The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Shizukuku

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 Chapter 084 – The King of the Abyss [B]

[“Granting pain to the peaceful life…!”] 

“It somehow sounds more emotional than before.” 

[“Granting chaos at the end of suffering…!”] 

“…I think the story-teller got confused by the sudden turn of events?” 

While Galtia and Kesselring calmly analyzed the situation, Ssulal grabbed Leonhart’s clothes and shook them, 

“H-hey! Why did you suddenly kill it! I was thinking of welcoming it after asking my questions!” 

“W-well… sorry. I just threw it randomly and I didn’t expect I’d actually hit it…” 

Leonhart looked away with an apologetic smile and an awkward expression. 

Indeed, the reason they had all come here was to accompany Ssulal, who wanted to investigate the place known as the Abyss.

It seemed there was a mighty existence known as the King of the Abyss there, and since it was uncharted land, they came here as her escort. The King of the Abyss itself was included as one of her goals.

And by then, the usual group was also coming along but,

[“…The King of the Abyss.”] 

The story continued with somewhat dropped tension. 

[“…The world.”] 

It clearly lacked motivation. 

[“…Will be destroyed-”] 

The intonation became random. 


It sounded monotone. 


Such was said. 

[“May there be no suffering.”] 

The last line sounded slightly motivated, and the King of the Abyss fell. 

Looking at the collapsed and bleeding demon, Leonhart said in a whisper,

“…O-okay then, let’s resume the investigation…” 


A subtle atmosphere dominated the place. Even Carol, whose principle was Leonhart above everything else, could read the air and didn’t say anything, opting to use gestures instead. 

Meanwhile, Galtia suddenly asked,

“…Well, for now, how about we ask those fellows over there?” 

From the place he pointed at, something jumped out from the shadows. 


“The lonely cry of the inhabitants of the Abyss echoes.” 

There were, 

“…Hannies, huh.” 

Leonhart muttered their identity. 


Just as their name suggested, they were mysterious life forms in the shape of haniwa.

Their exact identities were unknown, as they were categorized as both second generation demons and as demi-humans. But in general, they were considered demons.

But they had their own ecology and their relationships with humans and various other races were harmonious, unlike common demons. Many hannies lived within human cities and they were accepted there.

On the other hand, some hannies lived in the wild and would attack humans, while some were affiliated with the Demon Army and worked together with the demon soldiers. Hannies were also the manufacturer of “GOLD”, the common currencies used by humans, and there was a wide variety of hannies.

As rather mysterious creatures, they were a lively and vibrant race. Just like now,

“What should I do, even though it’s our first performance!” 

“Distress stirs in the darkness of the Abyss, seeking new disaster for nourishment.”

“…Fumu, it seems it was these hannies who were telling the story.” 

Kesselring said that as she looked at the microphone in one of the hannies’ hands. 

Hannies were a carefree species, who loved to make light jokes and play pretend.

Therefore, although it was something understandable,

“The stand-in was defeated, what should we do!” 


Hunty squinted at those words. 

Similarly, the others were also paying attention and listening to their conversation.

Then the hannies retreated and,

“Now that it has come to this, we have no choice but to leave it to the king! King—!” 

“Oh foolish demons, bear witness to the true King of the Abyss…!” 

One of the hanny said so in a narrative tone. As they escaped to the back passage, 

“The true horror shall show itself here and now ~Shinnokyouhuwo imakokoni oshieteyarou~”

“There is a True King of the Abyss? Also, the way they keep repeating themselves is annoying.” 

“…Anyway, where is that king then—” 

The Hannies were all escaping in a certain direction. As Hunty watched their retreat, her words suddenly stopped. 

She couldn’t help but fall silent.


Said existence emerged from the deep of the aisle in slow motion. 

Everyone opened their eyes wide at the creature with a terrifying aura that appeared before them.


The corner of Leonhart’s mouth rose. Unlike the demon earlier, the one that had just emerged aroused his fighting spirit. 

