The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

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Editor: Shizukuku

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Chapter 079 – Leonhart’s Declaration [B]


Leonhart was the only person who showed obvious surprise at that remark. 

Others were also surprised, but they didn’t make any noise like they did during Kesselring’s announcement. Demon generals and below didn’t have any complaints about Leonhart being granted that position. There weren’t any majin who questioned it either. Rather, they had no choice but to accept it.

They were all well aware that Leonhart’s ability went far beyond standard, and it was clear he was the favored person of the maou. Even if he got promoted, he had already been serving the maou as one of the Four Elite Majins and a Demon Army officer before this, so he already held the greatest position in the Demon Army below the maou. There was no point in complaining.

Therefore, nobody raised their voice to refuse but,

“—I, see.” 

Leonhart muttered briefly and turned to look at others who were present in the audience hall. 


“Is there anyone who has a complaint about this?” 

Silence returned. 

Total silence. Tranquility dominated the audience hall. There was no way anyone could have any complaints and, even if they did, nobody dared to speak of them. Their necks would physically fly away. That, or their bodies would be split vertically or horizontally. Anyone who dared to complain in this situation was just a suicide applicant. 1

However, Leonhart raised his eyebrows for some reason and glared at everyone. A gaze with heavy pressure shot through them.

“…Is there really no one?” 


Nobody said a word when he asked for confirmation, but the pressure Leonhart exuded increased for some reason. Then once again,

“Oi, you … you should have a complaint right?” 


Then Leonhart turned his red eyes toward a certain majin. 

It was the majin who had spoken his opinion regarding Kesselring earlier. The majin was shaking in panic and sweat droplets appeared on his face from being put on the spot like that.

“N-no, there is no way I would complain…” 

Leonhart’s pressure increased further. 

“Really? I’ll be the supreme majin, the greatest rank for a majin, you know? You’re saying you have no complaints at all about me taking that position?” 

You should have some, right? Leonhart’s pressure-filled gaze seemed to say that, which made most majin and demons present there realize the implication of his words. 

—Perhaps he’s trying to use this as an excuse to kill us, they thought. 

Since he was asking it over and over, it was clear that Leonhart wanted that majin to make a complaint. However, there was no way Leonhart was going to refuse the absolute status of supreme majin, no matter what they thought about it. 

In that case, they thought the only reason he was doing this was to create a justification to cut that majin down for his earlier complaints.

Leonhart still valued discipline. He rarely harmed someone for no reason.

However, he was also a battle maniac. He was a pervert who felt pleasure in cutting down strong opponents. Therefore, they thought such reasoning was possible.

In that case, it wouldn’t be weird for him to think of fighting against a rebellious majin. The moment said majin realized that, he quickly raised his voice. 

“T-there’s no way! I don’t have any complaints! R-rather, I agree with that!” 

Though I don’t really agree, saying it this way would be a lot safer, thought the majin as he tried to get away from Leonhart’s questions as quickly as he could. He was trying his best to suck up to Leonhart. That was Kayblis’ specialty, but it wasn’t like other majins couldn’t do it. After all, demon society was a might makes right society. It was a world where it was normal for a person with greater standing to kill those below them for even the smallest of slights. It was normal for majins to have a certain degree of reason and discretion. 

Meanwhile, Kayblis, who was the best at sucking up to others, was now laughing at the crisis of the other majin. If a majin or two died, it would be easier for him to move around. It would have been better if the victim was majin who bullied him. Therefore, he was cheering for Leonhart inside his heart.


“…………I see.” 

Looking at Leonhart, who was obviously disappointed, the majin exhaled in relief. Since he looked so disappointed, it probably meant Leonhart was trying to cut him down after all. This was how the majin saw the situation. 


“…Then what about you?” 


Leonhart called out to another majin this time. The majin was astonished that he was being called and immediately responded. 

“T-there’s no way I had any complaints!” 

“…………I see. Then—” 

As Leonhart called out to the next majin, the majins present there thought, 

—I-is he… wanting to cut down someone no matter what?! 

If that really was the case, this couldn’t be settled as a joke. Everyone began to look away and prayed to god that Leonhart wouldn’t call them out. 

Then Leonhart’s gaze was directed to a certain majin. That majin was,

“Camilla, how about you?” 


—I-is he trying to pick a fight with Camilla-sama?! 

The majins felt like they were about to faint when Leonhart chose to call out to Camilla.

Then a question arose. After all, the relationship between Camilla and Leonhart wasn’t that bad. Camilla would basically ignore other majins calling out to her, but she could sometimes be seen talking with Leonhart.

Not only that, but there were times when Leonhart fought against Camilla. Moreover, Camilla didn’t seem to hate such moments. It was doubtful that Leonhart actually wanted to cut Camilla down.

However, Camilla looked at Leonhart and,

“Nothing in particular… It’s just.” 

“It’s just, what?” 

“—I have something to talk to you about later on.” 

She said it with a strong tone that didn’t allow for any refusal. Leonhart frowned a little and thought for a bit upon receiving her gaze, but eventually, 

“…Okay. I’ll make time later.” 

After Leonhart said that, Camilla closed her eyes. It was to show that she had already said everything she intended to say. It should be something like that. Some demons found their exchange a bit weird, but they were relieved that, in the end, nothing happened. But it seemed Leonhart was giving up and, after exhaling lightly, 

“…………Well then, the decision is made. From today onward………I shall become the Supreme Majin…… haa……” 

As Leonhart muttered that in a low-toned, dissatisfied voice, the majins took a step back and thought, 

—So he wanted to cut someone down that badly… 

Leonhart is indeed a dangerous person after all. That was how the demons there reconfirmed this fact. 



