This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 092 – On the Verge of a Magical Outburst!

Because the grounds were so unnecessarily large, there was still a long way to the building. 

“Let’s go,” said Raymond as he turned on his heel with Macho-san following behind him, still carrying me in his arms. As I began to seriously think that I might blow up a building or two if they went so far as this, I heard a commotion in the distance. As I frantically turned my head back, a horse came galloping down the supposedly quiet street.

“Crash… Vidello-san?!” It seems they had both chased after me. Vidello-san, why didn’t you stop Crash?

“Mac! There! Let go of Mac!” Crash, with Vidello-san sitting behind him, jumped over the hedge and came barreling toward us with his amazing bridle maneuvering.

“What? What!?” The horse carrying Crash and Vidello-san came straight towards us, and without losing momentum, horse-san lifted her front legs up toward Macho-san who was holding me…!

“Idiot! Why are you being so reckless when Mac is there too?”

“It’s okay! Mac will be fine! Vidello, you spoil Mac too much!” Horse-san’s legs came down in front of me as I listened to them bicker. As I let out a yelp of shock, Macho-san’s arms unwrapped from my body. It seems that the horse successfully kicked Macho-san…

Rolling on the ground, I tried to take a deep breath to suppress my racing heart. But before I could finish my breath, my body was snatched up. This feeling! 

“Vidello-san!” Holding me in one hand, Vidello-san pointed the spear he was carrying at Raymond. That could be a fatal move for Vidello-san’s position. “No! You can’t! You could lose your position!”

“Mac, you moron! Do you think Vidello isn’t serious? I bet this guy would easily throw away his position and everything else for Mac’s sake.” Vidello-san was still holding the spear in his hand. Crash, too, raised his sword and pointed it at Raymond in front of him.

“Don’t you realize what will happen to you for assaulting an aristocrat on his own property??” With a spear and sword still pointed at him, Raymond opened his mouth without any hesitation. 

“Are you forgetting that my position also allows me to rebuke an aristocrat who has made a mistake?”

“Have I made a mistake? I was just trying to thank the kind-hearted boy who helped me by inviting him into my home.” 

“Raymond-sama…” Vidello-san called Raymond’s name with a stern look on his face. From the side, I saw Crash gasp and his eyes widen. Crash?

“Ray…mond.” A hushed voice escaped Crash’s mouth.


Something was wrong with Crash. When I called out to him, he just kept staring at Raymond. The hand holding his sword was shaking. The air around Crash suddenly changed. There was a sense of restlessness, a feeling that I was standing in front of some natural disaster beginning to form.

“Crash, what’s wrong with you?” 

I left Vidello-san and grabbed Crash’s arm, and from there, I felt as if I was suddenly enveloped in darkness. What is this? I’m scared. I’m afraid of Crash. I suddenly got that feeling, but that didn’t mean I was letting go of his arm. It felt like Crash wasn’t Crash anymore.

“Crash, I’m fine! Calm down!” 

With a cold air about him, Crash dismounted his horse and took a step in Raymond’s direction. Raymond took only half a step backward, as if he could sense the threatening atmosphere. Then he moved his hand and called for Macho-san, who had been kicked by horse-san earlier, to stand in front of him as a shield.

“You… you’re not satisfied with just my father… you want to steal everything, including Mac, from me.” 

“Hm? I know nothing about your parents.” Caught up in the atmosphere around Crash, Raymond’s tone was slightly shaky. Father, he said. Could it be?

“This is the guy who kidnapped me and killed my father!”

“That’s why…!” 

Seeing Crash’s appearance, Raymond gasped as if he remembered something. “No way,” he said, his mouth moving, “’The Guild Master’s son…”

“Finally, I found you. Now I can avenge my father!”

“How do you remember me…?”

Those words confirmed that Raymond was the mastermind behind Crash’s kidnapping. With glazed-over eyes, Crash took another step closer to Raymond. My hands trembled as I clutched onto Crash’s arm.

