The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Shizukuku

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Chapter 080 – Two Female Majins [B]

Kesselring was astonished by the words of the other party. 

There was a female majin in front of her. Her name was Camilla, if Kesselring wasn’t mistaken. And it seemed that female majin happened to be Leonhart’s,

…So she is the same as me…!

And from the way Camilla said it, it seemed that it was Leonhart who asked Camilla to be his partner. Perhaps Kesselring was a little particular on that part because it made her feel like she was losing as a woman?

No, that’s not necessarily the case. Kesselring then spoke out to compete.

“…I am also Leonhart’s… partner, so to speak…!” 


Camilla looked at Kesselring with a casual glance. It seemed Camilla was trying to assess Kesselring. After a while, Camilla laughed a little, 

“I doubt you could serve all that well as his partner…” 

“Gh, what did you say…?” 

That was a remark that Kesselring couldn’t ignore. Therefore she asked back, 

“Are you implying that you can serve him better as his partner…?” 

“…Of course I can. After all, I’ve done it many times. Our first time was hundreds of years ago…” 


…So they have already been in that kind of relationship for a long time… 

Moreover, Camilla said they had done it many times. On the other hand, Kesselring had only spent, at most, a few days with him. No, I don’t think I’m defeated considering the density of those days. Such was what Kesselring wished to think, but there was no guarantee that was actually the case.

However, as if making a follow-up attack, Camilla said,

“You’re not good enough. Don’t boast about it.” 

“! I didn’t boast at all…!” 

Kesselring chose to tell the truth, since she thought she couldn’t afford to stay silent, 

“Perhaps I really am not good enough… but for several days… we did it over and over…” 

Kesselring felt her cheek turned hot. Words like “shameless” also came to her mind. 

However Camilla showed composure and said,

“You’re just being defeated one-sidedly anyway…” 


That was certainly the case. However the more they did it, the more she made use of things he taught her, and she also began to proactively— 

…gh, rather than that…!

Kesselring had said her experience. In that case,

“How about you…?” 

“Fuh… We do it on equal footing…” 

“I’m on a different level than you,” said Camilla as she looked down on Kesselring. 

Then, as if to show off their difference, she continued,

“Back in the past, I was the one who held the initiative.” 

“…You’re actually better than Leonhart…?!” 

…In that case, those techniques Leonhart taught me were trained by this woman…! 

“We did it over and over… As regrettable as it is, he began to close the gap… even the other day, he carved a wound on my chest…” 

“On your chest—“ 

Hearing that remark, Kesselring looked at Camilla’s chest. It was large, perhaps even bigger than Kesselring’s. And since Camilla said wound— 

…I-is that some sort of jargon…? Certainly, doing that is a little embarrassing…

Considering how much Leonhart loves women’s breasts, perhaps he has done the same to Camilla. Those words might not mean what they sounded like, but it can’t be helped, while Kesselring thought of that, Camilla continued her words,

“We also caused a lot of damage to our surroundings… so we are often banned from doing it…” 

“Caused damage… to your surroundings…” 

Are their deeds that intense…? 

Kesselring couldn’t help but to swallow her saliva as she thought about it. Even though Kesselring thought Leonhart was quite rough during their time together, it seemed Leonhart was actually holding back quite a bit with her. Since it got to the point where they were banned from doing it, it must be quite something.


“…Don’t tell me, but perhaps— you’re doing it outside…?” 

“…We did it outside, but what’s wrong with that…?” 

Camilla naturally answered that it was an obvious thing to do, which filled Kesselring with a strange sense of defeat.  

…Does that mean I have to do that much to stand a chance…?

Isn’t that too much no matter how I think about it? thought Kesselring. No, but if Leonhart asked for that,

…If he actually asked for it, could I really accept it without hesitation…?

At a minimum, Kesselring was aware she would at least hesitate. She would need some time to prepare herself to commit to it. However, Camilla seemed to do it as if it was the most obvious thing to do, and didn’t seem to have hesitation at all. That showed how closely they were related.

…gh, so I lose in this matter…

Kesselring was still inexperienced. That was exactly what Camilla was trying to imply. Honestly, she felt mortified hearing it.



“…………Ah, what is it?” 

Kesselring looked at Leonhart and resolved herself. 

Then, as if to declare her intentions,

“I will also do my best to satisfy you… I want to do better.” 

“…? Aah, and?” 

“So,” said Kesselring, before she stopped speaking for a moment and took a breath. It took a little courage but, as if to shake it off, Kesselring looked straight at him and, 

“Next time… please teach me a lot of things…” 

Kesselring’s voice became smaller as her words continued, but please give her a break. It was an embarrassing thing to say after all. 

Kesselring felt her voice become hot and it made her have a hard time keeping eye contact with Leonhart. Even so, she still stared at him with strong will.

Eventually, as Leonhart held his forehead with his hand,


“! I-I see…” 

Kesselring exhaled in relief when she got his consent. She had been filled with worry about what might happen if he were to refuse her. Kesselring would have been filled with shock if Leonhart had answered with something like “I have Camilla so I don’t need it.” But Leonhart didn’t do that. On the contrary, 

“…Well, you are you, so you don’t have to compare yourself with anyone.” 

“…Is that so?” 

“Aah. You are also a pretty inviting person. That’s why you can come and see me anytime.” 1 

He even gave her words of encouragement. He told her to come at him anytime. 


