The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Shizukuku

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Chapter 068 – Kesselring [B]

Kesselring looked at the face of the girl who was strangling her with an anguished expression. 

Anger, sadness, fear, and pleasure were all reflected on Ssulal’s face. Looking at the maou’s expression, who smiled as she trembled, was enough for Kesselring to pay closer attention to her. She discovered that,

…She is—

As Kesselring struggled for air and looked at Ssulal closely, Kesselring understood the maou’s conflict.

Ssulal’s arm strength was weaker than what would be expected from a maou, which allowed Kesselring to open her mouth easier than she thought. It seemed the maou was implying that their conversation hadn’t ended yet. Kesselring asked the maou a question.

“…Are you… afraid, of killing, others…?” 


The only reply Kesselring got was silence. Yet the maou’s expression told her she was wrong. Kesselring continued her questions. 

“Are you… afraid, of dying…?” 


Ssulal was silent once again. But there was a slight movement this time. Kesselring watched Ssulal shake her head. Then Kesselring asked again. 

“Are you… unable, to understand, my choice…?” 

“—it.” 1 

There was a voice to answer Kesselring this time. It was the voice of agreement. Kesselring nodded inwardly at that. 

…I see, I understand…

Kesselring gained conviction from Ssulal’s answer. Kesselring then opened her mouth to tell Ssulal her answer.


And that was, 

“—Don’t mind if you’re the one who does it… that’s what I thought.” 


Ssulal’s eyes went wide and her arms relaxed. And once it became easier for Kesselring to talk, so she continued to express her feelings. 

“If the one who punished me is the person who he believes in from the bottom of his heart… I thought that wouldn’t be a bad way to go.” 

“Be, lieves…?” 

“Yes,” nodded Kesselring. Neither of them needed to say who she meant, since both of them already knew it. 

Therefore, Kesselring only needed to express her feelings. She only needed to speak them out loud.

“Although I’d never met you before, I’ve heard about you from him… And that’s enough for me to leave the judgment to you.” 

Because of Kesselring’s promise to him, she couldn’t tell Ssulal what they talked about, however, there was still something Kesselring could say to Ssulal. 

“And when I met you directly… my belief turned into conviction. If it’s you, then you won’t endanger Pale and the rest of the kalars.” 

“…Even though you would be killed because of it…?” 

Kesselring wanted to tell Ssulal the honest feelings she had through all the trust and calculations. Kesselring needed to do so to free Ssulal from her suffering, no matter how temporary. Kesselring believed this was the best course of action. 

Kesselring smiled at Ssulal.

“Still, if it’s you — I’m sure you’ll kill me without suffering.” 


“In the end… I was fortunate enough to learn about happiness as a woman. Even if the price of it is my death, I have no regrets.” 

That’s why, 

“…Please don’t feel guilty about it, because it’s none other than me who sought this ending.” 

“That’s why, this is salvation, not a sin for you,” said Kesselring, as she entrusted herself to Ssulal. It didn’t matter to her, even if Ssulal ended up furious and subjected her to torture worse than death, as Kesselring was prepared to accept everything. 

Then, a few moments passed in silence. Kesselring had nothing else to say. All she did was wait for Ssulal’s judgment.

Ssulal kept staring silently at Kesselring for a while. Did she come to her decision? Is it something she was convinced about? Kesselring had such thoughts in her mind.

Finally, Ssulal moved. She looked at Kesselring and said.

“—Are you really sure you don’t care what happens to you?” 

“…I’ll leave it to your discretion.” 

There was no hesitation. Kesselring no longer considered her body as her own anymore. Regardless of the suffering that awaited, or the things that might be forced upon her, Kesselring would accept Ssulal’s judgment. There was no hesitation in her feelings. 

Ssulal responded to her words. 

“Okay,” said Ssulal as she nodded.

Kesselring waited for Ssulal to continue, so she wouldn’t miss her words of judgment.

“Then — can you swear your allegiance to me?” 


