The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

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Editor: Shizukuku

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Chapter 079 – Leonhart’s Declaration [A]

Ludo-Rathowm continent.

The continent was home to many species. Half of them were humans, while the other half were demons. 1

To be exact, the demons belonged to the maou and majins who followed.

Then there was the faithful and horrifying army that moved according to the will of the maou — the Demon Army.

The Demon Army was an enemy to humanity and boasted absolute power. Their main base was the place where the maou and many majins lived with their apostles, the Maou Castle.

Maou Castle, audience hall. 

In the hall, which would be best described with the word majestic, the heavyweights of the Demon Army were now gathered.

On the lower side, at the end of the hall near the entrance, were the demon generals who actually moved the Demon Army and their accompanying demon captains.

They were considered the elite among demons, but there were those who were more suited to being lined up near the throne.

Those people were majins. 

They were the rulers who had been directly granted the blood of the maou, which allowed them to boast both presence and ability that greatly surpassed those of ordinary demons. Forget humans, not even demons were able to resist them. Attempting to do so was equivalent to death.

The majins were accompanied by their personal servants who had been granted their blood, the apostles. The apostles quietly lined up behind their respective masters, but their capabilities still surpassed common demons. Others couldn’t provoke them carelessly.

Among them, there were few majins that gathered particular attention.


One of them was a majin with a particularly unusual appearance, even by majin’s standard. 

It was how an insect would have looked if it took on a humanoid form. His slender body, which had a brown mottled pattern, was covered with a white exoskeleton. He possessed white, elongated limbs. There was a white organ called a force wing that extended from his back, a round shaped booster that could increase his speed attached to his waist, and there were two insect-like things, reminiscent of stag beetles, that were attached to his shoulder joint from the front. He had a helmet-like covering that encased his head. The cavity of said helmet only revealed the red light of his eyes.

He was an alien that came from outside this world, the “horus” majin — Meglass. 

He was known as the fastest majin and was said to have slaughtered many dragons. For the moment, he just stood there without saying anything.

And the next thing that looked conspicuous was,

“Munch munch… O-ooh! This meat was seasoned with wasabi! Kuh, this flavor and sweetness, also the spicy kick that comes afterward, completely enhances the taste of the meat. It tastes good.” 

There was a majin who was eating meat from a bone he held in his hand, while evaluating its taste. 

He had a slender yet well-trained body. He only wore a few decorations on his upper torso and was otherwise bare. His brown skin was carved with a unique pattern that spread all over his body. Under his short, quirky green hair, there was a covering on his forehead that hid one of his eyes. He was also quite handsome.

And in his belly, there was a large black hole, where limbs of a big spider, a monkey, and a bird protruded out, occasionally caressing his body before retracting inside the hole, or writhing about.

He was a user of abilities that were considered peculiar even among humans, the “mushi user” majin — Galtia. 

He, who was once a famous warrior known as the King of the Beasts and, before becoming a majin, was from a settlement where many mushi users lived, ate meat seasoned with the wasabi he recently discovered straight off the bone, without caring about the situation. As a mushi user, he consumed enough for dozens of people at every meal, and he was famous as a gourmet majin. 

Then, a little distance away in front of where the normal majins lined up, stood the most awe-inspiring majin so far.

“…………It’s, late.” 

“Yes, Camilla-sama. I think it will likely take a little longer.” 

She was a majin who stood calmly on the spot and complained to the apostle beside her. 

She was a tall, beautiful woman dressed in a dark blue dress. Her womanly figure was perfect, right down to the long, neatly trimmed nails on her slender fingers. She had long, slender legs, yet still managed to have plump, voluptuous thighs. Her waist was like a glossy curve that extended down from her bountiful chest. Her smooth platinum blonde hair extended past her waist. Her beautiful face was akin to a goddess, and one couldn’t find any flaw from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. There were two platinum horns, reminiscent of a dragon, on her head. There was also a pair of dragon-like black wings on her back.

She was the dragon known as the living crown of the dragon species, the “platinum dragon” majin — Camilla. 

She was an upper class majin who possessed the highest class of ability, even among majins, which had earned her the title of being one of the Four Elite Majins.

Her golden-eyes were narrowed, as she spent her time waiting and occasionally talking to her nephrite dragon apostle — Shichisei, the servant who stood by her side. The topic of conversation was mostly dominated by her complaints and rambling.

The three majins mentioned were among the most conspicuous. However, on the contrary,

“Ca-caca—san, you really look beautiful…” 

There was a majin among the group who didn’t get noticed at all. 

His appearance, if it was to put into words, was a ball of fur with two horns, limbs, eyes and mouth attached to it.

He was the oldest existence among all the majin and apostles who lacked lifespan, the “lis” majin — Kayblis. 

However his abilities were the weakest of all the majins, despite having lived for nearly 3000 years. He didn’t have an overwhelming presence like other majins, and he simply waited in the corner.

