The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

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Editor: Shizukuku

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Chapter 087 – Date Planning Meeting [A]

Leonhart was taking his lunch break in his room.

Whenever he was busy with work or felt it was a hassle to go to the dining hall, he would ask for his food to be brought to his room.

In other words, it happened almost everyday. It was a good thing that, as a majin, he was allowed to experience executive treatment.

“—Well then, let’s eat.” 

“Yes, I’ll eat it!” 

Leonhart said so to Carol, who was also taking her lunch break at the next table. 

Today’s lunch was the eastern continent’s soba and tempura, which used many ingredients such as cockatrice, ikaman, and ohohoufufu. There were also condiments like green onions, sesame seeds, and the grated daikon radish that Leonhart liked. There was also some wasabi that was harvested from the kalar forest the other day.

Leonhart immediately dipped his soba into the soup and sipped it. Then,

…They’re doing a great job as usual.

He enjoyed the thick taste of the soup and soba. He then reached out for the tempura with his chopsticks while appreciating the cooking skills of the chefs affiliated to the Maou Castle.

The dishes were made by human chefs, and they were quite good at cooking. If they found a new ingredient, they would start coming up with new recipes and arranging them with existing ones to produce new flavors. They were also capable of responding to a wide array of dish requests.

The cockatrice tempura was something Leonhart had personally requested. They were crispy and juicy. The deep taste was tightly packed inside, but the amount of oil was small and the taste was not overstated, probably because of the soba. It was a classy taste. For Leonhart, who loved the taste of cockatrice, it was something he was very satisfied with.

…Fuh, times like this really allow me to relax during work hours…

For Leonhart whose days were mostly packed with work, the meal he got to eat at lunchtime was something he looked forward to.

Leonhart also found it enjoyable to have his meal quietly without being disturbed. Although he didn’t hate the lively atmosphere, he wanted some quiet time at least once a day. As for Carol who raised her voice saying “It’s delicious!” at the next table, he considered it within the realm of tolerance. She was eating it deliciously, and it wasn’t like she ate it messily.

Leonhart continued to eat. He picked up some of the condiments this time and, as he put them in the soup,



Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. 

The reason both of them raised their voice was because it was during lunch break.

Just like them, the demon generals and demon captains who were working in the castle were also enjoying their lunch break, and they were aware Leonhart and Carol would be eating at the moment. Rather, since Leonhart didn’t like having his meal interrupted, he gave orders to not bring him any work during his meal time unless it was an emergency. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have time to eat at all. If any work came in, he would have to prioritize that instead. He still had his duties as a demon army officer after all.

Therefore, it would be something important if someone came at this hour. And it was likely something urgent. Therefore, Carol stood up and opened the door to welcome the visitor. Leonhart also put his chopsticks away, prepared to welcome the visitor.

“I’m coming… Eh, oh my? Isn’t it Kesselring-sama!” 

“Aah, I’m sorry to come during meal time.” 

“…Kesselring, huh. I don’t mind. You came because of something, right?”

The one who visited them was one of the Four Elite Majins, the kalar majin, Kesselring. She apologized for visiting during meal time. She then looked at Leonhart and, 

“Umu… actually—” 

Kesselring stopped her words there. 

Then with brief words,

“On your next day off — I want you to go out with master.” 


Her request made Leonhart’s mouth hang open. 

It was something he couldn’t understand at the moment.

…Master… hey, that means Ssulal, right?… She’s asking me to go out with Ssulal?

Leonhart didn’t understand why it was Kesselring who was requesting it, and Kesseling didn’t know why she had to ask him this either. Therefore, as to confirm,

“…Ssulal, and I… going out? Rather, where to?” 

“That’s right. Ssulal-sama asked me to relay the message. She left it to you as for where to go. Also—” 

Kesselring answered his question as she nodded, but then her words stagnated once again, and her face flushed a bit this time. 