Kesselring raised her face involuntarily. Ssulal’s words were very unexpected. 

…That’s… No-no way…!”

Before Kesselring fully understood the meaning of those words, the maou in front of her looked at her and spoke her judgement.

And that was— 

“—King of the Night, Kesselring… I’ll have you become a majin.” 

—An invitation to the demonic side. 





Why? Such thoughts made Kesselring’s body tense. 

Kesselring was still stuck in the shock from hearing the judgement and expressed her astonishment as it was.


It was a simple and concise question. However, as Ssulal heard that, she indifferently said, 

“Why, huh… that’s not the word I wish to hear, though…” 

Ssulal looked away as she said that. She soon looked back at Kesselring, and seemed to be having a hard time saying it properly. 

“…Didn’t you say you don’t care what happens to you? In that case, rather than killing you, this would be… Err, more of a punishment for you.” 


Kesselring silently heard Ssulal’s words. It would be more of a punishment than killing her. Kesselring understood. Indeed, that might not be wrong. 

…That might be true since I sought death. However—

Doubt arose in her, despite understanding this. There was something that seemed convincing to Kesselring, so she asked,

“…Does this mean that you can’t kill me?” 

“…Don’t get me wrong. Doing this would be better for me…” 

“Besides,” said Ssulal as she continued to form her argument. She opened her eyes lightly and, 

“If you really feel guilty… then you should be able to serve me, right? Or is what you said earlier a lie? You won’t become a majin?” 


Kesselring became more aware of Ssulal’s state when she said that. Kesselring saw the girl’s small hands at the edge of her vision, 

…Aah, I see.

When she saw the girl’s hand quivering slightly, Kesselring could understand the girl’s current emotional state. And that was,

…So she’s scared…

Why does a maou need to be scared? This would be the common thing that came to someone’s mind but, in the short time Kesselring interacted with Ssulal, she understood why she had such a reaction.

Basically, the maou named Ssulal was just a normal girl.

Moreover, a particularly timid one — she was scared by the fact humans feared her, hesitant to kill others, and held onto her precious people, just a normal girl.

And finally, Kesselring understood the meaning of Leonhart’s words. This was the reason why he chose to fight for Ssulal’s sake. 

Kesselring was lost in her thoughts. Not thinking about what she should do — but about what would become of her if she accepted. 

If Kesselring chose to become a majin, it meant she would have to abandon her current life and relationships, but that didn’t matter to her. She couldn’t stay as a kalar for much longer either way, so there was no problem in that regard.

Once Kesselring affiliated with the demonic faction, she would naturally become hostile towards humans. There was no problem in that respect either. She never thought very highly of humans, especially human men, to begin with.


There was one thing Kesselring thought of which made her unable to readily agree. I at least need to at least ask about this, thought Kesselring as she asked her question.

“Are you really willing to take me… who clearly has feelings for him, as your subordinate?” 

That question made Ssulal’s expression distort a little. However, 

“……I’ll put the discussion regarding that matter on hold. I also… have a lot of things in mind about that…” 

Although Ssulal lacked certainty, she didn’t avoid answering and continued, 

“…So, what’s your choice? Can you swear your allegiance to me?” 

Ssulal directly asked her. Kesselring’s heart was decided and, as she heard that, she replied, 

“—Very well.” 

She bent one of her knees and put her hand on her chest. She then bowed to Ssulal, 

“I will pledge my allegiance to you.” 

“…I see.” 

Ssulal responded briefly to Kesselring’s pledge. Then she walked closer to Kesselring and, 


“—I’ll believe you, okay?” 

With that, Ssulal dripped blood from her fingertips and, 


—The blood was granted to Kesselring. 





Leonhart and others didn’t take a long time fishing at the swamp and, after they had returned, they immediately noticed something felt different. 

Their lively chatter stopped at once, and their expressions turned serious. Pale who saw this asked,

“Eh, wha-what is it…?” 

She didn’t understand the reason for the sudden mood shift and raised her voice in confusion. 

