The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

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Chapter 075 – The Meaning of Life [B]


Raizen roared. 

Leonhart’s words were unacceptable to Raizen. He unleashed his fury, showing how awe inspiring a dragon can be.

“That’s wrong! All of my compatriots were proud warriors! I ask you to take those words back!! Otherwise, I will—” 

“In that case—” 

Leonhart paused for a moment. 

…In that case,

“Keep showing us how cool and strong you can be, just like that. You are the dragon who was entrusted by all the dragons who are already gone, as well those who still live— doesn’t that mean you are the chosen representative of the dragon race?” 


“What would you do if such a representative became miserable? Are you trying to destroy the human dream which still lives on in the present? We humans — I mean, I am a former human now, but I still have the perception that dragons are strong and fearful — creatures out of legend.” 

Leonhart pointed behind him, towards the people whose species live in the present era. [T/N: Okay, maybe not Hunty, but she is an apostle now, so I guess she lives in the present?] 

“…Well, there’s a lot of dragon folklore in the settlement I originally came from. The fellow who housed mushi that could fly and spew fire, he would play and pretend to be a dragon while doing so.” 

“…Kalar consider the dragons to be our neighbors. However, we have been taught since childhood to avoid provoking the dragons when we enter the mountains. —Isn’t that right, Pale?” 

“Ah, yes. I have read literature that contains the records of the dragon race ever since I was a child. It makes me scared to think such creatures existed in this world.”  

“…Humans, from the moment they came into being, were already in awe of the dragons, and many dragons ended up as part of their legends. —So much so that dragons might be more famous than demons.” 

“I love dragons! They are so strong and cool — Ah, but Shichisei is not included in that, and I love Leonhart-sama more!” 

Every one of them spoke their opinion about dragons. 

The things they all had in common were — dragons were an existence to be feared, a legendary existence that gave the impression of might.

Even for Leonhart,

“I’ve also longed to go on a dragon subjugation, ever since I was a child. Even as I grew more and more powerful, a dragon would still be capable of giving me a battle I could enjoy… I was really excited when I heard about the Four Great Saint Dragons. I have looked forward to your strength.” 


Raizen listened to them in silence. It was hard to tell what he was thinking. 

However, Leonhart realized something as he was about to talk more,

“…Besides, you are — Ah, no, I guess there’s still someone who has something to say on the matter before that.” 

“…? What do you—” 

Raizen had a question mark in his head, and he looked in a certain direction. He was paying close attention to a certain person, and then his draconic eyes shot wide open. 

“That presence is…” 

There was a reason why his voice quivered as he spoke. And that reason was, 


—Because he sensed the presence of a compatriot who was supposed to have been dead for hundreds of years. 




Raizen had the memories of a certain race enter his mind when he heard the voice of that compatriot. 

There was no confirmation however, as Raizen looked at that black-haired woman with a red crystal on her forehead, the name of that race surfaced in his mind,

…Dragon kalar…!

They were one of the dragon species that was supposed to be extinct.

It was believed that there were no survivors.

Is she really a member of that race? Considering the demonic presence in her, I guess it would be more correct to say she is a “former” member instead. If that is the case, then it is understandable for her to have assumed a humanoid form…

Just as Raizen thought of that, the woman spoke.

The words she awkwardly said to him were,

“I… am really happy to see that you’re still alive.” 


“…That’s why—” 

He listened to her. These were the words of his compatriots from whom he had been separated. 

“Please don’t say that you want to die. —It might sound cliché, but you might find something worth living for, as long as you continue to live on…” 

As Raizen heard that, he looked at the group of people behind her. 

Now that he thought about it, she came here together with those people of demonic affiliation.

And the woman herself was one of them.

He didn’t know the reason behind it, but, looking at her now,

“………I see.” 

“…Yes, that’s right.” 

—She didn’t seem to be unfortunate. 

…So you encountered new people and found your own good fortune through that… oh comrade. 

Raizen felt something hot flowing as he saw that scene.

The figures of the people behind her were jumbled up, and they all likely belonged to different races before they become affiliated with the demons They were a bit surprised by her revelation, but they still watched over her warmly,

“…Do you understand a little now?” 

“! You…” 

The one who called out to Raizen was the majin in front of him, Leonhart. 

Leonhart looked at Raizen again, but with a wry laugh and a smile,

“You are still alive because they wished for you to live on. —Yet you tried to leave someone, who has survived to this day like you did, behind — that’s what I think, but… how do you see it?” 


I wonder, thought Raizen. 

He had lived nearly 2000 years. The dragon race was already destroyed, and this was the age of humanity now — why did he still live on then?

Why had he endured for all this time? There should be a meaning—

—Now that I think about it. 

There was a promise he made in the past. And that was, 

—The future of dragon race, I entrust it to you. 


It was the name of his friend and the dragon king who had abandoned this world.

There was also the vow he had made when he decided to fight together with him.

