The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

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Chapter 063 – Ignorance is Bliss [B]


Leonhart opened his mouth, not understanding what she was talking about. However, she wouldn’t hesitate here. Pale continued boldly, 

“Please tell me what kind of impression you have about me and Kesselring-sama…!” 

“…What kind of impression do I have, huh…” 

Although he frowned, he seemed to understand what she meant to ask, putting his hand on his chin. 

Then he started muttering words,

“…No, well… There are many impressions I have of you two… hm. Ah- aah, well, let’s see.” 

Leonhart came up with something and turned towards Pale, 

“…I don’t know much about you two since it hasn’t been long since we first met. So please tell me specifically what part you want to hear about. I’ll answer accordingly.” 

“Eh, ah… le-let’s see…” 

As Leonhart answered a question with another question, Pale was thinking. 

Although what he said was basically just a weaving of words, she understood what he meant.

He must have thought about it seriously in his own way because it hadn’t been long since they met and he didn’t know them well, so he couldn’t answer the impression he had about them easily. In other words,

…Huh? I also wonder what I should ask now…?

Her intention of asking Leonhart such a question was to make him conscious of them and start thinking about things he likes and dislikes about them as well. If he had anything to comment regarding that matter, he could just tell them.

However, that intention was collapsed by his question. In that case,

…It would be nice if he could just tell us what he likes about us on his own… but I guess it couldn’t be helped in this case.

Although the development was different to what she expected, he was still asking about them.

If she asked him directly, it might sound like a confession. It wasn’t the correct time to do so right now and,

…For now, I will ask him in a roundabout way— well, let’s investigate him! 

Now it came to this, she could just ask questions one by one. She would ask his impression of their various actions.

Then first of all, she had to ask the question that she had to ask no matter what. Although it was a little embarrassing to say,


Pale stepped closer to Leonhart for a bit. She raised her head so she could look at him better and, 

“Re-regarding this thing that is attached to Kesselring-sama and me—what do you think about that…?” 


Silence filled the room right after she said that. Leonhart stiffened. 

Of course he would. Especially since the thing she asked about was something that every kalar had, which also was of great importance to them as a woman, something that normal humans didn’t have.

Indeed, it was about the crystal, which was still red in color, that was attached to Pale and Kesselring’s forehead— the proof of a kalar: the red crystal, showing that they were still pure maidens.

As she was confident to that fact,

“Pl-please answer me if possible…!” 

Pale passed Leonhart his right to answer. 



Leonhart’s body stiffened. 

Pale was sitting next to him, and she was asking him about what impression he had about them.

Regarding that, he answered her by saying he didn’t know them well since it wasn’t long since they first met. Therefore, he asked her to be more specific, such was how he tried to avoid answering her.

But then of all the things she could have done, she pushed her chest toward him and had basically asked—‘do you like this?’.1

Leonhart screamed inwardly.

…What kind of thing did she suddenly ask for?!

Is it normal for a man and woman in a subtle relationship to ask such a thing as their first question?! Thought Leonhart as he held onto his head.

Even though he was trying to be considerate, he never thought she would resort to such a direct question. Perhaps unlike Kesselring, Pale was actually a carnivorous woman. It was possible considering her direct approach. 2

Then Leonhart was thinking how to answer her— no, was it even alright for him to answer her to begin with? Leonhart worried about that and asked for confirmation. He moved his mouth slowly,

“…You want me to answer what I think about that?” 

“Ye-yes. Please answer if it’s possible… it is important after all.” 

Pale insisted even with an embarrassed expression. 


Leonhart regretted his own actions from minutes ago. As a result of him trying to avoid answering, he now had to answer such a delicate matter instead, which was something he never thought would happen.

However, it was him who said he would answer if she asked more specifically. In that case, he had to answer it. It would be inconsiderate of him to avoid answering the second time, and he might have to answer something worse if he did that.

Therefore, Leonhart prepared for the worst. As he felt the soft sensation of Pale’s chest on his arms,

“…No… well… it’s big… I guess?” 


He said that honestly. However, Pale tilted her head for some reason. 

I wonder what that means? Did I make a mistake in my answer? Leonhart was worried.

However, she looked at him in wonder, and,

“…I-is that so? I never take notice of it myself…” 

“I-I see…” 

“Yes. I think both Kesselring-sama and me, and all other kalars have the same size, so…” 

“Ha, Haah?! Seriously?!” 

“! Ye-yes… maybe…” 

Pale nodded her head even though she was surprised. What Leonhart thought to that response was, 

…Eh? Do all kalars have  big tits…? In that case— hey, wait a minute! I clearly saw other kalars in the forest that are smaller!