“Crash, calm down! If you go any further, you can’t go back!” Vidello-san also grabbed Crash by the shoulders, trying to stop him somehow. What does he mean that he can’t go back?

Even though I grabbed his arm tightly, Crash, who was going to proceed regardless, seemed like he was unable to hear what Vidello-san and I were saying. The air around us suddenly became colder. This mansion of the upper class now looked like nothing more than a graveyard. 

“Vidello-san, what do you mean he can’t go back?”

“He’s on the verge of a magical explosion. If it gets out of control, this whole area, us, and of course, Crash, will be in serious trouble. This amount of magic power, if it got out of control, could kill us all.”

Vidello-san’s explanation made me scream in my heart. I’m good! I’ll come back from death! But that won’t matter if I’m the only one who survives!

“Ah, we’re running out of time! You! Hurry up and do something about that guy!” 

Raymond gave Macho-san instructions to do so, but Macho-san seemed to be under some kind of pressure and unable to step forward. Something inside Crash’s clothing began swelling up. It’s over, Raymond. Why are you trying to stir things up?


“If I kill him here and now, my worries will be cleared…”

“They won’t be cleared! Even if you kill this guy, it won’t make it go away, Crash!” I screamed, clinging desperately to Crash’s arm. He wasn’t listening to me! The air was getting heavier and heavier, and the trees planted around us started to sway. Oh no, this is bad! The danger sense in my heart had alarm bells ringing.

“It was your mother’s fault for taking away our profits, wasn’t it?” Raymond, perhaps unable to bear the pressure of the situation, shuddered and clenched his fists, and shouted that. Immediately, the pressure intensified. 

Hey, old man! Why are you trying to stir things up here? Read the air! Can’t you see you’re going to make it even worse? My hands had already grown tired from holding onto Crash. I wondered if I was being affected by this kind of energy or what. Vidello-san was also trying to stop Crash with a very stern face, so I think he must be numb as well.

“Damn! I need to stop this from getting out of control!” Wait, that’s it. I have something that could eat up all this magic. 

Raymond’s trembling intensified, but he would still not shut his mouth. “I’ve already been punished for what I did, so there should be no more charges against me! What’s next?!”

Don’t agitate him anymore! I’m begging you, don’t make Crash any more agitated! The air is shaking! He’s on the verge of exploding!

“Old man, please just shut up!” I yelled as I pulled my hand away from Crash and pulled something out of my inventory, along with an MP potion. 

“Taruar grass! I have something for you! Come get the bait!” I opened the dark green purse that I had taken out, poured a high grade MP potion on the green plant that came out, and threw it at Crash. The moment it collided with Crash, the Taruar grass suddenly grew dramatically larger and entangled itself with Crash.

“Eh, what’s going on…? I’m losing my strength.” Every time the Taruar grass grew, the air around us settled down a bit.

“Haha, well done boy.” 

I glared at Raymond, who said such a thing while crouching down, and spat, “I didn’t do it for you!” Then I motioned for Vidello-san to grab onto me.

I grabbed Crash’s arm, and when I was sure Vidello-san was touching me, I drew the magic circle I had been practicing for so long. In the ancient magical language, I drew “Monto-san’s farm, Sei” in the place that had never glowed when I was practicing. 

“Raymond-sama, I will be reporting this to my superiors.” I listened to Vidello-san say that to a laughing Raymond, who was crouched on the ground. I frantically moved my fingers trying not to make a mistake. Please, please, just activate. 

Just as I was about to finish drawing the runes, and shouted a prayer, I thought I saw someone jump into my field of vision. To my surprise, the magic circle was completed and we were enveloped in light. 

But wasn’t that Sage-san and Emily-san just now?! Why?

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That guy is truly disgusting through and through Dx

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Thank you for the chapter ⸜(*ˊᗜˋ*)⸝