“—Don’t screw with meeeeeeeeee!!!!” 

Leonhart, who had returned to his private room after the gathering, shouted with resentment. 

Leonhart thought back on the gathering in the audience hall.

Ssulal had told him that the purpose of today’s gathering was to introduce Kesselring and grant her the post of one of the Four Elite Majins. Everyone who had gathered in the audience hall was informed of this in advance. It was to introduce the new majin.

Ssulal had made the decision to name Kesselring as one of the Four Elite Majins. Leonhart had originally objected to it because such premature expectations would be a burden on Kesselring but, due to the fact Ssulal had insisted and Kesselring herself had said that she didn’t mind, Leonhart had been forced to reluctantly agree. 

But it would have been troublesome if things developed the same way for her that they did for Leonhart when he was first introduced as a majin. Therefore, Leonhart had prepared some convincing words in case there were any dissenting opinions.

Those prepared words ended up not being needed, but after saying “I guarantee her capability” he had planned to follow it up with a joke like “If there is a person of higher status, doesn’t it make you feel better to know that person is a beautiful woman?” It ended up not being used though.

However, there were still Ssulal’s words after that. The fact she promoted him to Supreme Majin without telling him beforehand was something he couldn’t overlook.

Therefore, he proceeded to ask for the opinions of the other majins. Rather, he thought that someone would disagree with it somehow. Putting aside the demon generals, the other majins weren’t exactly on good terms with Leonhart after all.

So he had intended to ask around for a dissenting opinion, agree with that opinion, and use it to persuade Ssulal to reconsider.

But regardless of who he asked, no one would object. On the contrary, they even went as far as agreeing with the decision.

“How troublesome…” 

He began to complain as soon as he was in his own room. Then Carol, who was behind him and brewing his tea asked, 

“Does Leonhart-sama not wish to become the Supreme Majin?” 

She questioned him while tilting her head in wonder. 

“If I’m the Supreme Majin, won’t it mean that I’ll be even busier than I am now…?” 

“Is that so? I don’t think it’ll be all that different though.” 

“After all,” said Carol as she put the cup onto a tray, 

“From the beginning, Leonhart-sama has already been responsible for almost all of the work for the Demon Army. Even if you are the Supreme Majin, I doubt anything will change.” 


Leonhart finally noticed as he heard Carol’s words. 

…That’s right. Won’t my workload be the same as it is now…?

His title had changed and he seemed to have become superior, but he was already in a position where he could order the Four Elite Majins, like Camilla from before. In that case,

“Things really haven’t changed much then…” 

“Rather, there’s a possibility that things will turn out better! Kesselring-sama has joined the Four Elite Majins now, and she’s capable of work as well!” 


That was certainly true. Unlike Camilla, who was lazy and didn’t work much, Kesselring was a serious person. She was also quite responsible since she had been the chief of kalars, so he could expect her to have paperwork and leadership abilities. 2 


“Now that you mention it, there’s indeed the possibility that the operation of the Demon Army is going to get a lot better…”

“That’s right! I am also the perfect apostle who continues to grow every day!” 

Leonhart began to make calculations in his head while listening to Carol’s words. There were various benefits to being at the top, both in name and reality, and Kesselring can fill the empty space in the Four Elite Majins. 

He was finding more benefits to this the more he thought about it. He started to feel better.

“Kuku… it’s not bad indeed. Nicely said, Carol. I’ll praise you.” 

“! I was praised!! Thank you very much, Leonhart-sama!” 

Carol happily relaxed her cheeks as Leonhart stroked her head. After doing so for a while, Leonhart began to think about what he should do next. The first thing he needed to do was come up with a plan. For today, 

“We’ll head to the welcome party once Ssulal’s preparations are completed… and I have some business to finish before then.” 

“Ehehe, what business is it~…?” 

Leonhart turned to Carol, whose face was blank with confusion, 

“You heard it earlier. I have to finish my talk with Camilla first. There’s still plenty of time before the welcome party.” 


…Oops, it’s about time for me to stop petting her. 

If he continued, Carol would end up becoming completely useless until she had time to calm down and regain her sanity. Leonhart began to anticipate the conversation with Camilla as he let go of Carol, who was flushed and giddy, and picked up the freshly brewed tea.


Author Note:

Ssulal : “It’s a self-homage to things that happened before.”

Galtia : “How nostalgic.”

Hunty : “We weren’t around when it happened last time though…”

Carol : “Leonhart-sama? Didn’t your image change slightly compared to back then?”

Leonhart : “…Well, it is because the details in earlier chapters are described quite randomly. So this is fine — no, this is suitable.”

Kesselring : “…But the color of the shirt changed from before—“

Leonhart : “Don’t say any more than that.”

Launea : “………(It’s not a big deal, but Meglass’ new design looks cool, right…?)”

Tsukii Note:

Without further ado, let’s proceed to the so called Meglass new design (but it is only a design, as it ended up unused in game itself since his inclusion couldn’t make it to main game)

Meglass (Concept art – Rance X) :

In case you forgot, you can look at chapter 3 of this novel to compare the design of old Meglass to new one.

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