And after somewhat feeling it was hard to say it, she added something more shocking.

That was,

“—This is… a date invitation… from Ssulal-sama…” 


Leonhart’s thoughts froze this time. 

Did she only come here just to say that? Leonhart thought that as he was about to resume his meal, but his hand stopped and the soba fell into the soup.

And after a while, his brain still couldn’t comprehend what was just said, but eventually he managed to swallow its meaning then,


…Ssulal, and I, go for a date? 

“………Are you saying that for real?” 

To his words, Kesselring only gave a brief reply. 

“I am.” 


As Leonhart recognized this as fact, he took a breath then looked at the ceiling for some reason. 

What came to his mind was,

…Does that mean… no, but—

He couldn’t think properly. One could say he was confused at the moment.

The cause was her, but it also came from himself. When he thought of the cause, he felt his face turn hot.

But no matter how much he worried, it was surely,

…My next day off… that means the one that will come next month… I would have to go on a date with Ssulal, huh… what should I do…?

As Leonhart had to deal with it, he couldn’t help but wonder about what he should do.





“…Well then, please excuse me.” 

“Ah, Kesselring-sama! See you again!” 

“…What should I do…? What should I do…?” 

After Kesselring stated she was done with her business, Carol sent her off cheerfully with a smile, and Kesselring left the room. Leonhart seemed to have lost his composure for the moment, as he was holding his head and kept muttering something. 

But he seems to have accepted it, so it should be okay. I shouldn’t stay for long. Therefore she left as it was, returned to her own room next door, and closed the door.


“—H-how was it…?” 

Immediately, Kesselring’s master— Ssulal looked up at Kesselring with anxiety. 

Perhaps Ssulal couldn’t help but worry about the result, but before Kesselring could reply,

“Perhaps… h-he refused—“ 

“No, it’s fine — he happily accepted it.” 

“! Really?!” 

When Kesselring answered, Ssulal opened her eyes wide and asked for confirmation. I guess both of them are similar in that they are asking twice, thought Kesselring while smiling, 

“Yes. He seems really worried about what kind of date it should be. Perhaps he is caring about it very much.” 

“F-fu~hn? I see.” 

When Kesselring told Ssulal about Leonhart’s state, her master pretended to be calm but Ssulal couldn’t hide the smile forming on her face, and it grew wider and wider, before finally, 

“Really, Leonhart… he really is a handful… ehehe…” 

Ssulal put both of her hands on her cheek and squirmed as she overflowed with joy.

Since Ssulal had thought he would refuse, the joy was greater. However, in Kesselring’s opinion, 

…I doubt Leonhart would refuse his master’s request and invitation though…

Kesselring was entrusted to deliver the message since Ssulal would be shocked if he refused, and Ssulal was too embarrassed to say it directly, but Kesselring didn’t think the former was possible at all. As for the latter, Ssulal would likely be more embarrassed when the date came, so how would she handle it?

Such was when Kesselring consider it calmly, but even she,

…If that happened to me instead…

It was doubtful Kesselring would be able to calm down at all. Kesselring had told her affection to Leonhart clearly, so she didn’t feel as embarrassed about that, but if the time came for Kesselring to go out together with Leonhart, her heart would be racing.

“…It’s something to look forward to.” 

“Yes! Leonhart, I wonder where he will take me…” 

“We can look forward to it until the day comes.” 

“That’s right,” said Ssulal and she began to hum while skipping about. 

…I guess it was right of me to recommend it after all…?

Looking at her master who showed such happiness and looked no different than a normal girl, Kesselring felt happy herself. It seemed her master was satisfied.

The problem would be the day in question. It was about what Leonhart would actually do then,

…Well, it should be fine since it’s Leonhart. He is a man who can keep things calm.

In addition, Leonhart was a gentleman who was kind to women. He would surely escort their master properly and make her satisfied.

Kesselring didn’t doubt that in the slightest.

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