And it was something he had vowed again, when his former subordinate turned traitor.

—To protect my comrades and to create the ideal world. 

However, all of that had become something of the past. 

They, the dragon race, destroyed the former inhabitants of this world, and, with their former leader, Maou Kkluf Kkluf, they had made a nation of their own.

However, their ideal nation had been destroyed, the compatriots that Raizen sworn to protect had died, and the few who remained had lost their minds.

And, in the present world, a new life form known as humanity had taken their place.

The world where the dragons once lived was no longer there.

—Despite all that, is there anything I can still do? 

What could he, who still lives on in the present world, possibly do? 

“…I couldn’t protect anything. Things I was supposed to protect are no more, and, as the world became more peaceful, I thought I’d lost my place to die.” 


“But when you set foot on this mountain, coming into our land, I thought— I finally found a place to die.” 

“—That’s the problem.” 


Suddenly, the majin interrupted Raizen. 

The majin smiled, as if they had finally reached the heart of the topic,

“That’s the main point I wanted to say from the beginning. You see, Raizen. It’s not like I have a problem with fighting with our lives on the line.” 

“…Are you saying you didn’t have a problem with me wishing for death?” 

The majin shook his head. The meaning of that action was, 

“That’s different. Fighting with one’s life on line isn’t the same as picking a battle with the intent to lose from the beginning. —It’s about fighting for victory, even if you die trying.”

“…Fighting for victory, even if I die trying…” 

“Yes,” nodded the majin. 

“Back then, when you protected your compatriots, you must have thought about wanting to protect them, even at the cost of your life, or that you would bring them victory, even if you have to die for it. That’s supposed to be basic, you know? —I wouldn’t call a person who fought with the intention of losing a warrior.” 

“Don’t you forget about something that basic,” complained the majin. 

“I didn’t come here to fight a coward. If you want me to kill you in this battle — You also have to fight with the intention to kill me.” 

That was, 

“Show me. Show me the seriousness of a dragon who has fought for 2000 years and survived. Or are you saying—” 

At that moment, a pleasant killing intent and pressure were unleashed, 

“—That I am too weak for that?! Do you not see me as worthy of going all out against?!” 


“Answer me, Raizen…!!” 

Raizen’s whole body trembled. 

It wasn’t out of fear.

It was out of delight.

It was the instinct carved into the existence of dragons.

It was a warrior’s tremble.

It meant he had met a strong adversary who was worthy of him giving his all against.

…I remember.

It was this sensation.

It was the feeling of the fighting race.

A long time ago, they went into battle with this feeling.

Against a truly strong opponent, a dragon would give their all to hunt them. That was what it meant to be a dragon.

But, in Raizen’s case, he carried too many burdens with him, which caused him to fear that feeling without realizing it,

…I guess I’ve gotten senile.

Raizen really thought so.

He had forgotten the basic manners of combat as a dragon.

He was scared of losing his comrades. He was also scared of being forgotten.

But he shouldn’t be scared of fighting.

—I guess I can’t make any more excuses. 

He had forgotten about all of that, and sought his own end. Now, he sought a new answer. 

He was always running away, using such plausible reasoning.

…I was a fool…

His comrades often spoke of how foolish he was, and it seems that it wasn’t a mistake.

However, as foolish as it was, there was still something he had to do.

If he wished for death, he had to win it. If he wished for an answer, he had to find it.

As a surviving dragon, it was the time for him to show his persistence.

Therefore, Raizen uttered his next words.

“—Majin Leonhart.” 


He spoke to the majin who was irreverently trying to fight against one of the dragon species. 

He was one of the new conquerors of the world — one who was closest to the top of mankind. 1

“My apologies. It seems I got confused earlier.” 

“Yes, that’s right.” 

—Therefore, he was a worthy opponent. 

“So, as an apology… I will go all out from now on.” 


—He would fight in the place where his compatriots once lived. 

“Let’s fight and see whether this place will be your grave or mine.” 


—And he would dedicate this battle to all dragons, be it those who turned feral after losing their minds, or those who had already died. 

“—The general of the western front of the unified continent nation, Tron. And one of the Four Great Saint Dragons — Raizen.” 

“—Demon Army officer. And one of the Four Elite Majins — Leonhart.” 

—He would show it to every creature that was still alive today. 

…Even if I’m the only one remaining…! The will of the dragons lives on…!” 

“I’m going…!!” 


—And he would show them the power of the dragons that once conquered this world—!! 

And Raizen proceeded to hunt his enemy, as a dragon. 


Author Note:

Carol : “It seems they will try to post regularly and without delay.”

Ssulal : “To be more exact, until the end of Kesselring’s episode.”

Galtia : “Well, it all depends on the stock. Perhaps it could be quick, but don’t expect much.”

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Kesselring : “…Please don’t mention the thing I am concerned about.”

Hunty : “Ah, s-sorry…”

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