cup of herbal tea to calm you down? From the looks of it, you’re his acquaintance, right?”

“Ah, thank you, but I have to go back there.”

Crash declined Monto-san’s offer and looked at me. 

“Mac, can you teleport one more time to that place?”

“Ah, I can’t. I don’t know how I even ended up here, so I can’t draw it. I feel like we landed at this place because I was familiar with it. Besides, haven’t I already forbidden you from going there?”

I shook my head and Crash lowered his shoulders dejectedly, and this time, he turned to Vidello-san. 

“Then, Vidello, could you lead me back to that place?”

“There’s no way I’ll do that.”

All proposals were rejected. That was a given. I didn’t want to see him go berserk again after seeing Raymond. 

While we were having our conversation, the air around us distorted and Sage-san appeared from it.

The moment he arrived, he headed straight toward Crash. 

Right, it wasn’t a mistake earlier. 

“Crash, do you have memories of the time you were kidnapped?” Sage-san asked.

After a brief moment of hesitation, Crash nodded. 

Seeing this, he muttered, “I see….”

“I left that guy to Emily.”

“Mother… did my mom know that he was the one that hired the guys who killed my dad?”


“Then, why did she leave him alone? This time Mac almost got kidnapped.”

When Crash questioned him, his face tightened into a tense frown. 

“It’s not that we left him alone, we just couldn’t do anything,” he said. 

“Well, it’s not a matter we should discuss in the open. Why don’t you all come to my house and take a rest there?”

Monto-san cut in between the conversation to stop Crash.

“Thanks a lot,” Sage-san responded. 

Then he looked at Vidello-san beside me and nodded, mumbling, “So that’s how it is.”

Eh, what!? Why does it feel like when I’m with Vidello-san, things always progress in some unexpected way? 

Vidello-san seemed like he wasn’t bothered by all this and looked down at the Taruar grass at his feet. 


When I gently called his name, He shifted his gaze toward me and smiled beautifully the moment our eyes met. 

I wondered if this was my imagination but his smile was so fleeting, and it looked more like a very heartbroken smile. 

All of us went inside Monto-san’s house. 

This large U-shaped couch had plenty of room for all of us to sit. 

Of course, my place was beside Vidello-san.

The herbal tea that Monto-san brewed was one I had never tried before, and it was delicious. 

“Monto-san, do you sell this herbal tea? It really is delicious.”

“Oh, I have a lot. Anyway, you look like you’re gonna buy all these tea leaves too.”

“I don’t mind because Monto-san’s tea is really delicious.”

Just one sip was enough to calm your mind, along with that refreshing aroma. 

It seemed everyone looked relaxed after a cup of tea, including Crash. 

“And, Mac, I want to ask you something. Did you draw that magic circle?”

Calming down after having tea, Sage-san turned his attention to me. 

It seemed Sage-san had decided to ask me some questions before he gave Crash an explanation. 

I nodded to his question and he asked further.

“Did you by chance learn from Crash?”


“You can read ancient magic languages?”

“I also learned that from Crash.”

“How did you get to know that shitty aristocrat?”

When I briefly explained how I had caught his attention, Sage-san nodded saying, “I see.”

And, then he turned his gaze to the person beside me. 

Why was he so concerned about Vidello-san?

Could it be, they knew each other?

“Vidello-san, do you know Sage-san?”

When I asked him, he vaguely answered back with, “I guess we kind of know each other.”

Ah, then, I guess they aren’t friends. 

“Erm, it’s not a one-sided love, is it—”

“Not at all.”

As I spoke the words that came to my mind, Vidello-san cut me off in an instant. 

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