By the way, this Kayblis had recently begun to grow a little stronger. Such was how he praised himself. To be more specific, he had finally grown strong enough to not lose against common demons.

But even with that, it didn’t change the fact he was still the weakest majin, which often made him depressed.

All other majins waited in their respective ways. Although none of them were relaxing, they did various things like calling out to the other majins or their respective apostles, looking at Camilla, or just standing silently.

Once almost all the majins and apostles were standing by in the audience hall, someone entered the room.

“Fuhnfu~hn— oops, excuse me-“ 

The one who entered the room was a beautiful girl with blond pigtails. 

She wore a leotard on her lower body and blue military uniform style costume. There was a belt hanging from her waist, with a gun and sword attached, and she gave off a distinctive bright impression. This girl was an apostle of a certain majin, the gal monster “commander” apostle — Carol.

As she energetically entered the room, the people present began to grow nervous. But the reason didn’t lie with Carol.

The fact she had arrived meant the preparations were complete. The majin who was Carol’s master and the ruler of demons would soon enter the room. They grew nervous with that expectation.

And their expectations were fulfilled as Carol opened the door wide,


As they felt the presence of the people who just entered, they proceeded to kneel together. 

The one who walked in front was a girl with white hair and red eyes. Contrary to her petite and cute appearance, she was the most powerful person in this place, dressed in the regal and majestic costume of the maou.

She was the ruler of all those who were affiliated with the demonic faction. The absolute ruler of the continent, Maou Ssulal, had arrived.

In front of her, any demon would instinctively kneel due to her presence.

However, she was not the only reason they kneeled.

It couldn’t be denied that the presence of one of the two majins behind her, the male one, was also the reason for this tense atmosphere.


The two majins followed behind the Maou Ssulal until she had sat down on her throne. 

The man was quite tall for a human. However he couldn’t be considered big, since there were many demons with large physiques. That was clear since his height was comparable to Camilla’s.

However, the presence and the magnitude of the pressure he emitted were clearly unfitting of his physique.

He had a slender and well-trained body, one that lacked useless muscle, suitable for a swordsman. That body was covered with a long, dark gray coat decorated with vertical, vermillion colored lines. Beneath the coat was a crimson shirt and a pair of near-black, indigo slacks. He had brilliant blond hair and a handsome face that would be popular among women, but his sharp, red eyes gave off an aura of intimidation.

And on his back was the Demonic Sword Orpheil, a long sword with a length that exceeded his height.

He was the number one swordsman in the demon world, the “human” majin — Leonhart. 

He served as one of the Four Elite Majins and as the officer who oversaw the whole Demon Army. He was the first majin Maou Ssulal had personally created.

He was a master of the sword, known as the King of Swords, who ruled over several settlements during his time as human, and there was no shortage of stories about him.

He was normally a calm and sensible person who brought victory to the Demon Army with his precise instructions, but he was greatly awe-inspiring within the Demon Army.

It was because he was a combat enthusiast who always sought to fight against strong opponents.

His appearance and the stories about him fighting happily while laughing were quite famous among the Demon Army, Like the time he got to fight against a majin and cut said majin to death while laughing and saying his demonic blood and soul was reinitialized, or how he fought regularly with Camilla and destroyed the castle in the process, or how he beat down his own apostle and called it training. He once half killed two majins just because he got pissed. He also fought a terrible battle against a person who later became his apostle, causing damage at a level that the materials that were carried there to build the base were shredded, and it seemed he didn’t find that enough so he regularly beat down said apostle.

Moreover, in his recent vacation, it was said he actually went to fight against one of the Four Great Saint Dragons, who was actually still alive in the present age, and he made said dragon into his subordinate.

As most majins were present during the previous maou’s era, they couldn’t help but twitch greatly when they heard this. They were well aware how terrifying the Four Great Saint Dragons were, after all.

And it made them think — “Let’s stop being rebellious against him…” At the very least, they had to stop doing it so blatantly, or their lives would be in danger.

Instead, Leonhart’s evaluation among the demon generals and demons affiliated to the Demon Army went up again. According to a certain source, it was said that the number of people who joined certain societies increased greatly.

The majin, who was rumored to be loved by the maou, followed behind Ssulal and lined up next to the throne.

And as Ssulal sat on the throne,

“You may raise your heads.” 

In response to the short phrase, those who lined up stood up. 

After confirming that, Ssulal continued.

“Hm… Well then, from here on out, I’ll ask Leonhart to explain in my stead — Leonhart.” 


Leonhart, who received the command from his master, took a step forward. He moved naturally without stagnation. 

“Thank you for gathering today, despite the fact that you’re all busy. As previously announced, we’re introducing a new majin today.” 

The eyebrows of some majin twitched at the words “you’re all busy.” Since Leonhart was clearly the busiest among them all, they could only hear his words as sarcasm.

However, they only let it show on their faces for an instant. Perhaps because of that, Leonhart didn’t seem to notice and continued.

“But before that, if any of you have something to report to maou-sama, let’s take care of that first. — Is there anything?” 

