The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Shizukuku

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Chapter 065 – Ssulal’s Anxiety [B]

What does he mean? Ssulal’s face was full of confusion, so Galtia elaborated. 

“We know where he went, right? If you’re that worried, how about we go there and check up on him ourselves? 

“Eh.…… hah?” 

“That would solve the problem,” said Galtia with a laugh, pleased with his good idea.  

Perhaps she had begun to understand what Galtia was saying, as Ssulal released her knees, but she still looked confused.

“Eh, we’re going? To where Leonhart is?” 

As she asked for confirmation, Galtia nodded. 

“Yea. It’s not like he told us not to visit him. So let’s make our preparations and go find him.” 

“………Tha- that’s no good. We would be troubling him… Leonhart is enjoying his vacation, and he ought to be resting…” 

Ssulal said that as she got up and walked around the room. Her hand hit something like a red magic board and moved it to do something. While watching it, she was clearly debating Galtia’s idea, 

“…I dunno what you’re doing there, but I can see you want to go.” 

“…You’re right. I should have just done this from the beginning. Alright, I have to start my preparations… Err, I wonder how much of the Demon Army I should bring with me… I’ve always left this kind of work to Leonhart, so I don’t really know how many soldiers I should bring in this kind of situation… Let’s bring about one million of them for the time being, so we can deal with any possible scenario. Then we can summon all available majins—” 

“Hey, oi oi. Don’t do that.” 

As Galtia felt like he was hearing something disturbing, or rather, dangerous, he hurriedly tried to stop her. 

Ssulal turned her face toward him,

“Eh, why not? I think I need to bring at least that much, just in case Leonhart is actually in danger…” 

“But if you mobilize the Demon Army, it will just become more work for him. I don’t think he wants that, do you?” 

“…But if something went wrong—“ 

Worrywart, and other such words came to Galtia’s mind. Ssulal is strangely timid despite being a maou, thought Galtia. 

…‘If something went wrong.’ I guess she could mean that in two ways.

It meant her sincere worries about Leonhart, as well as the possible danger that might come to her if she went outside.

She didn’t show this side of herself when Leonhart was around, but that wasn’t the case right now. Maybe the anxiety that she usually kept hidden erupted without his presence. That also showed her complete trust in Leonhart, that she wouldn’t feel threatened as long as he was around.

But if that was really the case, then to solve this problem,

…It’s unlike me to say this though.

Galtia inwardly sighed. Then he looked at Ssulal and said, 

“…Well, rest assured. If something were to happen, I’ll take care of it.” 


Ssulal looked up at him. Although Galtia was well aware that such words didn’t suit him, 

“I might be lacking in power compared to him but, at least I am still a majin who is loyal to you.” 

That was why, at least, during the times Leonhart was away, 

“I will protect you properly. But only until we meet up with Leonhart.” 


Ssulal’s eyes went wide in surprise. Then, as she took his words in, 

“…Un…you’re right… I understand. I’ll be relying on you, okay?” 

“That’s right. Well, whether anything will actually happen—” 

Is doubtful, is how Galtia would have finished but, before he completed his sentence, 

Bam! The door flew open. And, at the same time, a certain person with a high voice said,

“—I heard your conversation! If that’s the case, we will also come along!” 

“Ho-hold on, Carol! I’ve told you it’s rude to suddenly enter a room like that!” 

The pigtailed blond, who made a pose as she entered, was one of Leonhart’s apostles, Carol. 

The person who chased after her was the other apostle of Leonhart, Hunty, who followed Carol into the room in a panic. Ssulal was looking at the pair or, to be precise, at Carol, due to the words she had said as she entered. Ssulal’s eyes went wide,

“…You have heard, you say… I was sure I applied soundproofing to this room, though…?” 

That’s right, thought Galtia as he nodded. But Carol puffed her chest out proudly toward the surprised Ssulal and,

“There’s no way that I would miss any conversation regarding Leonhart-sama!” 

“That’s absurd… I used a lot of advanced magic for soundproofing here…” 

“It’s an obvious thing for an apostle to be able to do! If I really wanted to listen, I could pick up any conversation related to Leonhart-sama within a radius of 100 meters, regardless of the actual location!” 

