The Spicy Omega

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Chapter 23

“It’s ED.”1


“It means that he can’t get hard. You haven’t heard of it before?”

Wakatsuki assessed while slurping on soba from the cafeteria. Though he was the one who said those words without hesitation, I was the one embarrassed about it.

I accepted that Wakatsuki might look as cute as a small animal, but in reality, his personality was nothing like that… Still, I never expected those words to come out of his mouth.

I consciously glanced around in fear of whether other people overheard us, but there wasn’t anyone nearby who wasn’t already part of our clique. I breathed a sigh of relief and continued slurping on my spicy tempura udon.

With those words from Wakatsuki, all my friends sitting around me nodded.

A few minutes ago,  I said, “This is about a friend of mine,” and gave an elaborate introduction to my situation with Ren. 

Today, the members sitting around me eating in the cafeteria were (reluctantly acknowledged as) my followers whom I got along with particularly well, so I suddenly had the idea of consulting them.

Except, I hadn’t told anyone outside of the student affairs office about my secondary gender even in college, so I couldn’t exactly tell them the entire situation.

As a last resort, I said it was about a friend, left out certain details, and asked Wakatsuki about it.

I started out by asking him what he thought about ‘fated mates’, intending on casually getting to the real main topic from there.

“‘Fate,’ huh? I don’t believe in it, nor do I want to meet someone like that.”

“You’re so cool, Wakatsuki.”

“Cause even if we’re the most compatible genetically, you don’t know if your personalities match, y’know? Once you become mates with a bite to the nape,  I wouldn’t know what I’d do with my life if we were prone to fighting each other every day.”

Wakatsuki was the one who voiced the realistic and cold thoughts.

He was kind, gentle, and compassionate to his friends, but to those who weren’t—and especially those who might harm them—his beautiful face froze over and he treated them harshly.

I’d learned that a well-proportioned face with a cold expression had tremendous power.

“I believe in it. Doesn’t it seem romantic? It’s the dream of many girls.”

“You seem like the type to get along with just about anyone, Hayashi.”

“You’re exaggerating. But they’re my ‘fate’ after all, so I would want to get along with them and be with them forever.”

Hayashi, the one sitting diagonally across from me, was a girl with a gentle atmosphere.

Her light brown hair was always neatly curled and she wore a pastel-colored dress that suited her short stature.

She gave off more of a cute impression rather than a beautiful one, and her laid-back tone and gestures made it hard to imagine her getting into a conflict with anyone.

I thought that her flushed cheeks as she talked about ‘fate’ made her seem very much like a typical girl.

“I only know two couples who got married to their ‘fated mate’, one of them seems like they’ll live together in peace until their hair turns white, while the other apparently got into a fierce fight and divorced.”

“H-huh? Isn’t it bad for a marked omega to be apart from their alpha…?”

“Yeah. That’s why that omega is in the hospital even now. I don’t know what state they’re in though.”

The person by my side who calmly talked about other people’s personal affairs so chillingly that I got goosebumps was Takenouchi, a tall and slender person with strikingly cold eyes.

Ever since I entered college, my friends, or something like that, around me were mostly shorter than me, so standing next to Takenouchi, who was around the same height as me, felt oddly reassuring.

Takenouchi was an amateur model for a fashion magazine, so he was quite a handsome guy.

He had slightly chiseled facial features and a well-proportioned stature. The most eye-catching thing about him was probably his dark green eyes, which he said he inherited from his grandfather. His elegant figure stood out, even from afar, to the point where I couldn’t even envy him.

One might normally misunderstand him to be a person of few words and emotions, but he was a very good-natured guy.

He was actually quite the otaku and usually played games whenever he was free.

“It’s rare to suddenly bring up the topic of ‘fated mates’, huh.”

“Yeah, um… so, my friend? My friend met his ‘fated one’ and they started living together. They’re not mates, but… even though they sleep in the same bed, nothing ever happens. This is just about my friend though.”

“Wow, that’s crazy. Meeting your ‘fated one’ is an astronomically low probability, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. Though it feels like there’s quite a few of them.”

“An alpha who went that far but won’t take the initiative is quite something.”

No one questioned me any further when I stressed that it was about my ‘friend’ as we moved onto the main topic, which I was secretly relieved about.

This was what led Wakatsuki to drop that bomb in the beginning.

“I heard that even for the peerless alphas, something like that is possible.”

“Unexpectedly, maybe he was having difficulty explaining that to his partner.”

“Or maybe your friend is not very sexually attractive?”

“It’s possible that he doesn’t like his partner’s looks.”

“First of all, mates aren’t a one-sided thing. Isn’t the omega just a dead lay? Isn’t waiting for their alpha to make a move also part of the reason?”

Even though I was the one who stressed this was about a friend, not my own matters…

Their words were really painful.


—Dislikes their looks.

—Dead lay omega…

There were so many plausible ideas that I couldn’t wrap my head around all of them.