Perhaps it was because she had already fallen for him that she was made so happy from such simple words? But even if that was actually the case, Kesselring didn’t mind. As Kesselring kept looking at his eyes, Leonhart eventually looked away and turn to Camilla, 

“…Anyway, just let Kesselring go because she is defeated this time. Rather, don’t let it become a fight, even by mistake, okay?” 

“…Fuhn. It all depends on whether she can restrain herself.” 

“Do it even if that isn’t the case. You know I won’t be able to just leave it alone if something did happen, and it’s likely I’m not the only one who would appear by then.” 


When Leonhart said that, Camilla looked away but she seemed to have an expression of understanding. After confirming that, Leonhart nodded and, 

“We’re still in the middle of our conversation, aren’t we…? Sorry, but Kesselring and I were called by Ssulal-sama, so can we continue later?” 

“…Do what you want.” 

Camilla turned around and left after saying that. The long haired-man gave a bow of greeting before proceeding to chase after Camilla. 

“…Well then, please excuse me. Leonhart-sama, Kesselring-sama.” 

“Aah,” said Leonhart as he nodded back and Kesselring also nodded silently. Then the man, who was probably an apostle, hastily followed after Camilla. 

As for Carol, who had watched all that happen,

“The thumb wrestling… I was defeated in the match…” 

She was somewhat depressed. Leonhart rolled his eyes as he saw that and, 

“Anyway… let’s go, both of you. We might arrive a little early, but that shouldn’t be a problem.” 



Leonhart began walking in the opposite direction of Camilla’s group, so the two proceeded to follow him. Certainly, they had to visit Ssulal-sama after this since she had called for them. 

…So that’s Camilla…

Kesselring made a decision as she recalled the disappearing back of her fellow Four Elite Majins. That was,

…I might be no match for her now… but I will eventually catch up to her…

She couldn’t afford to lose as a woman. As she vowed that in her heart, Kesselring proceeded to follow her beloved.



…What’s with her panic earlier…? 

Camilla walked down the corridor as she wondered about their previous exchange.

Camilla didn’t like Kesselring somehow, ever since Kesselring was introduced as the new Four Elite Majins, but Camilla ended up angered due to Kesselring interrupting her conversation. Therefore, Camilla exerted her pressure to provoke Kesselring and make her learn her place but,

…Her temperament clearly changed in the middle of our exchange…

Indeed, it started when Camilla said she served as Leonhart’s partner. When Kesselring asked about their relationship, Camilla didn’t think they were friends, but they weren’t so unfamiliar as mere acquaintances or colleagues. Therefore, Camilla thought her response was appropriate, but the other party was strangely concerned about her answer,

…Did she feel jealous that I said I served as Leonhart’s partner…?

Kesselring admitted that she fell for Leonhart. Perhaps she meant she wanted to be his equal, even in combat?

If that was really the case, it would be hard to achieve. Even Camilla doubted she could accomplish that.

After all,

…He managed to battle against that Raizen to a draw…

Camilla thought about what she had heard from Leonhart.

Few days ago, Leonhart, who had finished his vacation, returned with the others, riding upon Raizen’s back. Camilla had felt skeptical when she first heard that. But since many people had said same thing, it seemed to be a fact,

…I didn’t think he was still alive though…

If any dragon could have actually survived, Camilla thought Raizen possessed the highest possibility of doing so. However, she also thought that no dragon could have survived the catastrophe.

But that dragon actually survived, and Leonhart fought him to a draw. Camilla felt her mind buzzing strangely when she heard that.

After all, Raizen was the strongest among the Four Great Saint Dragons. He was a dragon who had slain many majins. The terror he induced was still ingrained into the majins who survived to this day, and that fear was aimed toward Leonhart now. When Camilla thought that,

…If it had been me instead, could I have won against him…?

She couldn’t say for sure. At the very least, she couldn’t guarantee her victory.

Then wouldn’t that mean Leonhart has already surpassed me? thought Camilla. She had no way to confirm it since they never fought all out against each other. But inside her heart,

…I guess, I could admit that as fact…?

Camilla didn’t know. Although her pride was stimulated by the idea, it wasn’t like she would hate it if that were true..

She felt complicated. Be it the fact that there was a familiar compatriot who survived to this day, that Leonhart had managed to fight him to a draw, or that Leonhart had possibly already become stronger than she was.

Therefore, she intended to ask Leonhart for a favor. If he could contact Raizen somehow,

…I guess it would be interesting to see them fight seriously for once…?

Even if it wasn’t possible, she wouldn’t mind if she had to fight Leonhart instead. She felt like her fighting spirit was stimulated again, after a long time.

That came from her curiosity of how strong she would be if she fought with her all and,

…I am the “platinum dragon” majin. Camilla of the Four Elite Majins…

It was different from the old days, when she was no different from a bird inside a cage. Her instincts as a dragon and as a majin sought for a strong opponent.


With a smile on her face, Camilla left herself to her pleasure. 


Author Note:

Ssulal : “In the end, the misunderstanding is still not resolved…”

Galtia : “This kind of thing will come back to bite them later on.”

Hunty : “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Carol : “Rather than that, can anyone teach me the secret techniques of thumb wrestling? I can’t win at all.”

Leonhart : “Move your thumb several times with a single movement.”

Galtia : “Shoot string from beneath the nail to restrict the opponent’s movement.”

Camilla : “Extend your claws and force them to submit.”

Kesselring : “Use the darkness to hide your thumb’s position.”

Hunty : “Use Instant Movement to keep changing its position all the time.”

Ssulal : “E-err, make some sort of magic that would repel your opponent’s thumb upon touch?”

Carol : “…Then first, please try them all on Shichisei.”

Shichisei : “?!”

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