Leonhart thought for a moment that the village was filled with women with big tits and considered migrating there for a moment, but he then remembered that wasn’t the case. Rather, he totally forgot that the kalar who happened to be his apostle didn’t have big breasts.

That really surprised me, thought Leonhart with cold sweat. Then Pale looked at him again as if to confirm,

“…Bu-but… since Leonhart-san said so, perhaps it’s actually a little big.” 

That’s definitely not just a little big. It’s bountifully big. 

Leonhart thought so but his thoughts failed to reach her. It was a sad difference of perception.

Then Pale asked him again.

“In-in the end… d-do you prefer it like this…? O-or, do you hate kalars who have these things attached…?” 

…Wha-what’s with that question?! Did she just ask if I hate big boobs?! 

I don’t think you have to look down on yourself that much… Thought Leonhart who felt sad she was ashamed of her bountiful chest for some reason, 

But perhaps that is also her source of problems. After all, I heard that having big boobs is troublesome to those who own it, thought Leonhart as he reached understanding.

However, even if that was the case, that was something that he couldn’t just give up upon. So Leonhart said.

“—I like it that way.” 


He involuntarily said so in a serious tone. Perhaps he sounded more serious compared to when he commanded his subordinates during his job. Pale’s eyes widened. What does that reaction mean? Although Leonhart thought of that with worries, 

“…Rather, I wouldn’t discriminate against others just because of that. And if I have to say my preference… I prefer people like you. —Is this alright?” 

He said his true thoughts. After all, boobs were boobs, regardless of how they were.

Leonhart thought, this kind of preference problem is hard to deal with. 

In this world, there are people who love modest chests, certain body parts such as hips, legs, and fingers, ages like loli or mature women, costumes like maids or garter belts, even those who prefer specific situations.

Some men in the world would insist on that matter. They wouldn’t compromise, and it was a world where mutual understanding was hard to find.

However, the passion they had was the same. They all had similar feelings and sought to explore it.

Indeed. The important part was how one respected everything.

Also— to be proud of what they love.

Leonhart himself loves big boobs. However, it wasn’t like he hated small tits either, and he didn’t hate other specific parts, same for the specific costumes and situations.

Therefore, there was no need for such conflict. While people had their preferences, there was no need to discriminate.

That was why, Leonhart smiled at Pale,

“—Be proud of what you have. You are not a person who ought to be demeaned like that.” 

He encouraged her and, 


She was at a loss for words. 



Pale felt her body tremble. 

She didn’t ask that major of a topic. She basically just meant to ask if he preferred a pure maiden, since according to books, men prefer virgins and she just asked if he was included among them.

And she also meant to ask if he cared about their difference of race. That was why she showed him the crystal on her forehead. However,

…This person is just

Very sly.

Even though she only asked it lightly, she had no words to respond to his surprise attacks.

In the end, she couldn’t ask anything about him. No, what she learned was he wasn’t a man who cared about such trivial things.

Pale took action according to such feelings.


She tightly embraced his arm. She had no leisure to worry whether she might be rejected or if her action would trouble him. 

He recognized her. With that alone, her feelings overflowed to the point she couldn’t stop her own actions.

Pale was thinking. It’s not like he knew me for long.

It wasn’t like he approved of Pale or kalars because he knew deeply enough about them. He might have said that casually.

Therefore, it wasn’t like he declared she was among his preferences.

But even so,

…I am very happy about that…

Pale gently opened her mouth to speak as she felt his warmth. What she asked was more of asking his consent for what she was doing right now,


“—What is it?” 

“…Can I stay like this for a while?” 

As she said that, Leonhart exhaled, 

“………Do what you like.” 

He gave his permission with his usual blunt remark. 

…Then I’ll do what I like, okay…?

Pale embraced him harder and remained that way until Kesselring returned.



Leonhart was confused as to why Pale embraced him. 

…I was embraced by her when I praised her big boobs…?!

What is this? Did she mean to say ‘enjoy it’? With such a foolish thought in mind, her chest was pushed at him.

However, he also had another thought while it happened. And that was, 

…She no, both of them, huh… they seriously think of me as

He was filled with unbelievable feelings.

However, judging from Pale’s current attitude and Kesselring’s demeanor, it seemed that his thoughts were true,

…Really… what a way to feel towards a majin…

Leonhart inhaled  and decided to watch over them without pointing out their actions or acting on his own.


Author Note:

Ssulal: “Just tell me the topic properly! The topic for next time!”

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Everyone: ”And whose fault is that—?!”

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