Meanwhile, Leonhart heard Galtia ask,

“…Isn’t this quite dangerous?” 

“…I wonder about that.” 

Leonhart inhaled as he felt it. He gazed at Hunty’s house and spoke. 

“Her emotions seem to have surged… but I can still feel two presences.” 

“…Then there’s no problem. Okay, let’s eat those fish.” 

“…But that presence is—” 

Leonhart tilted his head due to the difference in the presence he felt, while being amazed at Galtia who switched his train of thought so quickly. 

One presence belonged to Ssulal, while the other one belonged to Kesselring. That wasn’t wrong but,

…What’s with this darkness? And the way the power swelled—

No way, thought Leonhart. However, he couldn’t be convinced just yet because there was no basis for it.

However, his instincts were nagging him about it. While feeling the strangeness of the sensation, Leonhart kept his eyes on the house.

And it was in that moment.


Suddenly, someone leaked a voice. The door of Hunty’s house was opened. 

They all noticed that and turned their eyes in that direction. They all wondered what happened with the talk.

As everyone was curious, both the majins and apostles immediately noticed something about the presence coming from the house.

—There was a presence that they didn’t recognize. 

After that, a figure emerged from the house. The petite shadow belonged to a person that everyone knew. 


Maou Ssulal. Nobody was surprised when she came out. Majins were very sensitive to Maou’s presence after all. They would notice it immediately if that presence was gone. 

However, the problem was the presence behind her. The other presence belonged to a person who was now affiliated to the demonic faction. Everyone was quickly able to guess that identity,


“Oh, seriously?” 

“Eh, no way, seriously…?” 

“…I see, I understand!” 


Everyone gave their respective reaction. Although their words and expressions differed, they were all reacting to the same thing, all of them thinking that they didn’t expect it would turn out this way. 

The other person stepped out of the house and into view.

Her presence was strengthened. Everyone was surprised to see the owner of that presence, who came out of the house.

“…I’ll introduce you to everyone.” 

Then Ssulal pulled the woman next to her forward by her hand and announced. 

“This person has become a majin just now—“ 

Beyond that was the figure everyone saw earlier.  

It was a woman with blue hair and a blue crystal. Her well-proportioned body was filled with femininity. Her appearance hadn’t changed much, but her eyes were now red.

Her outfit had changed to a black noble-like costume, creating a mystifying aura around her.

And the name of the new majin was,

“—It’s Kesselring.” 

“—I’ll be in your care from now on.” 

Kesselring openly greeted everyone while they gazed at her. 

—It went without saying that the screams of a kalar and a former kalar echoed right after that. 


Author Note

Carol : “World is all about Comxxet-!” 2

Ssulal : “It’s not important, but this author seems to not have bought Hanny’s book, you know?” 3

Galtia : “Oi oi, what would they do if an important explanation was suddenly added there?”

Hunty : “Perhaps they are waiting for their mail order to arrive…?”

Carol : “I’ll also write a book about Leonhart-sama! For the preparation of the next Comxxet!”

Ssulal : “………Don’t forget to include me in your book too.”

Tsukii Note:

And so, Kesselring became a majin! Well, I guess that’s easy to guess seeing how long she appeared in the story so far with no explanation whatsoever. Also,

3rd divergence to main plot: Kesselring stays female.

Yep, you didn’t read that wrong. Originally, Kesselring became a male the moment she turned into a majin. Considering Leonhart didn’t exist in the original timeline, the reason she became majin was also different: Due to what was supposed to take place at SS300, Ssulal is left anxious, depressed, and desperate. Ssulal then visited this forest and requested Kesselring to be her protector, and Kesselring agreed, as she sympathize with the state of Ssulal, proceeding to promise to be a knight who protect Ssulal at all cost, and this desire become impetus that Kesselring body became male as she turned into a majin.

Well, that’s enough for background story, let’s proceed to the long awaited moment; Illustration!

Kesselring (male):

Kesselring (female):

That’s it for now. See you again!

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