I realized that rather than there being a problem with Ren, there was a much higher chance that the problem lay with me.

In any case, Ren did not have ED. At the very least, I’d known that since the day I realized he was my ‘fate’.

Furthermore, in addition to Wakatsuki’s poisonous words that contrasted his beauty, the fact that Hayashi, who I thought was the airheaded type, dug quite deep also dealt damage to me.

No, it was because I consulted them saying it wasn’t about me, so they weren’t to blame.

They weren’t but… I felt conflicted.

“Aren’t alphas… kinda amazing?”

Wakatsuki, who had just finished eating his soba, tilted his chin up from its resting spot in his hands and said with a slight laugh.

Amazing? Hm?


“At sex.”


I once again scoured my surroundings to confirm that no one else was overhearing the conversation.

There was such a wide gap between Wakatsuki’s personality and his looks that he occasionally made my heart jump in surprise.

As I wiped the cold sweat away from behind my ears, I realized that despite my intentions for this to be a lighthearted discussion, it didn’t feel like it was going to turn out that way.

“Apparently so. Don’t they say that once you get dragged into bed with an alpha, you might not part from it for at least half a day?”

“Their sex drive can’t be compared to the other secondary genders.”

“An alpha taking off for their mate’s heat has to do it the whole time, right? An omega’s body was built for that, but alphas are kinda cracked.”

“Truly like a beast.”

“I heard that some omegas have to go to the gym to keep up with their alphas’ stamina.”

My cold sweat wouldn’t stop.

What was with this conversation?

Was this a normal kind of conversation to have in a school cafeteria once you become a college student?

Speaking of which, Hayashi, why are you so calmly butting into the conversation like that? You’re a girl!

All I could do was make noises of acknowledgment as the three of them laughed and lively chatted about it as if they had experienced it themselves. It took all that I had in me to slurp my udon quietly so as to not stand out.

Because of the topic I carelessly brought up, we ended up having a crazy lunchtime, but before our lunch break ended, we dispersed naturally. 

We put away our utensils and headed to our next classes.

(An alpha’s sex drive… is it that amazing…?)

Left alone with my thoughts, I pondered about the earlier conversation.

To be honest, I lacked knowledge regarding sexual matters, not just love, and I didn’t care much for it either.

At most, there were the porn mags my friends from high school had pushed onto me, but other than that, my knowledge on the matter stopped at what I learned in health class.

During my heat cycle, I barely even masturbated, so I figured I just had a low sex drive.

But that didn’t mean Ren was the same as me.

Ever since I realized Ren was my ‘fated one’, the two of us had barely touched each other sexually.

We kissed and hugged countless times every day, so it’d be too late to get nervous about that now… but I wasn’t too sure about anything more than that.

But since I’d decided to become Ren’s mate, I couldn’t continue to say I knew nothing about it.

An image appeared in the back of my mind where Ren got fed up with me at the crucial moment, said he’d changed his mind about liking me, and threw me away.

(Now that it’s come to this, I have no choice but to properly study and practice techniques so that Ren won’t get fed up with me…!)

It was too late to do anything about my face, body, or personality.

Well then, since studying was my specialty, I had no choice but to make up for all of those somehow.

I decided to start looking things up when I got home immediately, then went to my next class with renewed focus.

In the cafeteria, after Karasawa departed and Hayashi left for her next class, Wakatsuki and Takenouchi sat on the edge of their seats, quietly sipping tea after their meal.

“Wakatsuki, do you hate Karasawa?”

Wakatsuki narrowed his wide eyes and glanced at Takenouchi at his sudden words.

“I like him. I’m not so free as to get close to someone I dislike.”

“Then why were you teasing him so much?”

This time, Wakatsuki faced Takenouchi directly.

It was hard to read the emotions in his dark green eyes. Though the two of them had the commonality of looking unapproachable to strangers, Wakatsuki suspected that Takenouchi’s emotionless expression was because he had no thoughts in his head.

“I wasn’t trying to tease him. Karasawa brought up that kind of topic himself.”

“But you know, don’t you? In regards to love, when someone says ‘it’s about their friend’, it’s actually about the actual person themself.”

Huh, so he wasn’t completely clueless.

Wakatsuki smiled faintly.

“To think he didn’t know how to treat alphas, even at this age. I just wanted to get through to him a little. It definitely wasn’t me teasing him.”


Even though Takenouchi started the conversation himself, he got up from his seat with his tray and utensils, as if he already lost interest in it. He put them away, excused himself, and left just like that.

Karasawa’s surroundings were full of weird people.

Of course, that included Wakatsuki.

At first, the classmates gathered silently without him noticing or realizing it. However, as if by some mysterious phenomenon, they increased in number until they frightened Karasawa, but even he had started getting used to it.

His adaptability was oddly high. Karasawa himself was a weird person.

Wakatsuki idly gazed at the flowers that would soon stop blooming on campus as the seasons changed to welcome the new greenery.

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