The response he got was silence. It meant there was nothing to report. 

On the other hand, there were many things for the demon generals to report to Leonhart, but they would report to him later, during working hours, and stayed silent.

After a pause, Leonhart confirmed that nobody would speak out,

“…Then let’s move on to the introduction. The person here—” 

He then turned to look sideways and pointed. 

“She is the new majin — Kesselring.” 

“…Nice to meet you.” 

Kesselring was introduced by Leonhart and gave a graceful bow. Only then did the people there have a good look at her. 


Who was the one who leaked the noise of admiration? Or maybe there were many of them who did so in their hearts. 

In a nutshell — she was a peerless beauty.

Her original species was kalar. Her long ears and the blue crystal on her forehead declared it to be so.

And kalar were a species that had beautiful women in abundance. Kesselring was a prime example, as they could see at a glance that she had a pretty good appearance. Her well proportioned body had parts that swelled and thinned in the right places. It was a figure that not only stole men’s glances, but also made women feel envious of it. The black and white aristocratic outfit boldly exposed her cleavage, dipping down from her shoulders, and made her seem even more dazzling. She wore a choker around her neck and red gloves covered her hands. The clothes only served to enhance the natural dignity she possessed.

Her cool-looking face contained the charm of an angel or a devil, or perhaps both at the same time.

Moreover, those gathered could somehow feel that her ability was also great.

In fact, she was a former chief of kalar, the King of the Night, and her abilities already surpassed those of common majin, but very few people were aware of that.

All they could tell for now was that she was definitely not a weakling.

Then, as the new majin Kesselring felt the gaze of everyone upon her, Leonhart opened his mouth again as he looked over the crowd.

“And I have another notice. She, Kesselring—” 

He stopped his words for a moment to make sure he had their attention, then Leonhart continued, 

“—will be named one of the Four Elite Majins.” 


With the exception of a few select people, everyone else was surprised to hear that. No one else raised their voice, but many opened their eyes wide and an astonished atmosphere filled the audience hall. Even that Camilla was squinting and trying to judge Kesselring’s ability. 


“………E-err, may I ask something?” 

Eventually, a majin timidly raised his hand, drawing everyone’s attention. At that moment, the noise subsided and a heavy atmosphere filled the place. It was calm before the storm. 

And obviously Leonhart, who was tasked to represent the maou, would respond to said majin’s remark.

“What? Do you have any complaints about that?” 

“Y-yes, no, I mean… I-it’s not like it’s a complaint, but…” 

When Leonhart turned his sharp gaze toward the other majin, the majin became intimidated and his word became stagnant. But it was a natural thing to happen. 

After all, this majin remembered a similar situation in the past. It was a situation where a stupid majin had ended up murdered by Leonhart due to his disagreement with the maou’s decision.

As that incident flickered in this majin’s mind, he expressed his opinion while rubbing his hands.

“Well… Is Kesselring—sama strong enough to be entrusted with the post of Elite Majin…?” 

The majin chose his words carefully, and Leonhart squinted his eyes even sharper, 

“…I guarantee she is capable.” 

“I-is that so…” 

“…Fu-hn, if you still have a complaint, why don’t you fight her then?” 

At that moment, the majin shook his head and withdrew. 

“N-no no, there’s no need to go that far. Ha-haha…” 

“I see.” 

The majin let out a nervous laugh, but nobody blamed him for that. Rather, the others were looking at the majin as if to praise him for doing a good thing. 

He had managed to ask Leonhart a question properly, without being scared shitless, so it was quite an accomplishment. Choosing to decline the combat just couldn’t be helped.

It was because there was a possibility it would turn out like that time. Although Kesselring only became a majin recently, there was no guarantee that she was weak. Rather, she exuded greater presence than Leonhart when he first arrived, so the likelihood of that was low and, more than anything, that Leonhart said he guaranteed her ability. It was what had been said by the majin whose strength was among the top 2, excluding the maou. In demon society, where strength was the standard, those words were heavier than anything else.

If anyone could disagree with his words, it would be Camilla, another member of the Four Elite Majins. Her words carried similar weight to Leonhart’s.

However she merely narrowed her eyes and looked at Kesselring, but didn’t open her mouth. Therefore,

“Then it’s decided. Kesselring shall be the new member of the Four Elite Majins from this moment onward.” 

Leonhart declared this. The demon generals uttered short remarks to show their understanding. As Leonhart overlooked the audience hall and confirmed it, he turned back to Ssulal. And, 

“Is this okay, Ssulal-sama?” 

“…Good job. However—” 

Ssulal stopped her words there and smiled at Leonhart. Her expression seemed to imply something. After she showed him such an expression, she turned her gaze to look at those under her. 2 

Then she continued her words.

“I still have something to say.” 

“? That’s…” 

I never heard about this, Leonhart’s expression seemed to say, but Ssulal ignored him and said, 

“From this day forward, Leonhart will be — the Supreme Majin.” 

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