The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

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Chapter 006 – Majin Gillium

Oi, what did this fool just say?!


Leonhart, who appeared unfazed as he stood beside Maou Ssulal, was panicking internally.


The one before me— should be a majin, I guess? The man who raised an objection had long green hair, as well as the horns on his head.

Well, the obvious response. Your reaction was the correct one. Because even I, the person in question, was also unable to understand what was going on.


“…Gillium, huh. What is it?”


It seemed that the majin was named Gillium. He was a majin whose name I couldn’t recall from my memories.

As Gillium was questioned by Ssulal, he seemed to slightly regret his actions. However, he still decided to push through and keep talking.


“…Yes, Maou-sama! I’m afraid to say this, but it’s unacceptable to make that majin a demon army officer, much less one of the Four Elite Majin!”


After he spoke, the surroundings started buzzing. It was as if those around him were murmuring, “He actually dared to say it.” Perhaps even giving an opinion that was against that of the Maou’s was an unacceptable thing to do?

…Considering what he’d just said, I sure messed up that conversation I had earlier with Ssulal. I just said whatever I wanted back then since it didn’t seem like she’d mind.

Meanwhile, as for the Maou in question—


“—And what of it? What’s your reasoning for this?”


She seemed to be pissed off. While her tone didn’t change much from before, her irritation could clearly be felt as she spoke.

Why did she get so pissed off… or she was usually like this?


“We…well, as for my reason…The seats of The Four Elite Majin have mostly been left empty all this time. Why is it suddenly imperative to get it filled… A-also! I doubt that man is worthy enough to stand at the same position as Camilla-sama!”

…Oi oi, he sure looked pitiful. He was so scared that cold sweat kept on trickling from him.

Honestly though, it was quite amazing that he was able to even state his reason clearly. Though the main reason itself sounded more like an excuse. No matter how you looked at it, his second statement was the one that sounded like his true complaint. I guess he had no intention of objecting to the “demon army officer” part since he didn’t know what that post was for anyway.

“Alright. Then what is Camilla’s opinion about this?”


At Ssulal’s words, everyone’s attention turned to Camilla. Eh, wow! She sure was an amazing beauty!

In terms of her attractiveness, she was indeed capable of unintentionally stealing a man’s gaze. Her looks were at such a high level where you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Dragons had gone to war against each other over her.

She seemed like someone who was extremely proud and difficult to deal with.




Well, that was Camilla. Everyone, including the Maou, was focused on her, yet she remained silent. She seemed to be more unapproachable than I expected.

Gillium also seemed to panic. No good, this silence felt too heavy to me. Should I decline the post on my own?

Rather, wasn’t Camilla staring intently at me this moment? I wondered what she was assessing me for? Please tell us about it. 

If Camilla declared that I was not worthy, then this whole discussion would be concluded.


“Ca, Camilla-sama…”


“—I have no objection”




“Everything will proceed according to Maou-sama’s will.”


Camilla then closed her eyes as if there were nothing left to discuss. No, they should still object more though!

Hey, look! Gillium-kun even started gritting his teeth in frustration; it was obvious that he was planning to deal with me later!

What do you mean “all according to Maou-sama’s will?” If I really end up becoming one of the Four Elite Majin, I’ll seriously rub those boobs of yours, okay?! I’ll probably end up dead right after though!


Rather… damn it. Gillium’s hostility felt really annoying. Getting directly hit by a majin’s killing intent almost felt like a physical weight on one’s body, and it couldn’t be called a pleasant experience. 

Rather, was he also a majin who originally had the form of a dragon? This was my assumption based on the feathery things on his ears, and the horns on his head— also, because it seemed like he was obsessed with Camilla.

Oi, oi, at this rate… I started to get apprehensive as Ssulal started to speak to end the discussion.


“Hm. So nobody minds, right?


“Hu, Hh… N, No, then a duel it is! Please grant me permission to duel him!”


“U, uhn? What do you mean?”


As Ssulal asked for an explanation, I barely held myself back from blurting out, “Geh!”