“I don’t have that kind of peculiar ability though…” 

“You’re clearly lacking devotion, Hunty-san. You should emulate me, the most perfect apostle in the demon realm, fufuhn.” 

“…No, well… I do think it is amazing… but can I really emulate that?” 

“My magic is…” 

Ssulal and Hunty both looked weary as they listened to Carol’s boasting. But Ssulal was more shocked than anything by the fact her magic was defeated. 

Anyway, Galtia asked them the thing he was curious about, 

“What, so you’re both coming as well?” 

“Of course we are, Galtia-sama! Both Hunty-san and I have started missing Leonhart-sama recently—“ 

“I didn’t miss him though… But I am a bit curious about how he is doing recently.” 

“—And with that said, we’d like to accompany you, if you will allow us to!” 

Carol, who spoke as cheerfully as she usually did, and Hunty, who spoke with a complicated expression, since she was indeed curious of Leonhart’s current state. Galtia nodded to the suggestion of the two apostles. 

“I see… I’m fine with it.” 

“…Well, I am fine with it… but what about all the work that will need to be done while we are away…” 

Ssulal seemed to have a hard time saying this, but she forced it out anyway. It was an unavoidable problem if they wanted to go through with the plan.


“There’s no problem”, said Carol.


“Rest assured, Ssulal-sama! Just in case this kind of situation came up, I already took care of all the documents that need to be looked at and the important agendas are already dealt with. There are also no imminent battle situations so I don’t think there’ll be any urgent work for some time! Even if there is, Leonhart-sama is more important, so they’ll just have to wait for a while!” 

“Rather, let’s use this as an opportunity to have a vacation together. It won’t take us more than three days if we just go to the Rising Dragon Mountain and immediately return. Even if something does happen while we are gone, someone else can take care of it.” 

Carol, who spoke first with a proud expression and Galtia, who casually agreed with her. Looking at those two people, Hunty wore a complicated yet delicate expression and, 

“…I’ve known it for the last hundred years… but the Demon Army seems to be surprisingly loose, or rather, relaxed… it’s amazing they manage to be so organized despite that…”

“Well, that’s…” 

Ssulal’s face also had a delicate expression. Hunty’s evaluation of Leonhart was raised because of this. 

Without minding the reactions of the other two, Carol extended her hand, struck a pose and,

“Well then, let’s get prepared immediately! …Or so I’d like to say but we are already pretty much done preparing! As expected of me…! It’s a smart course of action that Shichisei can’t do…!” 

“Ooh, now that I think about it, I need to prepare some food to carry with me. I’m off to the cafeteria for a bit.” 

“Rest assured! I already told the cooks about it! They should bring the lunchboxes for all of us in ten minutes! …I prepared just in case this kind of situation came up!!” 

“Oh, what, you sure prepared well.” 

“Fufuhn! This was the obvious thing to do, as Leonhart-sama’s apostle! Hey, Hunty-san! This is an amazing feat for your senior! Praise me for it!” 

“…Yes yes, amazing amazing.” 

“…It makes me shy to be praised like that~!” 

Ssulal started muttering as the room suddenly became bustling, 

“…I might be more worried in this situation…” 

“But it’s a good plan, right?”


Although it is, without a doubt, a good plan, I’m worried for another reason, is what Ssulal’s expression seemed to say. But her current state was, 

…I guess she is a little closer to her normal self?

Galtia felt like the usual Ssulal had returned. Galtia smiled lightly and exhaled in relief.

—And one hour later. 

The group of four, with a maou, a majin, and a pair of apostles departed from Maou Castle for the Rising Dragon Mountain, where Leonhart would be. 1 


Author Note:

Galtia: “Even though it’s finally our screen time after so long, your first sentences are like that, huh…”

Ssulal: “Wha-what’s with that? Isn’t it fine…?”

Hunty: “…Rather, you almost mobilized the Demon Army back there.”

Ssulal: “That’s, well… I’m sorry.”

Carol: “Ah, I already told the whole army to prepare so they can move if there really is a mobilization command! Just in case that kind of situation happens!”

Everyone: ““““?!””””

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