“Isn’t that a hanny…?” 

The true King of the Abyss had finally revealed itself. Kesselring spoke of the race which seemed to match its origin and appearance. 

And its identity was,

“—A hanny, majin…?” 


The majin that stood there had a peculiar appearance. 

He had a huge body that was about 4 meters tall. His whole body was red, and his muscular figure was the product of splicing multiple hannies into a doll. The surface of his body had several small hannies, similar to puchi hannies, attached to it, and a drill-like spiral spear was held in his right hand.

The word “マ” was written on the center of his body, near his solar plexus region, and there was a bonfire-like blue light leaking out from the hanny’s vacant eye and mouth cavities.

The hanny that served as his head had an expression of anger, which suggested he was originally a brutal hanny.

And the hannies were shouting his name.

“Masuzoe-sama! Please take care of the rest!” 


The hanny named Masuzoe replied with silence. It was neither an affirmation nor a denial. 

But with that, the group learned his name.

Ssulal raised her voice in astonishment,

“No way… to think there would be a majin in a place like this…!” 

“So Ssulal didn’t know about him either, heeh… so there is a hanny majin.” 

Galtia stroked his chin as if impressed. 

At the same time,

There was a person who took a step forward and as expected,

“Masuzoe, huh…” 

It was Leonhart. 

His tone was colored with joy when he muttered the hanny’s name.

That joy was also reflected on Leonhart’s face as he walked straight toward Masuzoe without stopping. Leonhart was emitting a clearly dangerous aura. The rest of the group felt the atmosphere and understood the reason.

It was Majin Masuzoe.

The presence that he emitted was clearly that of higher ranked majin.

He was a worthy opponent for Leonhart.

“Kuku, so there is one after all, the true King of the Abyss.” 


Masuzoe didn’t reply. 

He just stood in place, not moving. It wasn’t clear if he had even looked at Leonhart at all.

However, feeling the tense atmosphere in the air, Ssulal raised her voice.


“H-hey! I want to converse with him first—” 

“I understand. However, he seems to be in the mood for a fight. So I’m just accompanying him to play for a bit. Indeed, just for a bit, kuku…!” 

“You clearly don’t get it at all, do you?!” 

As Ssulal’s shouting echoed through the Abyss, Leonhart smiled and slammed his fighting spirit into Masuzoe. 

“There, you also feel like fighting, right? You don’t feel like talking anyway—” 

He said this as he beckoned to the demon with his left hand, 

“Come at me for now. —We can talk later!” 


Masuzoe exuded a terrifying aura as he rushed toward Leonhart. 


Author Note:

Galtia : “Hannies finally appeared.”

Carol : “Although they often appeared in the game, they didn’t get their turn in this story at all.”

Ssulal : “They are the mascot of Alicesoft after all… I personally am not good against them though.”

Leonhart : “? Why?”

Ssulal : “Well you know… the magic—”

Hunty : “Ah-… I see.”

Kesselring : “I can understand that.”

Launea : “ … (Next chapter, the hanny’s hidden characteristic will be revealed…!)”

Tsukii Note:

Another illustration time! Let’s proceed.

King of the Abyss:

A strong demon famous for killing many strong adventurers… or at least supposed to be since Leonhart ended up killing him before his supposed activity. With that, his involvement in the Rance era disappeared.

Dragon Knight:

A species of demon that is well known and feared among humans. Despite their scary appearance, they have personality trait of a real knight, being brave and honorable creatures that would treat his opponent with respect, if they believe they deserved it at least

Majin Masuzoe:

The biggest enigma among majin. It isn’t clear when he became a majin, but he is feared by all hannies around the world. He stayed in the Abyss with little interest in the outside world.

Brutal Hanny:

Also known as terror hanny. Unlike other hanny, their eyes had different shapes, making them look angry all the time which was accurate to describe them. Unlike other hanny kinds, they were well-known for being incredibly cruel and savage. 

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