No, don’t tell me you—


“Yes! Only strong majin can serve as one of the Four Elite Majin! As such, please allow me to duel with him. We’ll put the position as one of the Four Elite Majin on the line!”


He seriously said it! Asking for duel, wasn’t that a common line from an underdog character in the early chapters of a light novel?! Why did that character archetype always use that line whenever they fail to solve their problems with logic?

Furthermore, this guy just totally exposed that he wanted to be one of the Four Elite Majin. It seemed that the other majins and demon generals noticed this intent of his, and they glared critically at Gillium.


But Gillium kept on talking, either because he was unaware of or just straight up ignoring their pointed looks.


“I won’t be convinced otherwise! Maou-sama! Please grant me permission to duel!”




Ssulal listened to Gillium’s plea and then turned to me. She met my eyes. Oi, you understand right? Refuse it. Re. Fuse. It.

Perhaps my will reached her; Ssulal look around hesitatingly, then looked back toward me and nodded. What was it? I. Un. Der. Stand. Alright, it seems you understand me. As expected of Maou-sama.

Then, Ssulal replied to Gillium.


“…Okay, I’ll allow it”




“—! Hahah! I’m grateful for this!”


While I was standing there, stunned by her response, Gillium genuflected to Ssulal as he successfully got her permission.

I was still in shock when Ssulal looked at me and let out a bitter smile.

Then she said in a volume that only I could hear.


“…Well, I did try to stop it, okay?”


…Hm? Try to stop?

“But since you asked for it yourself, make sure you’re victorious. Otherwise, I will get angry, okay?”



  …Not even 1 millimeter of my will reached her!!

Somehow, it turned out like I had agreed to the duel. I really wanted to slap Ssulal, who was looking at me warmly, as if to say, “I guess I will grant your wish.”







The duel between Majin Gillium and Majin Leonhart was announced by Maou Ssulal.

With that, everyone who had gathered on audience room earlier started moving toward the courtyard of the Maou’s Castle

Meglass, the only one of the attendees who had actually fought against and had an idea on Majin Leonhart’s capabilities, pondered on the outcome of this duel.


…Which of the two would win?


Meglass had knowledge on both of them.

His experience with Leonhart was still fresh in his memory. It was the fight between them when he was still human.

He had approached Leonhart by order of Maou Ssulal, and had engaged him in battle.

His strength, which had allowed him to defeat demons without much difficulty, surprised even Meglass during their battle.


Leonhart was already wounded all over from Meglass’ first attack. Yet despite that, he had still managed to react to Meglass’ super high speed movements, and had even managed to counter attack. 

Normally, people wouldn’t even be able to perceive his strikes. Even if they managed to, would they normally be able to react when they were that wounded?

He wished that he had fought Leonhart when he was in perfect condition.


Moreover, such a person was then elevated into a majin; how strong would he become? While they were born from different species, both of them were still warriors. So he was interested in Leonhart’s potential.

Perhaps he empathized with Leonhart after watching him give up his life to protect his homeland. At the very least, it was clear that he was not a bad person.


But at the same time, it also made Meglass think.

Could he really win?

Because he was going against a majin who was born of the race they had fought against in the previous age— Dragon Majin Gillium.



As Majin Gillium focused on the upcoming duel, his heart was barely calm.

Majin Gillium. He was a majin who was turned during the era of Maou Avel; he had fought against Dragon King Magiihoa, a Dragon Majin who had survived the Last War that Avel created.

Avel was a Maou who had been originally a Dragon. While he did possess a personality that was different from common Dragons, the majin he had turned were mostly fellow Dragons. Several Dragon Majins existed, and with exception of the Crown of the Dragon Camilla, most of them were all eventually slain by Dragon King Magiihoa.

Amongst them, Gillium was the sole survivor. 

He was unlike most of the Dragons that had chosen to follow Avel. If one had to describe him, they’d say he was a proud one— he had a very Dragon-like personality.

Why did such a Dragon choose to follow Avel, who had been known for his cowardice? It had simply been because of his own dream and ambition.


The Crown of the Dragon, Camilla. Like many of the dragons, he cared for and worried about Camilla. As such, he had challenged Magiihoa several times for it. But the difference of power between the two of them was clear as day,and his challenges to Magiihoa only ended with his loss.

Magiihoa was overwhelmingly strong. The others, like the Four Great Holy Dragons, also failed to defeat him. 1


Amongst the dragons, a single existence then appeared that had a winning chance against Magiihoa. It was the Dragon who had coincidentally managed to deal the last blow against Maou Kkluf Kkluf and then turned into the Maou himself: Avel.

Avel was cunning and cowardly, but in terms of power, he was comparable with Magiihoa’s. Wouldn’t that mean that he had a chance to come out victorious against Magiihoa?

If the the obstruction called Magiihoa were to suddenly disappear in front of Gillium—


If only he didn’t exist, then he might be able to come out victorious, even against the The Four Great Holy Dragons. With that in mind, he chose to follow Maou Avel and was turned into a majin.

However, he soon tasted despair. He came to experience it as he became and fought as a majin during the Last War. 2

Even Avel, as a Maou, had failed to beat Magiihoa. And even Gillium himself had been no match against the The Four Great Holy Dragons, who had been very strong in their own right.


After that, Gillium despaired of this circumstance for several decades. Then Avel finally lost against Magiihoa.

Many majins were slain; Gillium managed to survive since he was able to quickly foresee the situation and had escaped and hid.

Camilla was in the clutches of Magiihoa once more, and Gillium had to live in hiding.


But later on, a ridiculous incident happened.

Every Dragon was hunted down by strange creatures with wings.

These creatures, who were called angels, kept hunting down Dragons, and drove them to near extinction. Gillium had been terrified. He didn’t want to end up like that.

Yet, Gillium was not hunted down. It was because he was a majin already by then. That was the only time when he had ever felt grateful to Avel.


Hundreds of years have passed since then.

Dragons were practically extinct at this time; the few that still remained could easily be counted. All the while, Gillium lived in leisure.

Then Gillium managed to survive until the day of transition. The Akonka flower bloomed, and spoke of a New Maou.


— The SS Era. The era of Maou Ssulal and humanity had arrived.

Gillium had instinctively vowed to obey the Maou. Even if humans were a frail race, a Maou was still a Maou. There was no choice for him but to obey.

And so, Gillium came to serve the new Maou. It was there where he was reunited with his most beloved person.


Majin Camilla. The Crown of the Dragon. The person he has been in love with for a very long time.

As he saw her, Gillium pondered on a certain thought.

Who did she belong to now? Magiihoa was no more. Avel was also not present anymore. The Four Great Dragon Saints no longer existed as well. Most of the dragons had ceased to exist.

Then who remained amongst them?


—There was only himself.


By the law of the Dragon Race, only he remained and had the eligibility to own her!

With that in mind, Gillium spoke of this with Camilla.

However, Camilla was not moved. He was unable to even force her, as she was stronger than him.


So the only option left was to seduce her…? But as he thought that, he didn’t bemoan this.

Because he was the only dragon left as a possible candidate. Regardless of how long it took, she would become his in the end. As he realized this, he became impatient for the day when it would become reality.


But then, an obstacle appeared.

Majin Leonhart. It was the majin who seemed to have been turned by Maou Ssulal from a human, the one who had also been known as the King of Sword.

If it was just that, then it didn’t matter. He didn’t even mind getting along with him as fellow majin.


But then, it was declared that he would be one of the Four Elite Majins. That was unacceptable.

There was only Camilla who had ever earned that spot amongst majins. Whether it was Meglass or any of the other majins, they had not been allowed to be one of the Four Elite Majins.

Gillium thought that Camilla would be more interested in him if he became the Four Elite Majins. A strong male often attracted the females.


Like hell he would allow a human newcomer to become one. To reach that same seat as that of Camilla’s.


—Camilla is mine.


As his heart raged with the flames of jealousy, Gillium glared at his opponent for this duel, Leonhart.

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I’m quite enjoying this series, it just feels harder to leave a comment when the posts are over a year old and there’s no other comments. I do feel guilty since I missed it because I was too busy with Fake Saint

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Thank you for the chapter. I quite like the spin you put on the series.

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